David Letterman Says Donald Trump Losing Would Be ‘A Relief To Every Living Being In This Country’

David Letterman is hoping for a Donald Trump loss on Election Day, and the legendary late-night host believes much of the entire country would share the sentiment. Letterman opened up about the upcoming election in an interview with Vulture, saying he believes the president is in line for a big loss on Tuesday. He added […]

David Letterman Confronts Donald Trump Over Ties Made In China, In Old Interview That Recently Resurfaced

An old video of David Letterman confronting Donald Trump over neckties branded with the Trump name that are made in China has resurfaced, Yahoo News reports. As USA Today reported, on Friday, Trump issued an executive order demanding that American companies stop doing business with China, following a new round of tariffs imposed by the […]

David Letterman Slams Donald Trump In New Interview, Calling Him ‘Psychotic’ And ‘Soulless’

Ever since Donald Trump assumed the role of president of the United States, David Letterman has not held back his feelings about the real estate mogul. As fans of Letterman know, Trump made as many as 30 appearances on Late Night with David Letterman as well as the Late Show with David Letterman. In a […]

David Letterman Told ‘View’ Hosts Donald Trump Was A ‘Bonehead’ And ‘Goofball’ Before Presidential Title

During an appearance on ABC’s The View, David Letterman revealed that President of the United States Donald Trump was a “bonehead” and a “goofball” when he appeared as a guest on his show, Late Night With David Letterman, many years ago. “I think he just liked being on TV and he was an excellent guest […]

Kanye West Says He’s Not Allowed To Talk About Drake Or His Family In New Interview

Kanye West recently appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. During the interview, the rapper revealed that there seemed to be restrictions on what he could and could not say. According to Hollywood Life, Kanye West told David Letterman that he was not allowed to speak about fellow rapper Drake […]

Kanye West Remembers Late Mother, Donda West, In Touching Interview With David Letterman

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 12 years since Kanye West tragically lost his mother. As fans of the rapper know, Donda West died suddenly in 2007 after suffering complications from plastic surgery. Her death was ultimately caused by heart complications, and it has left a void in Kanye’s life that will never […]

Kanye West Has Never Voted, He Admits To David Letterman

Kanye West is appearing as a guest of David Letterman on the upcoming batch of episodes of Letterman’s Netflix talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The Daily Beast viewed the interview, in which West discusses his support of Donald Trump, his beef with Drake, his mother’s death, and his struggles with mental health, […]

David Letterman Says That He Stayed On TV For Too Long: ‘I Should Have Left Like 10 Years Ago’

David Letterman may have had a long and storied career in television, but he thinks that it should have ended far sooner than it actually did. The former late-night host recently stopped by to chat with fellow comedian Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it was there that he revealed that he wishes […]

Madonna Letter Detailing Infamous ‘Letterman Show’ Interview To Be Auctioned

A letter in which pop legend Madonna gives a detailed response in the aftermath of her famous appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in the mid-90s is set to go up for auction, with early reports saying the letter is expected to fetch several thousands of dollars from one of her die-hard fans, […]

Howard Stern Admits ‘Rage’ To David Letterman During Controversial New Episode Of Netflix Series

On the most recent episode of David Letterman’s Netflix talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction that released Friday morning, Howard Stern, well known radio host and personality, opened up about his own life — including but not limited to his struggles with OCD, anger, and betraying the trust of friends and loved ones […]

Tina Fey Calls Out David Letterman For Lack Of Female Writers

Tina Fey understands the problems that plague late night better than anyone else. The Saturday Night Live star spent years making us laugh on the late-night sketch comedy series and, while creating and starring in her hit NBC comedy 30 Rock, there were even rumors that Fey herself might get behind a desk at some […]

Netflix Review: David Letterman’s ‘MNGNNI’ Was A Bittersweet Nostalgia Of Obama And ‘Old’ America 1 Year Ago

Netflix just unveiled their latest masterpiece by starring David Letterman in his comeback show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Though it has been a long time since Letterman came out on TV, he sure made a magnificent come back by featuring the 44th president of the United States as his pilot guest. Letterman’s format […]

Michelle Obama’s LBD: Ex-First Lady Is Poised And Powerful In Bodacious Geometric Dress

Michelle Obama has done it again in her latest fashion choice, according to the latest report. She received praise around the fashion world when she stepped out recently in an “oh-so-perfect outfit for the occasion,” as Pop Sugar wrote. As sources report, the former first lady reminded the world that she still knows how to […]

Paul Shaffer On His October 13 & 14 Concerts At The Schimmel Center, The Bottom Line, Artie Fufkin, And Vegas

To millions of people for over 30 years, Paul Shaffer was a fixture of television as the musical director for NBC’s Late Night With David Letterman and CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman. But Shaffer’s work as David Letterman’s bandleader is only one facet of his career. For starters, he was on Saturday Night Live […]

Jay Thomas Dead At 69: Fans Remember ‘Cheers’ Actor And His Late Night Lone Ranger Story

Jay Thomas had died. The actor and comedian passed away with his family by his side after a battle with cancer, according to Variety. Thomas was 69-years-old and is survived by his wife, Sally, and sons, Sam, Max, and J.T. Jay Thomas was known for his TV roles, most notably as Jerry Gold on Murphy […]

David Letterman Returns To TV: Late-Night Legend To Host New Talk Show Two Years After Retiring From CBS

David Letterman found out the hard way that retirement is not what it’s cracked up to be. The former Late Show with David Letterman host, who started out with a residency on NBC in 1982, will return to the small screen this fall to headline a new talk show for Netflix, according to the Hollywood […]

David Letterman To Replace Neil Young At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Folks expecting to see Neil Young at tomorrow night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony may be surprised to find David Letterman standing in for the “godfather of grunge.” The Hall of Fame tweeted their regret that Neil won’t be there to induct Pearl Jam while expressing delight that Letterman has agreed to […]

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe Is Unrecognizable, Resembles A Bearded David Letterman

https://twitter.com/stillwallmeyer/status/835904227293728774 The Michael Stipe, formerly of R.E.M., most fans remember was a clean-shaven, bald guy with dark glasses. But today, Stipe looks alarmingly like late-night talk show host David Letterman. The singer still sports a shaved head, but he now has a long lumberjack beard. Stipe is amused that people have said that he and […]

David Letterman Called Trump A ‘Stupid Son Of A B***h,’ Wants To Grill Him

David Letterman may have retired from late-night TV in 2015, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a thing or two to say about Donald Trump. Letterman spent 33 years on TV before taking his leave and going into “hiding” behind a bushy white beard, and during his run, he interviewed now-POTUS Trump over […]

David Letterman Says We Need To Protect Ourselves Against ‘Trumpy’

David Letterman has stayed out of the limelight since retiring from late night television in 2015. In his retirement, the 69-year-old has grown a bushy white beard that’s half Santa Claus, half Papa Hemingway. But, retirement aside, in a recent interview Letterman gave in Vulture, it became clear the former late night television host is […]

‘Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Putin Fascination

John Oliver is convinced he’s come to solve the riddle of President Trump’s fascination with Vladimir Putin. In short, the Last Week Tonight host has deduced the newly elected Republican president dreams of becoming the exact, same man the longtime Russian president has transformed himself into. More specifically, Oliver concluded during the latest airing of […]

It’s Bill Murray In That Photo, Not Tom Hanks — And How Murray Rescued Miley Cyrus When She Forgot Her Lyrics

Bill Murray is the Hollywood actor who appeared in the infamous photo of a mystery celebrity and a crying child. The photo, which had people worldwide debating whether the actor pictured was Bill Murray or Tom Hanks, was taken in 2013 but only went viral last month, according to Entertainment Weekly. #people #life Tom Hanks […]

David Letterman Has a Ball at the Indy 500

Former late night host and Indiana native David Letterman has been seen this weekend at the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 sporting a white, Santa Claus-esque beard and generally having a good time. According to Entertainment Weekly, Letterman was interviewed live from the Indy Motor Speedway on the ESPN program SportsCenter, talking about Sunday’s […]

David Letterman’s New Demon Santa Look Explained

David Letterman popped out of retirement with a shocking new look just the other day. His new look, which featured a long grey beard (think Santa), a bald head, and a thicker frame struck the internet down, and it was one of the only things people on Twitter could talk about. David Letterman’s name trended […]

David Letterman Always Planned To Stop Shaving As Soon As He Finished On TV: You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like Now!

David Letterman looks almost unrecognizable after disappearing from the public eye in 2015, according to CNN. The former CBS Late Show host has been spotted jogging on the Caribbean island of St. Barts. 10 months since David Letterman did his farewell show, some say he looks a little different. https://t.co/TxK4sCWwnK pic.twitter.com/4Ofx3z3e8t — CNN (@CNN) March […]

David Letterman, Bald And Bearded, Sports Shocking New Look

David Letterman is hardly recognizable these days: almost a year to the day after leaving The Late Show after three decades as a late-night talk show host, the 68-year-old was seen in the Caribbean with a nearly bald head and a fully-grown, bushy white beard. David Letterman accidentally killed Santa and is now slowly morphing […]

David Letterman Comes Out Of Retirement With Shocking New Look

David Letterman sure looks different these days. The former Late Night host, who said goodbye to his late night staple of 33 years in 2015, debuted his new post-retirement look, and it’s making heads turn today. Letterman was captured running, looking heavier than usual, with a Santa-like bushy beard. The other difference in his appearance […]

Drew Barrymore On The David Letterman Incident: Why Her Life Changed After She Flashed Letterman

Drew Barrymore has been known to many fans almost since she was born. The Wall Street Journal reports that in Barrymore’s new memoir, a collection of essays called Wildflower, she talks about working at an early age. “My childhood lasted four years. Then I went to work. Though my father, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-uncles and […]

Stand-Up Comic Brian Regan, Comedy Central, Make Television History With First Live Special

Comedian Brian Regan and Comedy Central made television history Friday night with the first airing of a live, hour-long stand-up comedy special. Regan, the 57-year-old comic is one of the most respected comedians performing today. He has legions of fans, as well as fellow comics, largely due to the fact that he is able to […]

David Letterman Making A Comeback But Not As A Late-Night Standup — Will Go To India For Climate Change Docu-Series

David Letterman is making a comeback. However, the veteran showman won’t be reprising his role as a late-night comedian. David Letterman has made fun of many on his shows and interviewed thousands. He has even featured talented animals and other unorthodox guests on his much-loved late night shows. Though there were no crazy shenanigans, Letterman’s […]

Amy Schumer: Why She Is Becoming Everybody’s Favorite Celebrity

Amy Schumer is everywhere right now. Since launching her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, which began airing on Comedy Central in 2013, she has been gaining momentum each day. She also has a blockbuster movie — Trainwreck — which is out at the moment. She has also appeared on almost every high profile talk show […]

Stephen Colbert ‘Late Show’ Take Over: What Viewers Can Expect From The Revamped Show

Will the real Stephen Colbert please stand up? So goes one of the many questions brewing inside the minds of many late-night television viewers in America since CBS announced last year that Stephen Colbert will be dropping his conservative pundit persona once he takes over David Letterman’s hallowed desk on CBS’s Late Show. “Simply being […]

Stephen Colbert Puts His Stamp On New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater In Advance Of ‘Late Show’ Debut

Stephen Colbert is a couple of weeks away from taking over the Late Show on CBS, but work is already well underway to create a new studio home for the former host of The Colbert Report. Extensive renovations of the Ed Sullivan Theater are updating the space that housed David Letterman’s talk show for more […]

Jay Leno Dishes On Jimmy Kimmel: ‘He Has A Mean Streak’

Jay Leno is coming back to television with his new offering, Jay Leno’s Garage, but that doesn’t mean Leno has taken his eyes off of his old stomping ground and, while he has plenty of opinions to offer concerning his former colleagues and competitors, Leno had the most to say about his one-time late night […]

Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman Bail On Bill Cosby

Jerry Seinfeld is no longer worshipping at the altar of Bill Cosby. According to report from the Washington Times, the sitcom star and stand-up icon has pulled his support for Cosby’s 2014 biography written by Mark Whitaker. The book’s Amazon page is now missing endorsements from Seinfeld as well as former Late Show host David […]

David Letterman Comes Back From Retirement To Slam Donald Trump With Special Top 10 Edition [Video]

David Letterman just couldn’t stop himself from poking fun at Donald Trump and his recent gaffes. The Late Show host even crawled out of retirement to make a surprise visit to Martin Short and Steve Martin’s A Very Stupid Conversation stage show to mock the self-proclaimed presidential candidate. The veteran late night show host took […]

Jack Rollins Dies At 100 – Legendary Talent Manager Nurtured Ageless Comedians Like Robin Williams, Woody Allen

Jack Rollins, the talent manager who nurtured multiple ageless comedians, including Robin Williams, Woody Allen, David Letterman, and many others, passed away on Thursday. He was 100. Rollins and his longtime business partner, Charles Joffe, can be attributed to helping the golden age of versatile comedy come to life. He died of natural causes, confirmed […]

David Letterman Speaks Post Retirement, Says He Was Afraid Of Bill Clinton

With years of work and thousands of interviews to his credit, you wouldn’t think David Letterman would be afraid to sit down and talk with anyone. In a recent interview with Indianapolis Monthly, Letterman revealed that, in a few instances, he was not totally comfortable with his interviewees. Bill Clinton, for example, made David Letterman […]

Rahal Letterman Racing Has Tough Day At Indy 500

Rahal Letterman Racing struggled at Sunday’s Indianapolis 500, like most Honda drivers did. Chevrolets dominated the event taking the top four spots and nine of the top 11 positions. The good news for the race team owned by former racing star Bobby Rahal and late night talk show legend David Letterman is they had the […]

David Letterman’s Set Is Gone, But That’s Just One More Thing He Gave Us To Talk About

Now that David Letterman’s set is in the dumpster, and David has worked his way through the last Letterman top ten list, reaction is setting in. The Late Show is no longer the David Letterman show. No more of the crazy stuff that happened over the last 30 years, no more of that trademark “sarcastic, […]

David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ Set Tossed Into Dumpster Just Hours After Final Show

David Letterman barely had time to let his final show sink in before the set of the iconic late night show was reportedly broken down and tossed into a dumpster. Letterman said goodbye to audiences on Wednesday night, retiring from the post of the Late Show that he held for the last 33 years. But […]

Watch David Letterman’s Final Top 10 List: Celebrities Turn Out To Say Goodbye To Dave

David Letterman’s final Top Ten list drew everyone from Steve Martin to Peyton Manning to honor the late night legend, and folks who missed it on Wednesday can now watch the final list online. The final topic for the list was “Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave,” and stars turned out to finally […]

David Letterman’s Last Show: Was It The End Of An Era?

David Letterman signed off the air on his last late night show on Wednesday, May 20. Letterman said goodbye after 33 years and 6,028 broadcasts on CBS and NBC. The final Late Show with David Letterman broadcast ran long, about 17 minutes over its usual time, and CBS let the show air without cutting it, […]

Drew Barrymore Flashed David Letterman As A Memorable Birthday Gift

Drew Barrymore was a sprightly 20-year-old, but she recalls flashing David Letterman in 1995. As a guest on his show, she hatched the idea to give him an unforgettable birthday gift. She didn’t know how it would end up, but she flashed her boobs to a stunned Letterman, who couldn’t thank her enough in the […]

Conan O’Brien Urges Viewers To Switch Him Off, Watch Letterman Instead [VIDEO]

Conan O’Brien paid a heartfelt tribute to David Letterman yesterday, and urged viewers to switch off Conan, and watch Letterman’s last show instead. Conan used his opening monologue to thank and pay respect to Letterman, calling him “the North Star for me and for every comic of my generation.” He recounted how Letterman pretty much […]

Ellen DeGeneres ‘Strips’ On ‘Letterman’ Show, Dances Nude And Plays Harp

Ellen DeGeneres has a very creative — and erotic — way of saying goodbye to David Letterman; take a guess. Here’s the answer in a nutshell: Ellen strips down for the outgoing longtime master of the Late Show, according to an ET report. And by the way, she does it for Letterman in a creative, […]

David Letterman’s Top Ten List: Origins Of The T.V. Icon’s Long-Running Bit

David Letterman is ending his iconic 33-year run on late night TV, and some of his classic comedy bits seem destined to retire with him. Wednesday night will be the last “Top Ten” list read, or introduced, by Letterman. While some outlets, such as Deadline, have already leaked the topic of the last list, some […]

Bill Murray Drunk: Comedian Jumps Out Of Cake And Falls Out Of Chair On Live TV

Bill Murray is making headlines, but it’s not for his role in a movie or television show. It’s for his drunken antics on live television. The comedian must have partied too hard with David Letterman on The Late Show. Murray, 68, made an appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word to discuss David Letterman’s final show. […]

Drew Barrymore Flashed David Letterman But Has No Regrets

Drew Barrymore says she and David Letterman have great chemistry, and it’s all because she flashed him 20 years ago. It was April 12, 1995 (David Letterman’s birthday!), and Drew was a guest on CBS’ The Late Show. Barrymore insists her little striptease wasn’t planned. It was an in-the-moment kind of thing. Drew says she […]

Ellen DeGeneres ‘Strips’ For David Letterman, Offers To Bare All Again In The Future

What did Ellen do for a memorable farewell to David Letterman? She strips down to her birthday suit and shows offer her musical talent. And as an added bonus, Ellen DeGeneres offered to bare all again in the future for the outgoing Late Night host, according to ET Online. By now, if you’re familiar with […]