Christopher Steele Still MI6 Spy When He ‘Sat Next’ To Ivanka Trump At London Club In 2007, Reports Say

Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump, reportedly met British spy and Russia expert Christopher Steele for the first time in 2007, when he “sat next” to her at the ultra-high-end London nightclub Annabel’s. This took place at a dinner where then-future Prime Minister David Cameron was the featured speaker, according to a report published Wednesday by The […]

Party Guest Material! Meghan Markle Beats Prince Harry At This

Prince Harry may come from the royal family but he was beaten by his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, in Tatler‘s “100 Most Invited” list. This means Meghan is a more desirable party guest than the Prince. Let’s see who gets invited to more parties Meghan Markle just received two amazing thumbs-up from the British mag Tatler […]

Prime Minister David Cameron To Step Down On Wednsday Following Brexit Vote [Video]

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, will be officially resigning on Wednesday, July 13. The move comes following the controversial “leave” Brexit vote, and Cameron will be replaced by Theresa May, current Home Secretary, immediately following his official exit from office. On Monday, May was named as the new Conservative party leader and as the […]

Boris Johnson Will Not Run For Prime Minister After Brexit

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who helped lead the Brexit campaign, will not be running for prime minister of Britain. An ally of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, recently announced he will be campaigning for the position, according to the New York Times. Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down from his position because […]

David Cameron A ‘Pig F**er?’ John Oliver Calls Out Former British PM, Others In Rage-Filled ‘Brexit’ Rant

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron is in the doghouse. Following Great Britain’s historic Brexit from the European Union, Cameron and others who argued in favor of Britain leaving the European Union are being called out by TV’s John Oliver. Reports state that Oliver called Cameron a “pig fu**er” and ranted against other proponents of […]

Brexit Do-Over? 3M Brits Crash Parliament Website In #Regrexit Panic

It’s only been a matter of days since Britain voted to leave the European Union in the historic Brexit vote and now more than 3 million voters are asking for a do-over Regrexit vote. An online U.K. petition written by William Oliver Healey demanding a do-over of the historic Brexit referendum vote garnered so much […]

Donald Trump Likens Brexit To His Own Presidential Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is sharing his opinions on the United Kingdom’s historic decision this week to exit from the European Union. The British exit, more popularly known as Brexit, which was put to the vote on June 23, reports the Express, has sent shock waves around the world. The vote was very close, […]

Why David Cameron’s Desperate 2015 Gambit Was Political Suicide

For many, David Cameron will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. According to the Independent, Cameron was the U.K.’s worst Prime Minister in over 100 years. Cameron’s decade-long leadership of the Conservative party will soon come to an end, and his legacy will be as the man who led the U.K. into […]

Donald Trump Gives Brexit Supporters The Thumbs Up As David Cameron Steps Down

Although not one to gloat at the misfortunes of others, Donald Trump couldn’t resist giving Brexit supporters the thumbs up as Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, stepped down in the wake of the European Referendum. Trump, who was in the UK for the historical vote, appeared to take great delight in thrusting his unmistakable frame […]

David Cameron Resigns Following EU Referendum Result: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of England?

Following the United Kingdom’s decision that it will leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement that he is resigning, effective later this year. However, the big question now is around who will be the next Prime Minister of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. According to the Financial Times, David Cameron’s […]

David Cameron Resigns After Britain Votes For EU Exit

David Cameron resigns from his post as British Prime Minister after people of Britain surprisingly vote for leaving the European Union in a referendum. Cameron announced his resignation on the steps of his residence, 10 Downing Street, as his wife Samantha stood by. OFFICIAL: Prime Minister David Cameron announces his resignation. @GMB — Piers Morgan […]

EU Referendum Polls: Britain Looks Certain To Leave With Boris Johnson’s Brexit Side Winning Debate

The United Kingdom is little more than a week away from the country’s biggest decision in a generation. British voters will head to the polls on June 23 to decide whether the country’s future lies within or outside of the European Union. While opinion polls have placed the two sides of the campaign neck and […]

David Cameron Congratulates ‘Stupid’ Trump For Bagging GOP Nomination

David Cameron has congratulated reality TV star Donald Trump for securing the Republican ticket in November’s presidential election. Speaking at a press conference in Japan on Friday morning, the Prime Minister argued that any political candidate able to withstand the American campaign trail was owed congratulations – and insisted he would be “happy” to meet […]

Donald Trump, David Cameron ‘May Not Have A Good Relationship’, Says Republican Nominee

Donald Trump and David Cameron aren’t getting along very well at the moment, and as far as the presumptive Republican nominee is concerned, those hard feelings are likely to carry into a possible Trump administration. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Trump and Cameron are at odds over the U.K. Prime Minister’s recent criticism of […]

Nigerian President Buhari Agrees With David Cameron Corruption Comments, Demands Return Of Stolen Money

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who based his presidential campaign on an anti-corruption platform, is not interested in an apology regarding David Cameron’s Nigeria corruption comments. “What do I need an apology for? I need something tangible,” said Muhammadu Buhari during a keynote address at the Commonwealth anti-corruption summit in London. Cameron’s “fantastically corrupt” comment […]

George Osborne Hints He’s Backing Hillary Clinton For President

George Osborne has signaled his support for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in November. Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Sunday, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer broke his neutrality by quipping that he was anticipating America’s next president to be a woman. “We look forward to working with the next President, whoever she may be,” […]

United Kingdom Voters Head To The Polls In ‘Super Thursday’ Elections

With the international political scene currently focused on the United States presidential election, elections in other parts of the world can be easily overlooked. However, voters in the United Kingdom today head to the polls to vote in their “Super Thursday” elections. Whilst the elections won’t be used to elect a country-wide government in the […]

Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Still Rocking B***hes,’ According To A Displayed Piece Of Art In London

It’s been a week since Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her milestone 90th birthday, and she was at the center of the media spotlight even more than usual. The longest-reigning monarch was not only celebrated, but her reign and choices over the years were also analyzed. The royals, of course, jumped on board to pay tribute […]

British Prime Minister Reaches Out To ‘Divisive And Stupid’ Trump, Wants To Make Amends Just In Case He Wins Presidential Bid

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is allegedly reaching out to GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump after calling him “divisive and stupid.” Despite his harsh words against the GOP candidate, the Prime Minister doesn’t seem certain that the business mogul won’t pull of a presidential win. Therefore, he has asked his advisers in Washington, D.C. […]

British P.M. David Cameron Makes Unfortunate Jokes About Rough Sex And Taxes [Videos]

It seems David Cameron has a knack for telling smutty jokes, with his latest quip making a direct reference to “rough sex.” In the past he has been heard to joke on the subject of tax, which is rather ironic after the recent revelations emanating from the Panama Papers. It was at the recent Tory […]

Britain’s PM David Cameron Releases Tax Records In Wake Of Panama Papers Backlash – But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

On Sunday British Prime Minister David Cameron did his best to mitigate the mounting calls for his resignation as a result of the discovery of his involvement in tax haven schemes brought to light by the release of the Panama Papers last week. Cameron took quite an unusual course of action and did a release […]

The Panama Papers Unleashed: Is David Cameron Next In Line For The Domino Effect?

The Panama Papers scandal continues its embarrassing “witch hunt” with a type of vengeance that rivals even the Spanish inquisition. The first “domino” to fall was the Iceland prime minister. Now, many Britons are urging their prime minister to resign. The Iceland and British connections to the Panama Papers draw some very interesting parallels. The […]

Will David Cameron’s Resignation Boost Bernie Sanders’ Popularity And Sway The Doubters?

If British Prime Minister David Cameron chooses to do what many would consider the honorable thing and fall on his sword in the wake of his “involvement” in the Panama Papers leak, will the downfall of another establishment politician play into the hands of the ever popular Bernie Sanders? David Cameron and Bernie Sanders might […]

PM David Cameron Admits Panama Papers Link: Will He Resign?

British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted today that he profited from his father’s offshore trust, which was revealed in the massive Panama Papers leak. David Cameron’s opponents are already calling for his resignation, so is this the end for the British Prime Minister? After three days of misleading statements from David Cameron, dodging the question […]

Panama Papers Tag British Prime Minister David Cameron

After the so-called Panama Papers caused the resignation of Iceland’s Prime Minister, the same leak is knocking on the British Prime Minister’s door. The Guardian reports that UK Premier David Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron, is implicated in documents obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The source also added that “an offshore investment […]

John McCain: Britain’s EU Membership ‘Vital’ For US Security

Senator John McCain has warned that Britain’s membership of the European Union is “vital” to U.S. security. The former presidential hopeful and chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee reckons the looming threat of a so-called “Brexit” will hurt the global economy and weaken the West, but he fell short Thursday of telling UK […]

Jeremy Corbyn Responds To PMQ Put-Down In Best Way Possible

Jeremy Corbyn has responded to a personal attack during Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday by posting a direct response on his twitter account. During the questioning, the opposition leader Corbyn asked David Cameron if he intended on “writing another letter to himself, asking on behalf of his constituents asking for the health secretary to […]

Mark Ruffalo Tells David Cameron He’s Wrong On Fracking

Mark Ruffalo warned Britain PM David Cameron he is making a big “legacy ruining mistake” by supporting fracking in the U.K. Actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo has been protesting against gas drilling for years, and most recently called on Barack Obama to ban fracking in the U.S. Speaking to Friends Of The Earth, Ruffalo […]

‘Learn English Or Get Ready To Be Deported’: David Cameron Tells Muslim Women Living In Britain

British Prime Minister David Cameron has raked up controversy after he targeted the Muslim community living in the UK and told them their women could be deported if they do not learn English. In an op-ed Cameron wrote for The Times newspaper, he said that that his government is working on a policy wherein migrants […]

United Kingdom Will Likely Vote On Whether To Stay Or Leave The European Union This Year

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that if the people of the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union during a referendum this year, he is prepared to make the exit work. Cameron has publicly stated that he will try to secure a deal at the summit in February on changes to the relationship […]

United Kingdom Considers Banning Trump As 55 Percent Of Americans Support His Call To Yank Welcome Mat On Muslims

The British House of Commons will hold a debate on Monday, January 18, 2016, on whether or not Donald Trump should be banned from the United Kingdom later this month, based on his call for Muslims to be shut out of the United States temporarily. The United Kingdom lawmakers have noted that Trump’s proposal was […]

ISIS Video Warns David Cameron That Jihadists Will Be Invading His Country [Watch]

ISIS sent a cryptic video warning to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The 11-minute video features an Islamic State militant who appears to be from the United Kingdom and a young boy who also speaks English. The recording depicts a scene which allegedly shows the execution of five accused U.K. spies. The ISIS video message […]

ISIS Threatens United Kingdom Invasion In New Video, Insults British PM

A new video from ISIS threatens the United Kingdom and insults the British prime minister, calling David Cameron an “imbecile.” The same video shows five men shot at point blank range by ISIS militants. The men, ISIS said, were suspected British spies. (Click here to watch video, but viewer discretion is strongly advised.) The video […]

United Kingdom Government Reserves Right To Ban Donald Trump From Entering Country

Donald Trump is a polarizing political figure, even in the United States, where he is the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. In the United Kingdom, where Prime Minister David Cameron has called Trump “stupid” and “a loser,” an online petition that asks the U.K. government to bar the presidential hopeful from entering the […]

J.K. Rowling Slams “Disqualified” Donald Trump As ‘Incredibly Power-Hungry And Racist’

Author J.K. Rowling has compared Donald Trump to Voldemort, the hateful and bigoted villain in her super-popular Harry Potter book series. Rowling made her comparison in the wake of Trump’s call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” As if a mere comparison wasn’t bad enough, J.K. Rowling actually suggested […]

Why Does ISIS Hate Being Called Daesh?

When U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron told the British Parliament he was launching a series of airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, he referred to the Islamic State as Daesh and the term has many Americans mystified. The French have been using the term Daesh to refer to ISIS for some time, but why is the […]

The United Kingdom’s Support To Strike Terrorists In Syria Rests On One Weak Man

Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, British Prime Minister David Cameron was facing solid opposition to his push that would bring more support for the United Kingdom to expand their war against the Islamic State from Iraq into Syria, after the terrorist group launched a series of well-coordinated attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015. Around […]

Donald Trump Says ‘No’ To Syrian Refugee Trojan Horse, Echoing Pope Francis’ Fear Of I.S.I.S. Infiltrators

Donald Trump has reaffirmed his opposition to the United States’ acceptance of refugees from Syria, and 24 U.S. governors have taken a similar stand in the aftermath of the Paris attacks by Islamist terrorists. At least three of the suspects in the Paris assaults have ties to Syria, according to CNN, and at least one […]

United Kingdom On High Alert: Prime Minister Says U.K. Is Preparing For Larger Attacks After Paris Massacre

Senior officials in the United Kingdom have announced their plans to prevent terrorists plots to attack Britain as French investigators are working to get answers after the Paris massacre. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, a Scotland Yard commissioner, said on Saturday that investigators are relentlessly working to stop attacks in the United Kingdom and have been since […]

Naked David Cameron To Be Burned At The Stake In Pig-Gate Renactment

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron may just be the country’s most unpopular leader in history. Cameron’s critics argue that he is leading a party that is stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Many people in the U.K. believe that Cameron’s welfare reforms are causing a great deal of unnecessary hardship for the […]

Duchess Kate Stuns At First State Dinner For China Chief Xi Jinping In Advance of Lucrative Trade Deals

As Duchess Kate Middleton stuns watchers of a royal event with her presence, she seems to press home her value to the crown. There was no shortage of media spotlighting her at her first state banquet on Tuesday evening, October 20, 2015, to honor Chinese President Xi Jinping, a guest of Queen Elizabeth II at […]

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron Catering To Chinese President Xi Jinping With Lavish Pomp And Circumstance To Finalize Favorable Business Deals

The relations between the United Kingdom (U.K.) and the People’s Republic of China is currently one of a peculiar situation. Because of the history both countries have with each other, China’s feelings for the U.K. are quite negative despite the fact that both countries do have a minimal form of a working relationship. However, said […]

David Cameron Tells Jamaicans to Get Over Slavery — Yet His Family Profited From Slave Labor

David Cameron is in Jamaica on a state visit this week, and he had a request of his Caribbean hosts: move on from slavery and forget about reparations. He didn’t say it so bluntly, but it’s pretty easy to read between the lines and interpret the meaning behind what he said. Here are his exact […]

Obama Says America Needs To Fight ISIS With Ideas, Not Violence — Putin And Most Others Disagree

United States President Barack Obama spoke to the world leaders in the United Nations on Tuesday about his strategy going forward to defeat the Islamic State (or ISIS). Obama believes that the key to ending ISIS’ reign of terror is to extinguish them with better democratic ideas, not with bombs or weapons. However, many other […]

Jamaica Demands Slavery Reparations From Britain Ahead Of Cameron’s Visit To The Country

Jamaica has renewed calls for Britain — ahead of the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to the country on Tuesday — to pay billions of pounds in reparations for slavery. But Downing Street has responded, saying it does not believe that financial compensation or apologies for slavery are the best way to address […]

David Cameron Publicly Denies PigGate: ‘I Think Everyone Can See Straight Through It.’

Most of the world has heard of PigGate by now; the story of a biography titled Call Me Dave, written about British Prime Minister David Cameron by rival Lord Ashcroft and journalist Isabel Oakshotte, and covered by The Inquisitr. The particular story that sparked the controversy was an allegation (apparently by a current MP) that […]

David Cameron Says Syria’s Al-Assad Could Be Allowed To Remain In Power For Now

David Cameron is leading a new push for peace in Syria and the U.K. Prime Minister is saying that he’d be okay with Bashar al-Assad remaining in power for the short term. It appears that the British leader is willing to allow someone that Great Britain and its allies have said needs to leave his […]

David Cameron Ridiculed By The Military And Branded ‘Incompetent’ By The White House In Another Damning Day For Dave

Poor David Cameron. The Britain’s head honcho is not having the best of weeks. On Monday, Dave gets accused of thrusting his private part somewhat savagely into the mute mouth of a slaughtered pig in a bizarre initiation rite, and then on Tuesday it’s revealed that the White House view the British Prime Minister as […]

Morrissey Blasts David Cameron Pig Gate Sex Scandal: ‘No, Boys Won’t Be Boys’

Morrissey has long been known for being critical of the higher powers in English politics, and equally as well known for his dedicated support of animal rights. With British prime minister David Cameron embroiled in a scandal over allegedly performing a sex act on a pig as a young man, it was only a matter […]

David Cameron Piggate Scandal: Should It Really Matter?

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been implicated in a piggate scandal. During his time at university, he allegedly placed his private member into a dead pig. Social media is going crazy over the allegations, but it has brought up the question over whether it should really matter. So far, Downing Street has refused to […]