David Bowie Fans Pay Tribute To The Icon On His 74th Birthday

David Bowie was born on January 8, 1947, meaning the deceased icon would have turned 74-years-old today. His music has influenced a whole generation of people and not just those who are musicians. On social media, fans of the singer are paying tribute to the British star on his birthday. “Remembering the late, great, most […]

David Bowie: Lost ‘Holy Grail’ Found As First Televised Ziggy Stardust Appearance Resurfaces

Devout fans of David Bowie might remember when he performed “Starman” on Top of the Pops back in 1972, dressed in astonishingly tight snakeskin garb, but if you think this was the first time that he introduced his Ziggy Stardust persona you would be very much mistaken. As the BBC notes, the first official televised […]

Gary Oldman Has Just Been Announced As Narrator For The New ‘David Bowie Is’ App

Gary Oldman has just been announced as the official narrator for the digital version of the divine David Bowie Is exhibition, and this new app has been described as the very first presentation which “mirrors the physical exhibition through a sequence of audio-visual spaces through which the works and artifacts of Bowie’s life can be […]

David Bowie’s Son Shares Touching Photo After Death Of ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Director Nicolas Roeg

David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has shared a touching childhood photograph of himself with his father and Nicolas Roeg, after the death of The Man Who Fell to Earth director at the age of 90. As the NME report, the beloved British director Nicolas Roeg, who was responsible for films like Performance, The Witches, Don’t […]

Nicolas Roeg, Celebrated British Director, Dies At Age 90

The family of Nicolas Roeg has confirmed that the legendary British filmmaker passed away on Friday, November 23. He was 90-years-old. As the Hollywood Reporter reports in the posthumous profile that it published on his career, Roeg is remembered as a figure who was controversial to mainstream audiences but considered to be ahead of his […]

‘David Bowie Is’ Museum Exhibition To Become Augmented Reality App For iOS And Android

David Bowie Is, a museum exhibition in Brooklyn that ran over the summer to honor the late glam-rock star, is set to be released as an iOS and Android augmented reality mobile app in the new year. Users will be able to view the exhibit from their phones in 360-degree detail — as if they […]

Iman Opens Up About Why She’ll Never Remarry After Husband David Bowie’s Death

It’s been over two years since Iman lost her husband, David Bowie, to cancer. The pair were married 24 years before he passed and they have one daughter together, 18-year-old Alexandria. The 63-year-old former supermodel spoke recently about the loneliness she still feels and why she doesn’t see herself ever marrying again. Billboard reports that […]

David Bowie Is The Inspiration Behind New Cocktail Bar Ziggy’s At London’s Hotel Café Royal

When David Bowie bid a fond farewell in 1973 to his Ziggy Stardust persona, he hosted an extravagant soirée at London’s Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street and invited guests like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed and Barbra Streisand, and the Hotel Café Royal is celebrating this event by opening a brand new cocktail […]

Carrie Fisher Had Affairs With Freddie Mercury And David Bowie, According To A New Biography

Before she died, the late, great Carrie Fisher decided to let the world know that she had an affair with Harrison Ford while he was in his prime. And, as if that didn’t solidify her legendary status enough, a new biography suggests that the Star Wars powerhouse had affairs with late, great rock stars like […]

Spotify Brings David Bowie Back To New York With Huge ‘Subway Takeover’ In Manhattan

After alighting on the platforms of New York’s Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street stations in Manhattan, you could be forgiven for wondering if you had actually stepped onto another planet and whether there is really life on Mars, as Spotify has dedicated these adjoining stations to a huge David Bowie Subway Takeover. The new David Bowie-themed […]

Stephen Hawking, David Bowie, Aldous Huxley, And Others Who Declined Knighthood

If you think that everyone who’s been summoned by Buckingham Palace to become a Sir or a Dame was thrilled about the idea, do think again. In fact, there are a number of notables who have politely, or not so politely, declined an invitation to knighthood by Her Majesty. Some said no due to personal […]

David Bowie’s Son Has Launched A Book Club Of Late Rock Star’s Favorite Books

David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has decided to go on a “literary journey” of the top 100 books that his father loved best, and now he wants to take fans of the Ziggy Stardust star along for the ride. On December 26, the Warcraft director tweeted his invitation for all fans to join him in […]

Trent Reznor: Donald Trump A ‘Grotesque Person’ Who Represents Everything The Nine Inch Nails Frontman Hates

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails recently sat down for an in-depth interview in which he talked about his life, the state of the music industry, and the culture at large. The interview eventually came to the topic of Donald Trump and Reznor did not hold back in expressing his feelings about the current President […]

Vanilla Ice Claims He Owns Queen, David Bowie Song ‘Under Pressure,’ Band’s Rep Says He’s Got It Wrong

Vanilla Ice has long been under pressure to come clean about the controversy over his sampling of the 1981 Queen and David Bowie single, “Under Pressure.” The telltale bass line from the classic Bowie-Queen collaboration is featured prominently in the rapper’s 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby,” and it has been the subject of controversy for […]

‘Lorde’ Dishes On New Single ‘Perfect Places’ And Admits ‘I’m A Mess’ [Video]

Melodrama is perhaps the aptest name Lorde could have come up with for her new album, at least as one learns about the singer/songwriter’s inspiration for her new single. As “Perfect Places” drops to a long-waiting fanbase, Lorde opens up about what drove her to write the song’s lyrics and reveals that some recently passed […]

‘American Gods’ Transforms Gillian Anderson Into Ziggy Stardust And Teases Ian McShane’s ‘Sweetest’ Sex Scene

American Gods is an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name and, as such, creates a world in which gods of various mythologies live among us and combat the new gods of pop culture and technology for our attention. Serving as a sort of general in this war is Mr. Wednesday, played […]

Harry Styles Breaks Records In Just 19 Minutes With ‘Sign Of The Times’: Is He The 1D Member To Beat?

Harry Styles has staged his much-awaited comeback with the release of his internet-breaking first single, “Sign of the Times.” As one would have thought, the first few minutes into the song’s launch already allowed the One Direction member to hit a milestone. Styles only needed 19 minutes to hit the top spot on iTunes in […]

David Bowie To Make One More Appearance On HBO

David Bowie may have passed away a little over a year ago, but his legacy lives on, according to Billboard. The late “Life on Mars” rock icon, who died last January at the age of 69, will make one more appearance on HBO. The TV network has acquired the U.S. television rights to the documentary […]

Harry Styles Of One Direction Is A Classic Rock Star Ready To Rock Harder

The Harry Styles solo album is almost ready for One Direction fans. Directioners think they are ready for this special treat, but they’d better brace themselves because this will be Styles uncensored, unedited, and a lot more of what fans already love about Harry than they have ever heard before. One Direction has been great […]

Harry Styles Could Be The Next David Bowie, J-Lo Crushes On One Direction Star

Harry Styles hasn’t released any new music yet, but he’s already being compared to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. This news might sadden Jennifer Lopez, who has admitted to crushing on the One Direction star — Harry’s decision to take his solo sound in a classic rock direction means that it’s unlikely that he’ll ever […]

Bruno Mars Rocks ‘Beauty Boy’ Makeup At Grammys Ahead Of ’24K Magic World Tour’

Bruno Mars appeared on stage to perform a tribute to Prince at Monday’s Grammy Awards, and quite apart from his brilliant performance, it was his makeup that had everyone talking. Billboard magazine reported that Mars channeled the “beauty boy” movement, which has seen legendary musicians like David Bowie, Prince, and Adam Lambert, and other men […]

Grammy Justice As David Bowie Posthumously Wins All Five Nominated Awards

It may be just a little over a year since David Bowie died, but on Sunday, the artist finally received Grammy justice and posthumously won each of the five Grammy awards that he had been nominated for with his 25th and final album, Blackstar. The categories that David Bowie won on Sunday’s Grammys included awards […]

David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Scores Five Grammy Wins

David Bowie’s passing last year broke the hearts of millions of fans, so it’s understandable that music lovers would want to ensure they had their last piece of Bowie’s discography, his final album, Blackstar. As might have been expected of an artist like Bowie, someone who has rarely failed to deliver quality music, Blackstar has […]

Depeche Mode Back With ‘Where’s The Revolution’ Off New ‘Spirit’ Album

Depeche Mode are back with their new album Spirit, and with it comes a brand new song entitled “Where’s the Revolution.” Fans will be pleased to know they can listen to this song immediately, while Spirit is set to be officially released on March 17. Rolling Stone reported that Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has […]

Remembering David Bowie: His Wife Iman’s First Year Without Him

It was a year ago today that David Bowie passed away after battling cancer for 18 months. Per those close to Bowie, he died in peace while surrounded by his family members. In honor of it being a year since David Bowie passed away, people all around the world are remembering him for the talented […]

Iman Shares Romantic Beach Photo With David Bowie For His Birthday, Surprise Bowie EP And Music Video Released

https://rumble.com/embed/vf0c5/ David Bowie would have turned 70 on January 8, 2017, and his wife, Iman, just shared an intimate black and white photo of the two of them embracing on a beach. Iman captioned the photo posted to her Instagram account #imanarchive, indicating there is no shortage of private photos available of the music legend […]

From Carrie Fisher To George Michael To Prince — The Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths Of 2016

From legendary boxers to iconic singers, 2016 has witnessed celebrity deaths to rival any year in recent memory. From Carrie Fisher to Prince and David Bowie to Muhammad Ali, here’s a look back at this year’s most shocking celebrity deaths. According to the Wrap, David Bowie passed away just two days after releasing his 25th […]

David Bowie’s Final Album Is Helping People Cope With 2016

David Bowie, the late musician, is regarded as an iconic and innovative singer. Born David Robert Jones, David Bowie was a renowned singer, songwriter, and actor. Although Bowie entered the music scene in 1967 with his self-titled album, it wasn’t until 1972 that he fully established himself in the industry. Always coming up with new […]

Lady Gaga Called A Liar By Piers Morgan: Says Her Story Of Rape Is ‘Vainglorious Nonsense’

Lady Gaga’s Joanne, her fifth studio album, topped the Billboard 200 in addition to selling 201,000 copies in just the first week of its release. Joanne is based on Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s real name and, according to the Guardian, the album reflects on the singer’s life experiences and is notable for its […]

Recent Celebrity Deaths: 2016, The Year The Music Died As Celebrity Death List Grows

Across the country, celebrities will be hoping that they do not add to the long list of celebrity deaths in 2016. For many people, 2016 will go down as the year that saw an unusually high number of celebrity deaths. When it was reported in the Inquisitr on Christmas Eve that Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt […]

Celebrity Deaths In 2016: A List Of Who We’ve Lost In The Year That Savaged The Entertainment Industry [Video]

If you’ve noticed that 2016 has been a ruthless year for celebrity deaths, you are far from the only one. Every time we think there’s not another star that we’ll have to say an early goodbye to, the news breaks that the world has lost another famous face and unique talent. Christmas week 2016 underscored […]

Watch George Michael And David Bowie ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ Mysterious Band Aid, Live Aid And Freddie Mercury Connection [Video]

Life is a mystery, and no one knows the day or time they will die. As people around the world prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations and say goodbye to 2016, there is a dark cloud of death that looms over the year’s final moments. On Dec. 25, Wham singer George Michael died. His death […]

Taylor Swift Christmas Song Included In Billboard’s Best 50 Holiday Songs Of The Last Half-Century

Billboard just released a list of the best 50 holiday songs from the last 50 years, which includes this classic Taylor Swift Christmas song. This song was released on the only Christmas collection that Taylor Swift has released to date. The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection is a Christmas-themed EP that was released for the holiday […]

David Bowie’s Legacy: Undiscovered Mysteries On ‘Blackstar’ Lead To A Secret Message

It’s been almost a full year since David Bowie’s passing broke the hearts of millions of fans, and although we have a treasure trove of music by which to remember him, there is likely nothing new to be received from Bowie himself. Or so, one would assume. David’s more diligent fans have discovered the opposite […]

David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince, And Bonnie Tyler Had The Best Songs Of 1983 [Opinion]

At the beginning of 1983, we lost Karen Carpenter, who is considered one of the best female singers of her generation. Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys died in a drowning accident. However, 1983 gave us some of the best music ever. It was the year where rock started to meet dance music, which faced […]

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Chooses ‘Surreal’ As Word Of The Year For 2016

Merriam-Webster Dictionary has decided that out of all the words in their dictionary they could use to describe the year 2016, “surreal” comes the closest to events that the world has experienced. As such, Merriam-Webster Dictionary have named surreal as their word of the year. The definition of surreal as described by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is […]

Madonna Warns Women To Not Share Their ‘Sexual Fantasies With The World’

Madonna delivered a powerful speech about sexism and feminism, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The 58-year-old “Like a Virgin” singer gave a brutally honest speech at the Billboard Women in Music event last Friday, and everybody is still talking about it. When Madonna took the stage to talk about sexism and feminism, the singer seemed […]

David Bowie Nearly Played Gandalf, Admits ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Casting Agent

Ian McKellen’s performances as Gandalf in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as well as the subsequent three Hobbit films, have been roundly lauded as some of the most iconic in modern movie history. But it turns out that Ian McKellen was almost overlooked for the part in favor of one of the greatest musicians […]

Celebrity Deaths In 2016: Was It Truly The Worst Year Ever? The Numbers Are In

With so many celebrities who have died in 2016, many assume this was the worst year ever for celebrity deaths. But is that indeed the case? And why did so many celebrities die in 2016? The numbers don’t lie, so before 2016 finally leaves us for good, it’s time for some data crunching. David Bowie, […]

Celebrity Deaths 2016: The Deaths That Rocked The World

The year 2016 could go down in history as the year that the world lost the most celebrities with incredible talent. It has seemed that this year, some of the world’s greatest performers were somehow cursed and could not escape from 2016. David Bowie David Bowie died on January 10, 2016. His cause of death […]

Beyonce Has The Most Number Of Grammy Nominations For 2017, Leading With Nine

Beyonce is no doubt one of the best musicians of all time and this year her music has earned her a whopping nine Grammy nominations. Beyonce got nine nominations on Tuesday, making her the artist with the most nominations this year. Fellow artists Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West each bagged eight nominations, thus following very […]

Celebrities Who Died In 2016: Florence Henderson Adds To Incredibly Long List

2016 has been a very sad year. On an almost daily basis, the news briefs and social media trends have announced the death of another beloved celebrity. Unfortunately, it has been a year when far too many celebrities have passed away, and Florence Henderson, the Brady Bunch mom, was added to that sad list on […]

Michael C. Hall Beautifully Brings David Bowie Back In ‘Lazarus’ Musical

Michael C. Hall had urgent business overseas on the Election Day, according to Just Jared. The 45-year-old Dexter star was in the U.K. while Americans were casting their votes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, the Dexter star remembered to cast his vote before he left the country; otherwise, he may be like millions […]

2016 Celebrity Deaths: Did The Illuminati Kill Prince, Anton Yelchin, David Bowie, And Other Celebrities This Year?

Reports have started to surface that the Illuminati may be linked to the death of Prince, Anton Yelchin, David Bowie, and other 2016 celebrity deaths. The year 2016 will be a thing of the past in just two months. Most would agree the year 2016 has been a rough year for celebrities as there have […]

David Bowie Bandmate Exposes Late Singer In Tell-All: Drugs, Sex, And Gay Secrets

David Bowie’s bandmate exposed the late rock star in an all new tell-all book titled Spider From Mars: My Life With David Bowie. The bandmate, Woody Woodmansey, details the late musician’s epic meltdowns, naked parties, drag alter ego, nasty cocaine habit, and wild sex life. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJjG5Q4gysP/?taken-by=davidbowie&hl=en It seems that there was a lot the public […]

David Bowie’s Ashes Were Not Spread At Burning Man, Says Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones

David Bowie’s ashes weren’t actually scattered at Burning Man, according to the Telegraph. The rock legend’s son, Duncan Jones, recently dismissed reports that some of his dad’s ashes were scattered at the annual Burning Man festival. David Bowie by Mick Rock https://t.co/M0Ep4IfoRI pic.twitter.com/BM9Lc5mPfM — Old Pics Archive (@oldpicsarchive) September 21, 2016 Jones’s claims come just […]

David Bowie Cause Of Death Was An Assisted Suicide, Rumors Claim His Final Act Of Life Was ‘Stage Managed’

Nearly nine months after David Bowie’s death, a source claims that Bowie’s last days were ‘stage managed’ and his life ended at the hands of an assisted suicide, rather than succumbing to the liver cancer that was slowly taking his life. After keeping his diagnosis of liver cancer a secret for nearly eighteen months, the […]

David Bowie Fans Left Shocked, As Skepta Wins Mercury Prize 2016

David Bowie fans around the world were left stunned when Skepta, whose real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga, was given the Mercury Prize award at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith on September 15. The Mercury Prize is a prestigious award that was created in 1992 as an alternative to the Brit Awards, where artists from […]

David Bowie Burning Man Story Denied By Late Icon’s Estate

Each year at Burning Man, attendees pay tribute to loved ones in a temple that is later burned to the ground. It is a treasured symbol of the festival’s philosophy, and a moving experience for many attendees, who come to acknowledge their loss. The Guardian wrote last week that this year’s temple included tributes to […]

MTV VMAs: Why Was There No Prince Or David Bowie Tribute?

Viewers of the MTV Video Music Awards want to know why was there no tribute to either David Bowie or Prince. Despite a pre-VMA prediction by ETOnline that Beyonce was going to sing a tribute to Prince and possibly even Bowie. Yet, despite an overblown 15-minute performance, neither tribute materialized. How in the world did […]