‘Suicide Squad’ Director David Ayer Confirms Fan Theory About Joker, Fake Harley Quinn

Director David Ayer, who helmed 2016’s big-screen adaptation of DC Comic’s Suicide Squad, took to Twitter on Saturday to confirm a fan theory regarding the Joker and Harley Quinn. The theory, which was posited by Twitter user @ColdBloodedJoke, centers on the idea that a mysterious woman in red who was visible on-set in behind-the-scenes photos […]

Director David Ayer Responds To Negative ‘Bright’ Review In The Best Way Possible

Reviews are coming in for Netflix’s new original movie, Bright, which is supposed to be the answer to the Hollywood Blockbuster, and while many of the reviews that have come in are leaning toward the negative, director David Ayer seems to be taking things in stride. In fact, after one particularly bad review for Bright […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Should Have Had Jared Leto’s Joker As Its Main Villain, Admits Director David Ayer

David Ayer has taken to Twitter to candidly discuss his hugely divisive blockbuster Suicide Squad, which was released in the summer to mixed reviews but still went on to gross over $745 million at the box office. Rarely for a filmmaker, David Ayer admitted that Suicide Squad has some flaws, and even revealed that he […]

Will Smith Surprised That ‘Concussion’ Didn’t Make Fans Feel Differently About NFL

Will Smith expected Concussion, his 2015 movie highlighting traumatic football injuries, to create much-needed awareness about head injuries sustained during football games. Will Smith Still Can’t Believe NFL Fans Blew Off Concussion – CINEMABLEND https://t.co/AOsWafMIxF pic.twitter.com/3zn8OY8QXG — Loste Films (@LosteFilms) October 14, 2016 The movie was created to educate audiences about gradual brain degeneration experienced […]

Shia LaBeouf Reveals That Warner Bros. Didn’t Want Him For ‘Suicide Squad’

Suicide Squad has received a fair amount of criticism since its highly-anticipated release during the summer, and this is still continuing online to this day, but one of the major factors behind the unexpected backlash was the publicized tinkering behind the scenes. It’s no secret that the film underwent last-minute reshoots due to the polarizing […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Cast On Batman’s Post-Credit Scene And Deleted Movie Content: Margot Robbie And Others Offer All The Need-To-Know Info, Plus What The Scene Could Mean For A Sequel And A First Look At Justice League

Suicide Squad has taken the box office by storm, but you’d be forgiven if the end credit scene still has you scratching your head. While parts of the scene were no great mystery, some of it was pretty open-ended. In that scene, We see Amanda Waller, who formed the gang of n’er do wells in […]

Die Antwoord Accuses ‘Suicide Squad’ Of Stealing Their Style

South African rap duo Die Antwoord is claiming that Suicide Squad jacked their signature style. The controversial hip-hop group is lashing out at the movie’s director, David Ayer on Instagram. Yolandi Visser and Ninja, the voices behind Die Antwoord, took to Instagram to air their frustrations about the film. They said they spoke to Cara […]

Margot Robbie Loves Harley Quinn, Joker Spin-off Idea: Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Character Appear On ‘Gotham’?

Suicide Squad may have been severely panned, but Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn portrayal has received nothing but praise. Armed with this knowledge, the Australian actress is actively campaigning for a spin-off movie while Fox is angling to incorporate the unhinged anti-hero into Gotham’s storyline. Is it possible that we will see Harleen Quinzel in Gotham […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Box Office Results Are In: Good Or Bad, It’s An Undeniable Hit

Suicide Squad box office results just came in by way of Box Office Mojo, and DC haters are in for some disappointing news. The film, which cost $175 million to make, has already grossed a profit of close to $100 million, with a worldwide tally just north of $267 million. The $135 million domestic take […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Star Jared Leto Reveals David Bowie’s Part In Creating Joker

While critics and fans fight it out over the value of Suicide Squad as a film, the movie’s actors are stepping up to talk more about their roles in the hopes that more positive attention will sway the critics’ opinions. For Jared Leto, this means dishing on the many facets of his Joker, giving the […]

David Ayer Before ‘Suicide Squad’ And Beyond — A Look At The Director’s Other Films

David Ayer is in the spotlight after the release of Suicide Squad – a harsher spotlight than he may have expected. The American director has built a career in Hollywood based on gritty, action-driven movies. Here’s a look at where he is now and how he got to helm the DC Comics blockbuster. David Ayer […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Star Jai Courtney On Playing Boomerang: ‘I Didn’t Know What I Was In For’

Jai Courtney reveals that he came to his Boomerang role in the live action Suicide Squad film without knowing much of anything about his character. Instead, Courtney was much more excited to be working with director David Ayer. He says he had heard about the Suicide Squad movie even before Ayer made the call to […]

This Very Popular Villain Was Almost A Part Of The Team In ‘Suicide Squad,’ And Is There A Post-Credits Scene?

Suicide Squad is the next big film coming from Warner Bros. for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), and it has an incredible cast attached to it. The big team of villains is already stacked, but it now seems as if there was one more huge name included in the group. Director David Ayer has revealed […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Sets Harley Quinn Up To Kill It [Video]

Suicide Squad is an ensemble cast with no single character any more important to the story than any other. We should all try to remember that as Margot Robbie brings Harley Quinn to life in mesmerizing detail with her skimpy “Daddy’s Lil Monster” jersey and her witty one liners that might sound far too cheesy […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Box Office: $125 Million To $135 Million Opening Weekend

Suicide Squad’s box office should be promising during its opening weekend in August when it hits theaters if recent reports are accurate. The Warner Bros. supervillain team-up movie is following the highly divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it is definitely carrying a lot of expectations on its shoulders. WB has to prove […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Batman’s Role Explained By David Ayer

It’s no surprise that Batman is going to have a role in the upcoming David Ayer film, Suicide Squad. Ben Affleck had the pleasure and privilege of playing a new version of Bruce Wayne/Batman in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and his performance earned plenty of praise — even if the overall […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Will Smith On Deadshot Role

Will Smith joining the cast of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was one of the more surprising and exciting casting announcements made last year before production began. Smith was at one point considered the king of the Fourth of July weekend when it came to his blockbuster films like Wild Wild West, Men in Black, and, […]

‘Suicide Squad’: David Ayer Banking On Harley Quinn To Carry Film

Suicide Squad is still two months from dropping in theaters, but it’s obvious who director David Ayer is banking on to carry his adaption of the popular DC comic book series. And it’s not the two Oscar-caliber actors in his cast, either. As reported by Collider, David Ayer debuted a brand new movie poster for […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Director Says Joker And Harley Quinn Ink Tells ‘A Very Specific Story’

The Suicide Squad live action adaptation has given director David Ayer an opportunity to tell his own interpretation of some of the most beloved villains in the DC Comics universe and among them, are, of course, the Joker and Harley Quinn. Early teasers gave just a glimpse of David’s vision, revealing a Joker and a […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Main Villain: Director David Ayer Drops A Big Hint

Without question, Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films to release this summer. Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have a lot riding on this movie, especially after the critical failure of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to Screen Rant, rumor has it there is already talks of a sequel to come […]

‘Suicide Squad 2’ Spoilers: Harley Quinn, Joker Relationship Over Due To Harley/Deadshot Romance? [Sequel Rumors]

Suicide Squad comes out this August and the film has already been confirmed to be receiving a sequel, Suicide Squad 2, which may begin filming in 2017. Director David Ayer and Will Smith are working on the fantasy cop thriller Bright this fall and Ayer hopes to return to the DC Extended Universe with Smith […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Director David Ayer Wants Sequel To Be R-Rated

Suicide Squad will be a PG-13 film when it is released in the summer. But director David Ayer has now admitted that he’d love the opportunity to make an R-rated Suicide Squad film. In fact, he wants fans to lobby for the sequel to be just that. The writer and director made this admission to […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoot: Backlash From The ‘Batman V. Superman’ Failure?

Just as the dismal failure of Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spreads throughout the online community, news that David Ayer has been reshooting scenes for his own Warner Bros. project, Suicide Squad, brings up questions and troubling suspicions that the studio is unhappy with the direction their deal with DC Entertainment is […]

Jai Courtney Calls ‘Suicide Squad’ Director David Ayer ‘Psychotic’, ‘One Of The Greats’

Actor Jai Courtney opened up about Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently, referring to him as “psychotic” but “one of the greats.” Jai Courtney Says Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Is “Psychotic” https://t.co/v7mvrkEWY8 — Cinema Zone (@cinemazone) April 10, 2016 During an interview with Collider, Courtney even went as far as claiming that David Ayer […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Jared Leto And The Impact Of His Method Acting — Ben Affleck Has Seen The Cut

DC Entertainment’s Suicide Squad, starring Jared Leto, Ben Affleck, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and a host of others is a villain team-up on the big screen. Leto was at the Academy Awards when he was interviewed about his role as the Joker. He has a history of being highly immersed into his method acting techniques, […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Steals The Show [Video]

Warner Bros. had intended for this to be the first release of a trailer for Suicide Squad, but because that other trailer was leaked at San Diego Comic Con many months ago, this won’t come as much of a treat. That’s really a shame, because this trailer is a thrill ride in itself and, even […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Zack Snyder And David Ayer On Jared Leto — The Joker Performance Teased

Suicide Squad movie director David Ayer and Batman v. Superman’s Zack Snyder gave an interesting take on what to expect with Jared Leto’s performance. According to Ayer, Leto is indeed taking a “commitment to the role” in a way that would make an impact to the audience, according to Collider. #SuicideSquad's Joker Faithful to What […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Actress Cara Delevingne‬ Is Haunting As Enchantress

Cara Delevingne is certainly no stranger to modeling, having been a staple in the high fashion world for many years now, but there’s no denying that Cara’s latest modeling gig has left the model-turned-actress looking a bit unapproachable. Dressed in full make-up and costume as Enchantress, Ms. Delevingne’s promotional appearance as the Suicide Squad character […]

Awesome ‘Suicide Squad’ New Photo Shows Jared Leto As The Joker

An awesome, new photo of Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad was released Monday thanks to Empire Magazine. Have you seen it? This is the best look yet at Jared Leto’s Joker, for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and on top of that, the 43-year-old actor is talking about his time filming in more […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Glass Cleanup Photo Released: Sign Of A Shootout?

Suicide Squad director David Ayer released another picture from the set of the film on his Twitter page. However, it was not an official shot of the cast or crew. It was not an impressive picture of an iconic building or landmark that DC fans and critics are yearning to see in the highly-anticipated film. […]

A Wonderfully Creepy ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Delights Horror Fans [Video]

Not since Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) has a live action superhero film created as much controversy as that stirred by the premiere of the first Suicide Squad trailer. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but, in the case of the Suicide Squad trailer, that might not be entirely true. The main draw […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Update: Has Jared Leto Really Become The Joker?

Is Jared Leto playing The Joker, or has The Joker become Jared Leto? Recent gossip from the Suicide Squad set suggests the distinction is becoming harder to make. They say some actors really get into their roles when they start a new project. It seems Jared Leto has done more than just taking on the […]

Margot Robbie Masters More Daring ‘Suicide Squad’ Stunts [Gallery]

As filming on the Suicide Squad live action film advances, attention is focused primarily on Margot Robbie with Ms. Robbie’s Harley Quinn character proving to be an early favorite among Suicide Squad fans. Earlier this week, Margot was captured on film, as she performed some tricky stunts with the aid of her stunt double. Witnesses […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Plane Crash On The Streets Of Toronto

The upcoming DC Comics movie adaptation Suicide Squad has been causing a stir online for weeks. From costuming to casting, every aspect of the movie’s development is leaving fans reeling and dying for more. Now, production of the villain-centric movie has taken to the streets, invading the everyday lives of the unsuspecting residents of downtown […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Director David Ayer Changes Harley Quinn’s Origin And Confuses Comics Fans

Suicide Squad will attempt to help DC Comics draw any bit of attention it can from the thriving Marvel Cinematic Universe. Towards that purpose, DC and Warner Bros. have been releasing set photos and character reveals from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. They’ve taken us along as they film in Toronto with new set photos […]

Will Smith Deadshot Pic Released — And It’s Impressive

The first picture of Will Smith in full Deadshot attire was released online Sunday — and it is definitely impressive. Even if you initially hated the casting decision which turned Will Smith into Floyd Lawton for Suicide Squad, chances are that this picture is going to quickly place you on the fan bandwagon. Suicide Squad […]

First Look At Jared Leto With A Touch Of The Joker For ‘Suicide Squad’

Even though The Joker may not be seen as one of the key members of the Suicide Squad team itself by some, he will be a big part of the movie. So far, there hasn’t been a whole lot seen of Jared Leto as The Joker just yet, and he wasn’t even in the recent […]

Will Smith On ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Role: Why Hasn’t He Read The Script Yet?

Will Smith has a confession to make: He hasn’t read the Suicide Squad movie script yet. The “Fresh Prince” is set to play the Batman villain Deadshot in DC Comics’ upcoming bad guy ensemble film, but he claims he wants to know more about the motivation. Smith mostly mentioned his other movie where he also […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Viola Davis Will Play Amanda Waller, Actress Confirms

It’s official! Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis will play Amanda Waller in the highly-anticipated film, Suicide Squad. Back in December, Batman News reported the possibility of Viola Davis playing the coveted role of Amanda Waller, the head-woman-in-charge of the Suicide Squad within the world of DC superheroes and villains. On Wednesday, the same source was able […]

Margot Robbie And Jai Courtney To Star In ‘Suicide Squad’

In the Daily Mail latest news for Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney, the two hot Australian stars have both landed roles in the new comic movie “Suicide Squad.” Both stars were born in Australia and are relatively new to the acting scene, shooting to fame rather quickly by playing key supporting roles in various movies. […]

Jared Leto Playing Joker? ‘I’ve Sworn To Keep My Mouth Shut’

Will Jared Leto be the next actor to play the Joker on the big screen? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 42-year-old actor was allegedly being targeted and eyed for a major role in Suicide Squad with many people claiming that it would be the Joker. In a recent interview, Jared Leto had a […]

Jared Leto As The Joker? Reports Say He’s Being Eyed For ‘Suicide Squad’

Actor Jared Leto is reportedly being considered to play The Joker in the DC Comics big-screen adaption of Suicide Squad, according to Coming Soon. Recent reports have shown that director David Ayer has been targeting quite a few A-list actors and actresses to form the ensemble cast for Suicide Squad — including Ryan Gosling, Margot […]

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’: Who Are They And Why Should You Care?

With Marvel fast approaching the end of its second phase of films–and DC not having even finished its second movie yet–DC and Warner Bros. have some serious catching up to do both in getting in front of the eyes of the mainstream audience, and in bringing unique flavors to the cinema that Marvel hasn’t been […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Is Slowly Moving Towards Production

DC Comics is hoping the Suicide Squad will be the next comic book movie to be a giant hit. There have been rumors of a movie based on this team of anti-heroes for a while now, but new talk seems to indicate the film is actually zeroing in on a director. This new DC comics […]

Brad Pitt’s Movie Director Apologizes For Filming War Scenes On Remembrance Day

Brad Pitt’s new World War II movie director, David Ayer, was forced to apologize for the seemingly insensitive decision of filming war scenes during Monday’s Remembrance Day, the equivalent of Veteran’s Day in the US. Ayer decided to go ahead with the filming of war scenes in the dawn hours of Sunday in Oxfordshire while […]

Brad Pitt Scores Another WWII Role In ‘Fury’

Are you ready to see Brad Pitt go back to World War II again? It looks like he’ll get the chance to do just that in a new film titled Fury. The film, which is a project helmed by End of Watch’s director David Ayer, just announced that Brad Pitt has joined the project in […]