‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 17, Episode 16 Promo: Rapist TV Star Released – Unexpected Duggar Twist?

Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 16 is titled “Star-Struck Victims.” NBC released the synopsis for the upcoming L&O episode, but nothing everything is as it seems. The press release for “Star-Struck Victims” states that a “beloved TV star” is accused of rape. However, a promo for Law & Order: SVU Season 17, Episode […]

Josh Duggar’s Lawsuit Dropped By Porn Star: Accusations Come Out Jim Bob Duggar Paid Her Off

Josh Duggar was recently dealing with a huge lawsuit while he was in rehab, and now it turns out that this lawsuit has been totally dropped. Along with the lawsuit being dropped, everyone wants to know exactly what this means. There are a lot of accusations that Jim Bob Duggar might have paid her off […]

Josh Duggar Lawsuit: Was Danica Dillon Paid Off? Stripper Comes Under Fire For Discrediting Rape Victims [Video]

Now that Danica Dillon has dropped her $500,000 lawsuit against Josh Duggar, and admitted in court documents that some of her claims were false, the porn star has been blasted on social media for not only lying, but for possibly accepting a payoff to drop the case. According to website Christian Today, after posting images […]

After Danica Dillon, Josh Duggar Lawsuit Dropped, She Hints At Payoff As Viewers Speculate

With the news that Danica Dillon and Josh Duggar are no longer on the way to a battle in court, it’s small wonder that the public is speculating about the facts behind the case, and behind its cancellation. Recent hints from the young woman, though, appear to hint that there is, indeed, more to the […]

Josh Duggar ‘Like A Roller Coaster That Went Off Track,’ Says Cousin Amy Amid Rumors Josh Will Return To TLC [Video]

Josh Duggar is “like a roller coaster that went off track,” his cousin Amy (Duggar) King has revealed. While the reality star and his cousin were very close growing up, the pair have drifted apart when it was uncovered that Josh Duggar isn’t who is family thought he was. Speaking with People, Amy recalled that […]

Josh Duggar Refuses To Let Danica Dillon Drop $500,000 Lawsuit While Josh Might Appear Back On TLC [VIDEO]

Things are looking up for Josh Duggar. According to TMZ, Josh Duggar might not only get off the hook from the $500,000 lawsuit that porn star Danica Dillon filed against him, but the reality star is looking to have the stripper pay his legal bills, too. After failing to provide concrete evidence that Josh Duggar […]

Josh Duggar Might Settle Lawsuit With Danica Dillon While Anna’s Thank You Might Mean Financial Woes For Duggar Family [Video]

Josh Duggar has agreed to a settlement conference with Danica Dillon after things reportedly did not go so well at their pre-trial conference January 21. Although just last week, Duggar claimed he would never settle with the stripper, Radar Online reports that Duggar agreed to a March 31 settlement conference with Dillon, and the Duggar […]

Anna Duggar Vow To Stay With Josh Duggar Praised & Panned: Danica Dillon Drops Bombshells In Sex Assault Lawsuit

Anna Duggar recently turned to the Duggar family blog to share her feelings about Josh Duggar after visiting him in rehab. Her post constitutes the most candid confession yet from Anna, after a year where Josh was reported to have molested five underage girls, four of whom were his sisters. And that was just the […]

Josh Duggar’s Wife Pens Heartfelt Thank You To Fans While Danica Dillon Tells All About Josh In ‘Hustler’ [Video]

In a statement released on the Duggar family blog, Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, claims that 2015 has been the toughest year of her life, and thanks friends and fans for the concern about her well-being. Her statement comes just days after Danica Dillon was featured in a Hustler magazine tell-all about her sexual encounters with […]

After Court Date With Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon Goes Invisible

Under scrutiny for claims against Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon seems to be taking speial care on social media. She’s refocusing her posts around work-related topics — such as photos and quotes from a recent Hustler shoot — and has closed her Instagram page to public view. Both parties to the case claim to have irrefutable […]

Proof Josh Duggar And Danica Dillon Never Had Sex, Lawyers Claim [Video]

The $500,000 battery case against Josh Dugger has had an interesting turn of events after Josh submitted proof to the Pennsylvania judge that shows that not only did he not have sex with Danica Dillon, but he was not even in the state at the time. The pre-trial hearing was scheduled for January 21, and […]

Josh Duggar Lawyers Tell Judge Danica Dillon Refuses To Provide Proof, Sister Says Stripper ‘Stalked’ Duggar [Video]

Josh Duggar might be winning his case in the $500,000 lawsuit filed against him by Danica Dillon. On January 21, Josh’s case goes into a pre-trial meeting, and as of today, Danica Dillon has yet to provide proof of the rough sex as well as lost wages she incurred because Josh Duggar allegedly assaulted her. […]

Josh Duggar Allegedly ‘Stalked’ By Danica Dillon Who’s Desperate For ’15 Minutes Of Fame’ Sister Says [Video]

In a new twist to the Josh Duggar scandals, Josh Duggar was reportedly “stalked” by Danica Dillon prior to their alleged sexual encounters, according to Dillon’s sister. Danica, an adult film star whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Nothup, recently sued Josh Duggar for $500,000, claiming he was so rough during sex that Danica felt she […]

Josh Duggar Lawsuit May Lead To Grim Outcome, Danica Dillon To Drop Truth Bomb Proving Her Claims?

Josh Duggar has been fighting to refute Danica Dillon’s sexual assault claims in the highly publicized lawsuit she’s filed against him by insisting he never met her, but the latest bombshell may suggest otherwise — only if Danica Dillon can prove it. According to Radar Online, the stripper and adult film star has been ordered […]

’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Josh Duggar Forced To Tell The Truth About Porn Star Trysts In Sexual Battery Case

The sexual battery case against 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar will be moving forward after all. Although Duggar tried to get a judge to dismiss the case based on faulty evidence, the truth behind his dealings with porn star Danica Dillon will be revealed in the coming months. According to Radar Online, Duggar […]

Josh Duggar Won’t Be Let Off The Hook Anytime Soon, Judge Drops Bomb On Reality Star

Josh Duggar has been embroiled in a legal battle with Danica Dillon for quite some time, and it doesn’t look like things are going to wane anytime soon. Last week, the former 19 Kids and Counting star fired back at Danica, denying the sexual assault allegations. According to In Touch Weekly, Danica — a stripper […]

Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Is Making A Grab For Cash! Duggar Has An ‘Airtight’ Alibi [Video]

Josh Duggar now claims that Danica Dillon is making a grab for cash with her $500,000 lawsuit, and Duggar is calling the adult film actress a liar. After months of being in rehab, Josh is now addressing the rumors that he had sex with Dillon and roughed her up. Forced to respond to a Pennsylvania […]

Josh Duggar Drops Bombshell About Danica Dillon, Will He Be Let Off The Hook?

Josh Duggar may have been at the center of controversy last year, but this year he’s standing his ground. Although Josh has been relatively silent about his sex scandal involving Danica Dillon, he’s now speaking out with his side of the story, and the bombshell he’s just dropped has sparked a media firestorm. According to […]

Josh Duggar’s Porn Star Lawsuit: Is There Evidence Danica Dillon Is Lying?

Josh Duggar’s order to dismiss Danica Dillon’s civil lawsuit was denied, so the eldest Duggar son was forced to file an answer to the porn star’s complaint. Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, alleges that a violent sexual encounter with the married father-of-four caused her physical and emotional damage, and she’s suing Josh Duggar […]

Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Is A Liar! TLC Forced To Respond To Josh Duggar Scandals [Video]

Josh Duggar has responded again to the Danica Dillon lawsuit, effectively calling the adult film star a liar. In documents filed by Duggar attorneys, Josh claims that not only did he never have sex with Danica, he wasn’t even in the state at the time. Earlier this week, Josh responded to Dillon’s $500,000 lawsuit, which […]

Josh Duggar Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit, Says Adult Film Star Has No Proof [Video]

Josh Duggar has made a motion to dismiss Danica Dillon’s lawsuit claiming she was the victim of battery during their alleged sexual encounters. According to CBS News, Josh Duggar’s lawyer, Jeffrey A. Conrad, filed court documents claiming that Dillon failed to prove Josh “attempted by force to do injury to her.” According to court documents […]

Did Josh Duggar Admit To Having Sex With Danica Dillon? A Look Back At Danica’s Shocking Allegations

Last August, Josh Duggar admitted that he had an extramarital affair. However, some Duggar fans had a hard time believing adult film star Danica Dillon when she stepped forward to claim that Josh had cheated on Anna Duggar with her. Now a recently-filed legal document seemingly confirms that at least part of Danica’s story was […]

Josh Duggar Doesn’t Deny Rough Sex With Porn Star, Argues She Doesn’t Have Enough Proof

Josh Duggar has been dealing with a lot over the past year and is still in rehab, but that isn’t keeping him out of the headlines. Radar Online shared that Josh Duggar has now filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that pornstar Danica Dillon filed against him. Josh Duggar is not denying that he […]

Josh Duggar In Jail? Josh Responds To Battery Lawsuit, Left Rehab Early [Video]

Josh Duggar has a difficult 2016 ahead of him. Amidst reports that Duggar has left rehab, two months early, a judge has set a pretrial conference in Pennsylvania regarding the lawsuit adult film actress Danica Dillon filed against Josh for allegedly being too rough during sex. Rumors are also circulating that depending on Dillon’s testimony, […]

Josh Duggar Could Spend Time In Jail For Battery, 2016 Brings Pretrial Hearings In Civil Lawsuit

The Duggar family has admitted that the past year has been incredibly difficult for the family due to Josh Duggar’s behavior and past indiscretions. The oldest Duggar son was revealed as the center of a child molestation case in the family home as a teen, in which the family admits he molested his own sisters. […]

Josh Duggar Preparing For January Sexual Battery Hearing By Returning To Arkansas? Flight Records Indicate He May Be Home

A hearing has been set for January 21, at which Josh Duggar, or his legal representation, must be present for an initial pretrial conference regarding the sexual battery case filed against the shamed Duggar son by porn star Danica Dillon. The pretrial hearing comes as Josh Duggar’s lawyers filed for a notice of removal on […]

Anna Duggar’s ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Appearance Sparks Family Boycott Of TV Specials

Anna Duggar’s appearance on the upcoming TLC series, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, is reportedly tearing the Duggar family apart. The Duggars don’t disagree on much — or at least they tried to make it seem that way on 19 Kids and Counting. However, a recent report suggests that some members of the family aren’t […]

Josh Duggar Sells ‘Dream Home’ To Mystery LLC Days Before Adult Film Star Star Sex Pal Comes Forward: Was The Sale Legal? [Video]

Josh Duggar has sold his “dream home” in a suspicious transaction that has both Duggar fans and detractors scratching their heads. According to the Daily Mail, the home in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, was sold just days prior to reports that Josh had sex with adult film star Danica Dillon. The five-bedroom home was supposed to […]

Josh Duggar Sex Addiction: Did Jim Bob Ignore The Warning Signs? Josh Now Faces Huge Lawsuit From Adult Film Star [Video]

Did the Duggars ignore warning signs that Josh was addicted to sex and pornography? According to Entertainment Tonight, Jim Bob was alerted when Josh was a teen that his son actively looked at pornography online, but ignored the warnings. A source close to the Duggar family confessed to Entertainment Tonight that when Josh was a […]

Josh Duggar Sued By Porn Star For Assault — And The Implications Are Huge

Former reality TV star — and now scandal magnet — Josh Duggar is being sued by the same porn actress he was busted having an affair with. Danica Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, filed a lawsuit against the former 19 Kids And Counting star on Tuesday. According to court documents obtained by People […]

Josh Duggar Faces $500K Fine For Allegedly Assaulting Mother Of Two

Reality star Josh Duggar, who is still in rehab, is now facing an even bigger problem. Assault charges were filed against Duggar, 27, in a Philadelphia court on Tuesday, November 17. The complainant is Ashley Stamm-Northrup, who is an adult star that goes by the name, Danica Dillon. The case states that Duggar allegedly assaulted […]

Anna Duggar Divorce: Josh’s Wife Sees Leaving As ‘Only Option,’ Duggars Make Sure She Can’t Get The House [Rumor]

Anna Duggar’s threshold for emotional pain has been rigorously tested this summer as more and more allegations about her husband’s bad behavior have come to light, and it looks like Anna’s faith in Josh’s ability to change is starting to fade. According to a recent report, Anna Duggar is ready to seriously consider getting a […]

Anna And Josh Duggar: Second Porn Star Claims She Had Sex With Josh Days After Couple’s Wedding Anniversary

Josh Duggar cheated on his wife with a second porn star, according to a recent report, and she’s threatening to go public with her story just days after Josh and Anna Duggar’s seventh wedding anniversary. The couple probably had a difficult time celebrating this major marriage milestone because Josh is currently undergoing treatment in a […]

Josh Duggar Isn’t Sorry That He Cheated On Anna, Joked About Molesting Jessa And Jill

Josh Duggar cheated on his wife and brought great shame to his family, but he regrets nothing. Apparently, getting to hook up with a porn star was totally worth all the pain and anguish he caused. In a statement on the Duggar Family website, Josh confessed to having an affair and suffering from an addiction […]

Jessa Duggar Turns Her Back On Brother Josh After Adult Film Star Sex Scandal Surfaces

In an interview with Page Six, Jessica Seewald, Jessa Duggar’s sister-in-law, said Josh Duggar’s scandals are emotionally stressful for the 22-year-old and her husband Ben Seewald. “I’m sure it’s heartbreaking. Ben and Jessa are very tender, so I’m sure they’re doing as much as they can for everyone involved,” Jessa Duggar’s sister-in-law added. Jessica Seewald […]

Josh Duggar Update: Family Prepares For More Surprising Bombshells

As Josh Duggar remains in a rehab center for porn addiction, the rest of the Duggar family is trying to continue on with their lives, yet they are preparing themselves for more surprises from Josh, who seems to have a lot of hidden bones in his closet. Yahoo! TV reports that an undisclosed source who’s […]

Porn Star Danica Dillon Claims She Had Violent Sex With Josh Duggar, Says Anna Duggar Needs To Leave Him

Danica Dillon, the porn star who claims she had “violent” sex with Josh Duggar, has some advice for his wife, Anna Duggar. “I think she needs to leave him, and separate herself and her children from him, until he mentally can be stable enough to be trusted around his children,” Danica told Entertainment Tonight during […]

Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Says Sex With Josh Was ‘Like Being Raped,’ Gives Anna Duggar Advice [Video]

Josh Duggar’s alleged adult film star paramour, Danica Dillon, is speaking out about what having sex with the former 19 Kids and Counting star was like, and what she has to say certainly isn’t flattering. Dillon also has a little advice for Josh’s wife of almost seven years, Anna Duggar. Danica Dillon recently talked to […]

Josh Duggar Cheating Scandal Now Includes A Pregnancy Scare, Anna Duggar Learning How To Please Her Husband Sexually

Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal could have been even messier than it is. An unnamed woman claims that she had unprotected sex with the former 19 Kids and Counting star, and their romp resulted in a pregnancy scare that left the woman freaking out. On August 20, Josh Duggar released a statement on the Duggar Family […]

Danica Dillon: Porn Star Who Claimed Affair With Josh Duggar Has History Of Going After Married Men

Danica Dillon came forward this week to claim that she had an affair with 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar, and now the adult film star’s history suggests that she may have a special attraction to married men. Dillon’s name first surfaced in connection to Duggar last week, when a private Facebook page Josh […]

Anna Duggar Gets Scolded By Snooki, Adult Film Star Danica Dillon Encourages Her To Leave Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar is probably feeling pretty down in the dumps right now. It was recently revealed that her husband of seven years, Josh Duggar, was cheating on her and using an Ashley Madison account to orchestrate affairs. To add insult to injury, now other women are criticizing her for standing by Josh instead of kicking […]

Porn Star Danica Dillon Recounts ‘Terrifying’ Sex With Josh Duggar While Anna Was Pregnant, Lie Detector Test Confirms

Porn star Danica Dillon says she had “terrifying” rough sex with Josh Duggar not once but twice while Anna Duggar was at home pregnant with the couple’s fourth child. Dillon confirmed her story by agreeing to answer questions while hooked up to a lie detector test. The test confirmed that Dillon was telling the truth, […]

Danica Dillon: Porn Star Connected To Josh Duggar’s Secret Facebook Page Posts About Her ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Danica Dillon just kicked the rumor mill into high gear, with the adult film star connected to Josh Duggar seemingly referencing the drama in what may be a telling tweet. Dillon was linked to Josh Duggar through what appeared to be a secret Facebook page for the 19 Kids and Counting star. After it was […]

Duggar Family: Josh Duggar Cheated On Anna With Danica Dillon, Is Divorce An Option?

Following the cancellation of The 19 Kids and Counting TV show, the Duggar family has other Christians in quite the uproar ever since it was revealed that Josh Duggar cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, using the Ashley Madison cheating service. But some claims it is possible Josh was using the service to meet up […]

Josh Duggar’s Connection To Adult Film Star Exposed

Josh Duggar just continues to find himself in a web of lies. He still hasn’t come clean about the double life he was hiding from his wife, Anna Duggar, and the rest of his famous Duggar family. More secrets about his online affairs and porn addiction are coming out of the woodwork. It was reported […]