Trump Calls For Curt Schilling’s Election To Baseball Hall Of Fame

President Donald Trump doesn’t tweet about sports all that often. Sure, he assailed Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who protested during the national anthem, denouncing them as “sons of b**ches” in 2017. But sports are far from the main focus of the president’s tweets. Occasionally Trump will praise championship athletes, such as on Sunday […]

How The QAnon Far Right Conspiracy Theory Went From 4Chan To Major Merchandising

Reports are in and QAnon is hot. It’s so hot right now that people are making money hand-over-fist off of it, yet most people have no idea what it is, or how it got so big. Reportedly, QAnon is a rambling kind of free-form far-right conspiracy theory that stars Donald Trump as the hero and […]

Curt Schilling Promotes Trump As Hero Of The ‘QAnon’ Conspiracy Theory

Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling has come out as one of the “enlightened,” with full support for an interpretation of a conspiracy theory that paints President Donald Trump as the hero the world needs. For those who don’t scour internet forums and Twitter looking for conspiracy theories, QAnon is probably something that is […]

MLB Writers Keeping Curt Schilling Out Of The Hall Of Fame Because Of Politics, Colin Cowherd Says

Retired baseball star Curt Schilling is not in the MLB Hall of Fame because the sports media has a political axe to grind, Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd says. He gave this hot take about the ace pitcher during Thursday’s broadcast of The Herd, which is simulcast on Fox Sports 1, Breitbart News reported. […]

Curt Schilling: Saying ‘Lynch Trump’ Would Put Me In The MLB Hall of Fame [Video]

Curt Schilling, the former professional baseball pitcher, is suggesting that his chances of making the MLB Hall of Fame would be greatly enhanced if he was a Donald Trump basher. So far, the outspoken, right-leaning righty has fallen short of the 75 percent of the vote from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America needed to […]

Curt Schilling Hall Of Fame: Does He Deserve A Spot In Cooperstown? [Poll]

Curt Schilling Hall of Fame chatter has started up again with the release of 2017 ballot. Thirty-four players are on the 2017 Hall of Fame Ballot, with each eligible to get invited to Cooperstown following their careers in Major League Baseball. A report by the Baseball Writers Association of America reveals that there are 19 […]

‘Senator’ Curt Schilling Vows To Kick Elizabeth Warren’s A**

Curt Schilling vs. Elizabeth Warren? Schilling, the retired Boston Red Sox pitching ace, is apparently strongly considering running against Elizabeth Warren when she is up for reelection as the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts in 2018. “I have two years to prepare for her; I think I can kick her a**,” he declared this morning on […]

Are You Ready For President Curt Schilling?

Former MLB star pitcher Curt Schilling apparently plans to run for president in 2024 — or 2020 if Hillary Clinton gets elected in November. “I’m going to run, soon,” Curt Schilling vowed. “State office first, White House in 8 years,” he added about the possibility of #Schilling2024 becoming a reality. He similarly reaffirmed his interest […]

Curt Schilling Made $2.5 Million Annually At ESPN While Posting Numerous Bigoted Memes

Curt Schilling apparently isn’t one to let bygones be bygones. The former Red Sox pitcher and most recently former employee of ESPN is making waves by continuing to go on the offensive after the network fired Curt Schilling for comments they felt were offensive. Schilling has been talking about the way his network treats people, […]

Did ESPN Purposely Cut Curt Schilling From The Red Sox ’30 For 30′ Documentary?

Curt Schilling took to Twitter to question his disappearance from the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the 2004 MLB American League Championship Series that aired yesterday on the worldwide leader in sports. The “Four Days in October” program, which was broadcast on ESPN2 after a college softball game, chronicled the Boston Red Sox’s stunning […]

Curt Schilling Claims ESPN Is Full Of Racists

Fired ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling insists that ESPN is a hotbed of racism. He is also convinced that he’d still be on the ESPN payroll if his opinions were liberal rather than conservative and that many staffers there privately agree with him on that point. Schilling, 49, was fired last week from the sports […]

Curt Schilling’s Facebook Photo: Anti-Transgender Meme Gets Schilling Fired From ESPN [Graphic Photo]

The Facebook page of Curt Schilling might say that Schilling still works at ESPN in Curt’s Facebook “about” section, however, ESPN has fired Curt, as reported by the New York Times. The reason lies behind why Facebook searches for “Curt Schilling anti-transgender meme” and “Curt Schilling anti-transgender meme photos” are being reported as popular searches […]

Curt Schilling: ESPN Baseball Analyst Under Fire For Inflammatory Remarks About Hillary Clinton

Curt Schilling, the former Boston Red Sox great and now ESPN analyst — for the moment, anyway — is on fire yet again with his bosses at ESPN, this time over inflammatory remarks the former pitcher made about democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As The Sporting News reports, Schilling was giving an interview to a […]

Controversial Tweets — Ann Coulter Is Not Alone

During the recent Republican debate, political pundit Ann Coulter sent out a controversial tweet over Twitter asking “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” Not surprisingly, this has led to many attacks against Coulter. But she’s not the only one who has gotten into trouble lately over tweets […]

Curt Schilling Opens Up About ESPN Suspension

Baseball analyst Curt Schilling has come to terms with his suspension by employer ESPN. Along the lines of the so-called golden rule (i.e., whoever has the gold makes the rules), the former MLB ace conceded in an interview that the sports network did what it had to do to protect its brand. “When you own […]

ESPN Suspends Curt Schilling For The Rest Of The Year

ESPN has announced that baseball analyst Curt Schilling is done for the rest of the season. The former MLB ace originally got into trouble for a retweet (since deleted) comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis. Following a social media backlash, he was pulled from the Little League World Series, and now he no longer will appear […]

What Does Sarah Palin Know About Curt Schilling’s Nazi ‘Fetish’?

Sarah Palin is known as someone who sticks to her guns, both literally and figuratively. When she rushed to the defense of former baseball player and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling earlier this week, the outspoken conservative didn’t leave any ambiguity in expressing her support for the suspended broadcaster. As reported by Inquisitr, Schilling stirred up […]

Sarah Palin Defends Curt Schilling, Says ESPN ‘Buys Into ISIS Propaganda’

Sarah Palin has come to the defense of ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling after the network suspended him for an offensive tweet, calling the sports network “whimpering” and “intolerant,” CNN is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, former Major League Baseball pitcher and current ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling posted a tweet this week […]

Curt Schilling Suspended For Offensive Tweet, Were His Free Speech Rights Violated?

ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling was suspended from his job covering the Little League World Series this week after the former Major League pitcher posted an offensive tweet, CNN is reporting. Schilling deleted the tweet about ten minutes after posting it, but not before Twitter users will able to capture screenshots. Schilling’s tweet, which won’t […]

Grant Schilling, Curt’s Son, Unloads On Sister’s Twitter Bullies

Grant Schilling, son of pitcher Curt Schilling and brother to Gabby Schilling (father and daughter pictured above), is joining the outrage over tasteless comments that Twitter bullies made to Gabby. The scandal began when Curt posted congratulations to his daughter for continuing her softball career at college. Twitter being Twitter, the crazies wasted no time […]

Curt Schilling Lauded As Dad-Hero, But Has He Made A Difference?

The story is well-known now. Curt Schilling posted on Twitter to congratulate his daughter, Gabby, for pitching for her college team next year. There were some rude responses, and Schilling escalated the situation by pointing out that he had friends in the armed forces. The tweets then turned violent. To quote @jaclynf “What’s the only […]

Curt Schilling Says ‘H**l No’ To Critics Telling Him To Ignore Daughter’s Bullies

Curt Schilling is amazed that anyone would tell him to simply ignore the men who ruthlessly bullied and harassed his 17-year-old daughter, Gabby online. The incident began when the proud dad tweeted congratulations to his daughter on her announcement to attend and play softball for Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. Shockingly, a flood of […]

Gabby Schilling Fights Back Against Her Cyberbullies

Gabby Schilling, the daughter of former Red Sox star Curt Schilling, was recently the victim of cyberbullying via Twitter when it was announced that she was accepted to Salve Regina College on a softball scholarship. A swarm of Twitter users sent shocking sexually aggressive tweets at Gabby Schilling and her father, which caused Curt to […]

Curt Schilling Slams Bullies For Horrific Sexual Tweets About His Daughter, Yankees Employee Fired Over Explicit Tweets

Curt Schilling is firing back at cyber bullies who insulted his 17-year-old daughter. According to the New York Daily News, the disheartening ordeal, which reportedly took place on Feb. 25, started with a simple congratulatory tweet. The ex-Red Sox pitcher took to Twitter with an announcement in reference to his daughter, Gabby. Apparently, she’s a […]

Curt Schilling’s Son With Toy Grenade In Carry On Luggage Prompts Airport Bomb Scare

Former MLB star Curt Schilling and his family encountered a little more scrutiny than usual at a Logan Airport TSA security checkpoint this morning. That’s because his son accidentally packed a fake grenade in a carry-on bag, resulting in the bomb squad being called out. The ex-Boston Red Sox pitcher and current ESPN baseball analyst […]

Baseball Great Curt Schilling Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling took to Twitter on Wednesday to report the good news that his cancer is in remission. As of yesterday I am in remission. Start the 5 year clock! — Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) June 25, 2014 According to, the 47 year old athlete had announced his diagnosis in […]

Curt Schilling Slashes $500K From Mansion Asking Price

Curt Schilling, the well-known Red Sox star best remembered for his “bloody sock” back in the 2004 World Series winner, just slashed a massive $500k from the asking price of his Boston mansion. It has come to light that the baseball star is having some serious financial issues; even his family pitched in recently and […]

Curt Schilling Diagnosed With Cancer, Plans With ESPN Up In The Air

Curt Schilling has been diagnosed with cancer, leaving the job status of the former Red Sox ace and ESPN broadcaster filled with uncertainty. The retired pitcher announced Wednesday that he was diagnosed with cancer, though did not specify when the diagnosis was made or the type of cancer. “I’ve always believed life is about embracing […]

Shonda Schilling: ‘We’re Not Broke Just Downsizing’

Shonda Schilling and her husband, famous ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, are selling their Medfield home. Consignworks Inc., the estate sale company handling the property, have the stunning seven bedroom house on the market for $3 million. On Saturday a bunch of people turned up for what was almost like an open door yard sale. […]

Curt Schilling Hosts Estate Sale, Draws Huge Crowd

Curt Schilling hosted his own estate sale on Saturday, selling everything from a dining room table and a grand piano to dirty cleats and DVDs. Schilling held the massive sale at his old home, a 8,000-square-foot behemoth he and his wife purchased from Drew Bledsoe for $4.5 million in 2004. While some sale-goers may have […]

Curt Schilling Bloody Sock Sells For $92,613

The Curt Schilling bloody sock has sold for $92,613 to an anonymous bidder at an auction from the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion, The Boston Herald reported on Saturday, February 23. The sock, worn when Schilling pitched game two of the 2004 World Series, had been on loan to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. “It’s a one […]

Curt Schilling May Auction ‘Bloody Sock’ To Pay 38 Studios Debts

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling may have to sell of his famous “bloody sock” and other baseball memorabilia to get the debt collectors off his back. Schilling personally guaranteed various loans extended to his defunct video game company 38 Studios, and he is reportedly on the hook for millions. The Boston Globe explains: […]

Red Sox Legend Curt Schilling Accused of Running a Ponzi Scheme

Red Sox Legend and three time World Series champion, Curt Schilling is basically flat broke after investing his baseball fortune in his own video game outfit 38 Studios. 38 Studios filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on June 7th. The company’s inability to raise funds cost them about 400 jobs and $75 million dollars from taxpayers […]

Curt Schilling: 38 Studios Cost Entire Baseball Fortune

Curt Schilling, the former Red Sox star, told Boston’s WEEI radio show on Friday that 38 Studios LLC, his Rhode Island video game company, went bankrupt because it wasn’t able to raise more money from outside investors. He also admitted to losing $50 million in the venture. reports that Curt Schilling, who appeared on […]

Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios Runs Out Of Cash, Files Bankruptcy

Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling has struck out in the video game business: 38 Studios, the company he founded, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Unlike a bankruptcy reorganization, Chapter 7 means that company is done; its assets will be sold off in pieces in an attempt to at least partially satisfy creditors. In […]

Curt Schilling Fires Staff at Video Game Firm 38 Studios

Curt Schilling’s faltering video game company 38 Studios has fired its entire staff, and has also closed down Big Huge Games, which the studio acquired back in 2009. The devastating news follows a number of grim reports from Schilling’s company that suggested that the studio, and Big Huge Games, were both in major trouble. Earlier […]