New Mars Curiosity Rover Findings Suggest Life On The Red Planet, High Methane Levels Indicate Organic Source

NASA’s Curiosity Rover found possible signs of life on the red planet this week, in findings published Saturday in The New York Times. However, it’s far too early to conclude that life exists, or ever did exist, on Mars. On Wednesday, the spacecraft, which has already exceeded its planned mission’s life by several years, took […]

Curiosity Rover Breaks Mission Record, Snaps Selfie To Celebrate

NASA’s Curiosity rover has just reached an important milestone. After nearly seven years of trekking the red planet, the six-wheeled robot has stumbled upon a cache of clay minerals larger than anything detected in all of its years on Mars. The momentous discovery was made on the slope of Mount Sharp – the 3.4-mile-high mountain […]

Curiosity Rover Conquers New Ground On Mars

After much planning, long hours of observation, and a change of scenery meant to unravel even more of the red planet’s deep mysteries, the Mars Curiosity rover has hit a new historic milestone in its trek to explore and investigate the Martian landscape. This week, the intrepid robot successfully snagged its first drilled sample in […]

Mars Curiosity Rover Spots Two Solar Eclipses On The Red Planet

Solar eclipses are a wondrous thing to behold here on Earth, but witnessing an eclipse on another planet imbues the astronomical event with an even deeper air of mystery and fascination. While human eyes can only vicariously experience the sight of an alien solar eclipse, some space travelers do boast the privilege of beholding such […]

New Mars Fungus May Show Evidence Of Life On Red Planet

The Curiosity Rover has purportedly sent back photos of actual, growing mushrooms, other fungi, and algae on the surface of Mars, the Daily Express is reporting. At least, that’s the claim being made by a scientific journal that reviewed photos from the rover. At this point, it bears noting that, as of this writing, NASA […]

Stunning NASA Video Captures 360-Degree Panorama Of Mars

A thrilling new video released by NASA on Friday offers an unprecedented view of the Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars – a complex mosaic of rock which housed the Curiosity rover for the past year. The amazing video unveils a 360-degree panorama of this intriguing Martian location, found within the famous Gale Crater – the […]

Curiosity Rover Makes Incredible Find On The Slopes Of Martian Mountain

NASA’s Curiosity rover has made an unexpected discovery while trekking the slopes of Mount Sharp — a 3.4-mile-high mountain rising in the middle of Gale Crater on Mars. For the first time ever, the six-wheeled robot has managed to measure the gravity of the Martian ground and to reveal the density of this imposing mountain, […]

The Curiosity Rover Has Returned To Vera Rubin Ridge To Investigate An Unusually Smooth And Shiny Rock On Mars

While the world has been busy cheering over the successful landing of NASA’s InSight on Mars, the Curiosity rover is on a mission to study an unusually smooth and shiny rock on the Red Planet. This strange rock, which has been given the nickname of Little Colonsay, was originally detected at Vera Rubin Ridge, and […]

Curiosity Tweets Touching Message Ahead Of The InSight Mars Landing

With only one day left until NASA’s historic InSight mission finally touches down on the red planet, everyone is excited to see the latest Mars lander descend on the dusty terrain of our planetary neighbor. This includes the intrepid Curiosity rover — whose team took to Twitter to share their enthusiasm ahead of the big […]

Curiosity Rover Spots Something Different On Mars

After taking some time off to deal with a technical issue, NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover is back to work and already has something interesting to show us. In mid-September, the six-wheeled robot experienced a data transmission problem that eventually prompted the Curiosity team to swap its active computer with the one originally used by the […]

Curiosity Rover Switches ‘Brains’ To Deal With A Computer Hiccup

Plagued by its fair share of technical woes in the six years it has been operational on Mars, the Curiosity rover has hit yet another snag and is currently unable to transmit some of its data back to Earth. According to CNET, the six-wheeled robot has been experiencing a minor issue with its active computer […]

A New Study Suggests The Gale Crater Rocks Found On Mars Were Created Out Of Intraplate Volcanoes

In a new study, a Cornell University scientist has suggested that Mars may not have a continental crust like Earth, and proposes the theory that its Gale Crater rocks were actually created out of intraplate volcanoes on the planet. After the NASA Curiosity rover drilled deeply into the Gale Crater three years ago, research was […]

Scientist Claims To Have Found Alien Fossils On Mars But NASA Is Allegedly Covering It Up

Barry DiGregorio, a scientist, called out NASA for trying to conceal the truth about the possible existence of alien life on Mars. He alleged that the agency deliberately disregarded the photos showing what looks like to be trace fossils created by soft-bodied life forms. The scientist revealed that the pictures were taken by NASA’s own […]

NASA Is Considering The Use Of A Quadcopter To Explore The Surface Of Saturn’s Moon Titan

Scientists have long been curious about Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and now an exciting new project known as Dragonfly is being seriously considered by NASA, which would see a quadcopter zipping around the surface of the moon and exploring Titan in-depth. One of the biggest advantages of using a quadcopter, which is very similar to […]

NASA Celebrates Curiosity Rover’s Five Years On Mars With Composite ‘Selfies’

For the past five-plus years, Mars’ Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars, sending interesting findings back home to Earth, with many more details about the Red Planet yet to be discovered. But even if it wasn’t the actual anniversary of Curiosity landing on Mars – that took place in August 2012 – NASA took time […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Mysterious ‘Stick-Like Figures’ On Mars, And Nobody Knows What They Are

The Curiosity rover stumbled upon yet another intriguing sight while trekking across the Red Planet. The robot’s first batch of 2018 Mars photos includes a puzzling image of bizarre “stick-like figures” etched in Martian rocks in a region of the Vera Rubin Ridge, a popular exploration target of NASA’s Curiosity rover. The image was taken […]

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover To Offer Unparalleled View Of Red Planet With 23 Cameras

NASA’s upcoming mission to Mars will mark another milestone for camera technology, as the Mars 2020 rover will be equipped with an unprecedented number of cameras. This should allow for an extremely crisp and clear view of the Red Planet and its surface, as well as more accurate science observations as the rover’s “eyes” work […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Large Alien ‘Batmobile’ Object On Mars, Reddit Users Debate What Object Is

While NASA’s Curiosity Rover has captured many strange alien-like images on Mars, Reddit users are currently locked in a debate as to whether alien life exists on the planet after pictures have come back which purportedly show what appears to be a large object, which one user has referred to as “the old Batmobile.” This […]

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Photographed Climbing Up Mount Sharp By Mars Orbiter Camera — See The Photo

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been photographed climbing up Lower Mount Sharp using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Telegraph reports. The image of the rover, which shows a tiny speck of blue surrounded by a copper-colored backdrop, was captured by NASA’s Mars Orbiter camera (HiRISE) on June 5. The HiRISE camera captures images of the Mars […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Found Diverse Mineral Content On Red Planet: Another Sign Of Ancient Life On Mars?

A new study has revealed that NASA’s Curiosity rover had discovered a wide range of minerals on the Martian surface. This was based on rock samples collected from the lowermost layers of Mount Sharp. After analyzing the findings, researchers believe this diverse mineral content is a sign Mars didn’t just have liquid water, but that […]

New Findings From Gale Crater Lake Could Suggest Life On Mars Was Once Possible

Scientists are intrigued by a new discovery that may suggest life on Mars had existed several billion years ago. And while the life forms believed to have thrived in the lake that eventually became the Gale crater were likely microbial, the findings offer an interesting look at how the Red Planet may have once had […]

UFO Hunter Spots ‘Face Of Jesus’ On Mars: Turin Shroud-Like Sculpture Shows Aliens May Have Started Christianity, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

A UFO hunter claims to have irrefutable proof of close cultural links between human Christian civilization and an ancient Martian civilization. According to the alien hunter, a carving on Mars spotted in an image of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover bears an eerie resemblance to the face of Jesus on the famous […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spotted A ‘Giant Alien Spoon’ On Mars, UFO Fanatics Claim [Photo]

UFO hunters claim that a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover offers convincing evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on Mars. The photo, uploaded to NASA’s JPL raw (Mars) images archive, appears, according to UFO hunters, to show a “giant alien spoon” lying conspicuously on the Martian surface. UFO fanatics insist that […]

NASA Doesn’t Want You To See This Incredible Piece Of Alien Technology Found Lying Only Two Meters Away From Curiosity Rover, According To ET Hunters [Photo]

An alien hunter claims to have discovered a piece of alien technology abandoned on the Martian surface. The alleged piece of alien technology, claimed to be a mechanical part of an exotic extraterrestrial machine, was found lying just two meters away from NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface. However, NASA tried to cover up […]

UFO Hunters Spot 3-Cm Alien Sabotaging NASA’s Curiosity Rover — Tiny Martian Was Trying To Stop Rover’s Wheels Crushing His Home [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have spotted an incredible anomaly in a photo captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The photo, according to conspiracy theorists, appears to show a 3-cm-tall Mars alien attempting, commando-style, to sabotage NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface. The tiny alien commando was spotted hiding inside Curiosity rover’s front left wheel in […]

NASA Can’t Deny This! Tiny ‘Mars Critter’ Fleeing Curiosity Rover Grabbed And Eaten By Hungry Alien Predator, UFO Hunter Claims [Video]

A UFO hunter has challenged NASA to explain an incredible anomaly discovered in a recent set of Mars images. Time lapse footage (see video below) constructed from a set of images captured by Curiosity rover and uploaded recently to YouTube appears, according to UFO hunters, to show a small Mars animal being captured and eaten […]

UFO Hunter: NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Photographs Ancient ‘Alien Hand’ Petrified By Deadly Energy Beam Weapon [Photo]

An alien hunter claims to have spotted an ancient alien hand with an extended “pinkie” in a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The structure of the alleged alien hand, according to the alien hunter, indicates that ancient Martians were humanoid creatures remarkably similar to humans on Earth. According to UFO […]

UFO Hunters Spot Ancient Gold Ring On Mars: Alien Jewelry Proves Ancient Civilization On Mars, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

The latest bizarre claimed sighting on Mars by alien hunters is a piece of alien jewelry, an ancient Martian gold ring, discovered in an image of the Martian surface captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. Anticipating skeptical reactions to their latest outlandish claim, alien hunters argue that it is backed by remarkably detailed photographic evidence […]

UFO Hunters Spot Huge Alien Snake Slithering On Mars Rock Formation [Video]

According to the latest bizarre claim by Mars anomaly researchers, an alien snake, or worm-like creature, has been spotted slithering between rocks on Mars. “We have a new discovery of what quite possibly could be a snake or an [alien] snake-like creature slithering through the rocks on the Martian surface,” Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner announced solemnly […]

UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Alien Skeleton On Mars — Curiosity Rover Photo Is Final Proof Of Ancient Martian Life, Bloggers Claim [Video]

Alien hunters have announced the discovery of “fossilized” remains of an ancient Mars alien. The incredible discovery, according to Mars anomaly hunters, is the final proof of ancient humanoid life on Mars, and could revolutionize our understanding of the history of Mars and extraterrestrial life. The alleged skeletal remains of a humanoid creature that lived […]

Alien In Top Hat Flips NASA’s Curiosity Rover The Bird — Gesture Could Be Polite Greeting In Mars Culture, UFO Blogger Claims [Photo]

An alien hunter claims the most bizarre alien sighting on Mars ever — an alien in top hat and cape flipping NASA’s Curiosity rover the bird According to the notorious UFO conspiracy theorists Scott C. Waring, in a recent post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s […]

UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Fossilized Dinosaur Skull On Mars — Proof Of Ancient Jurassic Creatures On Mars, Alien Hunters Make Jaw-Dropping Claim [Video]

UFO hunters have announced sensationally the “discovery” of indisputable evidence of ancient Jurassic creatures that lived on Mars millions of years ago. The latest “discovery,” according to alien hunters, supersedes all previous claims being the best and clearest example of a fossilized dinosaur skull ever discovered on the Red Planet. The jaw-dropping announcement was made […]

Six-Inch Alien Spotted In NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Proves ‘Atacama Skeleton’ Was Extraterrestrial Visitor, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

Online UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have found “absolute proof” of intelligent biological life on Mars, including evidence that the famous six-inch “Atacama Alien” skeleton discovered in Chile in 2003 was a Mars alien visitor to Earth. According to the latest sensational claim of “proof of intelligent life on Mars,” a tiny, six-inch humanoid alien […]

Alien Spacecraft Technology ‘Discovered’ On Mars, UFO Hunters Say — Chunk Of Machinery Was Abandoned By ET Visitors [Video]

An artifact of alien technological culture has been found dumped on the Martian surface, UFO hunters have announced sensationally. The object could be the final proof of the presence of advanced technological aliens on Mars, according to conspiracy theorists. According to alien hunters, an object spotted in a Curiosity rover photo of Martian terrain that […]

UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Elongated Humanoid Alien Skull On Mars: Mysterious Skull Similar To Those Found In Egypt And Peru [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have found on Mars an elongated “alien skull” similar to those that archaeologists found at several sites on Earth, including ancient Egypt and ancient Peru. According to alien hunters, the strange-looking elongated “alien skull,” discovered in a Curiosity rover image of Martian terrain, proves that humanoid alien races lived on the […]

Elon Musk Will Operate Space Cargo Route To Colonize Mars

Elon Musk is planning unmanned space flights to Mars by 2018, leading to its colonization. Taking place every two years to coincide with the time window of the red planet being closest to Earth, the space cargo route followed by the flights will usher in the first human mission by 2025. In a Washington Post […]

UFO Hunters Spot ‘Weaponized Robotic Machine’ Roaming On Mars — Advanced Mechanical Device Operated By ‘Off-World Extraterrestrial Species’ [Video]

An online UFO hunter claims to have finally resolved a dispute sparked earlier in the year among UFO researchers by a mysterious object spotted in a Curiosity rover image of Martian hills. When UFO and alien hunters first discovered the image in March, 2016, they were unanimous that it appeared to show an alien entity […]

UFO Hunter Announces ‘Discovery’ Of Fossil Fish On Planet Mars — Is This Proof Of Ancient Life On Mars? [Photos]

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered a fossil fish in a photo of Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Red Planet’s Gale Crater region since landing on August 6, 2012. Scott C. Waring’s announcement of discovery of a petrified or fossilized fish on Mars is the second in recent weeks. According […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photo Shows Mars Rock Carving Of A ‘Running Alien,’ According to UFO Hunter [Video, Photos]

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered carvings on Mars rock depicting a “running man,” or more precisely, a “running Mars alien,” who may have been a Mars hunter. The UFO hunter and blogger spotted the unique extraterrestrial rock art in a photo snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian world. He draws attention […]

Curiosity Rover Photo Of Fossil Fish On Mars Is Proof Of Ancient Marine Life On The Red Planet, Says UFO Blogger [Photo]

A UFO blogger claims to have spotted a fossilized or petrified fish in a photo of rock-strewn Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover earlier this week. UFO blogger Scott C. Waring made the astonishing claim in a recent post to his weird UFO and alien conspiracy theory blog UFO Sightings Daily. According to Waring […]

Is There Someone Else On Mars? NASA Photo Shows Alien Scout Monitoring Curiosity Rover From A Rocky Martian Hill, UFO Hunters Claim [Photos]

An online UFO and alien hunter claims to have spotted in a series of NASA photos of rocky Martian hills an alien scout peeking from behind rocks on a Mars hill and monitoring the activities of Curiosity rover from a safe distance. According to the alien hunter, the series of photos snapped recently by NASA’s […]

T-Rex Fossil Skull ‘Discovered’ On Mars Proves Earth-Life Originated On Mars, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Photos]

The bizarre announcement by a UFO blogger that he has found the fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex-type dinosaur in an image of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover has revived the debate among members of the UFO community about a popular conspiracy theory that life on Earth originated on Mars, and that […]

Mars Civilization Wiped Out By Nuclear Holocaust? Curiosity Rover Spots Crucifix Artifact Near Ruins Of Fallen Mars Temple [Photos]

In March 2015, at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, Dr. John Brandenburg, a theoretical plasma physicist and expert in propulsion technologies with a PhD from the University of California at Davis, presented a paper in which he claimed evidence that two ancient Mars civilizations — the Cydonia and the Utopia […]

Curiosity Rover Stumbled Upon A Levitating Sphere On Mars — Sphere Was A Self-Replicating Alien Probe, UFO Hunters Claim

Online UFO hunters have recently revisited the case of a curious anomaly, supposedly a levitating sphere, first spotted in a Curiosity rover photo of Martian terrain last year. NASA’s Mars rover captured the alleged levitating sphere on camera as it hovered above rocky Martian surface. The NASA image, according to UFO researchers, shows a shadow […]

NASA Doesn’t Want You To Hear This Recording Of An Alien Voice Found In UFO Probe On Mars, According to Conspiracy Theorists

An audio recording has surfaced in the UFO conspiracy theory blogosphere claimed to be the authentic “leaked copy” of the recording of an alien voice obtained from a UFO probe discovered on Mars by NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers. The recording, according to the purveyors of the latest bizarre conspiracy theory to emerge in the […]

‘Stage Prop’ Rock In NASA’s Rover Photo Proves Mars Photos Are Shot On Devon Island, Canada, UFO Hunters Say

UFO hunters claim to have found a “stage prop” rock in a Spirit rover photo of the Martian surface. The discovery of the rock, according to conspiracy theorists, proves the claim that Mars rover photos of the Martian terrain uploaded to NASA websites were not taken on Mars but on a remote island location — […]

UFO Hunters Spot Alien Bone On Rock-Strewn Martian Field — Has Curiosity Rover Stumbled On Ancient Mars Battlefield?

YouTube Mars anomaly hunters Martian Archaeology claim to have stumbled on irrefutable evidence of advanced Martian life form in a Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface. The photo appears to show a large alien bone on a rock-strewn field on the planet Mars. UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring conducted further analysis of the photo […]

NASA Faked Mars Landings: Mars Rover Photos Were Taken In Simulated Mars Environment On Devon Island, Canada, According to Conspiracy Theorists

A conspiracy theory fast gaining traction online makes the astounding claim that NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity rovers never traveled to Mars and that the images of the Martian environment being uploaded to NASA websites were actually taken on a remote island called Devon Island in Canada, the largest uninhabited island on Earth. According to the […]

Giant, Extra-Terrestrial Mouse Seen Hanging Out On Mars ‘Plain As Day’ In Rover Images

A giant mouse was recently spotted chilling on the surface of Mars. The images are intriguing, and there are a couple explanations for the sight: Either the Red Planet has a serious vermin problem or the internet’s collective brain is playing a trick on itself. The most logical explanation is certainly the latter. The online […]

Curiosity Rover Photographs Gigantic Alien Mouse On Mars, Says Alien Hunters

Online UFO hunters claim to have found a gigantic mouse scurrying about on rocky Martian terrain. The alleged giant alien mouse was found in a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The bizarre discovery was found by Mars anomaly hunter Jason Hunter and uploaded to YouTube on November 12, 2015. It […]