Donald Trump Roasted For Claiming He Received Nonexistent ‘Bay Of Pigs Award’

Donald Trump repeated the claim that he was given the “highly-honored Bay of Pigs” award — a designation that doesn’t exist, as The Independent reported. “Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics. Now he is relying on [Fidel] Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work!” […]

Watch United States Vs. Cuba CONCACAF Nations League Stream Live: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Online

The U.S. Men’s National Team opens the inaugural CONCACAF Nations league with what should be a winnable match against Cuba. The U.S. team is coming off a three-game winless streak, which started with a 1-0 loss to arch-rival Mexico in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup final, as The Inquisitr reported. After their 1-1 draw with […]

Watch Canada Vs. Cuba CONCACAF Gold Cup Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Group A Match Online

Canada, one of only three teams ever to win the CONCACAF Gold Cup, employed a risky strategy to, they hope, ensure their advancement to the knockout stage of the 2019 tournament. According to MLS, Canada Coach John Herdman prioritized Sunday’s game against the last-place team in Group A, Cuba, over Wednesday’s showdown with the […]

Prince Charles Visits Cuba, Despite U.S. Criticism About Venezuelan Involvement

Though Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, seem to be having a blast on their official trip to the Caribbean, complications have arisen in regard to their planned visit to Cuba Sunday. The couple will be making their first visit ever to the island nation, which has a relationship in a fragile […]

Prince Charles & Camilla First British Royals To Visit Cuba In 50 Years

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles have been contemplating a trip to Cuba for some time, but now it’s official. This trip will be historic because it’s been decades since any British royals have made an official trip to the island since it fell under communist rule in 1959. Town & Country reports that Prince Charles […]

Canada Cuts Cuban Presence As Another Case Of A Diplomat Falling Ill Confirmed

Another diplomat has been confirmed as falling ill in Cuba, bringing the reported total to 14. As a result of this, Canada will cut its diplomatic staff housed there by half. According to Reuters, the 14th confirmed case of a Canadian diplomat falling ill in Cuba has resulted in a cut of staff by the […]

Chinese And Cuban ‘Sonic Attacks’ Could Be The Result Of Crickets, According To Scientists

When a bizarre “sonic attack” was reported in Cuba last year, experts were at a loss to explain the occurrence. However, scientists now believe that crickets might be to blame for the event that caused symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, pain, and ringing in the ears during the mysterious attack. As previously reported by the […]

Baseball, Cuba Reach Deal, Drawing Ire Of Marco Rubio

On Wednesday night, Major League Baseball and its players’ association announced a deal with the baseball governing body of Cuba to change the way that baseball players leave that country to come to the majors. According to ESPN, under the terms of the agreement, Cuban players will be allowed to sign contracts with American teams, […]

Nancy Pelosi Heckled At Miami Restaurant By Cuban-American Trump Supporters

Nancy Pelosi was heckled by a group of Cuban-American Trump supporters and shouted out of a Miami restaurant while helping to campaign for a Florida Democrat, the Miami Herald is reporting. Pelosi has been helping Miami Democrat Donna Shalala, a former Clinton administration official, in her campaign for Congress. Unfortunately for Pelosi and Shalala, on […]

US Officials Suspect Russian Involvement In Microwave Attacks Against American Diplomats

Multiple news agencies are reporting that U.S. intelligence officials suspect Russian involvement in the development of mysterious illnesses that have befallen American diplomats. According to NBC News, 26 government workers at the U.S. embassy in Cuba became ill in late 2016 with concussion-like symptoms. Some of the workers had described hearing an odd sound prior […]

Microwaves Suspected In Attacks On U.S. Diplomats In China And Cuba

CNN reported Sunday that scientists believe that microwaves are responsible for the “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomats, who have reported unexplained head and brain injuries since returning from their trips to China and Cuba. According to Douglas Smith, the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Brain Injury and Repair, the weaponization of microwaves […]

State Department Probing Possible ‘Sonic Attack’ In China Similar To Cuba, Cautions U.S. Citizens

An illness suffered by a U.S. government official stationed in Guangzhou, China, has prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a health alert to Americans who are visiting or have visited that country. State Department sources are apparently looking into the possibility of a so-called sonic attack at the consulate in the southern China city, […]

Cuba’s National Assembly Effectively Ends The Rule Of The Castro Family With Appointment Of Miguel Diaz-Canel

Cuba’s National Assembly has appointed Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel as the only candidate in the running to become the country’s next president. The 57-year-old long-standing Communist Party member, if elected, will replace current Cuban president Raul Castro. While the younger and more tech-savvy political figure is said to be in touch with the people, locals […]

Fidel Castro’s Eldest Son, ‘Fidelito,’ Commits Suicide, Cuban State Media Reports

The eldest son of Cuba’s late revolutionary communist leader, Fidel Castro, has reportedly taken his own life in Havana. According to Cuba’s state media, Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart had been battling with deep depression for quite a while and he has reportedly been receiving medical treatment for several months. Castro Díaz-Balart, or more popularly known […]

North Korea And Cuba Form Alliance Against Donald Trump: Russia Adds Its Condemnation

President Donald Trump’s enmity towards North Korea has been widely reported. Trump uses his social media accounts to condemn and threaten North Korea on a regular basis. The North Korean regime has responded by threatening to launch a nuclear attack against the United States, and by calling Trump a “madman,” a “dotard,” and a “barking […]

Mysterious ‘Sonic Weapon’ Attacks On U.S. Diplomats In Cuba, U.S. Embassy Closing ‘Under Review’

American diplomats in Cuba are falling ill after a series of mysterious, vaguely identified, “health attacks.” Neither the U.S. nor the Cuban government has identified the cause of these attacks, which have left U.S. citizens in the diplomatic community with symptoms ranging from permanent hearing loss to brain trauma. A possible explanation for these attacks […]

After Wreaking Havoc In The Caribbean, Hurricane Irma Reduced To A Tropical Depression & Heads For Tennessee

Hurricane Irma is practically history. Yesterday, it was reduced to a simple tropical storm after having reached a horrendous Category 5 intensity in the past couple of days. At the moment, it has been degraded to a simple tropical depression that is coursing towards the southeastern United States. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), […]

Relations Between the U.S. and Cuba Are Tested In Two Very Different Ways

The relations between the United States and Cuba have been tumultuous, to say the least, for the better part of 50 years. Since Castro took control of the country in 1961, the two nations have had little real interaction. Finally, in 2015, after many years of embargo and limited relations, the gates to Cuba were […]

Social Media Mocks Rubio After Photo Emerges Showing Awkward Hug With Ivanka Trump [Photo]

Social media reacted with hilarity and derision to a photo showing an awkward encounter between Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) and Ivanka Trump on Tuesday morning at the Capitol. The photo shows Rubio attempting, awkwardly, to give a much taller Ivanka a hug after she arrived at the Capitol for a meeting with Rubio and other […]

Donald Trump Plans To Announce New Restrictions On Cuba Trade And Travel

President Donald Trump will today announce plans to roll back former President Obama’s 2015 rapprochement with Cuba. Trump, who has in the past criticized Obama’s decision to re-establish relations with the nation, will announce new restrictions on trade and travel to the country, undoing the work of his predecessor. According to the Guardian, under President […]

U.S. Military Says They Can’t Keep Up With The Amount Of Drugs Flowing Into The Country

For some time, it has been known that drugs from out of the United States have been flowing in managing to get away from the Coast Guard, and now it appears that the military or the U.S. cannot keep up with the amount. For years, drugs have been coming in from various places, mostly from […]

Gloria Estefan’s Daughter Releases Debut Album; Thoughts On Post-Castro Cuba

Gloria Estefan is such a musical superstar that her adult daughter Emily refused to sing in front of her throughout her childhood and adolescence. @Emily_Estefan makes it clear on her new album that she is launching a full-fledged musical career her own way. — Wire Magazine (@WireMagazine) February 16, 2017 The Detroit Free […]

Kenya Moore Cocaine Rumors: How ‘RHOA’ Star Is Reacting To Matt’s Post

Kenya Moore has showcased her relationship with Matt Jordan on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this year, and she’s learning that Matt may have a hard time letting go of their relationship. Kenya has revealed that she has closed the door on her relationship, and Moore has already moved on with another potential match. On […]

Marlo Hampton And Kenya Moore: ‘RHOA’ Fans Think She Crossed The Line

Marlo Hampton has returned to The Real Housewives of Atlanta and it sounds like she is not exactly holding anything back. On last night’s episode of the show, Marlo decided to call out Sheree Whitfield for spreading rumors about Kandi Burruss, and the lesbian rumors, and she decided to question her friendship with Kenya Moore. […]

Luis D. Ortiz At The Super Bowl And In Cuba Before Big Move To Paris, France?

Luis D. Ortiz announced that he was moving to Paris, France about a month ago. Last summer, Ortiz revealed that he was quitting real estate in New York and he was leaving Million Dollar Listing: New York. Many people did not understand why Ortiz would leave such a successful show and a growing career, but […]

Guantanamo Bay Prison: Trump Overreacts To ‘Threat’ With New Executive Orders

Guantanamo Bay Prison is still not closed despite President Obama’s effort for trying over the previous eight years. According to the New York Times, Congress and elected officials have reportedly pushed back against President Trump’s upcoming executive order to reopen black sites, after a first draft had circulated that threatened to restart illegal torture programs […]

President Barack Obama Reverses Cuban Immigration Policy, Continues Late Term Legacy Initiative

Yesterday, the White House announced that President Obama, in what appears to be a rigorous push by the outgoing Commander in Chief to exercise the powers of his office, would be repealing a decades-old immigration policy; one that specifically catered to Cuban refugees and was enacted by former President Bill Clinton in 1995. Clinton’s “wet […]

After The Fidel Castro Funeral, We Can Take A Look At The Castro Legacy

Fidel Castro was laid to rest Sunday, December 4 in Santiago de Cuba, the city in which he began his revolution, at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for more than a half century died on November 25 at the age of 90. The nine days between then and the Castro funeral […]

Castro Funeral: Leader’s Remains Laid To Rest In Santiago de Cuba

The remains of Fidel Castro were laid to rest in a private funeral Sunday at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in the city of Santiago de Cuba, where Castro launched his revolution decades ago. The Castro funeral ends a nine day period of national mourning in Cuba, the island nation which Fidel Castro ruled for over half […]

Pablo Escobar: How Fidel Castro Was Involved With The Colombian Drug Lord

Pablo Escobar is widely regarded to be the most powerful and richest drug lord to ever have lived. Born in Antioquia, Colombia in 1949, he was able to dominate the cocaine drugs trade in the late 80s and early 90s, supplying about 80 percent of the drug being used in the United States. Having come […]

Justin Trudeau’s Castro Statement Causes Internet Backlash

Justin Trudeau’s Castro statement has resulted in harsh criticism from the internet. He released the statement following the former Cuban president’s death on Friday. Unlike other world leaders who used Castro’s death to speak against his tyrannical dictatorship, Trudeau instead chose to honor him. The statement was posted on Trudeau’s website and praised Castro’s leadership […]

Castro Conned Cubans, Lived A Life Of Luxury While His Country Starved [Opinion]

Fidel Castro lived a life of lies and luxury while his country starved. According to the Guardian, Fidel, who touted himself as a man of the people, claimed he made $43 a month and lived in a “fisherman’s hut” on the beach. Castro had rallied to power by overthrowing a corrupt government. When he was […]

Fidel Castro Survived More Than 600 Assassination Attempts, Many Of Them Endorsed By The CIA

Fidel Castro died of natural causes after surviving over 600 assassination attempts, CNN is reporting. The controversial Communist leader ruled Cuba under the brunt of a one-party state from 1959 to 2008. All through those years, the revolutionary leader who died aged 90, was a step ahead an avalanche of plots to kill him. At […]

Discussing Cuba: Journalist Predicts Trump Golf Course At The Bay Of Pigs

As worldwide contemplation continues over the death of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, a U.S. journalist has humorously predicted within ten years there will be a Trump golf course at the Bay of Pigs and, whether or not this comes true, optimism seems to be growing among those who left because they were not welcome on Castro’s […]

Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Slam Politicians For Praising Fidel Castro, Go After Trudeau And Obama

Cuban-American politicians Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) fired back at world leaders that praised communist leader Fidel Castro after the Cuban revolutionary’s death on Friday. Cruz and Rubio specifically called out President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau for delivering sympathetic sentiments commemorating the Castro’s death. Both Cruz and Rubio […]

Cuban Exiles Celebrating In the Streets of Miami After Fidel Castro’s Death

Hundreds of Cuban exiles are flooding the streets of Miami, not to mourn – but to celebrate – the death of Cuban figurehead Fidel Castro on Friday. Castro, who was 90, died of undisclosed illnesses on November 25. The streets were filled with celebrations and revelry, the Miami Herald reported, befitting something GOOD taking place, […]

Gloria Estefan Says Fidel Castro’s Death ‘Is Filling The Cuban Exile Community With Renewed Hope’

Fidel Castro’s recent passing has left many at a loss as to understanding their feelings, but singer Gloria Estefan suggests that, however one feels about Castro, his death brings an opportunity for hope. Ms. Estefan recently shared her feelings with her Instagram followers, taking the time to write out her thoughts in English and in […]

Fidel Castro And His Death Are Mourned, Celebrated Across Social Media

Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 that brought down then Cuban President Fulgencio Batista, died Friday November 25 at the age of 90. A larger then life figure, Fidel Castro was a polarizing force, drawing sharp criticism from some and great praise from others, within his native island nation of Cuba […]

Fidel Castro Dead: Former Cuban President, Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Passes At 90

The BBC and NBC are reporting that the “father of communist Cuba,” Fidel Castro, has died at 90 years of age, according to Cuban state television. The health of the communist leader was described as being a “topic of intense speculation” since he first disappeared from the public spotlight in 2006. While Fidel Castro’s cause […]

Bermuda Triangle: SS Cotopaxi Reappears Mysteriously 90 Years After It Went Missing — Hoax Resurfaces Online

A viral hoax that first emerged online last year claims that SS Cotopaxi, a cargo ship that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle 90 years ago, was discovered by the Cuban Coast Guard drifting aimlessly off the coast of Havana. The story, which went viral when it first emerged online, has resurfaced again recently, forcing a […]

Russia Moving Nuclear Capable Missiles To Kaliningrad, Considering Bases In Cuba And Vietnam

According to officials in Estonia, Russia’s army has been moving powerful missiles, capable of carrying nuclear components, into the province of Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is located near Poland and Lithuania, situated along the Baltic coast, and it places Russia in a prime position to expand control over the Baltic Sea. The news comes on the heels […]

MLB News: Jose Fernandez Dies In Boating Accident In Miami

The Miami Marlins lost arguably their biggest superstar on Sunday morning as right-handed pitcher Jose Fernandez passed away in a boating accident, the club confirmed. He was 24-years-old. The Marlins’ Sunday contest versus the Atlanta Braves has been canceled as the team and the league mourns the loss of Fernandez. The team issued the following […]

Cheap Beach Vacation: Flights To Cuba For Holiday Sharply Reduced, But Visa Requirements Still Restrictive

Searching for a cheap beach vacation in the Caribbean has gotten increasingly difficult, but flights to Cuba for holiday have just registered a sharp drop that makes the island even more accessible to those looking to soak up its rich culture and pristine playas. On Wednesday, Jet Blue carried out the first commercial flight between […]

Fidel Castro Turns 90: Thousands Of Cubans Celebrate

Fidel Castro turns 90 today, and thousands of Cubans have already gathered to celebrate. After scores of assassination attempts against him and even having made enemies with the most powerful nation in the world, El Comandante, as he is sometimes called, quietly passed a milestone in his notoriously secluded life. Meanwhile, the Cuban people celebrated […]

Scott Disick Makes Vow To Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Celebrates Birthday 32

Scott Disick, ex to Kourtney Kardashian and father to the reality star’s children, is attempting to prove to Kourtney that he “can hold it together.” Disick and Kardashian split in July of 2015 following Scott’s inability to curb his party boy ways that involved heavy drinking and womanizing. The 33-year-old joined the ultra famous family […]

Cuban Coffee Returns To The U.S. After 50 Year Embargo, But Only For A Select Few

Cuban coffee has been off the menu in the United States for more than 50 years, but it is set to finally return in just a few months. Although the Obama administration’s Cuban policy changes were announced in late 2014, those changes didn’t immediately open the floodgates of trade. Cuban staples like cigars and rum […]

‘Fast and Furious 8’ Confirms Return Of Nathalie Emmanuel, Films In Cleveland [Video]

Fast and Furious 8 has now confirmed that the smoking hot beauty Nathalie Emmanuel, who rose to fame on Game of Thrones, is returning to the movie franchise. For those who do not know, Emmanuel was the elite hacker from Fast and Furious 7 named Ramsey. Her character, who is by all means gorgeous to […]

Kardashians Make Their Way To Cuba And People Are Not Thrilled About it

The Kardashians have arrived in the nation of Cuba and have brought their TV cameras and camera crew with them to make sure their antics and adventures are all caught on tape for the reality show that is all in the family. Ugh! The Kardashians are already being annoying about their trip to Cuba […]

MLB’s Mexico Expansion: Why The Game Is Readying Itself For Latin America

Baseball, the great American game — or is it? Especially in the age of the internet, more fast-paced games like basketball and American football have been encroaching on the MLB’s popularity in the United States. MLB viewership has been declining over the last 40 years or so, points out sports commentator Keith Olbermann. Because it […]

First U.S. Cruise To Cuba In Decades

Approximately 700 passengers boarded the Carnival cruise ship in Miami, bound for Cuba. The passengers didn’t want this historical event to be ruined by politics. However, there were protesters who were against the new era of the cruise line. [Update 10:14 p.m., May 2] According to Miami Herald, the cruise ship officially docked at 10:24 […]