Hillary Clinton Addresses QAnon Conspiracy Theories

In an interview with The New York Times published on Friday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the QAnon movement. Some of the most controversial conspiracy theories associated with QAnon concern Clinton and members of her family, who the far-right movement portrays as part of the global Satan-worshiping elite former President Donald Trump spent […]

Donald Trump Dodges Question Of Whether He Supports QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump refused to answer a series questions on Friday about whether he supports the QAnon conspiracy theory, which has garnered a significant following that started on the fringes of the internet but has begun to gain a foothold within some members of the Republican Party. As the Associated Press reported, Trump was asked during […]

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Was Arrested For DWI, Blames County ‘Dragnet’

Prominent media figure and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested on Tuesday morning for driving while intoxicated, per The Daily Beast. According to the Travis County sheriff’s office, he was booked shortly after midnight. Travis County is located in Austin, Texas, which is where Jones is based. Law enforcement added that Jones was arrested on […]

New Tupac Movie Aims To Explore The Possibility Of Rapper Faking His Death

There have been countless conspiracy theories about Tupac Shakur faking his death since the rapper was assassinated in 1996. Twenty-four years later, one man is finally making a movie about it, Rolling Stone reported on February 11. The low-budget movie, which will be titled 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC, is the vision of Rick […]

‘Narcissist’ Donald Trump Uses Conspiracy Theories To Feed ‘Grandiose Sense Of Self,’ Says ‘Atlantic’ Writer

Donald Trump has publicly supported more unproven conspiracy theories than any president in recent memory. By one count, published by Business Insider, Trump is on record advocating 24 separate conspiracy theories. Now, one journalist says he has figured out why Trump is attracted to “groundless suspicions” about the alleged dark forces behind political events. The […]

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says ‘Evidence’ Of Alien UFO ‘Wreckage’ Is Being Held By U.S. Government

Controversial Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been known to embrace eccentric conspiracy theories. On his own program in June of this year, Carlson went on a tirade against the metric system, calling it “tyranny.” But in last week’s episode of the History Channel program Ancient Aliens, Carlson appeared to support an even farther-out theory. […]

Navy Confirms UFO Videos Shot By Pilots Are Real And Shouldn’t Have Been Released To Public

A U.S. Navy official confirmed on Wednesday that video footage of naval pilots supposedly capturing UFOs on their cameras is real, HuffPost reports. And at least one former military analyst is suggesting that these sightings are evidence that “we may not be alone.” At this point it bears noting that the word “UFO” probably doesn’t […]

Moon Landing Hoax Theories Are Still Going Strong On Apollo 11 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the surface of the moon; that, or it’s the 50th anniversary of a government hoax to convince the world that the U.S. put a man on the moon, when instead they faked photos and video on a sound stage somewhere. For four decades, a conspiracy […]

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory Was Planted By Russians, Podcast Claims

The murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich in July 2016 has been a staple of conspiracy theories since the day it happened. Now, a new podcast is making shocking claims about how the conspiracy theory originated. Rich, a 27-year-old employee of the DNC, was shot and killed in Washington, D.C. early on the […]

John F. Kennedy Jr. Fails To Reappear And Declare He’s ‘Trump’s Number 1 Fan,’ Disappointing QAnon Believers

Donald Trump supporters who embrace the bizarre and outlandish conspiracy theory known as “QAnon” turned out on July 4 in Washington, D.C., for Trump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Many of them believed that the event would see the emergence from a supposed 20-year period of hiding by John F. Kennedy Jr., son of the […]

‘Fox News’ Host Tucker Carlson Goes On Bizarre Rant Against The Metric System, Saying U.S. Resists ‘Tyranny’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has long been criticized for using his show to promote racist, white nationalist themes, and conspiracy theories, as New York Magazine has documented. But on Wednesday night, the 50-year-old Carlson aired one of his stranger segments, embarking on a tirade against the metric system. The metric system is a standardized […]

Princess Diana Crash Witnesses Saw Two ‘Dark Cars’ At Death Scene, But Police Didn’t Want To Hear Their Story

An American couple says they still fear for their lives almost 32 years after the death of Britain’s Princess Diana after telling authorities that they saw two “dark cars” stop in front of the crashed Mercedes in which the princess was killed on August 31, 1997, in Paris, France. The couple, Jack and Robin Firestone, […]

Isaac Kappy’s Death Leads To Baseless Online Conspiracy Theories

Actor Isaac Kappy died tragically earlier this week. The actor, who was 42, had appeared in the original Thor movie as well as episodes of Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules. He died after reportedly jumping off a bridge in Arizona, per The Inquisitr. The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed Tuesday that a body found […]

Trump Spends Saturday Morning Retweeting Racists, Conspiracy Theorists, QAnon Followers

President Donald Trump spent his Saturday morning retweeting fringe far-right figures, racists, conspiracy theorists, and QAnon followers. Trump kicked the Twitter storm off by retweeting a video posted by a prominent QAnon follower. “The ‘elite’ proclaim America must submit to Islam or else!!!” the caption reads, and the video posted by the anonymous account appears […]

QAnon Followers Demand Proof Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Alive

A bizarre conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon followers has taken hold on Twitter, according to a new report from The Hill. The theory claims that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, in fact, dead, and some Twitter users are flooding the network with posts demanding proof of life. The 86-year-old fell ill in 2018, […]

Lindsey Graham Compares Adam Schiff Collusion Claims To JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories

In a Fox News interview, South Carolina Republican and Trump ally Lindsey Graham compared House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s Trump-Russia collusion claims to JFK assassination conspiracy theories, Newsweek reports. “This whole Oliver Stone approach to the Mueller report by Democrats is getting a bit old,” Graham said on Fox News, referencing director Oliver Stone’s film […]

Bilingual Science Graduate Believes The Earth Is As Flat As A Pancake

Like most outlandish conspiracy theories, the idea of the earth being flat has a tendency to appeal to the more marginalized and less creditable members of society. The popular theory that the earth is flat not only flies in the face of some of the best intellects in history and centuries of accumulated scientific wisdom, […]

Major QAnon Presence At Trump Rally In Michigan

The bizarre, baseless conspiracy theory known as QAnon has a lot of tenets, but one of the main ones has always been (per Vox) that special counsel Robert Mueller was not so much pursuing the Russia investigation but rather secretly working with President Trump to defeat an alleged cabal of pedophiles centered on Hollywood and […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns To Supreme Court, Refuting Conspiracy Theories

Contrary to rumors that she’s sicker than reported, that she’s dying, or even that she’s secretly dead, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has returned to the U.S. Supreme Court. According to a tweet by CNN criminal justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz, Ginsburg “is at the Supreme Court today and will participate in the justices’ scheduled closed-door conference.” […]

Diehard Presley Fans Claim Elvis Is Living As A Singing Preacher In Arkansas

Officially, Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42, yet there are thousands of fans across the globe who remain convinced that the King is still alive and kicking. Some say Presley faked his own death and bailed out of the music business to concentrate on flipping burgers to earn an […]

Michael Flynn Shoots Down Trump Conspiracy Theory, Tells Judge He Was Not ‘Entrapped,’ Knew Lying Was Crime

After a wave of protest from Donald Trump and his supporters claiming that Trump’s fired former national security adviser — who has pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia — was actually innocent, a federal judge on Tuesday told Flynn that, “Arguably, you sold your country out,” CNN reported. “I […]

George Soros’ Representative Says Fox News Refusing To Let Him On Air

Patrick Gaspard, the President of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, said on Sunday that Fox News is refusing to let him, or his boss, on air, The Hill reports. According to Gaspard, George Soros’ representatives repeatedly requested to appear on the conservative network in order to respond to conspiracy theories being spread about the billionaire, […]

Donald Trump Endorses Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory That Led To Synagogue Massacre, ‘I Wouldn’t Be Surprised’

The day after Donald Trump defied local leaders and grieving families in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and traveled to the city three days after an anti-Semitic gunman massacred 11 Jewish worshippers in a synagogue there, as CNN reported, Trump appeared to endorse the conspiracy theory believed to have motivated 46-year-old Robert Bowers to commit the mass murder […]

‘MAGABomber’ Suspect Cesar Sayoc Told Former Manager She Would ‘Burn In Hell’ Because She Is Gay

Cesar Sayoc, the alleged “MAGABomber,” told his former manager, Debra Gureghian, that she would “burn in hell” because she is gay, Raw Story reports. Gureghian managed Sayoc during his stunt at the New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale. Sayoc, Guerghian claims, often talked about how God “hated” gay people, and insulted her […]

George Soros’ Home Targeted In Attempted Bombing, Explosive Device Removed

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros’ life was spared thanks to the timing of an employee who took a trip out to retrieve the mail at his estate in Westchester County, New York, on Monday, October 22. The aforementioned staffer reportedly discovered an explosive in the mailbox, according to the New York Times. Bedford police were reportedly […]

PayPal Bans Alex Jones

Alex Jones’ InfoWars confirmed on Friday, September 21, that online financial giant PayPal has formally reached out to inform the controversial media personality that he will no longer be able to do business through their platform. According to Jones, he became aware of the decision via an email that was received just one day prior […]

Tupac Shakur Is Alive And Hiding In Cuba, According To Security Guy Who Claims To Have Smuggled Him There

Tupac Shakur didn’t die of gunshot wounds on the Las Vegas strip back in 1996 but is alive and well in Cuba, claims the security guy who said he was part of the smuggling ring which helped the rapper flee there. The Sun reports that a man called Michael Nice has claimed that he was […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory Closure Finally Explained, And It Wasn’t Aliens – Or So They Want You To Believe

The reason for the sudden closure two weeks ago of New Mexico’s Sunspot Solar Observatory has been revealed – sort of – and, perhaps disappointingly, it wasn’t because of aliens. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on September 6 the FBI rolled into Sunspot, New Mexico […]

How The QAnon Far Right Conspiracy Theory Went From 4Chan To Major Merchandising

Reports are in and QAnon is hot. It’s so hot right now that people are making money hand-over-fist off of it, yet most people have no idea what it is, or how it got so big. Reportedly, QAnon is a rambling kind of free-form far-right conspiracy theory that stars Donald Trump as the hero and […]

Brett Kavanaugh Called Hillary Clinton ‘B****,’ Kept Gruesome Files On Suicide Of Vince Foster, Clinton Friend

The new Donald Trump nominee to the United States Supreme Court, appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 53, once called then-First Lady Hillary Clinton a “b****” while he was serving as a lawyer working for independent counsel Kenneth Starr in the 1990s, according to a report by the legal site Law & Crime. The comment was […]

Fake Moon Landing And Other Conspiracy Theories Are Being Taught By NJ University Professor

When Benny Koval started attending William Paterson University of New Jersey, the last thing she expected was to hear one of the school’s professors teaching conspiracy theories, including the one that says the moon landing was faked, as truth. The teacher at the center of the problem is Clyde Magarelli. He teaches a course titled […]

Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones For Defamation Over ‘Sustained Attack’ For Years

Alex Jones, the firebrand Infowars radio host who has for years claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, has been sued by the families of six of the victims and one of the FBI agents who initially responded at the scene, Yahoo News is reporting. On December 14, 2012, a disturbed gunman entered […]

Infowars Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is Secretly Fighting Intelligent Computers That Want To Kill All Humans

In the 1984 Hollywood blockbuster The Terminator, and its many sequels, a global network of intelligent computers and robots takes over the world and undertakes a remorseless plan to wipe out all human life from the Earth. But that was only a movie; or maybe it wasn’t. According to a statement made by conspiracy-theory radio […]

Voicemail Sent To Twitter Users’ Mobile Phones Refers To Stephen Hawking, Date Of Alien Takeover, Strange Code

A voicemail from an unknown number that was sent to several mobile phones belonging to random Twitter users has been decoded recently to show that the message refers to the late scientist Stephen Hawking, as well as a date of an alleged alien takeover, and a strange code written in the NATO phonetic alphabet. The […]

Massive ‘Perfectly Square’ Cloud With 90-Degree Corners Filmed Over Arizona Sparks Concerns Of Weather Control

A massive “perfectly square” cloud that was recently filmed over Arizona has once again sparked concerns about weather control by the U.S. government. The International Business Times reported on Monday that the video of the strange square cloud went viral on social media platforms as viewers try to explain what would cause the “weird” weather […]

Fox News Sued By Family Of Seth Rich Over Retracted Story That They Claim Painted Him As A ‘Traitor’

The parents of Seth Rich, a former Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer whose murder has been connected to a conspiracy theory, have sued Fox News, claiming that the network’s coverage of their son’s death amounted to “malicious and reckless behavior,” the Guardian is reporting. Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, in Washington, D.C., in […]

Sean Hannity And Fox News Claim A ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump [Poll]

In recent months it has been widely reported that U.S. President Donald Trump is under investigation for colluding with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly also looking into allegations that President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice when he fired former FBI Director James […]

Conspiracy Theorists Claim Artifacts Found In Mexico Are Signs Of Past Alien Life

A recent video featuring a number of artifacts purportedly found in a Mexican cave has some people suggesting that alien life might have made its way to Earth several thousands of years ago. On Thursday, the YouTube channel UFOMania posted a clip showcasing a variety of sculptures, which the video’s creators noted are likely depictions […]

Has Stephen Hawking Died And Been Replaced With A Puppet? Conspiracy Theorists Say ‘Yes’

Stephen Hawking is one of the most well-known physicists on the planet, from his theories that have changed humanity’s collective understanding of life on Earth and the goings-on of space and time to his enduring spirit that has allowed him to survive and even thrive for decades with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) while a physics […]

The Queen’s First Words When Told Of Princess Diana’s Death Left Royal Staff ‘Astonished’ In New Report

The conspiracy theories ran rampant in the media following the death of Princess Diana, thrusting the Royal Family into the headlines that were often dark and accusatory. Much of what went on behind the scenes among the Royal Family remained private, but a new book reveals the alleged reactions and behaviors of the Queen in […]

Planet X/Nibiru Conspiracy Theories Continue: Moon Allegedly Not Real, Government Hiding Impending Apocalypse?

There has been a lot of talk regarding a mythical planetary system named Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X. Last month, the world was reportedly supposed to end from a series of earthquakes that would wipe out mankind. However, that didn’t happen and humans continue to exist. Just because that belief didn’t pan out […]

YouTube Conspiracy Theorist Alleges Apollo 17 Moon Landing Was Faked By NASA

A YouTube user claims to have evidence that NASA’s Apollo 17 moon landing was “fake,” adding to the list of conspiracy theories doubting the fact that America was responsible for putting the first men on the moon. Three years after Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men on the moon, […]

Couple Who Survived Las Vegas Shooting Die In Fiery Car Crash Just Weeks After Attack

On October 1, Dennis and Lorraine Carver survived the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The couple was part of the 20,000-strong crowd at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas, and when they heard the first shots rain down from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the duo initially thought […]

Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard Jesus Campos Reportedly Left The Country Just Days After Deadly Massacre

While the nation waits for concrete answers regarding the now-infamous October 1 mass shooting that terrorized country music fans in Las Vegas, yet another confounding report regarding the key players in the incident has surfaced. Investigators have struggled to formulate a concrete and feasible timeline of events that resulted in the largest mass shooting in […]

Melania Leaving Donald? Irish Bookmaker Taking Bets That She Will In Light Of Body Double Controversy

Is Melania Trump leaving Donald? An Irish bookmaker has increased the chances of that happening by a whopping 25 percent in light of recent conspiracy theories that the first lady is sending a body double to stand in for her, Yahoo News is reporting. Irish betting website Paddy Power had been taking bets at 16-1 […]

Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, California Wildfires: How A Homeless Man Became Alt-Right’s Latest Conspiracy Theory

Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, a homeless California man who’s known to both his peers and police for his love of starting fires, has become the center of an alt-right conspiracy theory linking him to the deadly California wildfires that have killed 42 people. As the L.A. Times reports, Gonzalez, a known fixture of homeless encampments in […]

Las Vegas Shooting: ‘False Flag’ Set-Up And ‘Hoax Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theories Begin [Videos]

Even as the names of the victims in the tragic mass shooing in Las Vegas are still being made public, there’s a segment of the world wide web that has been calling the mass tragedy a fake set-up or a false flag. As seen in an Imgur screenshot of the comments being made on a […]

Is Elvis Presley Still Alive? Cause Of Death Won’t Be Released Until 2027

Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of when Elvis Presley passed away, shortly followed by indications that the cause of death was a heart attack. Since then, conspiracy theories have raged about what really went down in that Graceland bathroom, with some claiming that the King is still alive. The medics who responded to the call […]

Child Porn Trial Of Self-Proclaimed UFO Abductee Stan Romanek Begins July 31

Well-known UFO enthusiast and self-proclaimed abductee Stan Romanek will finally be getting his day in court to fight charges of possessing and distributing child pornography in Colorado. The Romanek child porn trial is scheduled to begin Monday, July 31 — more than three years after the 54-year-old’s shocking February 13, 2014 arrest. As Snopes reports, […]

Roswell UFO Incident And The Kardashians Have Something In Common, SETI Astronomer Says

A senior astronomer at the SETI (Search for Extraterrrestrial Intelligence) Institute has voiced some doubts as to whether the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident was actually an alien visitation. And he has doubts that the ongoing conspiracy theories concerning a massive military and government cover-up of the reported incident stand up to close inspection as well. […]