Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Her ‘Repellent’ Nightgown During Interview With Conan O’Brien

Kaley Cuoco rocked a very casual look for a Thursday night’s episode of Conan. Conan O’Brien has been filming his late-night show from the comfort of his home as of late, and Kaley took full advantage. For the video-chat interview, Kaley wore one of her beloved nightgowns. Instead of quizzing The Big Bang Theory star […]

Kumail Nanjiani Apologizes For Bailing On Conan O’Brien Last Minute

Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani took to his Twitter account yesterday to apologize for bailing on Conan O’Brien with less than 30 minutes notice before the taping of the episode he was slated to make an appearance on. “I’m so sorry Conan,” the 41-year-old actor penned in his tweet as he responded to O’Brien’s tweet […]

‘Games Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Slaps Conan O’Brien In The Face During Drinking Game

Sophie Turner channeled her Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark, giving late-night TV host Conan O’Brien a slap across the face while demonstrating a drinking game, Yahoo Style reports. She apologized profusely afterward, however. Though Sophie first entered our hearts as a teenager playing the adolescent Sansa Stark when Game of Thrones began, that was […]

Conan O’Brien Returns To Late-Night TV: Find Out Who His First Guests Will Be

While it may seem like late-night television is flooded with talk shows, one amusing program has been missing since early October, Conan. The series, hosted by Conan O’Brien, took a little hiatus to readjust its format, but will be back on TBS starting Tuesday, January 22, with brand-new episodes. As the Inquisitr reported in mid-December, […]

Conan O’Brien’s TBS Talk Show Returns January 22 With New Half-Hour Format

Comedian Conan O’Brien has been a late-night television staple for almost 26 years. He began hosting NBC’s Late Night in 1993 and then moved on to the network’s Tonight Show in 2009. However, his new gig didn’t go as smoothly as planned and he was forced to quit the show in January of 2010 after […]

Kelsey Grammer Reveals Getting Fourth Wife’s Name Tattooed Near Private Area Will Keep Him From Cheating

There are a lot ways of ways married couples have been known to express their devotion and commitment to one another. However, Kelsey Grammer just might have all those married couples beat as Grammer recently revealed that to keep him from cheating on his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, he got her first name tattooed near […]

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien Troll Donald Trump After ‘Lowlife,’ ‘Lost Souls’ Comments

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien clapped back at Donald Trump in an epic takedown after the president trolled Fallon and Colbert, calling each one “whimpering lowlifes,” “lost souls” and “no-talent” in both a series of tweets and at a campaign rally. The issues between the three talk show hosts and the president came […]

TBS Cancels ‘People Of Earth’ After Previously Renewing Series For Season 3

The comedy People of Earth has been canceled by TBS after two seasons, even though the network had renewed the series for a third season back in September. Series creator David Jenkins broke the shocking news on Twitter on Friday, June 8, revealing that he had just heard about it from the network the previous […]

Hilary Swank Shares That She Gets Mistaken For Jennifer Garner, And Some Fans Aren’t Nice About It

When it comes to celebrity look-alikes, there are plenty of instances where one celebrity gets mistaken for another. One pair of celebrities who seem to find themselves being mistaken for the other often is Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner. During a sit-down with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night for his late-night show, Swank, who is […]

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson 2018: Pair’s Working Relationship Revealed, Actress To Work With Armie Hammer

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are known for their portrayal as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades series. The famous American erotic-romantic drama film trilogy was based on the novels written by English writer E.L. James. Due to the franchise’s popularity, some fans cannot help but speculate that there could be another […]

Obama And Biden As Cartoon Characters ‘Barry & Joe’ — Animated Series Of Time Traveling ‘Bromance’

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the two main cartoon characters in an animated series titled Barry & Joe, which is an adventure geared toward adults. The Obama and Biden characters are the makings of a “bromantic comedy,” which is created by Adam Reid, who said his “nerdy heart is exploding” over the creation of […]

Leslie Jones Admits She Does Not Have A ‘Secret BF’: ‘I Have Terrible Luck With Men, They Don’t Like Me’

Leslie Jones is single and talking about it on social media so that everyone knows she is on the market. Jones revealed that she is single in a July 4 tweet and joked that she doesn’t have a boyfriend because men “don’t like me.” The 49-year-old Saturday Night Live star took to Twitter on Tuesday, […]

Tom Cruise Brutally Decided Not To Kiss Annabelle Wallis While Filming ‘The Mummy,’ Here’s Why

Annabelle Wallis has revealed that Tom Cruise nixed a kissing scene between the pair in The Mummy before they even had the chance to film it. When it came to shooting the sequence, Annabelle Wallis was only informed that morning that she wouldn’t get to smooch the hugely successful actor. And Tom Cruise’s reason for […]

‘Conan Without Borders:’ O’Brien’s ‘Made In Mexico’ Tickets Border Patrol

Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico tickets border patrol and challenges ideals in the wake of Donald Trump’s wall proposal. O’Brien’s skit showed that you don’t have to look Hispanic to be stopped and questioned, which could be seen as a positive message. Conan O’Brien is not a celebrity to hide behind the social norm […]

Leah Remini: Scientology Church Warned Conan About ‘King Of Queens’ Actress

Three weeks ago, television talk show host Conan O’Brien received an unprecedented communique from the Church of Scientology. The letter was personally addressed to O’Brien and disparaged a scheduled guest. When Conan mentioned the menacing memo to that guest, she was not surprised. Former King of Queens actress Leah Remini explained to Conan how the […]

Leah Remini ‘Conan’ Interview: Late-Night Show Host Admits Scientologists Contacted Him To Trash Remini

In the Leah Remini Conan interview, the late-night show host admitted that inviting the former Scientologist to his show sparked the anger of the religious sect. Remini, a former member of the Church of Scientology, has been on the warpath against her former religious sect with her A&E show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath […]

President Donald Trump-Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog Inauguration Roast [Video]

An NSFW video, produced by Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco, features a President Donald Trump-Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog roast that was recorded on inauguration day in Washington, D.C. The video, which appears to be well-received by its audience, has attracted over 100,000 views and is trending on social media. As those gathered chanted “U.S.A., U.S.A” […]

13 Amazing Facts About Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump’s maverick and sometimes controversial personality makes him hard to ignore. Time and time again, he has proved those who had bet against him wrong. Most recently, he clinched the U.S. presidency, a feat not many thought he could pull off. And previously, the U.S. President-elect has managed to […]

Bernie Sanders Calls Trump Tweets ‘Delusional’ And ‘Insane’ [Video]

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t think much of a recent slew of tweets unleashed by President-elect Trump. During a Tuesday appearance on Conan, Bernie Sanders publicly criticized the Trump tweet phenomenon, calling some of the recently tweeted messages coming from the newly-elected politician’s social media account both “insane” and “delusional.” As Entertainment Weekly reports, Bernie […]

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Spoilers: Conan O’Brien Pans ‘FFXV’ While Elijah Wood Plays The Game On Clueless Gamer [Video]

The Final Fantasy XV release date is right around the corner, so the folks at Square Enix have been out promoting their newest creation. The gaming community has been treated to Final Fantasy XV trailers, music videos, and mini movies. Yesterday, the latest game in the series was featured on Clueless Gamer. Clueless Gamer is […]

Jimmy Kimmel And Conan O’Brien Joke About Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery — Offensive Or Not?

Kim Kardashian has had a terrible ordeal in Paris, and it’s only right that we feel sorry for her — whether we like her or not. After all, being bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint — not to mention the fear of being raped — is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, jokes about Kardashian in light […]

Conor McGregor Trashes Nate Diaz On ‘Conan,’ Claims Diaz ‘Won The Lotto’ When He Beat Him At ‘UFC 196’

Conor McGregor has started his infamous trash talking leading up to UFC 202: Diaz Vs. McGregor 2. “The Notorious” made it known that Nate Diaz “won the lottery” when he beat him earlier this year back in March at UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz. The trash talking began when Nate Diaz made an appearance on […]

‘Conan’ Releases Young Han Solo Audition Tapes Featuring Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, 50 Cent, And More [Video]

The casting of the young Han Solo got many people speculating on who will get the coveted role. While Alden Ehrenreich ultimately won the role to play the iconic Star Wars character in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film, competition among actors was pretty tense, as Conan O’Brien wants people to know. The late night […]

Kristen Bell‬ And ‪Dax Shepard’s‬‬ Healthy Marriage — They Make It Work

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s marriage is still going strong three years in after having two children, finding the perfect strategy to avoiding major fights, and helping one another through personal issues. Kristen Bell recently did a cover story for Redbook magazine, promoting her new comedy Bad Moms. The Veronica Mars actress talked about her […]

Emilia Clarke Got Wasted Before Nude Esquire Shoot And Wants More Male Nudity On Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke just revealed that she needed a bit of liquid courage in order to do her “Sexiest Woman Alive” shoot for Esquire last year. The British actress relived the experience on The Ellen DeGeneres’ Show on Thursday. The 29-year-old Clarke, who is also Vogue Australia’s May cover girl, joked that she was heavily photoshopped […]

Conan O’Brien And ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Featured In J.Y. Park’s K-Pop Music Video Alongside TWICE, Wonder Girls, Day6, And Got7 [Video]

Earlier this year, Conan O’Brien made a trip to South Korea, accompanied by Steven Yeun, a Korean-American actor known for playing the role of Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead. The reason for Conan visiting the country was because a fan sent him snacks native to them. In response to this, Conan said he would […]

Henry Cavill Almost Missed His Chance To Play Superman

Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck sat down for an interview with Conan O’Brien Thursday evening to discuss his role in the latest DC film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Among the many things the three discussed, Cavill admitted that he ignored the call from Zack Snyder offering him the part to play Superman in […]

Garry Shandling Helped Conan O’Brien Through A Rough Patch

Conan O’Brien abandoned his monologue on Thursday night to give a touching tribute to late comedian Garry Shandling. O’Brien described Shandling’s death as a “devastating shock.” He went on to say how Shandling helped him through one of his lowest points in 2009, when O’Brien was reeling from losing his job hosting The Tonight Show. […]

Garry Shandling Remembered: Conan O’Brien Makes Touching Tribute, Tells How Shandling Helped Pick Him Up After ‘Tonight Show’ Ending

After hearing that Garry Shandling had died on Thursday, late night host Conan O’Brien decided to make a last-minute change to his program. Conan was scheduled to tape his show in just a few hours and had a monologue written, but decided to scrap it when he learned that Shandling had died of a heart […]

Sarah Silverman Appears As Hitler On Conan O’Brien Show — To Criticize Donald Trump [Video]

The comparison of Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler has reached a whole new level after comedian Sarah Silverman appeared on Conan, dressed up as Hitler. On Thursday night’s Conan O’Brien Show, Silverman made an appearance dressed up as Hitler to address the comparisons between the Nazi leader and Trump. Recently, there have been several instances […]

Conan O’Brien Nearly Gets His Head Kicked Off By Conor McGregor [Video]

Conor McGregor will be fighting in the main event at UFC 196 on March 5, and just days before the touted event, the UFC fighter took some time to visit with Conan O’Brien in Los Angeles. McGregor visited Conan on Thursday night, reports Fox Sports. While he was there, the ginger-bearded Irish fighter demonstrated one […]

Kate Hudson On Growing Up In A Family Comfortable With Nakedness And Jennifer Aniston Butt Squeeze

There’s no question that Kate Hudson has a fit body and that the actress and the face of Fabletics athleisure-wear is comfortable and confident in her own skin. The choices of midriff-revealing ensembles and form-fitting pieces Hudson often rocks, demonstrate how happy she is flaunting her figure. The beauty spoke with Conan O’Brien on the […]

Conan O’Brien Is A Rock Star In South Korea At The Airport — Popular Television Personality Appears In K-Drama ‘One More Happy Ending’

Conan O’Brien has been a staple on television as a writer and a comedian for some time. First starting with Late Night with Conan O’Brien, he followed up with The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, ultimately settling on a show simply named Conan. For more than two decades, “Coco” has entertained millions of people across […]

Conan O’Brien ‘Rides Along’ With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart In Hilarious Bit

Watching Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube teach a student how to drive is something fans could do all day. In his most recent bit, Conan decides to teach one of his staff members how to drive. All goes well for the first three minutes with only some relatively harmless shenanigans happening. But after […]

Jennifer Lawrence And Cast Say Goodbye To ‘Hunger Games’

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of The Hunger Games cast have been preparing to bid farewell to the popular cinematic franchise, Variety reported. The movies will come to a close with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, which Lionsgate will open in wide release Nov. 20. In anticipation of the upcoming release, […]

Patrick Stewart Adds Conan O’Brien To List Of Male Kissing Companions

Sir Patrick Stewart is known for playing the iconic captain, Jean-Luc Picard, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the professor, Charles Xavier, in the X-Men series. Seventy-five-year-old Stewart has been attracting attention recently with his passionate salutations. On June 10, Stewart was photographed, embraced with Sir Ian Mckellen, with the two engaged […]

‘Deadpool’ Trailer Coming Tuesday

Deadpool fans attending Comic-Con in San Diego last month were the first to see the trailer for the upcoming film of the same name, but the rest of us will be able to see it on Tuesday. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Deadpool trailer will be screened during a Tuesday night appearance by star […]

Conan O’Brien Sued For Plundering Twitter For Jokes, But Accusations Will Be Hard To Prove

A California comedian has sued Conan O’Brien in federal court for stealing jokes straight from his Twitter account and blog, though they aren’t exactly side-splitters. The wisecracks comic Robert Kaseberg claims O’Brien lifted from his old personal stash of one-liners include ones about flying, the Washington Monument, and Caitlyn Jenner (the last of which is […]

Conan O’Brien Sued: California Man Says Comedian Stole His Jokes From Twitter

Conan O’Brien has been sued by a California man who claims that the comedian stole four of the man’s jokes from Twitter, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting. In a lawsuit filed July 22 in California federal court, Robert Kaseberg of San Diego, who claims to be a comedy writer, alleges that he posted jokes about […]

Boy George, Jack Black Perform The Doors’ Hit ‘Hello, I Love You’

Boy George and Jack Black paid tribute to Jim Morrison with a solid duet performance of the hit song, Hello, I Love You. During a recent appearance on Conan, Boy George was asked to identify some of his biggest musical influences over the years. Watch @BoyGeorge and Jack Black cover ‘Hello I Love You’ with […]

Olivia Munn Gets ‘Lubed Up In Latex’ For X-Men: Apocalypse [Video]

Actress Olivia Munn has revealed the secret of how she prepares for her role as the sexy but deadly ninja Psylocke in the forthcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Speaking to Conan O’Brien at the famous film expo, Comic-Con, in San Diego on Saturday, Munn explained that playing a comic book anti-hero isn’t always as easy as […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Cast On Conan, Plus Why Lauren Cohan Was Absent From Comic Con [Video]

For those fans that couldn’t attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con, watching Conan on Friday night was the next best thing. The Walking Dead cast members, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) took to the Conan show after their Comic Con Q&A panel earlier in the […]

Jennifer Lawrence: Meets Bill Murray, Scolds Conan O’Brien, Discusses ‘The Hunger Games’ — All At Comic-Con!

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence was one of the most talked-about stars at San Diego Comic-Con. The blonde beauty made a splash in a black cutout dress that showed off her midriff and her backside. Jennifer Lawrence drew crowds of thousands who attended the Comic-Con at the Grand Hilton Bayfront Hotel in San Diego, […]

Jennifer Lawrence Channels Cher In Spot-on Impersonation With ‘Mockingjay — Part 2’ Co-Star Josh Hutcherson On Conan

Jennifer Lawrence could not be any more adorable and fun. Who wouldn’t want to be her BFF? In a hilarious bit with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutchinson on Conan O’Brien Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence channeled Cher in a spot-on impersonation of the 69-year-old fan favorite. The stars were on hand to promote their latest Hunger Games […]

Watch Conan Reenact ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ On His Way To Comic-Con [Video]

For those that have seen and enjoyed the film Mad Max: Fury Road, here’s a real treat as Conan O’Brien reenacts a scene from the popular movie on the road to Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego. The Late Night Show host plays the Doof Warrior, complete with fire-shooting guitar, and the whole thing looks hilariously […]

Conor McGregor Is Preparing To Battle Chad Mendes At ‘UFC 189’ By ‘Having As Much Sex As Possible’

Throughout the last month, Conor McGregor did his best to promote his upcoming championship fight with Jose Aldo. He did this by being as brash as he could, pulling off antics such as “stealing” Aldo’s championship belt during the UFC 189 press conference. Unfortunately, Aldo would suffer a rib injury that would take him out […]

Conor McGregor: ‘I Would Most Certainly Dismantle Floyd Mayweather If The Opportunity Arose’

UFC star Conor McGregor’s task for the next week is to think about and train for his opponent, Chad Mendes, next Saturday night, as next weekend’s UFC 189 will be, without a doubt, the biggest fight of McGregor’s life. But it appears that McGregor isn’t opposed to thinking about another potential opponent, boxing’s pound-for-pound king […]

Can’t Attend San Diego Comic Con This Year? Here’s How To Watch It Instead

For many television, movie, and gaming fans, San Diego Comic Con is the place to be to find out the latest news on all your favorite things. However, there is nothing sadder than the fan who can’t attend. But don’t despair, here’s how you can watch San Diego Comic Con 2015 from home – or […]

Casts Of ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ To Appear On ‘Conan’ During Comic-Con 2015

Conan O’Brien is set to bring a star-studded entourage with him as he takes his show to Comic-Con this year. For the first time ever, the talk show host will be airing four episodes of Conan at the event in San Diego, to go along with two additional weekend specials. According to the L.A. Times, […]

Conan O’Brien Announces His San Diego Comic Con ‘Conan’ Guests Line Up

Conan O’Brien will be hosting his late night talk program, Conan, direct from the San Diego Comic Con next week! It is the very first time a talk show has been hosted from Comic Con and the line up looks stellar with the stint running over four nights. Here’s who is appearing on Conan during […]