Chuck Todd Slammed After Letting Sen. Kevin Cramer Spread ‘Blatant Lies’

On Sunday, NBC News anchor Chuck Todd interviewed Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. Cramer went on Meet the Press to defend President Donald Trump and express support for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election through legal challenges. According to a video clip posted to Twitter by Vox journalist […]

Chuck Todd Questions Whether John Durham’s Probe Is A ‘Serious Investigation’

MSNBC host Chuck Todd questioned the nature of John Durham’s investigation into the origins of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe on Friday’s edition of MSNBC Live, Breitbart reported. “What’s unclear is whether this is a serious investigation into what else, like the issue of WikiLeaks and how many American citizens’ privacy and rights were violated by […]

Chuck Todd Calls Out Republican Senator For ‘Selling’ Vladimir Putin’s Conspiracy Theories

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd pressed back against Republican Senator John Kennedy’s claim that the former president of Ukraine was working to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign, accusing Kennedy of selling the same conspiracy theories being pushed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Todd pressed Kennedy about remarks the Louisiana senator made last week about the […]

Donald Trump Manipulated Supporters To Focus On Something ‘Totally Irrelevant,’ Says Chuck Todd

During Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s MTP Daily, host Chuck Todd addressed what he believes is Donald Trump‘s political talent: distracting and manipulating. Per Breitbart, Todd claims that Trump was able to distract his supporters by manipulating them to focus on “something that’s totally irrelevant” — the identity of the whistleblower of his phone call with […]

Big Trouble For Donald Trump? NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Mueller Investigation Will Drop Bombshell Before Labor Day

Donald Trump could be in for a very rough Labor Day weekend. A new report from NBC’s Chuck Todd suggests that there will be a major revelation from the Russia investigation before the end-of-summer holiday, one that comes as Trump’s campaign manager and personal lawyer are already headed to prison. As Mediaite noted, Todd made […]

John Oliver Mocks Rudy Giuliani, Says Trump Is Going To ‘Wind Up Behind Bars’ On ‘Last Week Tonight’

During Sunday’s latest episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver expressed his disbelief toward the recent comments President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani made on NBC’s Meet the Press over the weekend. According to The Daily Beast, Oliver mocked Giuliani’s wordplay and claimed that President Trump is going to “wind up behind bars.” Referring to […]

Omarosa Releases Recording Of White House Firing, Says It Proves She Was Threatened

Omarosa Manigault made an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday and shared an audio recording of what she says was her conversation with Chief of Staff John Kelly in which he fired her. Manigault first came to know Donald Trump as a contestant on his reality show, The Apprentice. She was a vocal supporter […]

Tim Russert Remembered By MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Other Colleagues On 10-Year Anniversary Of His Death

It’s been a decade since NBC’s Meet The Press host Tim Russert passed away from a heart attack, shocking the world but also his colleagues at both NBC and MSNBC who loved him. It’s those colleagues who are now paying tribute to the man who hosted their flagship news program for 16 years, longer than […]

‘Sleepy Eyes’ Meaning Is A Jewish Slur, Florida Shooting Survivor Sarah Chadwick Says After Trump Insults Chuck Todd

The meaning of “sleepy eyes” has become hotly debated now that President Donald Trump called Chuck Todd “sleepy eyes” once again. Some critics have claimed that “sleepy eyes” is a Jewish slur used by Nazis. In response, Sarah Chadwick, one of the leaders of the pro-gun control Never Again MSD activist movement, is calling attention […]

Donald Trump Slams ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd, Perhaps Inadvertently Uses Antisemitic Slur

Donald Trump slammed NBC News‘ Chuck Todd for spreading “Fake News” about North Korea, calling him “sleepy eyes” and, in the process, using an antisemitic slur. As Washington Examiner reports, Trump used Twitter on Sunday morning to take exception to remarks made by Todd, host of NBC’s long-running news panel show, Meet the Press. In […]

Donald Trump Calls ‘Meet The Press’ Host Chuck Todd ‘A Sleeping Son Of A B*tch’

Ahead of a Tuesday special election, Donald Trump hit the campaign trail to deliver a speech in Pennsylvania on behalf of state Rep. Rick Saccone. During Saturday’s rally, Trump offered a brief endorsement of Saccone and then embarked on a 75-minute tirade on a variety of issues including his disdain for the media. Amid a […]

Donald Trump Has Made A Habit Of Calling Chuck Todd ‘Sleepy Eyes’

Just how many times has President Donald Trump referred to NBC News political director Chuck Todd as “sleepy eyes?” As Entertainment Weekly, reminds us, Donald Trump is a man with a habit of obsessing over a few choice phrases. The media outlet proceeds to refer to it as Trump’s phrase vault and mentions phrases such […]

Trump Calls Chuck Todd ‘Sleepy Eyes’ – Melania Trump’s Asked About Anti-Bullying

The Twitter account of Donald J. Trump‏ has crowned a new name for Chuck Todd, the moderator of Meet the Press and the NBC News political director who has covered politics since 1992. That new nickname for Chuck is “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,” according to a tweet published to Twitter by President Trump on Saturday, […]

Reince Priebus: Donald Trump Campaign’s Contact With Russian Agents ‘Baloney’

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus did his best Sunday morning to end the controversy swirling around President Donald Trump by repeatedly denying the allegations that his campaign had contact with Russian intelligence agents during the election. “We don’t know of any contacts with Russian agents,” Priebus said to Chuck Todd on Meet the […]

Bannon Presence No ‘Coincidence’ As DHS Ignores Judges, Jews Omitted In Holocaust Statement

Although there are many negative headlines currently being instigated by Trump, the Muslim ban is not the only reason Trump’s administration is raising eyebrows. For example, the presence of Steve Bannon as Trump’s sidekick has at least one senator questioning the judgment used surrounding the Holocaust Remembrance Day White House official statement. On Saturday, January […]

First Approval Ratings For Donald Trump Are In — And He Broke A Record

The first approval ratings for President Donald Trump are in and Gallup has disseminated the record-breaking stats and compared them to other presidents from the past on their first days in office. Americans will find that the first ratings might be somewhat of a shock to those who may or may not have voted for […]

Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway Introduce ‘Alternative Facts’ To Defend Their Positions

Kellyanne Conway — serving as a counselor to President Donald Trump — created a new piece of political jargon on Sunday morning: alternative facts. In a Meet The Press interview Sunday morning, Kellyanne Conway attempted to answer moderator Chuck Todd’s question about why Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed Donald Trump drew “the largest audience to […]

Even Mike Pence Is Keeping His Distance From Donald Trump

This Sunday on Meet the Press, Mike Pence was asked various questions about Donald Trump’s platform and potential campaign issues, including decisions the Republican nominee had made in selecting people who have records of sexual harassment and domestic violence such as Roger Ailes and Stephen Bannon. As a matter of fact, Mike Pence had to […]

Chuck Todd Grills David Plouffe On Clinton Foundation And ‘Checks’ Him For Labeling Donald Trump A ‘Psychopath’

Chuck Todd had political strategist David Plouffe on this Sunday’s Meet The Press to discuss the accusations against the Clinton Foundation for taking money from foreign leaders and share his view on the 2016 presidential campaign. The first issue Chuck Todd covered on the Clinton Foundation was the time when Hillary Clinton was to become […]

Donald Trump’s Awkward Quip To NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘You Are Far From A Woman’

Donald Trump’s proclivity for mean-spirited one-liners is well documented through conventional and social media alike, and the blunt nature of his critique often leaves little doubt as to his true sentiments. But every so often, he lets loose with a crack that yields a bit of head scratching in its wake, as was the case […]

Colin Powell: Endorses Iran Deal, ‘Doesn’t Mind’ #BlackLivesMatter

On NBC’s Meet the Press, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who served under Republican President George W. Bush, endorsed the Obama administration’s Iran deal and said he doesn’t “mind” the #BlackLivesMatter slogan — agreeing with many positions of the movement. When prompted on the Iran nuclear reduction deal, which is under fire from many […]

Donald Trump: ‘Miracle’ If Hillary Clinton Survives Email Scandal

On Sunday, Donald Trump sat down on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to flesh out his political views. When asked about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State, he said he believes the scandal will ultimately destroy her chances in the 2016 presidential election. Trump likened Clinton’s email scandal […]

6 Takeaways From Donald Trump’s ‘Meet The Press’ Interview

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on Sunday news yet again, sitting down for an interview with NBC‘s Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press. Here are six takeaways from Trump’s interview. 1. Trump doesn’t know if he’s given money to Planned Parenthood. “I don’t know… But it’s possible. I give to so many, […]

Ben Carson: Donald Trump Campaign Is ‘A Tremendous Help’

In an interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC‘s Meet the Press, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Donald Trump’s surge in the Republican polls is “a tremendous help” because people talk less about his own “lack of political experience.” “It’s a tremendous help. It’s a tremendous aid because fewer people are talking about my lack […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fails To Explain The Difference Between A Socialist And A Democrat

On MSNBC‘s Meet the Press, Chuck Dodd asked Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to explain the difference between a socialist and a Democrat, the same question Schultz recently avoided answering on Hardball With Chris Matthews. Once again, Schultz failed to explain the difference and instead skirted around the question by bringing attention to […]

Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet The Press’ All Black Gunmen Segment Angers Folks — Twitter-Blocking Brings Buzz [Video]

Chuck Todd certainly set the Twitter world abuzz with the above segment on Sunday’s Meet the Press. Though Todd spoke of being colorblind for the “Guns in America: Examining Gun Violence in the U.S.” segment, all the men featured in the above video clip were black. The feedback was apparently so great that Chuck took […]

Obama On Chuck Todd: ‘He’s So Sad,’ Daughter Says Todd’s ‘The Stranger’ Looks Like ‘A Sad Book’

Chuck Todd is the author of a new book about Barack Obama, but that just made him the butt of Obama’s jokes Saturday, when the president quipped, “He’s so sad,” after spying a copy of Todd’s book in a local Washington D.C. bookstore. Obama took his two daughters to the Politics and Prose Bookstore, not […]

Chuck Todd: ‘Obama’s Arrogance Got The Better Of Him’

Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, sat down with Conan O’Brien this week to discuss President Obama and some of the criticisms he makes of the Commander-in-Chief in his new book, The Stranger. In the interview, Todd admits that he isn’t looking forward to meeting the President face-to-face again, adding that the book is […]

Kaci Hickox Apologizes, Says She Will ‘Stay Away From Public Places’

Kaci Hickox has experienced more media coverage in the last week than most people will ever receive in a lifetime, and with her 21-day “danger zone” close to an end with no apparent manifestation of Ebola, she’ll soon fade out of the 24-hour news cycle. But she isn’t going without an apology to the people […]

Alison Lundergan Grimes: Mitch McConnell Opponent Won’t Say If She Voted For Obama [Video]

Alison Lundergan Grimes repeatedly refused to admit whether she did or didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 during an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board on Thursday. Grimes, a Democrat, is running for U.S. Senate from Kentucky against incumbent Mitch McConnell, the GOP minority leader. As widely reported in the media, […]

Luke Russert Joins ‘Meet The Press’

Luke Russert, the son of the longest-serving Meet the Press moderator, Tim Russert, is joining the public affairs program his late father hosted until his death. The younger Russert has been a fixture on the network since his father’s death; he delivered a moving eulogy at the Kennedy Center that was broadcast on cable news. […]

President Obama Wants ‘A Vacation From The Press’

President Obama said he wants “a vacation from the press” during a recent interview on NBC’s Meet the Press. Talking to Chuck Todd about his much-criticized golf game following brief comments lamenting the decapitation of U.S. journalist James Foley at the hands of Islamic State extremists, the Commander-in-Chief had this to say. “I should’ve anticipated […]

Obama: Golfing After Foley Beheading Probably A Bad Idea

President Obama conceded to a certain degree this morning that heading to the golf course on Martha’s Vineyard within minutes after delivering a speech on August 20 about the terrorist beheading of James Foley may have been a mistake. Obama was responding to questioning from new Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, who took over […]

‘Meet The Press’ Anchor David Gregory Fired By NBC: The Real Reason Why

NBC has fired David Gregory, the most recent host of its Sunday morning political talk show, Meet the Press, as a result of dismal ratings… and because a lot of people really don’t like David Gregory. Currently, Meet the Press is third in the Sunday morning rankings behind Bob Schieffer’s Face the Nation on CBS […]

Obama Presidency ‘Over’, According To Chuck Todd, Following Disastrous Poll Numbers

The Obama presidency is in trouble, and according to NBC’s Chuck Todd, it’s “over.” The comments followed the release of dismal numbers for the President, revealed in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Chuck Todd — the Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News — reacted to the release of the disturbing poll results during […]

Rollie Chance Wrongly ID’d By NBC, CBS As Navy Yard Shooter

A man named Rollie Chance was initially identified as the Navy Yard shooter (or one of the suspected gunmen) by two major networks before he was found to be home and safe during the incident and in the aftermath. The misidentification of Rollie Chance is reminiscent of early Newtown shooting reports, during which gunman Adam […]

Hillary Clinton Miniseries Is a Nightmare Says Chuck Todd [Video]

The planned NBC Hillary Clinton miniseries is a bad idea, says NBC News chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd. Apparently not towing the company line on the planned four-hour movie, Todd’s reasoning is that the average person can distinguish no difference between NBC Entertainment (which is producing the television movie) and NBC News. On Monday, […]

NBC’s Chuck Todd Says America Not Better Off Under Obama

NBC’s Chuck Todd claims that by many indicators “the country is not better off under Obama.” Chuck Todd compares where we were four years ago against most of the biggest economic, financial, and political indicators indicators used to determine the livelihood of most Americans. What is probably surprising to most conservatives is the source. Most […]

Presidential Poll Rumor: Obama Reelection Effort Is ‘Collapsing’

Obama campaign collapsing? You may want to take this with a grain or ten of salt, but former CIA counterterrorism official Larry Johnson posted a provocative item to his blog about who is winning the presidential election. Johnson, who makes regular appearances on cable news networks, wrote that he was flying home from Florida on […]