‘Tenet’ Reviews Are In, Hailed As ‘Perfect Cinema,’ But Not Christopher Nolan’s Best

Reviews have been piling in for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, one of the most anticipated motion pictures of 2020. The film has been pushed back numerous times due to the worldwide health crisis. What was supposed to be a summer blockbuster will now be a fall treat with a tentative release date of September 3. Those […]

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Pushed Back, ‘Inception’ Re-Release Takes Its Spot

State economies are opening back up and movie theaters across the countries are slowly opening their doors. This doesn’t mean, however, that studios will stop pushing back movie release dates. Case in point: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has been moved back to July 31 from July 17, according to Variety. Taking over its spot is a […]

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Trailer Sees John David Washington & Robert Pattinson Become International Spies

The mind-bending new trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s next big-screen adventure, Tenet, has officially dropped. Fans of the director are excited about the prolific filmmaker’s upcoming project, causing Tenet to trend worldwide for most of Thursday afternoon since the trailer dropped one minute before noon. As is usual with Nolan’s projects, plot and character details are […]

Christian Bale Talks ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy And Christopher Nolan’s Vision

Christian Bale is currently on a press tour to promote his film Ford v Ferrari, but that doesn’t stop the actor from being questioned about possibly his biggest role to date. The Toronto Sun questioned Bale about his time as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight trilogy created by director Christopher Nolan. The publication specifically […]

Robert Pattinson And Elizabeth Debicki Joining The New Christopher Nolan Film

More casting news from the untitled Christopher Nolan film has been reported, shortly after news broke of John David Washington’s recent casting, as The Inquisitr reported. Variety now confirms that Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson will also join Washington in the new project, which will be released in 2020. Nolan is considered a masterful filmmaker, […]

Christopher Nolan Casts ‘BlacKkKlansman’s John David Washington In His Next Event Film

Christopher Nolan made his name in Hollywood with the comic book adaptation of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Since then, he has become one of the most prestigious writer-director-producers in the industry, and working with him is coveted by many actors. A new Variety exclusive confirms that Nolan’s next leading man will be none other than […]

Batman Turns 80, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy Returns To Theaters

To celebrate 80 years since Batman’s first-ever appearance in a comic book, the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight trilogy will be returning to select North American movie theaters for epic, one-day only screenings, according to The Hollywood Reporter. All three films starred Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as Commissioner […]

Mysterious Christopher Nolan Film Set For 2020 Release

One of the biggest and most successful directors in the business will be releasing his newest movie in 2020. It is being reported that Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan is underway on a new film which will be released in under two years. Details on the project are being kept under wraps at this time, but […]

Christopher Nolan Reveals ‘Batman Begins’ Was Going To Be A Standalone Film And The Trilogy’s Inspiration

The Dark Knight trilogy features some of the most popular comic book movies of all time (and certainly some of the most popular from the DC universe), but director Christopher Nolan recently revealed that he hadn’t planned on doing a sequel to Batman Begins. As Collider reported, the Batman director recently participated in a two-hour […]

Mia Khalifa Is The Only Person Who Hates ‘Dunkirk’

Mia Khalifa is in the middle of a career shift. Last summer, she announced that she left the adult entertainment industry behind. Mia Khalifa became a sports commentator. She became a social media star and resident Twitter troll. She even tried her hand at cooking. Now, she’s a movie critic. Dunkirk has received rave reviews. […]

‘Dunkirk’ Exceeds Box Office Expectations While ‘Valerian’ Falls Cosmically Flat

Dunkirk has nabbed the top spot in this weekend’s box office as numbers continue to roll in. The Christopher Nolan film has exceeded expectations and predictions as it earned a respectable $50.5 million this weekend. The World War II epic beat out fellow newcomers Girls Trip and Valerian by staggering amounts. Dunkirk‘s stellar weekend kicked […]

One Direction’s Harry Styles Says Filming ‘Dunkirk’ Was A ‘Sobering’ Insight On War

One Direction star Harry Styles has made the huge career leap from teen pop idol to serious movie star. As a member of One Direction, Styles is certainly used to life in the spotlight, but making the move to the silver screen is a huge leap for the 23-year-old. With One Direction currently enjoying a […]

Harry, Who? Christopher Nolan Had No Idea How Famous Harry Styles Was Till He Cast Him In ‘Dunkirk’

Harry Styles, who? The British singer, who reached the pinnacle of fame early in his life with boy band One Direction, is all geared up for his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s new World War II suspense-thriller, Dunkirk. But while the teenagers of the world might have cowered at Harry’s feet, not everyone in Hollywood […]

Harry Styles ‘Didn’t Know What He Was Doing’ While Working On ‘Dunkirk,’ And He Loved It

Harry Styles has opened up about making his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, admitting that “it was one of the best experiences” of his life and that he actually enjoyed being out of his comfort zone and having absolutely no idea what he was doing. The former One Direction singer made this admission during […]

Harry Styles In ‘Dunkirk’: Christopher Nolan Says Former 1D Star Had ‘It’

Former One Direction star Harry Styles would easily land projects because of his famed status. But for his first movie, Dunkirk, Styles had to work hard to get the role just like everyone else. And according to film director Christopher Nolan, the singer heartthrob deserved it. Nolan recently shared to the Los Angeles Times what […]

‘Dunkirk’ CinemaCon Teaser Captivates Vegas Audience, But Where’s Harry Styles?

Christopher Nolan released another five-minute teaser for the upcoming war drama Dunkirk at CinemaCon last night. And while the footage got a tremendous response from the audience at the Las Vegas event, One Direction fans may be wondering what’s in it for them, as Dunkirk features Harry Styles playing a role in the film. A […]

‘LEGO Batman’ And The Other ‘Bat-Men’ Who Came Before Him

The much anticipated animated LEGO Batman movie comes to theaters on Friday, February 10, and features Will Arnett voicing the DC super hero. It is a reprisal role from The LEGO Movie and is very much a self-centered person. “It’s fun to take an iconic figure like Batman and play with the rules that have […]

Tom Hardy Has One Eye On James Bond, Has Even Picked Out A Director

There’s been plenty of speculation regarding the next James Bond film. At the moment we’re still not too sure whether or not Daniel Craig will have a fifth outing as 007, while it was previously rumored that the franchise’s producers are keen for the 25th film of the series to be shot and released sooner […]

Harry Styles Spotted And Photographed Off The Coast Of Holland Filming On Location For Dunkirk: He May Be Back To Recording Soon

Harry Styles of One Direction was spotted by a fan today off the coast of Holland, near the historic fishing village of Urk. The excited fan was able to film a short video of Styles clowning around and wiggling back and forth as he rode on a small boat with other cast members. Harry must […]

Harry Styles ‘Dunkirk’ Secrets: Other Actors Not Sharing, But 1D Fans Are

Harry Styles has been fairly shy about using social media to talk about Dunkirk, and there are many One Direction fans trying to figure out what is happening in his new career as an actor. Thankfully, other members of the Dunkirk team have bits of interesting information about what Harry Styles’ world is like at […]

One Direction’s Harry Styles Headed To Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

One Direction star Harry Styles is certainly someone who attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes. As one-quarter of the hit band One Direction, Styles is used to attracting the media and large numbers of fans wherever he roams, but not even Harry can expect to bring a railway to a standstill. It seems […]

One Direction: Harry Styles Breaks The Internet But There’s No Need To Panic

https://phoenix.playwire.com/en/publishers/1013074/videos/5024393 Harry Styles is one of the most high-profile celebrities on social media. One Direction star Harry has over 28 million followers on Twitter alone, and today those followers are getting more than a little excited. As reported in The Inquisitr earlier this week, Styles has reportedly signed a deal to release solo music with […]

One Direction Fans Attacked For Trolling Harry Styles Hater

Fans of Harry Styles and One Direction seem to draw the worst kind of attention from sections of the media. Between them, Styles and his bandmates have over 100 million followers on Twitter alone. When you spread their reach across all social media platforms the figures show that Harry and One Direction have over 200 […]

Harry Styles: Why ‘Dunkirk’ Director Christopher Nolan Gave Him The Part

Harry Styles is acting in a new movie, and the buzz almost broke the internet. Fans of the One Direction singer/songwriter went wild after the first pictures of Harry on set in the feature film Dunkirk hit social media. Harry, with a newly-short hair style, was pictured “wounded” in uniform on the set of the […]

One Direction Fans Invade Dunkirk As Harry Styles Begins Filming

For months now, One Direction fans have set the internet alight with chatter about Harry Styles appearance in Christopher Nolan’s World War II movie, Dunkirk. With One Direction currently on hiatus, fans are keen to pick up any real information about Styles and his bandmates, so Harry taking his silver screen bow is huge news. […]

Jake Gyllenhaal’s House Destruction Scene In ‘Demolition’ Was Filmed In One Take

Jake Gyllenhaal says he was deeply affected by the death of his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger, according to People. And the 35-year-old actor wasn’t the only one who mourned the death of the actor who died back in 2008. In his interview with People and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle, Jake Gyllenhaal said […]

One Direction Fanatics: How Far Is Too Far?

One Direction have gained a remarkable status and have long been considered an undeniable success thanks to an ever-growing and fiercely dedicated fan base. The hysteria surrounding the boy band phenomenon is nothing new, and all-male music groups have been gathering fans and making teenage girls scream with surprising regularity since the early 1960s. Yet, […]

Harry Styles Lands A Supporting Role In The New Christopher Nolan Movie Dunkirk

Harry Styles will be headed for Hollywood soon, so that he can start filming his new role in a new Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk. According to Capital FM, filming will begin in May, and so Harry must leave London and fly back to Hollywood by then. Christopher Nolan directed the blockbuster hit Inception, and also […]

Harry Styles Heads In One Direction: Star Is Set For The Silver Screen

With One Direction headed into their much-publicized hiatus, rumors are rife as to what Harry Styles will do to fill his time. Styles recently ditched One Direction’s management team to sign with his friend Jeff Azoff, and most expect that this will lead to Harry releasing solo music in the next 12 months. When One […]

Christopher Nolan Goes To Dunkirk With Top Secret WWII Film

Christopher Nolan has kept everyone guessing with his latest project, keeping details about his next film hushed. In fact, everything about this next project has been treated more delicately than most top secret government operations, but a French mayor may have already spilled the news with statements made to a local newspaper in the hopes […]

Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Possibly Revealed, And It’s One You May Not Expect

Since wowing audiences with his breakthrough indie feature, Memento, Christopher Nolan has continuously surprised audiences with tackling a variety of films. Nolan was one of the few directors to show us a scary side of Robin Williams with his remake of Insomnia, and he also revived the Batman franchise after the woefully directed Batman & […]

James Bond Is To Sam Mendes What ‘Batman’ Is To Christopher Nolan

The trailers for the new James Bond movie Spectre, are doing what every movie trailer should do, which is to build anticipation for the new movie. There is no doubt that when Daniel Craig was asked by a reporter if he would do another James Bond movie after this, his response generated even more anticipation. […]

Christopher Nolan Could Be Directing A Live-Action Trilogy Based On Hit Anime Sci-Fi Film ‘Akira’

The celebrated director of the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, could be directing another trilogy adaptation of iconic source material: the animated Japanese sci-fi film, Akira. According to Den of Geek, Warner Brothers studios is planning a set of three live-action movies based on the popular anime and Christopher Nolan could be somehow involved. The […]

Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ Diary To Be Featured In German Documentary – Legendary Actor’s Preparatory Methods To Be Discussed?

Heath Ledger had kept a detailed diary for his role as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The diary, which was the last literary work of Ledger, will now be featured in a German documentary about the actor and his methods. It was known that Heath Ledger kept a journal to prepare himself […]

‘Interstellar’ Comes Back To IMAX With Special Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Despite the fact that Interstellar divided fans and critics alike, the film managed to bring in over $670 million during its duration in theaters. While there are many different reasons the film did so well (you can credit that to the attractive power of Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, or the provocative script), one aspect that […]

Matthew Vaughn Insists Audiences ‘Have Had Enough’ Of Christopher Nolan Superhero Movies

Matthew Vaughn believes that moviegoers “have had enough” of the mature superhero movies that began with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. The English director is currently out promoting his upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar’s graphic novel, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and during his discussion with SFX Magazine, via The Hollywood Reporter, Vaughn argued that audiences are […]

‘Interstellar’ Director Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Own A Cellphone

Director Christopher Nolan, the man behind Inception, a film that featured entire sub worlds, doesn’t own his own cellphone. Earth shattering news, right? Nolan, who has created films that have been aided by advanced technology, has no use for technology in his personal life. Despite the fact that the Dark Knight director is in high […]

Director Mike Leigh Says Quentin Tarantino’s Fight To Save Film Is ‘Bollocks’

Director Mike Leigh, (Secrets & Lies, All or Nothing, Mr. Turner) was recently asked about Quentin Tarantino’s ongoing quest to save 35mm film. Tarantino has been on a quest to publicly decry digital filmmaking at the expense of movies shot on actual film. Tarantino went off on digital filmmaking, calling the result “TV in public,” […]

Christopher Nolan Credits Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’ For The ‘Batman’ Trilogy

Hot off the release of Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan recently gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter. In the interview, Nolan talked about the huge influence that Richard Donner’s Superman film had on him. Christopher first talked about how the Batman project came to him. “It came to me in a very interesting way, which […]

Christopher Nolan’s Films Will Never Be Like Marvel’s: Here’s Why

Christopher Nolan may have made a few comic book movies in his day, but don’t ever expect the man to create a Marvel-esque film Love him or hate him, Nolan is fast becoming one of the most influential filmmakers in this generation. With The Dark Knight, Nolan was able to confirm the comic book movie […]

Christian Bale Denies He Was Offered Role For ‘Batman V Superman’

Christian Bale is finally setting the record straight when it comes to the rumors that he was approached to reprise the role of the Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Remember all the rumors floating around before Ben Affleck was announced as our new Batman — to much controversy, may we add? […]

Christopher Nolan Attacked By ‘The Prestige’ Writer, Thinks ‘The Dark Knight’ Is Badly Written

Christopher Nolan has been attacked by Christopher Priest, the author of The Prestige, a book that the Memento filmmaker adapted. According to Comic Book, Priest has even declared that The Dark Knight trilogy, which consisted of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, is poorly written and shallow. “I don’t like [Christopher […]

After ‘Interstellar:’ Christopher Nolan Talks About What’s Next

Christopher Nolan is riding high off the success of his sci-fi adventure film Interstellar, which earned about $50 million in its first weekend. With big-blockbuster hits like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and Inception already on his resume, the director, writer, and producer has proven his ability to connect with audiences. Now the big […]

‘Interstellar’ Actress Jessica Chastain Forbidden By Christopher Nolan To Promote ‘A Most Violent Year’ [Report]

If you want to see Interstellar’s Jessica Chastain talk about her role in the buzzed about film A Most Violent Year, you might have just missed an opportunity. The actress hit the red carpet on Thursday to promote J.C. Chandor’s film, which sees Chastain take on the role of a mob princess. According to the […]

‘Interstellar’ Receives More Strong Reviews Ahead Of November 7 Release

Interstellar, the latest motion picture from the man who brought Batman back from the world of high camp, is on its way to theaters this weekend. According to the latest batch of reviews making the rounds online, director Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi opus is definitely a flick you’ll want to experience on the big screen. Details […]

Christopher Nolan On DC’s Shared Universe: ‘I Don’t Want Hollywood To Hit Saturation Point’

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the DC universe. His Dark Knight Trilogy was a highly-acclaimed piece of work that did as much for cinema in general as it did for comic book movies. With The Dark Knight, Nolan not only created a great comic book movie, but a compelling crime thriller, often compared to […]

‘Interstellar’: The Reviews Are In – Is The Sci-Fi Epic Worth Seeing?

The details of Interstellar have been kept pretty well under wraps up to this point – at least as well as a director could hope for in the days of internet leaks and loose-lipped extras. However, when Christopher Nolan’s new film, Interstellar, was recently screened for critics, they had so little advance information to go […]

Christopher Nolan To Return To DC Universe? Jonathan Nolan Refuses To Rule It Out

Christopher Nolan could return to the DC universe, according to his brother and the co-writer of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Jonathan Nolan. But it won’t happen for a while. The Interstellar filmmaker’s take on Bruce Wayne and Batman, which consisted of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, […]

Why Theater Owners Despise ‘Interstellar’ Director Christopher Nolan

The campaign and leadup to Christopher Nolan’s new film, Interstellar, has been epic. The Matthew McConaughey starring space drama looks to be, by all accounts, another megahit for The Dark Knight director. However, in bringing his latest opus to theaters, Nolan is infuriating theater owners. Why? Christopher Nolan is a staunch believer in film; not […]

Robin Williams Nearly Played A Batman Villain…Three Times

When Robin Williams tragically committed suicide earlier this week, the world lost an actor of immeasurable talent, yet in the decades before his passing, Batman fans missed out on the chance to see the iconic and multifaceted comedian menace the caped crusader not once, but three times. Robin Williams played a variety of roles during […]