Chicago Removes Two Statues Of Christopher Columbus

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the removal of two statues of Christopher Columbus in the community, and workers removed them in the wee hours of Friday morning, The Associated Press reported. In a statement, Lightfoot said that the monuments — one in downtown Grant Park and the other in Arrigo Park in the city’s Little […]

Baltimore Protesters Tear Down Christopher Columbus Statue, Throw It Into The Harbor

Protesters in Baltimore tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus on Saturday night, the latest in a series of incidents in which statues of the Italian sailor have been forcibly torn down by protesters or removed by local governments, Slate reported. As fireworks and Independence Day celebrations were taking place across the city, a group […]

Christopher Columbus Statue Removed From Ohio’s Capital, Despite It Being Its Namesake

Columbus, Ohio, has removed a statue of Christopher Columbus, the man for whom the city was named, NPR News reported. On Wednesday morning, city crews showed up at the bronze statue of the Italian sailor that had stood in front of City Hall for decades. Within hours, it was gone. Back when what would eventually […]

Nutley, New Jersey, Protesters Clash With Counter Protesters Over Removal Of Christopher Columbus Statue

A group of protesters and counter protesters clashed in a New Jersey city on Friday night over the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus, reported. Nutley, like untold numbers of other cities across the country, has a statue of the Italian sailor whose voyages are credited with putting the Americas on the map. […]

Statue Of Christopher Columbus Removed From St. Louis Park

A statue of Christopher Columbus that had stood in St. Louis’ Tower Grove Park for over a century has been taken down, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. On Tuesday, following orders from the park’s Board of Commissioners, crews arrived to take down the statue of the Italian sailor who, sailing under the Spanish flag, is […]

Notre Dame University Will Cover Up Christopher Columbus Murals Due To Controversy

The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, is the home of a wide assortment of historical art, some of which dates back to the 1800s. The Catholic university recently received complaints regarding some of the murals located on campus, which include depictions of Christopher Columbus, according to NBC News. The historical pieces in […]

Statue Of Prince Could Replace Christopher Columbus At Minnesota State Capitol

In front of the Minnesota state capitol building in St. Paul stands a statue of Christopher Columbus that some Minnesota residents believe should be removed. Nationwide calls for the removal of Confederate statues and monuments have prompted residents of cities across America to debate whether Christopher Columbus statues should also be taken down due to […]

America’s Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument In Baltimore Vandalized

What is thought to be one of America’s oldest monuments to Italian explorer Christopher Columbus located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, was vandalized. Baltimore Police are looking into the incident, which spokesman T.J. Smith says they believe occurred early yesterday morning. The base of the 225-year-old monument, upon which a two-story-tall obelisk sits, was […]

Carly Fiorina ‘Working In Casinos’ Quote Proven False, Parody Facebook Account Responsible

A false meme is making its rounds across social media, indicating that Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina reportedly stated Americans wouldn’t speak the same or work the same today if not for Christopher Columbus. Yet, the rumor was proven false after it was revealed a parody social media account doctored an image and made up […]

Christopher Columbus: Will Columbus Day 2015 Be The Last? Should Columbus Day Be Repealed?

October 12, 2015, is Columbus Day in the United States. Over the years, more and more people have been wondering why we celebrate Columbus Day in the United States. It is clear that Christopher Columbus did not discover America, yet we celebrate as if he did. In fact, how could he have discovered a land […]

‘Pixels’ Review: Can We Please Have The Old Adam Sandler Back?

Pixels reviews are not just something 8-bit video-gamers (read: people who grew up in the 80s) will be looking forward to, but Adam Sandler should be eying with a fair amount of nervous tension, as well. When you consider how the last few years have gone for Sandler, with his previous three features, Blended […]

Harry Potter New Movie? Christopher Columbus Would Love To Fill In The 19-Year Gap With A New Film

Harry Potter fans, brace yourself. The director of the first two Harry Potter films, Christopher Columbus, wants to direct a brand new movie to fill in the 19-year gap between the end of the main story and the flash forward at the end of the last movie/book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Speaking to […]

Are These Medieval Pictures Proof Aliens Really Did Visit Earth In The Middle Ages?

A new book called Medieval Monsters, which documents the bizarre pictures of headless men, dog demons, and other frightful and fantastical creatures that illustrated religious tomes and travelling texts from the middles ages, could provide proof that aliens have been visiting this little rock of ours longer than previously believed. Using the British Library manuscripts […]

Turkey’s President, Recep Erdogan, Claims Muslims Discovered America, Not Columbus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that America was discovered by Muslims in the 12th century, almost three centuries before Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the western hemisphere. The Turkish President made a speech at the closing ceremony of the first Latin American Muslim leaders summit in Istanbul. “Contacts between Latin America and Islam date […]

The Lunar Trick Christopher Columbus Used To Save His Crew And His Life

Christopher Columbus, once hailed as a hero, the discoverer of America, now holds a rather dubious spot in history. But regardless of whether one views Columbus as a famed explorer or sees him as a complete farce, he did have moments of ingenuity during his travels — including one trick that literally saved his life […]

Columbus Day 2014 Becomes Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Critics Call Idea ‘Stupid’ Political Correctness

Columbus Day 2014 has jump-started a political debate over whether or not it is more appropriate to celebrate Native Americans or the European explorer Christopher Columbus. While two cities have already answered that question by creating the so-called “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” critics are already labeling the decision as “stupid” political correctness in action. In a […]

Stunning Map Found May Prove That Christopher Columbus Was Not First To Sail To America

All school children have memorized the old rhyme “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue” in order to help them remember the date and the name of the explorer who “found” America. But new evidence, including a map, indicates that there may need to be a different date and a different name. The incredible discovery […]

Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria Found? Mother Of All Shipwreck Finds Likely

Christopher Columbus abandoned his flagship, the Santa Maria, somewhere in the Caribbean over 500 years ago, and now an underwater archaeologist believes he may have found the shipwreck. According to a Yahoo! News report, explorer and underwater archaeologist Barry Clifford, who is leading what could turn out to be an historic expedition and who has […]

Christopher Columbus Was A Great Salesman

Christopher Columbus was a great salesman. He convinced the King and Queen of Spain to fund his voyage after he had been rejected by Portugal and Italy. He didn’t give up and continued his quest to find others in Europe who would provide him with the money he needed to set sail to find China […]

Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s ‘Overrated White People’ List Includes Bill Clinton

Columbia professor and political commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, recognized Columbus Day by creating a “15 Most Overrated White People” list. Christopher Columbus is considered by some to be a controversial historical figure. Hill’s list was designed to highlight his belief that the national holiday is a “bizarre cultural” ritual. In his Huffington Post blog, Hill […]

Christopher Columbus May Have Been Secretly Jewish

Christopher Columbus is most known for his exploration from Genoa, Italy in 1492 to enrich Spanish monarchs with gold and spices from the orient. Another suggestion, published by CNN, suggests that Columbus’s real mission was to liberate Jews from the Muslims. According to Newser, evidence has come to light that Columbus was actually a “Marrano,” […]