Top Kurd General Pleads With Donald Trump, ‘Stop This War!’ Says Turkey Is ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Kurds From Syria

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Kurdish people in Syria are “very happy” with a United States-brokered “cease-fire” deal announced Thursday in the Turkish cross-border assault on the Kurds who live there, as USA Today reported. But the top Kurdish commander in Syria told a very different and far bleaker story on Saturday, as […]

Idlib Prepares For Attacks From Assad Forces

Syrian President Bashar Assad has given the approval to use chemical weapons to rout the last remaining stronghold of insurgents in his country, in the city of Idlib. According to The Hill, approximately 70,000 opposition fighters remain in Idlib, and U.N. officials are concerned that an offensive could cause hundreds of thousands of people to […]

Syria To Allow Chemical Weapons Inspectors, After Barring Them Earlier This Week

Syria will allow chemical inspectors to examine the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack on Wednesday, 11 days after the alleged attack took place and two days after they were turned away for suspicious reasons, BBC News is reporting. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will be granted access to the […]

Russian Support Of Syria Could Be Tested After Latest U.S.-Led Coalition Attack

Since 2015, Syria has benefited from the support of Russia under President Vladimir Putin. That support has consisted of “troops, armor, and aircraft,” according to a report from Time. It has also been in the form of a voice on the U.N. Security Council. Most recently and relating to an April 7 chemical weapons attack […]

Mattis Syria Conference: Defense Chief Contradicts Spicer & Tillerson, Says Assad Regime Change Not A Plan

In a Defense Department briefing on Monday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis indicated that regime change in Syria is not a plan, emphasizing that the U.S. military’s main objective is to defeat ISIS, reports Reuters. This statement contrasts sharply with those made by Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who have […]

Sean Spicer Video: Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons In World War 2 ‘Holocaust Center,’ Didn’t Gas ‘Innocent’

Sean Spicer is currently trending on Twitter, with Spicer’s comments about Adolf Hitler sending shockwaves throughout social media and beyond. As seen in the below video, Sean’s statement that even someone as despicable as Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons is causing outrage as a response from people who know that Hitler sent millions of Jewish […]

Ivanka Trump Reportedly The One Behind President Trump’s Move To Bomb Syria

With the recent bombing from the United States on Syria over chemical weapons, many found it to be strange that President Donald Trump made such a move, but according to a recent report, it seems his daughter Ivanka was behind the idea. The controversial bombing was done on Syria after knowledge of chemical weapons was […]

Trump Congratulates U.S. Military For ‘The Syria Attack,’ Many Fire Back At His Comments

President Donald Trump ordered 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be launched at a Syrian base carrying chemical weapons on Thursday evening, which has been seen as quite controversial, and now he is seemingly speaking for all Americans and the world. Most Americans agreed that the chemical weapons being used on the people of Syria by […]

Poisonous Air In Sudan: Government Reportedly Using Chemical Weapons On Civilians Of Darfur Region

A 103-page report by Amnesty International accusing the Sudanese government of using chemical weapons repeatedly on its civilians in remote areas that are inaccessible and a part of Darfur has gained international recognition due to the chilling details it includes. The report shares that there have been at least 30 chemical attacks that have hit […]

Agent Orange: Effects Still Evident Four Generations After Vietnam War

Agent Pink. Agent Purple. Agents Blue, White, and Green. Along with Agent Orange, these cutely-named chemical concoctions were devised by Monsanto and the Dow Chemical Company for U.S. military use in the densely vegetated jungle war zone of Vietnam. None of these chemical weapons has so severely impacted generation after generation the way that Agent […]

ISIS Perpetrates Gas Attack In Syria — Will They Aim Chemical Weapons At Europe Next?

ISIS has bombarded a coveted airport in Syria with deadly gas, killing unknown numbers of Syrian soldiers in the attack. “The… militants attacked the military airfield in Deir Ez-zor with shells containing a poisonous chemical substance. The defenders of the airbase have reported that a number of soldiers were choking,” a source told RT. Syrian […]

Iraq Chemical Attack: ISIS Used Chemical Weapons, Kills 3-Year-Old, 600 Wounded

ISIS deployed a chemical attack near the city of Kirkuk in Iraq. The damage created by the chemical attack left a 3-year-old girl dead, 600 people injured, and hundreds of Iraqis in fear. A second chemical attack was launched by ISIS in the Iraq town of Taza. Taza was attacked earlier in the week by […]

What Would War With North Korea Look Like?

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have ratcheted up again after the South resumed its loudspeaker broadcasts in retaliation for a nuclear test conducted by the North, and the possibility of war is once again on the horizon. With North Korea moving large numbers of troops to the South Korean border, American military planners must once […]

ISIS Wants Chemical Weapons, Is ‘Aggressively’ Trying To Develop Them, Say U.S. And Iraqi Officials

ISIS is “aggressively” trying to develop a chemical weapons program, with the goal of using them against European and U.S. targets, U.S. and Iraqi intelligence officials confirmed Thursday. As MSN reports, ISIS has already set up a chemical weapons branch, and has scientists from Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East working on their […]

John Kerry Again Claims Syria’s Bashar al-Assad Used Poison Gas

At a Wednesday U.N. Security Council session, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry once again claimed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used poison gas in response to the Syrian rebellion that was sparked by political protests. “That is how this whole thing began. People in a country looking for a future,” Kerry said at the U.N. […]

ISIS’ Chemical Weapons Came From Saddam Hussein’s WMD Stockpiles In Iraq? Was George W. Bush Right?

Did ISIS’ chemical weapons come from Saddam Hussein’s WMD stockpiles in Iraq? Some defense officials are allegedly claiming this is the case, which may put the actions of former U.S. President George W. Bush in a whole new light. In a related report by the Inquisitr, while ISIS’ chemical weapons may be dangerous, with DAESH […]

Islamic State Used Weaponized Chlorine Gas – Iraqi Kurdish Authorities Claim To Have Proof

ISIS or the Islamic State tried to detonate a chemical bomb, Iraqi Kurdish authorities have claimed. Islamic State used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon against us, Kurdish peshmerga in Iraq have claimed. Though the attack is said to have happened in January, the Kurds needed to forensically confirm the same, before going public. In […]

ISIS Seizes Chemical Weapons In Libya, Poses ‘Serious Danger,’ Claims Expert

According to the latest reports this weekend, ISIS, also known as Islamic State, may be sitting on a deadly cache of chemical weapons it allegedly seized during its takeover of large parts of Libya. These weapons of mass destruction, according to war expert and former British Army officer Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, pose a real threat […]

WWIII: Russia Working To Strengthen North Korean Power Grid In Exchange For ‘Rare Earth Metals’

Two troubled nations with a disdain for the United States have become partners in a plan to give strength to one nation’s infrastructure while supplying the other with the resources needed to potentially increase chemical-weapons programs. Russia has pushed ahead with a project aimed at repairing North Korea’s failing power grid system. In exchange, North […]

US Government Kept Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq A Secret, Military Victims Speak Out

A New York Times investigation revealed that US military service members were exposed to chemical weapons like sarin gas during the Iraq war. The knowledge of Iraq having chemical weapons in their possession was never made known to the public but, to make matters worse, the investigation is showing that many of the military victims […]

ISIS Raids Iraqi Chemical Weapons Depot, May Possess Sarin Gas, UN Told

According to the Iraqi government, ISIS controls a massive compound that contains 2,500 rusting rockets loaded with chemical weapons, raising fears the jihadists may now possess deadly Sarin gas. The chemical weapons site, known as the Muthanna State Establishment, was bombed during the first Gulf War, according to The Daily Mail, but only partially destroyed. […]

ISIS Terrorists May Have Used Chemical Weapons On Kurds In Syria

The Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS, may possess chemical weapons that it has already used to kill ethnic Kurds near Kobani, Syria. Disturbing photos taken by Kurdish activists and examined by Israeli researchers shows evidence of the use of chemical weapons. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the chemical weapons that are in use […]

Did Syria Use Gas In The Ongoing Conflict?

Did Syria use gas against citizens in the protracted war that has raged on in the country since 2011? A new report from the international watchdog Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons indicates that the Syrian government has crossed President Barack Obama’s famous “red line” for chemical weapons like gas in the conflict, reported […]

ISIS In Iraq Have Saddam Hussein’s WMD, Was George W. Bush Right To Fear Terrorist Attack In America?

With the ISIS in Iraq having access to old stockpiles of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, some websites are now claiming former President George W. Bush has been “exonerated.” Some even go so far as to raise the fear of ISIS in America launching a terrorist attack. But are there actual limits to the […]

ISIS In Iraq Find Saddam Hussein’s WMD Stockpiles Of Chemical Weapons… George W Bush Was Right?

Did the ISIS in Iraq find Saddam Hussein’s WMD stockpiles of chemical weapons? While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been confirmed to have seized an old chemical weapons plant there seems to be a dispute over whether or not the remaining tons of chemical weapons like sarin and mustard could still be […]

Syrian Mufti Gives Permission For Army Soldiers To Rape Rebel Women [Video]

Reports of thousands of rapes in the Syrian civil war have been documented by human rights groups who are monitoring the situation on the ground. A deputy of the Chief Mufti of Syria has issued a religious decree that it is permissible and even encouraged to rape the daughters and wives of rebel troops and […]

Syria Meets Deadline To File Arms Destruction Plan

Syria met a key deadline on Sunday to file its formal declaration for the chemical weapons it possess, along with its plan for the weapons’ removal. The declaration is a crucial first step in the international agreement to remove and destroy the Middle Eastern nation’s chemical weapons stockpiles. Michael Luhan, a spokesman for watchdog Organization […]

Bashar Al-Assad Thinks Nobel Peace Prize Should Be His

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad showed his humble side Friday talking with a Lebanese newspaper. He says that he believes he “should have won” the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. That award was recently given to the inspectors involved with the chemical weapon disarmament process in Syria. As Herald Sun reports, Assad’s comment was more a flippant […]

Syria Declares Chemical Weapons To Watchdog In ‘Initial Disclosure’

Syria sent an “initial declaration” of its chemical weapons stores to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, according to the organization. The declaration is in keeping with the agreement brokered by Russia and the United States, which will end with Syria giving up its chemical weapons. Details of the report will not be […]

Syria: UN Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Use Against Civilians

An UN report on Syria chemical weapon use is now out after several weeks of investigations. The report says that there is absolutely no doubt about banned weapons use in Syria “on a relatively large scale.” This confirms that sarin gas was put to use in several surface-to-surface rocket attacks that took place on August […]

Obama Salutes Syria Pact But Says ‘We’re Not There Yet’

President Obama on Sunday saluted the Russia-Syria chemical weapons pact. Obama said the pact is a good “foundation” that could lead to a political settlement of the civil war which has killed tens of thousands of people over the last two years. While Obama hailed the Syrian pact he also said the US was in […]

Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Reached By US And Russia

A deal regarding Syria’s chemical weapons was reached by the United States and Russia on Saturday. The countries agreed to an outline for identifying and seizing the weapons. Under the agreement, Syria must provide a count of its chemical weapons arsenal within a week. The complete seizure of the weapons will happen by mid-2014. The […]

Assad Warns Striking Syria Could Trigger Regional War

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned that strikes aimed at his country would trigger a regional conflict if they were carried out by the West. He also warned France that Syria would retaliate against any strike from the opposing nation. The comments came on Monday after France released an intelligence report alleging that the regime carried […]

Sarin Gas Use Confirmed In Damascus, Secretary Of State Kerry Says

In Syria, sarin gas use has been confirmed via testing of hair samples, Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday. Kerry discussed the situation in Syria and the sarin gas allegations on shows like State of the Union, where he took the case for military action to American audiences. On Meet The Press, Kerry said […]

US Claims Sarin Nerve Gas Used In Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Sunday that the US has proof sarin nerve gas was used in Syria. The announcement comes at the Obama administration works to build a case for Congress justifying a military strike in Syria. Kerry made his announcement in a series of television interviews on Sunday, the day […]

Americans Oppose Syria Strike, Want Obama To Seek Congressional Approval [Poll]

Americans are largely opposed to a military strike in Syria, according to a NBC News poll. Nearly 80 percent of Americans asked also want President Obama to get congressional approval before using force in the war torn nation. Despite the continued opposition, support for a strike in Syria has increased in the days following a […]

Iraqi Milita Threatens US Interests Over Syria

An Iraqi Shi’ite militia group threatened to attack US interests in Iraq if the United States follows through with an attack on Syria. The group, al-Nujaba’a, made its announcement on Friday. US President Barack Obama also stated on Friday that the US is still formulating a plan for a response to chemical weapons use in […]

Syria Chemical Weapons Report Released By White House

A report on chemical weapon use in Syria was released by the White House on Friday. The report was presented to the press by Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said that he and other US officials now have no doubt that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21 nerve gas attacks. From […]

Assad’s Son Invites US Military Strike In Syria Via Facebook

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s son has apparently written a Facebook post challenging the US to carry out a military strike on Syria. 11-year-old Hafez al-Assad writes in a rambling status update full of typos and errors saying he wants the US to attack Syria “sooo much.” The post and the account, however, have both since […]

Scud Missiles, Chemical Weapons In Syria Are Saddam’s Missing WMDs From Iraq?

The scud missiles and chemical weapons in Syria are being claimed to be Saddam’s missing WMDs from the Iraq War. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, scud missiles from Syria could rain down on Israel although they have the Iron Dome missile protection system in place. Syria’s chemical weapons are being condemned by President Obama, […]

Syria Crisis Could Raise Gas Prices: Should You Fill Up Your Tank Today?

As the crisis in Syria heats up, President Obama and other leaders are discussing possible military actions in the Middle East. Syria is not a major oil producer, but Western military strikes are being seen as a lead up to further conflict in the region. This, some fear, could disrupt major oil production and export. […]

US Destroyers Approach Syria, Now Within Striking Distance

Four US destroyers are close to Syria preparing for a possible military strike. The USS Gravely, USS Mahan, USS Barry, and USS Ramage are all on station in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, awaiting orders from President Barack Obama. Defense officials have said that possible targets for the destroyers’ cruise missiles are Syrian weapons arsenals, command […]

Syria Intervention Approval Very Low, Worse Than Congress [Poll]

The U.S. is incredibly close to taking the unstable and violent situation in Syria into their own hands, but a new poll shows that almost no one in America wants their military used in yet another conflict abroad. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that just nine percent of Americans approve of a potential Syria intervention […]

US Closes In On Syria Intervention, But Who Really Used Chemical Weapons?

COMMENTARY | As the United States inches closer to intervention in Syria, the question of who used chemical weapons remains. The US asserted on Monday that the Syrian government was responsible. However, the truth is we may never know what actually happened. Syria is a closed country made even worse by the more than two-year […]

Syria Chemical Weapon Use Confirmed

Syrian chemical weapon use has been confirmed by officials in the US and Europe. Representatives with The White House have confirmed that their conclusion will be discussed with reporters at a later time. A call is scheduled for this evening with several correspondents. As reported by USA Today, former President Bill Clinton commented on the […]

France Confirms Use Of Sarin Gas in Chemical Weapon Attacks in Syria

Allegations of the use of sarin gas in chemical weapon attacks in Syria have been confirmed by testers, announced French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Tuesday. Samples were taken to France as reports of chemical weapon use have come out of Syria in recent months. Fabius made the announcement at a meeting Tuesday with an United […]

Poison Gas In Syria Claims Doubted By Israel And US [Video]

Claims of poison gas in Syria being used by the Assad regime are being called into doubt by officials in both Israel and the United States. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Syrian rebels are claiming that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, specifically the paralytic Agent 15, in his attacks on government […]

Report: Assad Using Chemical Weapons In Syria [Video]

According to doctors in the area, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, specifically the paralytic Agent 15, in his attacks on rebels in recent days. The Syrian Medical Society (SAMS) interviewed witnesses and victims of the recent gas bomb attack and reported that it is impossible to verify the use of chemical weapons […]

Obama Warns Syria’s Assad That Use Of Chemical Weapons Would Be ‘Totally Unacceptable’

According to NBC News, President Barack Obama recently warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that the use of chemical weapons by the regime would be “totally unacceptable.” Obama said: “The world is watching. The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there […]

Israel Increasing Syrian Drone Surveillance To Monitor Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Israeli Defense Forces have confirmed that they have increased aerial surveillance of Syrian territory to monitor the movement of Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction. Syria recently threatened that any outside aggression could face retaliation with chemical weapons. Israel has said that they take the warning as a direct threat. Israeli politicians and military spokespeople […]