Jenna Bush Hager Rocks Thigh-High Boots & Gets Down On Her Knees In ‘Cats’ Costume For Halloween Performance

Jenna Bush Hager was almost unrecognizable in the Halloween costume she rocked for a special performance during Friday’s episode of The Today Show. The show’s anchors paid tribute to some of the biggest musicals on Broadway with their themed costumes. They also put on a show for their fans by dancing, lip-synching, and acting out […]

Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Taking Social Media By Storm

A kitten in Oregon was born with a rare genetic quirk: two faces attached to one body. The adorable feline was born on Wednesday and has been named Biscuits and Gravy by her family. The baby cat’s siblings and mother are all doing well. Owner BJ King expressed his surprise at seeing the two-faced cat […]

‘World’s Worst Cat’ Up For Adoption At North Carolina Shelter, ‘Perdita’ Is Just Plain Mean, Her Carers Say

The “World’s Worst Cat” is available for adoption at a North Carolina animal shelter, The Charlotte Observer reports. The Mitchell County Animal Rescue is so eager to be rid of “Perdita” that they are waiving their customary adoption fees. Cat owners know that felines can be stingy with their affection, giving it only on their […]

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Hold Hands At The ‘Cats’ Premiere

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn were seen together at the Cats premiere in New York City on Monday evening. It was reported by E! News that the 30-year-old singer walked the red carpet at the event solo. Therefore, fans were surprised to see the singer accompanied by her British beau when leaving the […]

Taylor Swift Shares Her Birthday Cake That Rocks Three Kitty Cats: ‘Fur Real’

Taylor Swift is into cats in a big way. She tours with her pet kitties, she recently played flirtatious Bombalurina in the musical movie, Cats, and she even had a birthday cake that featured three members of the feline tribe. On Saturday — or should we say Caturday? — Taylor shared her cat cake with […]

Taylor Swift Releases New Song, ‘Beautiful Ghosts,’ From Upcoming Musical Film ‘Cats’

Taylor Swift has just released a new song titled “Beautiful Ghosts” for her upcoming musical film, Cats. Swift advertised the song’s release yesterday morning on her official Twitter account. It is now available to view on the Taylor Swift YouTube account. Swift co-wrote the song with Andrew Lloyd Webber. The famed composer wrote Cats: The […]

Kitten Born With Two Faces Beats Incredible Odds As She Celebrates 4-Month Birthday

A kitten born with a rare defect of having two faces is beating the odds as she recently celebrated her 4-month birthday. The kitten, aptly named “Duo,” was born with a rare birth defect called diprosopus, meaning she has one head, but two faces. Each face has a fully operational nose and mouth and the […]

Taylor Swift Shown Love From Feline Fans In Hilarious Photos Shared By ‘The Voice’

Taylor Swift was shown some serious love by feline fans in a hilarious photo montage posted by The Voice’s official Instagram account during her Mega Mentor appearance on the last several episodes of the NBC series. The entertainer was seen in the photo montage alongside several furry friends who appeared to be watching Swift during […]

Cats Love Humans More Than Dogs Do — Even If They Don’t Show It, Study Shows

When it comes to the battle of America’s favorite pet, cats often face a losing battle. After all, cats have the reputation of being aloof, they like to be pet in very specific ways, and will often display a teenager-like tendency to shy away from showing affection. Meanwhile, dogs do not suffer from this problem […]

Justin Bieber Gives Anxiety Survival Advice, Shares New Furry Family News With Wife Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber may be a big star with his own advisors but the Canadian superstar still listens to his treasured grandmother. On August 25, the “Baby” singer received advice from his elder about how to help when an anxiety attack happens. In turn, he passed the same advice with his 117.8 million Instagram followers. The […]

International Cat Day Purrs On Twitter As The Feline Celebration Trends At Number One

It’s International Cat Day, a time to set aside your troubles while petting your kitties, and while putting out extra treats and extra catnip for your entire feline crew. After all, these friendly critters deserve special pampering since the little furries give more than just their love. Surprisingly, some 500 million cats “are thought to […]

79-Year-Old Woman Sentenced To Jail For Feeding Stray Cats

An elderly Ohio woman has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats. Nancy Segula, who lives in the Garfield Heights area, has been feeding stray cats for a couple of years, after they began showing up on her back porch. Interestingly, feeding stray cats and dogs is against the law in […]

A Cat Barely Survived A Washing Machine Cycle And Vets Warn Of The Danger Of Not Paying Attention

A cat miraculously survived being stuck inside a washing machine during a wash cycle, and veterinarians are warning other pet owners about the dangers of not paying attention, Fox News reports. Felix, a 1-year-old cat, was hanging around while his owner, Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff of suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, was loading her washing machine. She took […]

Taylor Swift Introduces Her New Furry Friend To Instagram, Confirms Fan Theory Stemmed By ‘Me!’ Music Video

It’s a big day for Swifties around the world. Their idol, Taylor Swift, has not only dropped a new single — and its corresponding, pastel-themed music video — but has also introduced them to the newest member of her family. The pop star had been teasing a big announcement on both her Twitter and Instagram […]

Cats Recognize Their Names, But May Ignore Them, While Dog Owners Are Happier Than Those With Feline Friends

Domestic cats recognize their names, although whether or not they give a darn is entirely their decision, according to a new report. Meanwhile, dog owners are happier than cat owners, says another new report. The two recent reports paint different pictures of how the two most common household pets have evolved since domestication, as well […]

Verizon Worker Suspended Weeks Without Pay For Rescuing Cat

While most of us would like to think we’d be rewarded for our heroic efforts, it seems one utility worker was punished for his actions. As reported by Cole And Marmalade, Verizon worker Maurice German found himself thrust into a precarious situation earlier this month. While in the town of Port Richmond, Philadelphia, German was […]

Idris Elba Says Co-Star Taylor Swift Is Amazing In ‘Cats’

Little is known about the star-studded, big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. However, Idris Elba recently let a little information slip in the form of gushing praise for his co-star, Taylor Swift, according to People. “Taylor was great. Her and I had a lot of work to do together, and she was amazing. She […]

Taylor Swift Shares Adorable Image Of Her Very Grumpy Scottish Fold, Calls Cat Her ‘Purrito’

Taylor Swift may be famous for her chart-topping hits, her massive fan base and following, and her fresh-faced beauty — but today, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to share some of her fame with her adorable female Scottish Fold, Meredith. In her most recent Instagram share, the pop starlet featured a very grumpy looking Scottish […]

‘Wicked’ Movie Pushed To 2021 Debut Behind Taylor Swift & Jennifer Hudson ‘Cats’ Film

Fans of the long-running Broadway play Wicked are thrilled that they will be able to finally see their beloved musical hit the big screen. However, they will have to wait until the end of 2021 as its release was pushed back to accommodate the debut of another Broadway phenomenon on film, Cats, starring among other […]

Expert Believes It Is Unethical To Give Cats Catnip

Cat owners everywhere have given their beloved pets catnip at one point or another. Some cats react to the catnip by rolling around or by having a sudden burst of activity thanks to the herb. In fact, the substance is even used in a lot of toys marketed towards cats in an effort to make […]

Couple Allegedly Seals 35 Cats Inside A U-Haul Without Food Or Water

ABC KSAT12 reports that a couple in Salem, Oregon is now being investigated for alleged animal abuse. According to deputies at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, 35 cats were found inside a U-Haul truck after having been kept there without food or water for three entire days. Authorities have stated that three of the cats […]

Taylor Swift Has Rekindled Her Love Of Acting While Filming ‘Cats’

Taylor Swift is known for her catchy songs, and juicy lyrics. However, she’s also appeared in films such as Valentine’s Day. Now that she’s returned to acting to shoot the film adaptation of the musical, Cats, it seems she’s rekindled her love of of the craft. According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Taylor […]

Someone Is Abandoning Cats In Closed Containers Around NYC

A SoHo neighborhood in New York City, New York has been the area for two acts of animal cruelty. Currently, the New York Police Department is investigating the issue. The Huffington Post reports that two cats were found sealed inside buckets that were abandoned in the streets. Both of the cats were entirely unable to […]

The ‘Cats’ Musical Movie Has Begun Shooting

Andrew Lloyd Webber recently announced the confirmation that a film adaptation of his hit Broadway musical, Cats, will be released this time next year, in December, 2019. Fans of the musical have been excited since the announcement, many waiting in anticipation for next Christmas season. Now they continue to wait on bated breath, as Movie […]

Petco Plans To Stop Selling Pet Food With Artificial Ingredients

On Tuesday, pet store Petco announced that it will be stopping the sale of dog and cat foods that contain artificial preservatives and flavoring. WXYZ reports that this change will take place at over 1,500 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as online. Petco’s CEO, Ron Coughlin, recently spoke with the […]

Cats Can Also Develop Hypothyroidism

Red Orbit recently reported on hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid in cats, a health concern which many pet owners may not be aware of. This condition often occurs in humans, but the bad news for felines is that they too can suffer a troublesome thyroid. Fortunately for these furry friends, hypothyroidism is rare for their species. […]

Accidental US Embassy Invite Featuring A Cat In Cookie Monster Pajamas Is The Cutest Mistake Ever Emailed

It’s probably the most adorable accidental email ever sent: a training email from the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia, mistakenly sent out an image of a cat fully immersed in a onesie-pajama outfit dressed as Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. To top off the ensemble, the cat, which is sitting upright in the photo, is also […]

Pets And People: How Perception Has Changed The Relationship Between Man And Domesticated Animal

The relationship between pets and people have grown and changed with time. More and more owners have the perception that their pets should be and are considered one of the family. In other words, pets are now perceived as more than objects to be owned but living beings with immeasurable value. As it is now, […]

Taylor Swift Will Play An Unexpected Role In ‘Cats’ The Movie

When it was announced that Andrew Lloyd Webber was going to make a movie version of his musical Cats, an all-star cast was rattled off to place various roles in the film including James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, and Taylor Swift. But while mega fans of Cats thought for sure they knew who Swift […]

‘Cat Grandpa’ Goes Viral After Animal Shelter Posts Pictures Of Him Napping With Felines

Terry Lauerman loves cats. The 75-year-old regularly volunteers with the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in De Pere, Wisconsin, a municipality just outside of Green Bay. Lauerman probably never thought his love of felines would get him much attention. But on Tuesday, after members of the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary shared pictures of him napping with […]

Dog And Cat Seizures Possibly Caused By Flea And Tick Products

Dogs and cats treated with products that are supposed to protect them from fleas and ticks could be at an increased risk for neurological problems, health regulators warned on Thursday. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned pet owners and veterinarians of pills and chewables that contains the pesticide called isoxazoline that ward off tick […]

Washington State Serial Cat Killer Responsible For Killing Over A Dozen Cats

According to local authorities, a serial cat killer has been on the loose in Thurston County, Washington and is believed to be responsible for the mutilations and deaths of more than a dozen cats. The bodies of seven missing household cats were recently recovered in early August, some of whom had been missing since February. […]

Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Role In ‘Cats’ Could Strain Relationship With Joe Alwyn, Per ‘Radar Online’

Could Taylor Swift’s latest project cause a strain on her relationship with Joe Alwyn? A new report from Radar Online suggests that Swifty could be headed for heartbreak once again after signing on for the role of a lifetime. As many fans know, the country singer is teaming up with director Tim Hooper to bring […]

Taylor Swift Freaks Out Her Cat, Olivia, By Wearing The Feline’s Face On Her Ears

Taylor Swift is always full of surprises, especially when it comes to having guests show up at her concerts. But what about at home? Her two cats, Meredith and Olivia, seem to love the spotlight, at least once in a while. Now that they have their own line of kitty products, they may become quite […]

Cat That Saved Owner’s Life By Waking Her During Blood Clot Dies Days Before Earning ‘Cat Of The Year’ Award

If not for the timely actions of a cat named Theo, U.K. woman Charlotte Dixon might have ended up losing her life after suffering a blood clot. Because he made sure that his owner remained awake during her medical episode, Theo won National Cat of the Year honors, but in a tragic twist, the 8-year-old […]

Brussels Banning Animal Testing On Cats, Dogs, And Primates

Scientific experiments using cats, dogs, and primates will no longer be legal in Belgium’s Brussels-Capital Region starting on Jan. 1, 2020. In addition, beginning on Jan. 1, 2025, the area, which includes the city of Brussels and 18 municipalities, will prohibit all types of educational and safety tests involving animals except in rare cases where […]

Taylor Swift’s Cats Move Beyond ‘Deadpool 2’ Shirt Into Entire Merchandise Line

Taylor Swift is not only a hot pop star, but she is also a smart businesswoman. She must have taken a hint from Ryan Reynolds when he sported a “purr-fect” t-shirt that was seen in Deadpool 2 in May. The singer’s two famous felines, Meredith and Olivia, were featured on the chest of the actor’s […]

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Toned Legs In A Cheetah Mini Skirt

Taylor Swift is not afraid to show off her wild side. She seems to be taking New York City by storm, or at least by the cat’s tail anyway. The pop singer decided to step out in the Big Apple wearing a cat-tastic outfit that may have everyone talking. According to E! News, she left […]

Taylor Swift, James Corden, & Jennifer Hudson To Star In ‘Cats’ Movie

The movie version of the hit musical Cats is gathering a cast of big names to bring the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber to the big screen. Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen are all onboard to bring those musical cats to life. PageSix says that there are also stars on the […]

The Dog Versus Cat Debate May Soon End, New Animal Study Reveals Which Is Smarter

Animal scientists currently believe that the number of cells an animal’s brain has is a good indicator of processing power. A new study took a closer look at the brains of dogs, cats, and other carnivorous animals. An international research team, overseen by a Vanderbilt University professor, studied the number of cortical neurons found in […]

Who Nearly Murdered An 82-Year-Old Woman In Japan? Cops Think It Was A Stray Cat

Japanese police believe they’ve identified the suspect in an attempted murder of an elderly woman, and the perp appears to be a stray cat, Sky News Australia is reporting. When the daughter of 82-year-old Mayuko Matsumoto went to check in on her, she found the elderly woman bleeding profusely from multiple cuts to her face. […]

California Pet Shops May Soon Be Banned From Selling Non-Rescue Animals, Pending Gov. Jerry Brown’s Signature

California pet shops may soon be banned from selling animals from breeding facilities like “puppy mills” as a new bill passed mandates the shops to sell rescued animals exclusively if Governor Jerry Brown approves. According to the Associated Press as posted in US News, California legislators have passed Assembly Bill No. 485 that mandates pet […]

Hurricane Irma Impact On Pets, From Stressed Orangutan Connie To 55 Hungry Hemingway House Cats: How To Help

Amid the devastation of Hurricane Irma for residents of the area come reports of what it has been like for pets of all sizes and types living in the region. From a stressed-out orangutan named Connie, who kept her eyes covered during the worst of the storm as her caretaker tried to soothe her, to […]

Cat Island In Japan Makes Super Cute Video Asking Singer Ed Sheeran To Visit [WATCH]

There’s a tiny island in Japan that’s literally littered with kittens. Dubbed as “Cat Island,” Ainoshima is located at the southern part of Japan and is home to over 150 feral felines. Since getting the attention of cat lovers around the world, Ainoshima has seen a surge in its local tourism. And now, the town’s […]

June Is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month — Here’s What You Need To Know Before Bringing A Shelter Cat Home

June is Adopt a Rescue Cat Month and there’s never been a better time to bring a shelter cat or kitten home than now. Spring is a time when many kittens are born and the results often mean an influx of unwanted cats or kittens in June. American Humane trademarked Adopt a Cat Month as […]

Pregnant Cat Gaia May Give Birth Before Giraffe April, Watch Live Cams [Video]

There’s no question that April the giraffe is getting a lot of attention, but latest updates suggest April may not have her calf until April. With several weeks or more to go, there are plenty of other pregnant animals that are streaming live online. For instance, the pregnant foster cat Gaia will most likely give […]

February Is ‘Beat The Heat Month’ And You Can Spay And Neuter Cats At A Discount

February is Beat the Heat Month, and it has nothing to do with the weather. Beat the Heat is orchestrated by PetSmart Charities and is an orchestrated, joint effort with humane societies, clinics, and shelters to provide low-cost spay and neuter services for dog and cat owners. Those who want to spay or neuter their […]

ISIS Declares War On Cats, Fatwa Against Felines Claims They Are Against ‘Vision And Beliefs’

It seems that even cats are not safe from ISIS anymore. A new law has been issued, banning the breeding of cats inside of homes, according to Iraqi News. The Islamic State is claiming that cats are against their “vision, ideology, and beliefs.” The new fatwa is already being enforced as soldiers have been observed […]

Scientists Warn Your Kitten Could Kill You, Advise To Keep Cats At A Distance And Wash Hands Often

Scientists are warning cat owners that cuddling with their kitten may result in a serious illness that could be fatal if not treated properly. In their warning, scientists urge animal owners to stay away from their feline friends and wash their hands often if they do come into contact with a kitten. Cat-scratch disease, also […]

Happy International Cat Day! Celebrate With These 7 Little-Known Cat Facts

International Cat Day is an annual event celebrating the beloved felines in our lives. But how much do you really know about the kitty purring in your lap? Cats are notoriously enigmatic and rather sneaky. As such, there’s quite a bit about your average house cat that remains a mystery. In celebration of International Cat […]