Nathan Fillion, Of ‘Castle’ Fame, Is Returning To Prime-Time In New Show

Fans of Castle have missed seeing Nathan Fillion on television, but it turns out that he is returning. TV Guide shared the details about his new show, which will air next year. Former Castle showrunner Alexi Hawley is the one behind the show, and it is called The Rookie. It was actually ordered straight to […]

‘Castle’ Execs Reveal The Truth Behind Show’s Cancel And Stana Katic’s Firing

Fans of Castle have faced two major upheavals and are now left wondering what has really happened behind the scenes to leave them high and dry. First came the termination of Castle star Stana Katic, who played Nathan Fillion’s love interest on the ABC series. If that wasn’t already a devastating blow, ABC has since […]

‘Castle’ Book Series To Continue: Nikki Heat Novels Outlive ABC Series

Castle may have been canceled, but Richard Castle’s book deal hasn’t. On the heels of the cancellation of the long-running ABC crime drama, fictional mystery novelist Richard Castle has two new books coming out, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The first of the Castle-inspired Nikki Heat crime novels is titled High Heat, and it will […]

ABC President Reveals Why ‘Castle’ & ‘Nashville’ Were Really Cancelled

ABC network president Channing Dungey is revealing what really lead to the cancellation of two of ABC’s most notable dramas, Castle and Nashville. Speaking out about the somewhat surprising cancellation news at ABC’s upfronts conference call on May 17, Dungey explained the network’s decision to pull the plug on both Nashville and Castle last week, […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Series Finale Brings Final Showdown With LokSat, Will Rick And Kate Get A Happy Ending?

The Season 8 finale of Castle airs Monday night on ABC, and this will surely be a tough one. Viewers barely got the opportunity to wrap their minds around the news of Stana Katic’s departure from the show when news emerged that the network has decided to cancel the show. What can everybody expect from […]

Nathan Fillion Lets Casting Directors Know There’s More To Him Than ‘Castle’

Nathan Fillion is available for hire, and he’s letting casting directors know in case they haven’t heard the news. On the heels of the announcement that Fillion’s longtime ABC crime drama, Castle, has been canceled, the actor took to Twitter to tell “every director” in Hollywood that he has an opening in his schedule. Dear […]

‘Castle’ Fans ‘Glad’ About Cancellation Following Stana Katic’s Departure

While the cancellation of a show usually doesn’t come as great news to viewers, that doesn’t seem to be the case for a number of fans of ABC’s crime drama, Castle, and its star, Stana Katic. After the network announced that Castle would not be returning for a ninth season on May 12, a slew […]

ABC’s ‘Castle’ Canceled After Katic Exits Amidst Cast Tensions And Drama

After serious drama made the final season of Castle awful for the fans and seemingly for the cast, ABC has finally pulled the plug. It’s official that Castle will not be coming back for another season after series lead Stana Katic’s firing left fans wondering what the show would be like without Beckett. After scrambling […]

Cancelled TV Shows 2016: ‘Castle’ Is Closed, ‘The Muppets’ Look For New Work, ‘Supergirl’ Jumps Networks and ‘CSI’ Anything Is No More

As network television begins to prepare for its 2016 fall lineup with many announcements coming next week, they first have to clean house. Overall, the networks did fairly well with most of 2016’s cancelled shows lasting through one whole season. Only a few shows stopped programming early like CBS’ Angel from Hell, which lasted a […]

ABC Cancelled ‘Castle,’ ‘Agent Carter,’ ‘Nashville,’ And More Hit Series, Fans Take To Social Media Over Finale

ABC Network seems to be on a mission to clean house, as an announcement has been made that they are cancelling several of their series line-up, including long running shows like Castle. After eight seasons and amongst a great deal of controversy regarding the cast members, Castle has been cancelled. Season 9 of the show […]

‘Castle’ Season 9: Nathan Fillion’s Confirmed Return, But Will The Show Be Renewed?

Castle fans rejoice! Nathan Fillion is returning to Season 9 of the uber-popular ABC series. According to Deadline, he just sealed the deal with the network. That being said, probably one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is what will he do without his beloved Beckett? There’s still the chance Castle won’t be renewed. […]

‘Castle’ Season 9: Stana Katic’s Beckett Replaced By Hayley As Castle’s New Love Interest After Time Jump

Fans of Castle may be in for a disappointment when the Season 8 finale airs on May 16. Multiple reports suggest that Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett in the hit ABC drama, may end up getting killed by Loksat. To make matters worse, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) may end up with a new love […]

‘Castle’ Cast Shake-Up — Stana Katic’s Exit Due To Her Despising One Of Her Co-Stars?

Stana Katic surprised fans when she announced her departure from Castle after eight seasons. While Katic will not return to the show for Season 9, reports indicate her decision was based on a feud with a co-star. Was her departure because of a conflict between her and Nathan Fillion? In her official statement, Too Fab […]

Stana Katic’s ‘Castle’ Exit Dissed By Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn? Stars Believe Series Will Go On Without Beckett

Many Castle fans recently took to Twitter following reports that Stana Katic left the hit ABC series after she was bullied by onscreen partner Nathan Fillion. An insider recently claimed that the actress would cry in her dressing room because she was upset about working with Fillion. However, the actor and co-star Molly Quinn seemed […]

Nathan Fillion ‘Bullied’ Stana Katic, Left Her In Tears On ‘Castle’ Set [Report]

Nathan Fillion was allegedly a bully to Castle co-star Stana Katic before she was fired from the series this week. Us Weekly is alleging that Nathan and Stana had serious tension on the set of the ABC drama and is claiming that their constant friction supposedly left Katic in tears on a number of occasions. […]

‘Castle’ Star Nathan Fillion Opens Up About Co-Star Stana Katic’s Departure

Stana Katic’s announcement that she would be leaving Castle after eight seasons on the ABC series only comes as a mild surprise, since ABC has previously commented that the series would go on without one or more of its stars, but that doesn’t make the news any less disheartening for Castle fans or for the […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Kate Beckett May Be Killed Off In Season Finale After Stana Katic’s Unexpected Exit From Show

The Castle spoilers are pointing to a shocking exit for Kate Beckett, who may be killed off in the season finale after the network decided to give actress Stana Katic the boot this week. Fans were hit with the news that Katic would not be returning next season, with actress Tamala Jones departing as well. […]

Stana Katic Fired From ‘Castle’ After Long-Standing Feud With Nathan Fillion? [Report]

Following the news that Stana Katic was allegedly fired from Castle after eight seasons with the show, new reports are claiming that Stana was actually locked in a heated feud with long time co-star Nathan Fillion before her exit. Us Weekly is reporting that Stana and Nathan, who have starred alongside each other since the […]

#NoStanaNoCastle — Fans Protest Stana Katic Being Fired From ‘Castle’

#NoStanaNoCastle is the hashtag that’s taking over social media. Ever since word came out that Stana Katic was being fired from ABC’s popular TV show Castle, fans have been taking to Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, and Facebook to express their anger and disappointment. Stana Katic and Tamala Jones release statements about their #Castle exit: […]

Stana Katic Fired From ‘Castle’ — Fans React To ‘Disrespectful’ Decision Stana Katic was allegedly fired from Castle, and fans are really not happy with ABC over the shocking decision. According to Deadline, Katic, who has portrayed Kate Beckett in the drama since it first began in 2009, will be leaving the drama after Season 8 alongside Tamala Jones, who played Lanie Parish, after not […]

Canceled Shows 2016: ‘Castle’ And ‘Nashville’ Both On The Ropes As Ratings Sink, May Not Be Back In The Fall

The list of canceled shows for 2016 could soon have two surprising additions, with reports that both Castle and Nashville are on the ropes for renewal. The shows have been mainstays of the ABC lineup for years now and both amassed fairly large and otherwise very active fan bases, but sinking ratings and a lukewarm […]

‘Castle’ Season 9 Cancelled Or Renewed: Showrunners Accept Season 8 May Be Show’s Last

ABC has recently renewed 15 series, including Shondaland dramas Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away with Murder, sitcoms Modern Family, Black-ish, and The Middle, and reality shows Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. The fate of Castle Season 9, however, remains up in the air. Will the Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion […]

ABC Renews ‘Grey’s Anatomy‬,’ ‪’Scandal‬,’ ‪’Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.‬,’ And Much More

ABC currently has a slew of top-quality television programming, and today the network announced that a number of their shows have been renewed for additional seasons — 15 shows to be exact! It looks like a lot of people in Hollywood get to continue working for the 2016-2017 season. Of course, TGIT’s Shonda Rhimes […]

Canceled TV Shows 2016: ‘Castle’ May Be Done In By Sinking Ratings, Expiring Contract For Nathan Fillion

The list of canceled TV shows for 2016 could have a surprising addition with rumors that Castle is teetering on the edge despite the network’s pledge to keep it going. The show is nearing the end of its eighth season and has hit a low point with viewers. It has failed to post above a […]

‘Castle’ Producers Heading For A Spin-Off Without Stars Stana Katic And Nathan Fillion?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the mid-season premiere of Castle. For eight years, Castle has delighted fans with the idea of mystery novelist turned criminal investigator, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), and his partner and police detective/captain, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), but ABC may be making some drastic changes. What once seemed like an off […]

Is This The End For ‘Castle?’

ABC’s Castle is now in its 8th season, but will eight be the last? Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic each have a one year contract, and with no sign of re-upping, it seems that a lack of contracts along with flagging viewership will likely mean that season 8 is the last season for Castle. Right […]

‘Castle’ Will Continue, But Without Nathan Fillion And Stana Katic?

Castle has just enjoyed a measure of success at this year’s People’s Choice Awards with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic receiving well deserved recognition, even though ratings have dipped for the ABC crime drama. This unusual combination of failure and success has left some wondering what is to become of Castle, but ABC already has […]

Huge Castle Discovered In Gloucester Under Basketball Court In Prison — The Castle Served As A Prison As Well

Remains of a huge castle were discovered in Gloucester, England. The castle, which may have rivaled the Tower of London in its enormity, was found under the basketball court of a prison. Underneath the basketball court of a prison in Gloucester, England, are the remains of a castle that served multiple purposes, including housing royalty. […]

Canceled TV Shows 2015: ‘Castle’ On The Ropes Due To Low Ratings, Considered Likely To Be Cut

Castle could soon be among the shows canceled in 2015 with low ratings putting the detective show in danger of getting cut. Though never a ratings monster, the show’s downward trend in ratings has many critics thinking that ABC could pull the plug at some point soon, most likely when the show ends its season. […]

Millions Of Carlton Dry Beers With Broken Glass Recalled By SABMiller

More than one million bottles of Carlton Dry beers were pulled from store shelves across Australia after dozens of complaints about the Carlton Dry beers were submitted regarding broken glass seen inside the bottles. Voice Telegraph reports that Carlton & United Breweries, an Australian subsidiary of London-listed company SABMiller PIc which purchased the company in […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Beckett And Castle After Their Winter Finale Decision?

Well, Castle and Beckett ended up where they arguably should have been at the beginning of the season in the Castle Season 8 fall finale. Some fans haven’t been happy seeing the couple broken up for the first part of the season, and Rick himself voices what could have easily been the solution that kept […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Season 8 Fall Finale Brings A Case At Sea And An Intense Confrontation For Rick And Kate

The Season 8 fall finale of Castle airs Monday night on ABC and viewers are quite curious to see what happens in this one. This episode is titled “Mr. & Mrs. Castle” and teasers indicate that there is a cruise ship involved. What Castle spoilers are available for the November 23 show? Kate and Rick […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Castle And Beckett’s Relationship And More About LokSat

It hasn’t been an easy start to Castle Season 8 for Rick and Kate, and with Beckett looking into LokSat and wanting to protect her husband, she’s pushed him away. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to win her back by working cases together, which is how they got together in the first place, […]

Is ‘Castle’ Cancelled? Will They Really Kill Off Castle Or Beckett In The Series Finale?

The show Castle has been missing in action for the last two weeks, further fueling the rumors that the show is on its way to being cancelled. Allegedly, star Stana Katic was hesitant to return, and now she is regretting that she did. But plans are afoot to actually kill off one of the leads, […]

Has ‘Castle’ Jumped The Shark With Season 8?

Castle has been a fan favorite series for the last seven years, but Season 8 seems to be tanking. The build up of the relationship of Beckett and Castle was thwarted the first time with the kidnapping of Rick Castle (which still hasn’t really been explained) and now with the also unexplained temporary disappearance of […]

Will There Be A ‘Castle’ Divorce This Season?

Castle is off to a start that has put more than a few fans off this season. The last we saw, Beckett has said goodbye and walked out on Castle, leaving fans to try to figure out why, and if it’s final. According to the Inquisitr, what was supposed to be a season of Beckett […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Kate And Rick As Season 8 Continues?

Season 8 of Castle got off to quite the start with a two-part premiere that put a serious wrench into the relationship between Castle and Beckett. Where are things headed from here? Episode 3 of the new season airs Monday night on ABC, and fans are anxious for Castle spoilers about what comes next. During […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers Tease What’s Next After Beckett’s Shocking Move

Castle fans were shocked at the end of the last episode, and now they are receiving a new, inside scoop on what’s next for Beckett and Castle. At the end of the two-part Castle Season 8 premiere, Beckett decided to end things with Castle after his step-mom warned her about having him involved in her […]

Did Beckett Leave Castle On Season 8 Of ‘Castle?’ [Spoiler]

Season 8 of Castle has gotten off to an odd start. In the first episode, Beckett was supposed to start her new job as precinct captain, and Rick Castle was supposed to be working cases at Richard Castle Investigations, but all bets were off when Beckett disappeared, never showing up for her first day of […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Why Beckett Disappeared And What’s Next For Rick And Kate

Well, that’s certainly one way to shake things up at the start of a new season. Castle Season 8 kicked off with a two-part premiere, the first of which told the events of Beckett’s disappearance from Rick’s perspective and the second, this week’s episode, which explained things from Kate’s point of view. By the end […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 2: New Sneak Peeks And Spoilers Tease What’s Next

Castle returned to ABC last Monday night, and fans had their first look at Castle and Beckett after a major change in their lives – her promotion to Captain Beckett. The two-part premiere will continue on Monday night, and fans will see the events unfold from Beckett’s point-of-view. The premiere was told from Castle’s side. […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Premiere: New Spoilers, Sneak Peeks, And More

Castle will return to ABC on Monday night, and fans are now being given a closer look at the season opening episode that is being called a “game-changer” for the series. Beckett and Castle will face new challenges this season as she takes on a new job at the precinct. Beckett will have her new […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers: Beckett’s New Job, Ryan’s Family, Esposito’s Love Life, And More

There are some changes in store for Castle when it begins its eighth season, but fortunately, for anyone who worried that one of those changes could have to do with Castle and Beckett’s relationship, that is not going to be the case. One of the new characters coming in for Castle Season 8 as a […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers: New Teasers For The ‘Game-Changing’ Premiere

Castle Season 8 is less than two weeks from its return to ABC, and fans are anxiously waiting to find out what will happen next to Castle and Beckett. Season 8 is promising to stir things up for the married couple. Beckett’s promotion at work will have an impact on the couple’s relationship, but ABC […]

‘Castle’ Season Premiere Spoilers: Beckett Is Missing

As usual, we can express some twists and turns for the season premiere of Castle. Though Castle and Beckett are now happily married, fans shouldn’t expect that life will be smooth and easy. As reported in the Inquisitr, Beckett has now taken over as police captain of her precinct, while Castle has moved into working […]

Will There Be A Baby On ‘Castle’ This Season? [Spoilers]

Castle is back with a new season and a bunch of radical changes. The Inquisitr reported that Richard Castle is now working full time as a private investigator, and Beckett is now the captain of her unit. But what else is brewing on this season of Castle? Martha has moved out, and Alexis is also […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers Keep Leaking! What’s New For Beckett And Castle

The countdown has begun to the eighth season of Castle, and some changes will truly shake up the show. There are some comings and goings, and some job changes that will take Castle and Beckett on a different path. As reported by the Inquisitr, the idea that Beckett was going into politics as suggested at […]

‘Castle’ Spoilers For Season 8 Show Launches With 2 Hour Event

Season 8 for Castle will be undergoing some huge changes that will change the series forever. Teasers and spoilers have been leaking, but the main ones will change the relationship of Beckett and Castle. At the end of Season 7, the Inquisitr reported that Beckett was going to make a career change, perhaps from the […]

‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers: Big Changes And More Teased

Castle fans are excited about the upcoming Season 8. There has been a lot of speculation about the season ahead, especially after the exit of Captain Victoria Gates at the end of Castle Season 7. The exit of Penny Johnson Jerald shocked fans of the ABC series. Many fans wondered if Gates’ departure meant a […]

‘Castle’ Fans Fear The End: Will Castle And Beckett Split In Season 8?

Castle fans are in panic mode and ready to rage against the new show runners of the series after a new blind item released by TVLine on Tuesday morning teased the potential end for Castle and Beckett shortly after the start of Castle Season 8. The blind item teased that a fan favorite couple would […]