Casey Kasem’s Widow Alleges Late DJ’s Children Plotted His Death, Per ‘Radar’

Jean Kasem, the widow of legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem revealed in a new podcast interview with Dylan Howard that she believes the late “American Top 40” host’s children plotted his death. Four years after his untimely passing, Jean Kasem and the DJ’s three children Kerri, Michael, and Julie continue to battle one another in […]

Kerri Kasem’s Fight Against Jean Kasem Continues

Kerri Kasem is likely not going to be sending Jean Kasem a Mother’s Day card anytime soon. Kerri Kasem has been doing battle with her stepmother, Jean Kasem, since before her father passed away. At issue is the younger’s claim that Jean was poisoning her father against her and the rest of his family in […]

Jean Kasem Charges: No Charges For Kasem’s Widow

There will be no charges for Casey Kasem’s widow, Jean Kasem, Los Angeles prosecutors said on Friday, May 22, according to the Associated Press. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office released a charge evaluation sheet, which claimed their was “insufficient evidence” to charge Kasem with elder abuse. “Because of Mr. Kasem’s longstanding profound health […]

Casey Kasem Laid To Rest At Last: Wife Jean Buries Icon In Norway Six Months After His Death

Hollywood icon Casey Kasem was laid to rest in Norway, six months after his death in Washington. The family, Casey’s wife Jean and his older chlidren from a former marriage, had been stuck in a power struggle since before Kasem’s death. Despite an ongoing investigation into Jean’s handling of Casey toward the end of his […]

Why Is Casey Kasem Still Not Buried?

Casey Kasem still hasn’t been buried over five months since he died, and his remains are allegedly starting to rot in Norway. Kerri Kasem, Casey’s daughter, has now submitted a legal order asking for her father to be transported back to Los Angeles from the European country. It has been in Norway for three months […]

Robin Williams: Lewy Body Dementia, Hallucinations Led To Suicide Death

Robin Williams Death Update: Details regarding Robin Williams’ death are still coming out. According to the latest report by TMZ, Robin Williams’ death was brought on by Lewy Body Dementia, also known as Dementia with Lewy Bodies. It had been confirmed weeks ago that the actor and comedian’s suicide death could be contributed to dementia. […]

Casey Kasem Is Rotting In Norway To Conceal Elder Abuse, Court Docs Claim

Casey Kasem had quite a remarkable and fascinating life. Not only was he the voice of America’s Top 40 throughout much of his career, but he also made frequent guest appearances on shows like Saved by the Bell and provided the voice of one of animation’s most beloved characters, Shaggy from the original Scooby-Doo. But […]

Casey Kasem’s Remains Still Not Laid To Rest: Wife Jean Reportedly Moving Body Again

There are new developments in the ongoing saga regarding Casey Kasem and his family. As those who have been following the situation know, Casey’s wife Jean Kasem removed her husband’s remains from a funeral home weeks ago and Casey’s oldest children had no idea where he was. Now reports indicate that Jean is making arrangements […]

Casey Kasem’s Body Was Reportedly Shipped To Canada

Late last week, multiple news agencies reported that Casey Kasem’s remains had mysteriously vanished. On Wednesday, a representative with Tacoma’s Gaffney Funeral Home confirmed Kasem’s body was shipped to Canada — one month after he passed. Corey Gaffney said Kasem’s wife, Jean, ordered the shipment. The bitter animosity between Kasem’s wife and children began in […]

Casey Kasem’s Touching Memorial Celebrated A Father And Radio Legend

Casey Kasem was known for decades for his golden voice. He graced the airwaves with his presence, and many people grew up listening to Kasem count down the top hits. That said, up until recently Kasem lived a very private life, so it only made sense that his closest family and relatives would gather at […]

Casey Kasem Is Dead At 82

Casey Kasem, known for his longtime career bringing hit music to the world through radio shows like “America’s Top 40,” died Sunday at the age of 82 according to his daughter. Kerri Kasem broke the news in a Facebook post early Sunday: Early this Father’s Day morning, our dad Casey Kasem passed away surrounded by […]

Casey Kasem Could Have Died When Wife Jean Took Him From Nursing Home

Casey Kasem could have died after wife Jean took him from a California nursing home in the middle of the night, disconnecting his feeding tube and ignoring medical advice. A private investigator hired to look into Jean Casey’s actions on May 7 found that doctors were afraid that Casey Kasem could have been killed from […]

Casey Kasem’s Daughter Given Power By Judge To End Father’s Life

The bizarre story that is Casey Kasem’s last days took a dramatic turn on Wednesday when a Los Angeles County judge awarded his daughter, Kerri Kasem, the authority to have doctors end his infusions of water, food and medicine. According to CNN, the 82 year old radio personality is critically ill at a hospital in […]

Casey Kasem, Keep Reaching For The Stars; We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone

Casey Kasem. For millions of kids who grew up in the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s, tuning in to hear the famous DJ count down the top 40 hits from coast to coast was a weekly ritual. Millions of others loved Kasem as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, or as the voice of […]

Casey Kasem: Drama Surrounds The Ailing Radio Star’s Final Hours

Casey Kasem, considered the most recognizable voice in American radio, is still in critical condition at St. Anthony’s hospital in Washington state, suffering from an infected bedsore. In October, 2013, doctors diagnosed Kasem with Lewy Body Dimentia, similar to Parkinson’s disease, and since then his health has deteriorated rapidly. He has even lost the ability […]

Casey Kasem In Critical Condition, In Hospital With Infected Bedsores

Casey Kasem has been hospitalized and is reportedly in critical condition with an infected bedsore, according to an Associated Press report today. An earlier report in US Magazine indicated that Kasem – who is hospitalized in Washington state – was “alert and comfortable” despite being in critical condition. Casey Kasem has received more media attention […]

Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Wife Pitches Raw Meat To ‘The Wild Rabid Dogs’

The battle between Casey Kasem’s wife and his daughter got as raw as it gets, while Casey Kasem was rushed to the hospital via ambulance on Sunday. Just last month, a Los Angeles judge allowed Casey’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, to be in charge of his medical care. This ruling was upheld by a Washington judge […]

Casey Kasem Saga: ‘Shame On These Children!’ Says Stepmom

The Casey Kasem saga continues as a Washington state judge granted regular visitation rights on Friday to Kerri Kasem, one of Casey’s daughters. The decision by Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jennifer Forbes comes after serious concerns were raised about the ex-radio personality’s well-being under the care of his wife, Jean. According to Kerri, her […]

Casey Kasem Update: Court Orders Daughter Kerri Be Allowed Visitation

Casey Kasem’s daughter Kerri has been passionately fighting to gain access to her father, and now she has a big victory. The family of the ailing Hollywood icon has been battling Casey’s wife Jean Kasem for months, but Friday came a big court decision that will have supporters of Casey’s children cheering. According to ABC […]

Jean Kasem Ordered To Appear In Kitsap County Court

Jean Kasem was ordered to appear in the Kitsap County Court to face allegations that she is not properly caring for her husband, famed disc jockey Casey Kasem. Casey is reportedly suffering from Parkinson’s and an aggressive form of dementia. Casey’s three oldest children are concerned, as Jean has denied them access and communication with […]

Casey Kasem: Children Granted Additional Power Over His Welfare

Casey Kasem’s daughter has been granted more powers over her father’s welfare by a judge in Los Angeles, who ruled that Kasem cannot be moved again without a court order. The ruling follows an incident on May 6 when Kasem’s wife, Jean Kasem, removed her husband from a convalescent facility under cover of darkness and […]

Casey Kasem Found: Missing Radio Legend Located Alive In Washington State

Casey Kasem has been found alive and well after reportedly being kidnapped by his wife and remaining missing for days. On Wednesday, Kasem’s daughter Kerri filed a missing person’s report with the Santa Monica police, but within hours authorities said they had found Casey Kasem in Washington. “He’s already been found. He was somewhere in […]

Casey Kasem Dead? Wife Jean’s Refusal To Disclose Ailing Radio Legend’s Location Fuels Speculation

Casey Kasem may be dead, many fans are beginning to fear after reports that wife Jean Kasem either cannot or will not disclose the location of the radio personality. Casey has been at the center of family drama for months, with his adult children pursuing legal action against Jean Kasem last year claiming that she […]

Casey Kasem Missing: Where Could American Top 40 Host Be?

Casey Kasem is missing, and has been for a week now. Casey Kasem, best known as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo and for “counting down the hits” on American Top 40, one of the most popular radio shows of the ’70s and ’80s, has been missing since May 6. The 82-year old, who was […]

Casey Kasem Missing: Wife Jean Kasem Reportedly Took Radio Legend Out Of Country

Casey Kasem has gone missing from his home in Los Angeles, and reports indicate that his wife Jean Kasem may have taken the ailing radio legend outside the United States to avoid a judge’s order that she turn over care to Kasem’s daughter. There has been drama surrounding Kasem’s health for several months, with his […]

Casey Kasem Missing: Judge Expresses Concern For DJ’s Safety

An investigation has been ordered to try and determine the whereabouts of Casey Kasem after an attorney for the DJ’s wife revealed that he had been removed from the country. A Los Angeles Judge declared that a probe into his location should begin immediately. Judge Daniel S. Murphy decreed that adult protective services and a […]

Casey Kasem’s Lonely And Not So Happy 82nd Birthday

Casey Kasem is famous for his voice that has been heard by millions either over the radio or television. Over the years, Kasem has been the voice for many beloved animated characters such as Shaggy on the cartoon Scooby Doo, Robin on Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, as well as numerous beloved Sesame Street […]

Casey Kasem Turns 82, Faces Uncertain Future

Casey Kasem turns 82 on Sunday, but as fans stop to reflect on the accomplishments of the radio personality there is also a great deal of uncertainty in his future. Beloved for his work on the radio and voiceover work that includes voicing mystery solving dog Scooby Doo, Kasem has fallen into poor health in […]

Kerri Kasem: Casey Kasem’s Elder Daughter Fails To Reach Visitation Agreement

Kerri Kasem, the daughter of Casey Kasem, is the only sibling who had failed to reach a visitation agreement concerning her father. The Inquisitr reported about the ongoing dispute between the parties on November 19: Casey Kasem, better known to most of us as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, is receiving ongoing treatment […]

Casey Kasem To Stay Under Wife’s Care, Judge Rules

Casey Kasem wants his kids to visit him again as a Judge has determined he can stay under the care of his wife, Jean. In the ruling against Kasem’s children, Los Angeles Superior Judge Lesley Green denied an emergency conservatorship from Julie Kasem. However, Judge Green set a hearing for December 20 on her request […]

Casey Kasem’s Children Blocked From Visiting Him By Wife

Casey Kasem, better known to most of us as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, is receiving ongoing treatment in hospital as he suffers in his senior years from severe Parkinson’s disease. According to a ruling by a judge on Tuesday, conservatorship is also necessary for him as a battle ensues between Kasem’s three […]

Casey Kasem Not Abused Under His Wife’s Care, Court Finds

Casey Kasem is reportedly on his deathbed as he deteriorates mentally and physically from Parkinson’s and dementia, but a Los Angeles court found that his wife Jean is not failing in her care for him. The beloved radio personality has been the subject of controversy as his condition worsens. His adult children have accused Casey’s […]

Casey Kasem Nearing Death As Children Denied Visitation Rights

Casey Kasem’s health is worsening and he is nearing death, that according to his wife Jean Kasem. The ailing American Top 40 host is suffering from late-stage Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. We recently reported that Kasem’s mental faculties have been severely compromised. He is unable to communicate and his short term memory is all but […]

Casey Kasem Is In His Final Days, Wife Claims In Court

Casey Kasem is in his final days as Parkinson’s disease has ravaged his body and early onset dementia his mind, the wife of the popular radio personality has said. The revelation about Kasem’s ailing health came out as part of a lawsuit filed against the couple by their former housekeeper. Hilda Loza, who also served […]

Casey Kasem Unable To Communicate, Suffering From Hallucinations

Casey Kasem is continuing to suffer from failing health with drastic declines to his mental state. Recently obtained legal documents show that Kasem is suffering from various issues that affect his mental capacities. According to his physician Kasem has developed major impairment to his short term, long term and immediate recall memory. The famed radio […]

Casey Kasem’s Daughter Kerri Responds To Family Drama On Facebook

Casey Kasem is 81-years-old, sick, and is in the middle of a feud with his family. The Inquisitr reported earlier today that the legendary radio host is currently stuck in his home with his wife Jean. Kasem’s children want to check in on their father but Jean isn’t letting them in the gates. The family […]

Casey Kasem Family Feud: Children Claim Stepmother Keeping Them From Seeing Father

Casey Kasem is 81 years old and suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease, but as the Top 40 icon ails a feud is breaking out within his family. On Tuesday Kasem’s three oldest children held a public protest outside his gated estate. They claim that their stepmother, Jean Kasem, won’t let them see their father. “My […]

Casey Kasem Mansion Goes Up For Sale

Casey Kasem’s Los Angeles mansion is going up for sale. The radio legend and his wife, Jean, have put their seven bedroom estate on the market for $42 million. According to the Huffington Post, Kasem’s mansion features seven bedrooms, 11.5 baths, a library, a bar, a hair salon, and a heart shaped pool. The real […]