Casey Anthony Reportedly Wants To Have Another Child Before It’s Too Late: ‘She Feels Her Clock Ticking’

Casey Anthony is one of the world’s most notorious mothers. The now 33-year-old was embroiled in one of the biggest murder trials in recent history, and became a household name after her daughter Caylee’s disappearance became national news. People Magazine reports that Casey was cleared of all murder charges in Caylee’s death. However, she is […]

Casey Anthony Reportedly Back To Her Partying Lifestyle, Believes She Did Her ‘Penance’ For Daughter’s Death

Casey Anthony has reportedly returned to the partying lifestyle she lived before her daughter’s death and subsequent trial sent her into a decade of hiding, with a source saying that she notorious Florida mother believes she paid her “penance” for Caylee’s death. The report from People magazine claimed that Casey has been going out more […]

Casey Anthony Photographed Pounding Drinks, Chatting Up Several Men At Bar For St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Casey Anthony is out of hiding and apparently having a wild time on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, with photographs showing the notorious mom throwing back drinks and chatting up several men at a West Palm Beach bar. Anthony had largely avoided the spotlight in the decade after she was acquitted in the death of her […]

Casey Anthony Plans Her Own Reality Show, Compares Herself To The Kardashians

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who was notoriously acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, is planning a reality show, Radar Online has reported. The show, Anthony hopes, will portray her as she attempts to rebuild her life after the death of her daughter, and the media circus surrounding the trial. According to the […]

Casey Anthony Has A New Boyfriend, Open To The Idea Of Having Children Again, ‘People’ Magazine Reports

Casey Anthony is back in the dating game — and possibly ready to have kids again. A report from People magazine noted that the infamous Florida mother has been getting serious with an unnamed man in his early 30s. Seven years after she was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony […]

Casey Anthony Is Interested In Having More Children, Reports ‘People’

Casey Anthony, who was famously acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee, is reportedly interested in having more children, according to a new report by People Magazine. People noted that Anthony has stated since her daughter’s death that she did not want to have any more children. After her acquittal, Anthony moved to South […]

Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Reportedly Listed For Sale As $40K ‘Wooded Paradise’

A small tract of land where murdered toddler Caylee Anthony’s remains were found has been listed for sale for $40,000, according to Additionally, the listing describes the plot of land as a “wooded paradise.” The land with a morbid little piece of history is a half an acre in size, and it is located […]

Casey Anthony’s Parents Reportedly ‘Desecrated’ Their Murdered Granddaughter’s Grave

It’s been more than 10 years since Caylee Anthony was murdered and her body was stuffed in a black garbage bag — and her mother, Casey Anthony, was subsequently disgraced by both the public and the courts that tried her, but ultimately found her not guilty of her daughter’s murder. Despite the time passed, there […]

Casey Anthony Reportedly Dissolves Photography Business

Casey Anthony, the woman who was accused of killing her toddler, Caylee Anthony, has reportedly dissolved her 3-year-old business ahead of new court proceedings. Anthony’s photography business is no longer operating in the state of Florida. RadarOnline reports that Anthony is no longer a Florida business owner, and potentially no longer employed as she is […]

Casey Anthony Headed Back To Court, Sued By Roy Kronk, Who Found Her Daughter’s Body

Casey Anthony, acquitted by a jury in the murder of her daughter Caylee, may have to defend herself yet again in a defamation lawsuit brought by Roy Kronk, the meter reader that found the child’s remains. Radar Online is reporting that Kronk is trying to have his defamation case against Casey Anthony changed from federal […]

Casey Anthony Facing Less Hostility As Her Notoriety Fades, While Jurors In Case Reportedly Face Death Threats

Caylee Anthony was just two-years-old when she vanished, seemingly without a trace on June 16, 2008. Her story made national headlines when her disappearance wasn’t reported to authorities for a full month, on July 15. Her mother’s name, Casey Anthony, began to dominate the tabloid and true-crime headlines the next day when she was arrested […]

George Anthony Claims He Still Sees Caylee ‘In The Flesh’

George Anthony, the father of Casey Anthony, says that he still sees his granddaughter, Caylee, in his home. The comments come nearly a decade after the then-2-year-old was found dead. Her murder remains unresolved. George and his wife, Cindy, along with their daughter, Casey, and their granddaughter, Caylee, shared a home together outside of Orlando, […]

Father Of Casey Anthony Claims To Have Seen Caylee ‘In The Flesh’ Multiple Times Since Her Death

It’s been almost nine years since the body of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was found in a wooded area near her home in Orlando, Florida. In a new interview, Casey Anthony’s father is claiming he has seen Caylee “in the flesh” on multiple occasions in his home. George Anthony and his wife, Cindy, sat down with […]

Casey Anthony’s Mother Thinks Her Daughter Is Mentally Ill And Had Seizure When Caylee Died

Casey Anthony’s mom, Cindy Anthony, has said that she thinks that her daughter is mentally ill. Cindy made the admission in an interview that will air on Monday, November 30, on Crime Watch Daily. She added that her daughter has seizures regularly and she blacks out during these episodes, forgetting everything that happened, MSN reports. […]

Casey Anthony’s Parents To Lose Home 9 Years After Caylee’s Death While Her Memorial Has Been Left To Rot

It’s hard to believe that it has already been nine years since the nation was captivated by the disappearance of Caylee Anthony and the subsequent trial of her mother, Casey. As many will recall, Casey’s daughter, Caylee, vanished back in June of 2008. According to People, it wasn’t until a month later that Casey reported […]

OJ Simpson Will Become Neighbors With Casey Anthony After His Release, Report Claims

O.J. Simpson is a free man and could soon be moving close to another notorious Florida resident — acquitted killer Casey Anthony. Last week, the former NFL star was granted parole after nine years behind bars on an armed robbery charge. While Simpson’s release date has yet to be officially determined, a new report claimed […]

Casey Anthony Trial Revisited By LNN — Did Casey Blackout When Caylee Died? Prosecutor And Attorney Sound Off

The LawNewz Network (LNN) is revisiting the Casey Anthony trial with original footage, reporting, and new interviews with both members of the prosecution and defense in the high-profile murder case. Owned by Dan Abrams, LNN landed interviews with Cheney Mason and Jeff Ashton who not only discussed their firsthand accounts with Casey Anthony and the […]

Casey Anthony Dead? Hoax By ‘Now 8 News’ Claims Anthony Was Killed In Ohio

Reports that Casey Anthony, the mother who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, was found bludgeoned to death, are false. Casey, who was spotted at an Anti-Trump rally back in February and spoke publicly for the first time in nine years last March, is alive The fake report originated on Breaking News 13 […]

Casey Anthony Case: Acquitted Mother Lives With Employer, Patrick McKenna

It has been just a few days since photographs of Casey Anthony holding a baby hit the internet, six years since the infamous Florida woman was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. A lot has transpired since her not-guilty verdict stunned TV-watching audiences around the globe. Today, Anthony is living in Palm Beach County, Florida, […]

Casey Anthony Photographed Holding A Baby, Who Let Her Near Their Child?

Casey Anthony was recently photographed holding a baby, raising the question, who let her hold their child? As you know, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, although the facts surrounding the case certainly don’t paint Casey in the best possible light. Murder conviction or no murder conviction, Casey would probably make […]

Casey Anthony Now: Is Casey Anthony Pregnant And Engaged? Says She’s Hoping For Another Girl

When people speak of Casey Anthony now, they think of someone that they would never allow to babysit their own child, yet a friend of Anthony now claims that Casey Anthony is pregnant and engaged. Anthony is said to think of this as her “second chance,” and she is hoping for another girl; perhaps as […]

Aaron Hernandez Verdict: Former NFL Star Found Not Guilty In Double-Murder Case

While he is already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder, today a jury came back with the Aaron Hernandez verdict from a separate double-murder case. ESPN reported that the jury deliberated for six days and returned with a not guilty verdict for the former New England Patriots football star. The Aaron Hernandez verdict […]

Chelsea DeBoer Talks True Crime: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gives Her Take On Casey Anthony Case

Chelsea DeBoer is a famous reality star herself, as she has filmed 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 for years. Chelsea has documented her journey as a single mother to little Aubree, as she gave birth to her when she was just a teenager. Over the years, fans have seen her struggle with her […]

Casey Anthony: Her Dad Says He Believes She Killed Caylee Amid Rumors That She’s Pregnant Again

Six years after being acquitted of her 2-year-old daughter’s murder, Casey Anthony is making headlines again. On June 16, 2008, Casey Anthony rose to national and even international notoriety when the media reported on the disappearance of her little girl, Caylee, who had been gone for at least 31 days before her mother reported her […]

Is Casey Anthony Pregnant? Report Claims Notorious Mom Is Expecting Again, Hoping For A Girl

Casey Anthony is pregnant again and hoping to have another girl, a report claimed about the notorious mother who beat murder charges for the death of her 3-year-old daughter nearly a decade ago. Anthony has been thrust back into the spotlight with the airing of a three-part series on Investigation Discovery, Casey Anthony: An American […]

George Anthony: Casey Anthony’s Father Believes She Killed Daughter Caylee With Deadly Dose Of Medication

George Anthony has an idea of what happened to their granddaughter, Caylee. The toddler was killed nearly a decade ago in a case that would end up gaining worldwide attention. Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was charged but ultimately acquitted of the girl’s murder in a case that received near round-the-clock coverage in the media. In […]

Did Casey Anthony Murder Her Daughter Caylee? New Interviews Raise Doubts Of Notorious Mom’s Innocence

Did Casey Anthony actually murder her daughter Caylee? That question may have been officially answered when the notorious Florida mother was acquitted of charges in one of the most watched trials of the last 20 years, but new doubts have been raised through interviews and evidence provided in Investigation Discovery’s three-part series, Casey Anthony: An […]

Watch Casey Anthony’s Attorney Jose Baez, Trayvon Martin Family’s Attorney Benjamin Crump On ‘You The Jury’

Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman’s trial in the death of Trayvon Martin, Jodi Arias, O.J. Simpson — these are just some of the trials that gripped the nation while making headline news. The nation has watched live trials on their television sets for decades, and now a new television show on Fox is merging the high-profile […]

Where Is Casey Anthony Today? Casey Reportedly Led Partying Lifestyle, Bankrolled By Wealthy Fans

What is Casey Anthony doing today? After years of living in hiding, the notorious Florida mother, who was acquitted for the murder of her daughter, has finally surfaced again, and is living with a man famous for helping get O.J. Simpson to beat his murder charges. There have also been rumors that, at some point […]

‘Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery’ Miniseries Debuts – Get A Sneak Peek [Video]

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is set to debut on Investigation Discovery and will tell the story that many people watched play out in the media nearly five years ago, but ended up feeling as though justice was cheated. Now, the ID miniseries will explore those events with fresh eyes, retelling the story of […]

Casey Anthony Reportedly Pregnant And Engaged Six Years After Daughter’s Murder Acquittal

In 2008, little Caylee Anthony was reported missing and in 2011, her mom, Casey, was acquitted of her murder. Now, Casey Anthony is reportedly engaged and (once again) pregnant. The news comes just weeks after Casey inexplicably returned to the public eye with an unexpected Associated Press interview in which she spoke publicly about her […]

Casey Anthony Never Before Seen Prison Video About To Be Released

Casey Anthony jailhouse conversations videos never before seen by the public will begin airing tomorrow in a three-part miniseries on the Investigation Discovery network. The gruesome and tragic murder of little Caylee Anthony will also be a focal point of the upcoming documentary special. The Investigation Discovery miniseries, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery will […]

Casey Anthony Doubts She’s ‘Dumb Enough’ To Have Another Kid

Recently, notorious “most evil mom in America” Casey Anthony came out of hiding to talk publicly about the death of her daughter, Caylee, for the first time. Caylee vanished in June of 2008, but her disappearance wasn’t reported for nearly a month. By the time police became involved in the Casey Anthony case, the infamous […]

Casey Anthony And O.J. Simpson To Star In Reality TV Show Together?

Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson are two of the most despised figures in today’s society. Both have served jail time, and both have been acquitted of murdering family members. Now, will they come together for a brand new reality TV show? According to In Touch Weekly Magazine, Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson are both in […]

Casey Anthony Talks Caylee, Says ‘I Sleep Pretty Good At Night’

Casey Anthony has been labeled “the most hated mom in America” in the aftermath of the 2008 disappearance and death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee. Caylee vanished, seemingly without a trace, in June of that year. Unthinkably, her disappearance was not reported to law enforcement for a month, and even then, not by her mother […]

Patrick McKenna: Is The O.J. Simpson Investigator Now Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend?

Patrick McKenna helped Casey Anthony beat her infamous murder charge, and now the noted investigator could be her live-in boyfriend. A new interview released this week revealed that Casey has been living with the private investigator in a home in West Palm Beach, Florida. The interview with the Associated Press was the first time in […]

George Anthony: Casey Anthony’s Father Reacts To Her Interview With AP

Casey Anthony, the woman who was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony in 2011, spoke about the case for the first time during an interview with the Associated Press, and her father George Anthony wasn’t thrilled about what she had to say. Caylee Anthony, who was 2-years-old at the time of her murder, was […]

Casey Anthony Speaks Out About Caylee Anthony: ‘I Sleep Pretty Good At Night’

Casey Anthony is speaking out her daughter, Caylee Anthony, for the first time since the highly talked about murder trial, in which she was acquitted. Casey, who will turn 31-years-old this month, is breaking her silence on the death of little Caylee, and the mystery that still surrounds her passing. According to The Associated Press, […]

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence Since Acquittal In Death Of Her Daughter Caylee

Casey Anthony, the mother many believed to have killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony nearly nine years ago, has broken her silence since her acquittal six years ago, insisting that she still doesn’t know what happened in the last hours of her daughter’s life. Anthony, 30, told the Associated Press that the last time she […]

Casey Anthony May Have Accidentally Killed Caylee, Claims Trial Judge

The judge who presided over the notorious Casey Anthony murder trial is speaking out about Casey’s possible involvement in her daughter’s tragic death for the first time. Retired Judge Belvin Perry is now working as a lawyer in Florida, and according to him, it’s “more than likely” that Casey Anthony killed 2-year-old Caylee with too […]

Judge In Casey Anthony Trial Claims She Killed Caylee Anthony By ‘Accident’

The judge who presided over the murder trial of Casey Anthony now believes that the mother may have killed her daughter, Caylee “by accident.” Belvin Perry, Jr, retired as a judge and works in private law, says that Casey Anthony may have tried to quiet her two-year-old daughter with chloroform, but may have given her […]

Casey Anthony Judge Thinks Hated Tot Mom May Have Killed Caylee ‘By Accident’

The judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial has finally broken his silence about case’s controversial verdict. Circuit Judge Belvin Perry Jr. is now retired, and he has come forward with his own theory about what happened to little Caylee Anthony, who vanished in June of 2008. The 2-year-old’s remains were found months […]

Casey Anthony Protests Trump In Florida March To Mar-A-Lago Event

In a bizarre turn of events, Casey Anthony (the reclusive acquitted mom of slain toddler Caylee), was spotted protesting against Donald Trump in Florida during the weekend’s March to Mar-a-Lago event. Casey Anthony now lives somewhere in the area near to where the anti-Trump protest took place, but she almost never appears in public following […]

Michelle Lodzinski Gets 30 Years For Killing Her Child

Convicted murderer Michelle Lodzinski has been sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of the 1991 slaying of her 5-year-old son. ABC News reports that the Florida woman faced a judge this week, who took her to task for the many lies she has reportedly told over the course of this […]

Casey Anthony ‘Guilty,’ According To Former Bodyguard

Casey Anthony is a name that just won’t go away. She was made famous in 2008 when she was accused of murdering her then-2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The entire story surrounding the toddler’s disappearance was strange, and Anthony was changing her story every chance she got. Initially, it was believed the little girl disappeared in […]

Casey Anthony ‘Without A Doubt’ Killed Daughter Caylee, Claims Former Bodyguard [Video]

Casey Anthony is making headlines again, this time because of the bombshell claim her former bodyguard made during a recent podcast. Appearing on Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss, ex-Casey Anthony bodyguard Rob Dick says that the Florida mom “without a doubt” killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee back in 2008, despite the fact […]

Vicki Gunvalson Net Worth To Increase With Cancer Charity, Compared To Casey Anthony

Vicki Gunvalson’s net worth suffered a major blow when she divorced Donn. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki revealed that she had been forced to pay him spousal support even though he was making his own money. Gunvalson ended up forking over what sounded like millions of dollars, and she was clearly hit […]

JonBenet Ramsey And Casey Anthony DNA Expert Discredited, Barred From Testifying, Could This Change Their Cases? [Video]

A prominent DNA expert who testified in defense of Casey Anthony at her infamous trial and examined DNA evidence that cleared the parents of JonBenet Ramsey in her murder case has suffered a serious set-back to his career in Colorado. The news that the JonBenet Ramsey and Casey Anthony expert witness has been “debunked” and […]

Casey Anthony: DNA Expert Who Defended Her At Trial Has Been ‘Debunked,’ Is Banned From Testifying In Colorado [Video]

Five years after Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder, a prominent DNA expert who spoke in her defense at trial has been banned from a sexual assault case in Colorado. The reason? According to a report by WKBW 7, Casey Anthony’s DNA expert Richard Eikelenboom was found by a Colorado district court to […]

Casey Anthony: Five Years After Caylee Murder Acquittal, ‘World’s Most Hated Mom’ Is Attacked While Bowling

Apparently, Casey Anthony is sill the “world’s most hated mom,” even more than five years after being acquitted of murder in the tragic death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony rose to international infamy after news of her daughter’s disappearance broke in July, 2008. On July 15, 2008, Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy, reported […]