California Cannabis Industry Group Calls For Crackdown On Illegal Pot Shops As Support For Legalization Peaks

The legal cannabis industry in California is calling on law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal pot shops that they claim are pushing them out of business, as well as possibly selling tainted products to customers, The Associated Press reports. California is one of 11 states plus the District of Columbia to have legalized […]

New Study Reveals That Street Cannabis In Madrid Contains High Levels Of Fecal Matter

According to a study conducted by two analysts, a large percentage of cannabis available on the streets of Madrid are contaminated with fecal matter. In addition to this, some samples also contained the aroma of fecal matter as well. José Manuel Moreno Pérez, a pharmacologist from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, collected 90 samples of […]

Walgreens Will Bring CBD Products To 1,500 Stores

Walgreens announced on Wednesday that it will soon begin selling CBD-based products in almost 1,500 stores across a swath of states, according to CNBC. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis (marijuana) and thought by some to alleviate ailments like anxiety, pain, and seizures — though there’s no conclusive research […]

San Francisco To Expunge Over 9,000 Old Marijuana Convictions Now That It’s Legal There

According to an article in HuffPost, the city of San Francisco is on track to expunge over 9,000 convictions for past marijuana offenses as part of the 2016 state law that legalized the plant’s use for recreational purposes. Under California’s Proposition 64, which made marijuana made legal for adult recreational consumption, legal authorities were also […]

Californians Are Outraged By ‘Dead Skunk’ Stench From Marijuana Farms

The New York Times reported that California locals are getting a bit testy over the smell of marijuana from the surrounding marijuana farms. They are saying the stench is similar to a freshly deceased skunk, or at least the smell of skunk spray. Some are stating that the stink is so pungent that having to […]

Budweiser Cannabis Drinks Could Be On The Way, As Beer Giant Researches Pot-Infused Beverages

Are cannabis beverages shaping up to be the next big thing? On Wednesday, AB InBev, the makers of Budweiser, announced that they are teaming up with Canadian company Tilray to do research on creating cannabis-infused drinks. According to CNN Business, the two companies are poised to invest $100 million into this new project. The plan […]

Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi From Bravo’s ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Opens Up About Drug Past

Golnesa Gharachedaghi, better known as “GG” on the Bravo reality show program Shahs of Sunset, recently opened up about her drug use in an interview with E! News, explaining that it began at a very young age and took her quite a while before she did something about it. GG spoke with Justin Sylvester, an […]

Marijuana-Laced Edibles Will Not Be In Your Kids’ Trick-Or-Treat Bags This Halloween, Don’t Believe The Hype

Halloween is tomorrow, which means that you’ve no doubt heard by now that marijuana-infused candies and cookies, referred to in the industry as “edibles,” will wind up in your kids’ Halloween candy, especially if you live in a state where pot is legal. Don’t believe it, though: It’s an urban legend with no basis in […]

Rhode Island Politician Spells Out N-Word On Stage As Audience Cheers

A Rhode Island politician yelled out the N-word on-stage, one letter at a time, at his opponent during a contentious debate, TMZ is reporting. Alan Gordon, representing the Compassion Party, is running against Peter Neronha in the race for Attorney General. Gordon is a pastor of a church that considers marijuana use a sacrament. And […]

Two-Thirds Of Americans Now In Favor Of Legalizing Marijuana

Two-thirds of Americans support legalizing marijuana in the United States, a record-high since Gallup started asking the question in 1969, according to a newly-released poll. Sixty-six percent of people in the country believe that pot should be made legal, marking a third consecutive year that support has grown. Gallup conducted a poll from October 1 […]

Nine-Year-Old Girl Guide Sets Up Cookie Stand Outside Cannabis Store, Sells Out Entire Supply In 45 Minutes

An enterprising 9-year-old Girl Guide set up with her cookies outside of a Cannabis store in Canada, and she quickly found out that she didn’t have a big enough supply to serve all her customers. According to a CTV News report, Elina Childs, from Alberta, sold out of her Girl Guide cookies in a mere […]

Canada’s First Cannabis-Related Citation Issued One Hour Into Legality By Winnipeg Police

The recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Canada on October 17, and only an hour into legalization, someone was caught violating one of the rules surrounding its use, CBC is reporting. According to the BBC, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised the country in 2015 that he would be working to legalize marijuana, and his […]

Federal Cannabis Reform And Regulations On The Horizon Via White House, Rep. Rohrabacher Claims

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about how the current Trump administration should approach regulating cannabis and one Republican congressman says that the White House will be taking a formal stance soon. Several states have either recently passed new laws regarding cannabis use or have something on the ballot in November, […]

Vietnam Veteran, Henry Cobbs, Fired As Dean Of Military School For Using Cannabis To Treat His Prostate Cancer

While many use medicinal marijuana to help manage symptoms from a variety of illnesses and conditions, one must double-check before using it to cure diseases as it could cost one their job, as well as reputation. This is exactly what happened to a Vietnam War veteran, Henry Cobbs, who was forced out of his job […]

Canadian Cannabis Producer Urges Other Companies To Look At The Drug On ‘Mad Money’

An appearance on CNBC’s Mad Money has seen Canadian Cannabis producer, Tilray, explode in the stock market — with shares gaining 40 percent, reports Markets Insider. On Tuesday evening the CEO of Tilray — Brendan Kennedy — spoke to host Jim Cramer about his company’s prospects with regards to Canada’s imminent legalization on October 17, […]

Coke Considering Cannabis Beverage

Beverage giant Coca-Cola is considering development of a cannabis-infused drink, according to reports Monday. Coke has already begun talks with Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis on the possibility of producing the beverage, according to Bloomberg. The drink would be aimed at alleviating pain and promoting good health instead of intoxicating users, though company spokesperson Kent […]

Elon Musk’s Security Clearance Not Under Review After Joe Rogan Podcast, Says U.S. Air Force

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk courted a fresh wave of controversy late last week, after taking a whiff of cannabis from comedian Joe Rogan during a podcast. Musk and Rogan talked for 2.5 hours, covering topics such as AI, solar energy, Neuralink, and other notable themes. During the latter part of the podcast, however, […]

Marijuana Consumption Amongst Baby Boomers Has Doubled In The Past Decade, Study Reveals

It looks as if cannabis consumption amongst the elder generations is on a meteoric rise, according to a report from NBC affiliate KOAA News 5. The latest research into the patterns of marijuana use amongst the age cohort ranging from 50 to 64 has delivered some novel results, indicating that the prevalence of cannabis consumption […]

Prince William Hung Out In A Room Full Of Contraband Pot, Said It Had A ‘Good, Strong Smell’

Prince William on Thursday hung out with cops in a room full of seized cannabis (marijuana), and joked about the “good, strong smell” coming off the plants, Cosmopolitan is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, William stopped by the Royal Mail Logistics Centre to take a look at how officials in the United Kingdom […]

Police Discover Drug Tunnel Running From Arizona KFC Restaurant To Bedroom In Mexico

According to the BBC, American law enforcement officials have discovered a hidden drug tunnel running between a defunct and abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in San Luis, Arizona, to a private residential bedroom in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. The passageway, which measured approximately 600 feet in length, was uncovered in the basement of the […]

Cannabis Water Is Your New Favorite Refreshing Summer Drink

For many people, after hours spent lawn mowing or playing in the park with their kids, grabbing a cold, refreshing beer or a fruit-flavored La Croix is the highlight of the day. Now that cannabis products have hit the mainstream, however, you might reach for cannabis infused sparkling water instead. In June, Lagunitas Brewing Co. […]

Heineken Unveiled Its First Beer Made By Using Marijuana Instead Of Alcohol

Marijuana has been legalized in several U.S. States, including California, and others continue to vote for the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use. This has led to a new industry, generating more money into the United States economy via dispensaries selling varying strands of marijuana as well as edibles. In Canada, a brewery has […]

Company Creates ‘Pot Breathalyzer’ That Can Tell How Drunk Or High You Are

A company in California claims to have invented a marijuana breathalyzer test, according to MPR News. This new invention comes just as police are becoming more and more concerned about road safety in the wake of the growing legalization of recreational marijuana, fearing that people driving while under the influence of marijuana will go largely […]

Canadian Scientists Just Made An Important Breakthrough: The First Beer Brewed From Cannabis

While the market for legalized cannabis products expands by the day, a small Ontario laboratory is looking to finally create the perfect synthesis of marijuana and beer with testing enzymes and fermentation methods to make the best variant of the combination, effectively creating the first beer-product worldwide brewed directly from cannabis. Although the concept of […]

Support For Marijuana Legalization In The U.S. Is At An All-Time High, According To New Poll

Support for legalizing marijuana, pot, cannabis, whatever you want to call it, is at a record high, in the U.S., according to the results of a new survey provided by Marijuana Moment. The Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., teamed up GBA Strategies, a polling and research company, […]

Canada Legalizes Marijuana, Becoming The Second Country Ever To Do So

Good news for Canadians that like marijuana: It’s going to be legal. This marks the end of 90 years of cannabis prohibition. Also, Canada is only the second country ever to legalize the plant, according to Vox. Adults over the age of 18 can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana, and adults can grow […]

Canada’s House Of Commons Votes To Legalize Marijuana, Senate To Vote Later

Canada’s House of Commons voted Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide, and the proposed law will now head to the country’s Senate, where it faces an uncertain future, NPR News is reporting. In its current form, the bill would make it legal for any adult over 18 years of age to possess less than 30 […]

With Canada Set To Legalize Marijuana, Cannabis-Infused Beverages Seem Like The Future

According to a paper co-authored by Georgia State University Economics Professor Alberto Chong, published in 2017, alcohol purchases decreased by 15 percent in counties in states with medical marijuana laws. Legalizing cannabis, Chong wrote, may, therefore, temper alcohol addiction, car accidents, and disease risk. North of the U.S., senators are set to make Canada the […]

New Megan Markle Cannabis Strain Created By Her Nephew Tyler Dooley

According to new reports, Meghan Markle’s own nephew, Tyler Dooley, has developed a new strain of marijuana. The strain of weed has cleverly been named “Markle Sparkle” specifically in “honor of his aunt.” Leafbuyer, an online marijuana database, has Dooley listed as a licensed cannabis farmer from the state of Oregon. While marijuana is still […]

Marijuana-Induced Psychosis Blamed For Delta Airlines Flight Brawl Where Joseph Hudek Tried To Open Plane Door

A Florida man is trying to blame reefer madness for his actions on a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle to Beijing, China. The FBI said in a statement that 24-year-old Joseph Daniel Hudek IV of Tampa ate several marijuana candies and then started brawling with the Delta crew and other passengers. Hudek’s defense attorney, Robert […]

More Businesses Are Dropping Drug Testing For Pot – Else They Wouldn’t Be Able To Hire Anybody

More and more businesses across the country are dropping marijuana from their drug-testing requirements, finding themselves unable to hire employees if they continue to insist that new hires be pot-free. As Crain’s Detroit Business reports, drug-testing has been part of the process for getting a job for many job seekers for decades. However, the Reagan […]

Schumer Introduces Federal Marijuana Decriminalization Bill On 4/20

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer from New York announced today that he is introducing a bill to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. It’s good timing to make the announcement, considering that today is 4/20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana. The bill is not about legalization but rather gives states the right to decide […]

Celebs’ Marijuana Use: Examining Its Effects On Their Careers

Many celebrities continue to keep their love for marijuana under the radar, preferring to keep that part of their personal lives private. That being said, as the media coverage and conversation regarding marijuana legalization gains momentum, so does the number of celebrities who sing out their endorsements for both medical and recreational cannabis usage. Once […]

Top Marijuana Stocks To Consider On The New York Stock Exchange

Today’s date means big celebrations for pot around the world. As medical and recreational marijuana gains increasing legal status in the States and elsewhere, 4/20 grows in significance. Plus, each year, the number of states that legalize some form of cannabis increases, which created a new investment niche with stocks rising on the New York […]

Mike Tyson Planning Cannabis Ranch In California Now That Recreational Marijuana Is Legal

Mike Tyson isn’t wasting any time getting involved in the cannabis industry now that California has legalized recreational use. The boxing legend just broke ground on a 40-acre marijuana resort that will be called Tyson Ranch. With recreational marijuana being legal in so many states now, new avenues to create a profit in the industry […]

Jeff Sessions Is Being Sued By 12-Year-Old Girl Over Department of Justice Medical Marijuana Policy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a lifelong marijuana prohibitionist under any circumstance, including the use of medical marijuana. But a 12-year-old girl, Alexis Bortell has filed a lawsuit against Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over the assertion that the Controlled Substance Act is unconstitutional, according to Fortune. […]

The Legal Cannabis Market Is Predicted To Triple In Size By 2021

Entrepreneurs and investors are leaving their high-paying corporate jobs to focus on the fast-growing marijuana industry, Reuters reports. Alan Gertner used to be head of Google’s Asia-Pacific sales team, but he had decided to trade his comfortable corporate job for something a lot less conventional. He is currently building a cannabis brand from a small […]

Melissa Etheridge Arrested On Drug Charges At Canadian Border Crossing

Melissa Etheridge was all smiles in the mug shot taken after being arrested at the United States and Canadian border on drug possession charges. The 56-year-old singer was traveling in her tour bus when she was stopped in North Dakota by United States Custom and Border Patrol agents. K-9 units hit on possible drugs inside […]

Kentucky Medical Marijuana 2017 News Stalls, But Legislative Season Does Not End Until Thanksgiving

If you are following Kentucky marijuana legalization news, it appears that the updates are stalled for now, but drones are on the agenda. According to Legiscan, both of the Kentucky medical marijuana bills to watch called SB76 and SB57 are stalled as of August, 2017. In fact, as far as progress made, Legiscan only gives […]

Jay Leno Takes An Eco-Friendly Cannabis Sports Car For A Test Drive [Video]

Since retiring from his gig as host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno has kept himself busy by focusing on his love of automobiles. In addition to tending to his own massive collection of rare and expensive cars and motorcycles, Leno has a weekly show that airs on CNBC called Jay Leno’s Garage devoted to […]

Is Walmart Entering A New Era Of Cannabis-Related Products By Selling A Rosin Press?

Walmart, a national and international retailer, is now selling a product on their website that is clearly focused at cannabis consumers. First reported by Leafly, the addition of the Rosineer Manuel Rosin Press Dab Machine to their online store the superstore might be entering a new era right alongside acceptance and legalization in the U.S. […]

Nevada Legal Weed Is Limited: Current Supply Runs Out For Recreational Marijuana Tourists In August

Nevada is known for being a popular tourist destination, but the state’s legalization of recreational cannabis use has definitely sweetened the pot for some dispensary visitors on July 2, 2017. Sadly, this type of activity will not be the next big tourist attraction in Las Vegas for the rest of 2017 because the new recreational […]

Recreational Cannabis Sales In Nevada Have Officially Begun

Nevada is one of four states that passed a voter-initiated law to legalize cannabis in the November 2016 election – and though cannabis is legal to have and use in all four states, Nevada is the first to allow sales of the plant. While the other three states will spend the next year to year […]

Is Toby Keith’s New Song ‘Wacky Tobaccy’ Just Following Trends Or Is It An Epic New Single?

Country music star Toby Keith hasn’t released a new single in more than a year – but his latest song “Wacky Tobaccy” is definitely gaining him a lot of attention for a few different reasons. First of all, as the name of the song would suggest, it’s a song about smoking marijuana – the good, […]

Lehigh University In Pennsylvania To Study Medical Cannabis For Autism

The state of Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana last year and now they are preparing to finally start awarding licenses to businesses. With these first licenses expected to be awarded as soon as Tuesday, June 20, things are finally starting to come together to allow patients in-state access to the medicinal herb. Interestingly though, it’s not […]

Study: Colorado Cannabis Users Kick Stereotypes Out The Window

Since the dawn of prohibition on cannabis, there have been countless negative stereotypes cast on those who use it. In the 1940s, during the rise of Reefer Madness, it was believed that smoking marijuana would make you violent — of course this was just propaganda to turn U.S. citizens against Mexican immigrants who often brought […]

2017 Kentucky Marijuana Legalization Vote: Key Dates To Watch

Have you been trying to follow Kentucky marijuana legalization news online and find you cannot figure out if it is legalized or if the bill died in the Kentucky State Senate? Current Kentucky medical marijuana laws were introduced in late 2016 by Kentucky state senator, Perry Clark. This particular senator has introduced similar laws in […]

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana Federally

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a bit of a political rock star among Bernie Sanders supporters. She first got their attention when she broke from the Democratic Party fold and quit her role as vice chair of the DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders for president in the 2016 Democratic primary, despite orders from her boss […]

Marijuana Use: 3 Ways Weed Comes Out A Winner

Much to the chagrin of cannabis advocates, Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has long been vocal on his disapproval of marijuana. In several hearings last Spring, then-Senator Sessions pleaded with government to get across to the public that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Sessions has even brought Lady Gaga and the KKK into his […]

Cannabis Group Pushes Back Against Trump’s Anti-Marijuana Threats

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) pushed back against President Donald Trump’s apparent anti-marijuana threats on Thursday. The NCIA, who’s mission is to promote a legal and responsible cannabis industry, challenged the belief that marijuana regulation should be a Federal issue. As reported by Vox, speaking on behalf of the President, Press Secretary Sean Spicer […]