Wendy’s Launches Long Anticipated Breakfast

The fast food joint Wendy’s has officially launched their much anticipated breakfast menu. As of this week, customers can enjoy an array of popular breakfast food, including nine different sandwiches served on croissants and biscuits with eggs and meats. Other snacks will include potato wedges and sausage gravy as well as various coffee drinks, according […]

Burger King Ad With The Word ‘Damn’ Draws Ire Of Christian Moms Group

A group of conservative Christian mothers is upset with Burger King for running an ad that uses the word “damn,” HuffPost reports. A couple of generations ago, the word “damn” being uttered on prime-time TV may have raised eyebrows. These days, however, most viewers regard the expletive as rather bland. Not so for many members […]

Vegan Man Sues Burger King For Cooking Impossible Whopper On ‘Contaminated’ Grill

A self-described vegan man is suing fast food chain Burger King for allegedly cooking their Impossible Whoppers, the plant-based burger popular among vegetarians and vegans, on “contaminated” grills, according to Reuters. Rather than cooking the burgers on their own grill, the restaurants allegedly cook them next to their traditional meat burgers, therefore allowing the plant-based […]

McDonald’s ‘Plant, Lettuce & Tomato’ Will Go To War With The Impossible Whopper

Beloved fast food chain McDonald’s has teamed up with plant-based fake meat company, Beyond Meat, to create a plant-based burger to test at 28 of its stores in southwestern Ontario, Canada, starting on September 30. After the success of the uncannily delicious Impossible Whopper — a plant-based Whopper now available in Burger King stores — […]

Burger King Employee Allegedly Refused To Serve Deaf Woman At The Drive-Thru, Said ‘It’s Too Busy’

A deaf woman said that an employee at a Burger King refused to serve her at the drive-thru, saying it was “too busy,” Oklahoma City’s KFOR-TV reports. The employee has since been fired, the company confirms. Rachel Hollis stated that she went to the drive-thru at an Oklahoma City Burger King recently and, as she […]

Women Who Told Burger King Employee To Go Back To Mexico Write Letter Of Apology

Two women who were caught on video telling a Burger King manager to “go back to Mexico” for speaking Spanish have apologized, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. It’s been a thing for a few years now: someone acts unbecomingly in public, whether towards a retail employee, food service worker, or a random passerby, and the incident is […]

McDonald’s Is Considering Changing Up Their Infamous Happy Meal

If you were ever taken to McDonald’s for lunch as a child, you probably remember the excitement of getting one of their infamous Happy Meals. Everything about the Happy Meal appeals to children, from the design of the kid-friendly box, to the plastic toy inside. At times, kids may be even more excited about finding […]

Social Media Is Really Hating On Burger King Tacos

Burger King now has tacos, but maybe you shouldn’t quit your late-night Taco Bell runs just yet. Earlier in the week, Burger King unveiled its limited-edition $1 tacos. While on the surface, that looks like a great deal, most people who have tried the fast food say it’s a waste of money. Cosmopolitan reporter Megan […]

Burger King Introduces Bizarre ‘Upside Down’ Whoppers In Honor Of ‘Stranger Things 3’

Burger King is getting in on the Stranger Things game, but the company’s idea is a little bit upside down. The burger giant is part of a co-promotion with Coca-Cola and Netflix ahead of the third season of the hit sci-fi series. In honor of Stranger Things 3, Burger King will serve up “Upside Down” […]

Burger King Debuts New ‘Unhappy Boxes’ In Partnership With Mental Health America

No one is happy all the time, and not everyone wakes up happy on a regular basis. Burger King is revamping their “Happy Meal Box” which they’ve sold for many years. The burger giant is now debuting meal boxes for many different kinds of moods, setting themselves apart from their biggest competitor, McDonald’s. Now, if […]

Burger King Announces That Demand For Its New Plant-Based ‘Impossible Whopper’ Is Outstripping Supply

After announcing the debut of its new plant-based burger at over 7,000 locations around the United States, Burger King is facing a possible shortage as demand overtakes supply, reported The Daily Mail. The fake-meat product produced by Impossible Foods and named the “Impossible Whopper” is set to undergo a trial before being released officially at […]

Burger King Pulls Ad Amidst Accusations Of Being ‘Culturally Insensitive’

Burger King in New Zealand has pulled an advert for being “culturally insensitive,” according to The Guardian. The ad depicts a western Caucasian male as he struggles to eat a burger with large chopsticks. The comical ad has since been deemed ‘racist.’ The controversial ad also inspired an additional post condemning the advertisement. The post […]

Burger King To Debut Meatless ‘Impossible Whopper’

The Impossible Burger, touted as a meatless, plant-based hamburger that tastes remarkably like the real thing, has begun to appear on restaurant menus nationwide following its introduction by the company known as Impossible Foods. Back in January, the latest version of the Impossible Burger beat out various gadgets to win the Best in Show at […]

Burger King Goes Arthouse With Super Bowl Advert Featuring Andy Warhol Eating A Whopper

Burger King may not win any prizes for the biggest star names in their Super Bowl halftime advert or the biggest budget spent, either. But they certainly conjured up one of the most left-field and arthouse adverts in recent times, as the Daily Mail reports. Their 45-second advert featured world-famous pop artist Andy Warhol silently […]

Burger King Squashes Hilarious Beef With YouTuber Casey Neistat By Donating To Charity

Earlier this week, several social media influencers, including popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, were shocked and confused after noticing that the Burger King Twitter account had been scrolling through and favoriting their old tweets, dating back to 2009 and 2010. Neistat, who currently has over 10 million subscribers on the video sharing platform — and almost […]

Burger King Trolls Donald Trump Over Fast Food ‘Hamberder’ Tweet

A spelling mistake made on Twitter can quickly go viral — especially when it’s made by Donald Trump. On Tuesday morning, the president posted a tweet in which he incorrectly wrote the word “hamburgers” as “hamberders.” The error quickly went viral, and certain fast food franchises were quick to jump on the joking bandwagon. On […]

Here’s How To Get Burger King’s New McDonald’s One Cent Whopper Deal

Burger King is rolling out a real whopper of a deal — their signature burger for a mere one cent. Of course, there’s a catch. According to Business Insider, the popular chain announced on Tuesday that it is “turning more than 14,000 McDonald’s into Burger King restaurants.” Who would go to McDonald’s to get a […]

Burger King’s Halloween ‘Nightmare King’ Said To Induce Nightmares, And Likely Indigestion

In the past, Burger King introduced a couple of different sandwiches with black buns with the aim of getting everyone into the Halloween spirit. 2018 is going to be different, though, and things are about to become exceptionally frightening. Not only will the special holiday sandwich from Burger King feature a green bun, but the […]

Baby Born In Burger King Bathroom As Mother Overdosed On Heroin

Elizabeth D. Sanders, 26 years old, was found in an Ohio Burger King bathroom, overdosing on heroin with drugs on the floor next to her. Meanwhile, Zachary Frey was found “passed out” behind the wheel of a running car. When officers arrived, Sanders said that she thought she had a miscarriage. A medic looked into […]

Happy National French Fry Day: Find Out Where To Score Freebies And Great Deals On Fries

July 13 is one of the best days of the year because it marks the blessed occasion of “National French Fry Day.” Whether you like curly, fresh cut, spicy, or crinkle cut — this holiday celebrates french fries of all shapes and sizes because let’s face it… have you ever met a fry that you […]

Burger King Apologizes For Ad Promising Whoppers For Life If A World Cup Player Impregnates You

Burger King’s Russian division really wants women to produce all-star athletes. So much so that it even put up an advertisement offering a big reward if they have children with a World Cup soccer player. But now the company is apologizing for the ad that many people deemed offensive. The now-deleted ad — featuring a […]

Burger King Employee Accused Of Stabbing Co-Worker And Lover To Death, Police Say

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office says a Burger King employee flagged down an officer early Tuesday morning after she allegedly stabbed her coworker and lover to death. Orlando Sentinel reported that just before 2:30 a.m., 29-year-old Samantha L. Bonilla sent her coworker, Justin Hooks, also 29, of Spring Hill, a text message stating that she […]

Burger King Ad — Bizarre Experiment Shows Bullied Whopper Jr. More Important Than Bullied Kid?

Burger King is out to tackle bullies and in doing so they concocted a rather odd, but telling experiment. The folks at Burger King employed teen actors to play various roles of bullies and victims while in the fast-food restaurant’s dining room. They also employed actors to bully a bunch of Whopper Jrs. that were […]

Fecal Bacteria Found In McDonald’s, Burger King, And Kentucky Fried Chicken

Another day, another drink contaminated with poop. It was only three weeks ago that Starbucks iced drinks were found to be contaminated with fecal bacteria coming from human poop, as reported by the BBC’s consumer series Watchdog. Now, Watchdog is reporting that they tested 30 fast-food locations to see if fecal bacteria was found in […]

McDonalds Drops Olympics Sponsorship: Here Is A List Of Possible Replacements

McDonalds has officially ended their 41-year sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee. The organization broke the news last Friday and revealed that both parties mutually agreed to end their decades-old partnership. According to the official statement posted on the IOC’s website, the fast-food giant’s decision stems from its desire to focus more on its […]

Burger King Brawl Erupts Between Employees And Customer In Viral Video

In a Houston Burger King fast-food eatery, a man who appears to be unruly definitely did not have it his way in a confrontation with several workers that some news outlets describe as a “Whopper.” In the NSFW cell phone video embedded below, the agitated man wearing a walking boot and shouting obscenities (allegedly including […]

Despite Complaints, McDonald’s And Burger King Insist On Gender-Specific Toys

McDonald’s and Burger King are being grilled by customers for giving out gender-specific toys. The fast food giants are in hot water for selling toys based on kids’ genitalia. McDonald’s and Burger King are under fire for asking “is it for a boy or girl?” every time a customer asks for a Happy Meal or […]

New Burger King Ad Hacks Google Home Devices – Internet And Google Respond to ‘What Is The Whopper Burger?’

Burger King had a great idea for a commercial. You can’t give much information out in fifteen seconds, so they would use Google Home to make their commercial a little longer. At the end of this commercial, the narrator says, “Okay Google, what is the Whopper burger?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_O54le4__I&ab_channel=BURGERKING For those of you who don’t know, […]

McDonald’s Worker Allegedly Robs Burger King In Indiana

An employee of a South Bend, Indiana, McDonald’s restaurant faces a charge of felony robbery for allegedly pilfering from a nearby Burger King outlet. The suspect in question reportedly showed up to work drunk and was sent home. Instead, while still wearing his McDonald’s uniform, he allegedly walked over to the Burger King down the […]

Burger King Manager Arrested For Alleged Sauce Assault

A Burger King manager faces a charge of simple assault for allegedly throwing sauce at a customer after she complained about a bunless burger. The saucy situation reportedly occurred at a Conway, New Hampshire, fast-food outlet. According to the police report filed by one of the responding officers, when the customer, Courtney Butler, discussed the […]

Whopperito: Burger King To Begin Offering New Whopper Burrito Nationwide

Burger King’s Whopperito will be available at locations nationwide beginning August 15. Although the specialty item, which combines the Whopper with a burrito, will only be available for a limited time, the fast-food giant confirmed it could become a regular menu item at a later date. During a recent interview, which was published by Chicago […]

National Hot Dog Day 2016: Here Are Places To Get Free Or Great Deals On Hot Dogs This Saturday — $1 Hot Dogs At Burger King

Every single day of the year is now a national holiday of some sort, and that seems like overkill but in reality, it’s to the benefit of everyone. Saturday, July 23, is National Hot Dog Day 2016 and there are actually some great deals on one of your favorite foods. Believe it or not, there […]

5-hour Baltimore Burger King Standoff Ends Peacefully — All Hostages Safe And Gunman/Rape Suspect In Custody

After a nearly five-and-a-half hour standoff and negotiations, police have said that the armed rape suspect that had taken four people — including a 7-year-old girl — hostage at gunpoint inside a Baltimore Burger King has finally surrendered and is in custody. The police department advised on Sunday evening that all the hostages have been […]

Baltimore Burger King Hostage Situation: 7-Year-Old Girl Is Among Those Being Held By Rape Suspect [Video]

Updated July 19, 3:00 p.m. EST – Suspect in hostage situation in Baltimore Burger King on Sunday, July 17, has been identified as George Johnson, as seen in the video above. Johnson will be facing several charges in addition to the rape charge that had police looking for him. When police spotted him on Sunday […]

Free Food Week — Today Is National French Fry Day And Krispy Kreme Donuts Celebrates 79th Birthday With BOGO Deal

This happens to be “free food week,” usually the week after the Fourth of July, food establishments and businesses give away free food, like 7-Eleven and Chick-Fil-A, as noted in previous Inquisitr articles. Today is also National French Fry Day, and according to Fortune magazine, you can get free fries at participating establishments such as […]

People Try Burger King Mac And Cheetos For The First Time: View Their Priceless Reactions

The name Mac And Cheetos tends to call to mind, for some, a most disgusting vision of fried cheese coating on top of more cheese (can we get some cheese with that?). For others, it might bring up dreams of gooey-cheesy goodness with a delicious cheese coating. Wherever you stand, we can all agree on […]

Burger King Milkshake Fight: Dallas Customer Allegedly Attacks Worker [Video]

A customer apparently dissatisfied with his Burger King milkshake hopped the counter and allegedly assaulted a female worker in her 60s at a Dallas fast-food eatery. The encounter was caught on just-released surveillance video, although the suspect is still at large. The man apparently threw the shake and then tossed a chair before he jumped […]

You Can Now Drink Pickle Juice Out Of A Can

If you’re into that sweet-and-sour dill taste that sticks to your Chick-fil-A sandwich even if there isn’t a pickle anywhere in sight, then you’re in luck. Thanks to D.C.-based pickle company Gordy’s Pickle Jar, you can now drink pickle juice out of a can. The unusual beverage, titled Fine Brine, is described on the website […]

Burger King Rolls Out New Menu Item, Almost ‘Breaks The Internet’ With The Whopperrito

The Burger King menu has just been expanded once more. Just like most fast food chains, the home of the Whopper appears to be continuing its defiance of the norm. This time, though, it seems they’ve “broken the internet” about as much as Kim Kardashian’s picture of her with a glass on her butt. It’s […]

Burger King Opens Its First Spa in Finland With Sauna, Swedish Massage And More [Video]

While its main competitor experiments with new burgers, Burger King has stepped things up by opening a full-service spa in Finland. Fast food fans can now shed their clothing in the sauna while tucking into their favorite Whopper meal. As the Inquisitr recently reported, McDonald’s is currently experimenting with new burger offerings to try and […]

Burger King Windows Smashed: Prank Caller Convinces Workers To Break Windows Because Of ‘Gas Leak’

Burger King windows were smashed by employees in Minnesota after a prank caller convinced them they needed to do so because of a “gas leak,” CNN is reporting. The Minnesota Burger King was the latest fast food location to fall victim to the prankster, or pranksters. The prankster, or group of pranksters, have convinced employees […]

Coon Rapids Burger King Fooled As Serial Prankster Hits U.S. Fast Food Outlet Workers

Pranksters are calling restaurants in several areas of the U.S., convincing some fast food outlet employees to smash windows to prevent various kinds of catastrophes from happening at their place of employment. In the latest incident, a prank caller in Minnesota persuaded the manager and several employees of a Burger King fast food outlet to […]

Burger King Prank Call In Minnesota — Anti-Gay Hate Crime In Miami Beach Burger King?

Employees of a Burger King in Minnesota were allegedly the victims of a prank phone call, it seemed. ABC News reported that a prank caller called a particular Burger King in the suburb of Coon Rapids on Friday night. Employees answered and the prank caller told them it was the fire department calling, alerting them […]

Burger King Unveils ‘Angriest Whopper’

Burger King has unveiled the Angriest Whopper, which features a hot sauce-infused red bun, jalapeños, and a spicy “angry sauce.” Although it has more than 800 calories and more than 1500 mg of sodium, the fast-food giant hopes the sandwich will be hit with customers who appreciate a unique, and spicy, burger. In their announcement, […]

Let The Wiener Wars Begin! Fight To Take Down Burger King Means Cheap Hot Dogs For Everyone

There can only be one wiener in the battle between Burger King and the long-time fast food hawkers of hot dogs. The cleverly dubbed “wiener wars” between the chain and other fast food spots like 7-Eleven, Checkers, and Rally’s, and Wienerschnitzel, began on Tuesday when Burger King introduced its hot dogs to the world, CBS […]

Burger King Adding Specialty Hot Dogs To Permanent Menu, Should They Be Called ‘Hot Dog King’?

Burger King is going to become the Hot Dog King! The fast food chain plans to roll out hot dogs at all of its 7,100 U.S. locations later this month, in a bid to bring lower-calorie and less-expensive options to its menu, MSN is reporting. With little fanfare, Burger King tested hot dogs at a […]

Burger King Menu Adds Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger With Shocking Amount Of Calories

The Burger King menu is a little longer now thanks to the recent addition of the Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger. The Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger allows Burger King to now have a two-patty sandwich with the added bonus of buttery garlic sauce as a tasty cover. Instead of a standard burger bun, this new sandwich […]

Burger King Employee Quits And Takes Every Chicken Nugget With Him, But There’s A Twist

When leaving a job that hasn’t been one that you love or that hasn’t been the best experience of your life, one usually likes to make a statement. Well, one Burger King employee took things a step further when they quit their job on and his last day, took every single chicken nugget that the […]

Burger King Customer Found Dead In Parking Lot

A New York woman was found dead in the parking lot of a Hackensack, New Jersey, Burger King on Monday. The East Coast was hit by a massive snowstorm this past weekend. Many were snowed in and few felt comfortable to drive. An expected one to two feet of snow became a reality on Friday […]

Wendy’s And Burger King Exchange Shots Over Twitter

Wendy’s just won social media for the day. After posting a picture with the caption, “The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful of mouth-filling glory,” Wendy’s got an unexpected response from their fast-food rivals, Burger King. The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful of mouth-filling glory. pic.twitter.com/JjDOFZVXuP — Wendy’s (@Wendys) January 20, 2016 Uproxx reports […]