27 National Monuments Are Under Review By President Trump And The Interior Department

The federal government owns one-fifth of the land in the United States. President Donald Trump and the Department of the Interior believe the government might just own too much of America and perhaps did not come by all of the 27 national monuments, and the property that surrounds them, by legal means. The Interior Department […]

15-Foot ‘Loch Ness Monster’ Spotted In Alaska’s Chena River Sparks Excitement On Facebook — But Biologist Suggests It May Have Been A Rope With Ice Attached [Video]

A video that appears to show a mysterious 15-foot monster swimming in the icy waters of the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska, has gone viral online, with many baffled viewers debating its nature, and a few wondering aloud whether Scotland’s Loch Ness monster has finally relocated to Alaska. The video, showing what appears to be […]

Bundy Brothers Not Guilty Verdict Shocks Prosecutors: Seven Defendants In Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff Set Free

The Bundy brothers have been found not guilty. The activist ranchers and five others who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon were acquitted on all charges by a federal jury on Thursday. One of the seven defendants proclaimed the acquittal was a big “win for rural America.” The federal jury found the […]

10 Things You Should Know About Wild Horses And The Bureau Of Land Management

There has been a lot of frenzy about the news that the Bureau of Land Management’s advisory board voted to recommend euthanizing 45,000 wild horses. Rumors and contradictions have been flying since the announcement. Here are 10 things you should know about the issue. 1. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) itself did not vote […]

BLM Advisory Board Recommends 45K Wild Horses Be Euthanized After Moving Them To Make Room For Cattle: Horses Can Be Adopted For $125

An advisory board to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is suggesting euthanizing 45,000 wild horses that were removed from their habitat to make room for privately-owned cattle to graze on U.S. rangelands for profit. The Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has recommended that all remaining unadoptable horses be […]

U.S. Government Wants To Kill 45,000 Wild Mustangs Held In Captivity

Nearly 45,000 wild mustangs are to be killed by the federal government unless the horses can be sold or adopted. Amounting to “the biggest horse slaughter in history,” the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seriously considering a plan to euthanize the animals put forth by the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. […]

William Keebler: Utah Militia Leader With Grouse Against U.S. Government For Imposing Cattle Grazing Restrictions Arrested In Bomb Plot

William Keebler, a Utah militia group leader with connections to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, was picked up by FBI agents Thursday for trying to blow up the U.S. Bureau of Land Management facility in Arizona, CBS News is reporting. Federal authorities say the 57-year-old man was planning an act of extreme retaliation against the U.S. […]

Mustang Monument Wild Horse Sanctuary Stalled Out By BLM

Mustang Monument started off as just the proverbial glimmer in Madeleine Pickens’ eye, back in 2006. She was inspired by the dilemma of the Bureau of Land Management, with the problem of what to do with all of the wild mustangs. Thousands of them are rounded up annually, taken off the public grazing lands designated […]

Cliven Bundy And Sons Indicted But Battle Against The BLM Rages On

Cliven Bundy and his sons have been indicted on federal charges and are being held without bond. The elder Bundy, his son Ammon Bundy, and two other men are being held with two others who were involved in BLM standoff at the Bundy ranch in Nevada in 2014. On Wednesday, a Nevada grand jury chose […]

Ammon Bundy: Occupiers Indicted As Lavoy Finicum Funeral Is Planned

Ammon Bundy and other Burns, Oregon, occupiers were indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday afternoon. The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom members were protesting the Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) supervision of federally-owned lands. Fellow member LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed by the FBI when he was traveling with the indicted to a […]

Ammon Bundy Talks With FBI About Oregon Standoff, Is The ‘Militia’ Leaving Burns?

Ammon Bundy is in talks with the FBI. One of the leaders of the Oregon standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Center and the federal agents had a chat earlier this week. The brief exchange was captured, at least in part, on video. The Oregon militia, as they have been dubbed by the media, took […]

Burns Paiute Tribe Sounds Off About Oregon Standoff At Malheur Wildlife Center

Burns Paiute tribal leaders are concerned that participants at the Oregon standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are going to steal Native American artifacts at the facility. Leaders maintain their “cultural rights” were respected by the government staffers, but worry important tribal materials inside could be destroyed during the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) […]

Oregon Standoff Ending? Oregon Militia Schedules Press Conference For Friday

The Oregon occupiers may soon be leaving the federal Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center where they have chosen to take a stand against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 11 days ago. Ammon Bundy and the other members of the “Oregon militia” have planned a community meeting for Friday to announce when the group plans […]

Malheur Occupiers Under Attack By PETA And Native American Tribe

The Malheur Wildlife Refuge center occupiers have reportedly come under attack not by the FBI or a local sheriff, but by PETA and a Native American tribe. Ammon Bundy, Blaine Cooper, and the other anti-BLM protesters who have taken up residence at the federal facility on public lands are being chastised by leaders of the […]

Malheur Militants Want Snacks And Don’t Consider Themselves Terrorists

The Malheur militants put out an all-call for snacks, and have doubled down on their plans to remain at the Burns, Oregon, wildlife center for the long haul. The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom initiated a peaceful, but armed, protest at the federal facility to drawn attention to the plight of Dwight Hammond and other ranchers […]

Bundy Clan Protesting Federal Government Receives Huge Government Assistance

Ammon Bundy, the son of notorious Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and leader of the ongoing Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation near Burns, Oregon, has had enough of being pushed around by the feds. But as Mother Jones reported Monday, in 2010 Bundy had no qualms taking a $530,000 loan from that very same tyrannical government. […]

Oregon Ranchers Report To Prison As Protests In Support Of Dwight Hammond Continue

Oregon ranchers reported to prison amid heated protests over their convictions. Dwight Hammond Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Hammond, 46, were locked in a battle with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and were arrested for starting fires on land owned by the federal government. The protest, which resulted in the takeover over a […]

Soda Fire: Idaho Residents Dealing With Largest Active Fire In U.S.

The Idaho Soda Fire is now considered the largest active fire in the U.S. It stretches over 265,000 acres and is currently only 10 percent contained. A type-1 incident team joined those already battling the Idaho Soda Fire on Thursday. The team included many relevant experts and they have been offering insight on how to […]

Galice Mining District BLM Battle Could Be Next ‘Bundy Ranch’ Oath Keepers Called For Help

A “Bundy Ranch” style is brewing in the Galice Creek, Oregon mining area with the Bureau of Land Management– BLM. For the last few years the miners from the Galice Mining District have been fighting with the BLM over the ownership of mineral rights in Galice Creek. The Galice Mining District is one of the […]

Cliven Bundy Takes On The Government Again, Pushing For States’ Rights And Less BLM Power

Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher and states’ rights activist, traveled to the statehouse to once again take on the government. The 69-year-old rancher first garnered national attention last spring when his battle with the Bureau of Land Managmenet (BLM) came to a head. The BLM owns significant, or even the majority, of land in multiple […]

Open Carry Rally In Texas Held To Oppose BLM Land Grab

The Gathering of the American Patriot open carry rally was held in Burkburnett, Texas to draw attention to the BLM land fight going on in the Lone Star State. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Bureau of Land Management boundary dispute may cause approximately 90,000 acres of privately held land to fall into the […]

BLM Battle In New Mexico: Jumping Mouse Habitat Sparks Water Rights Debate

BLM forest rangers were ordered to open gates for thirsty cattle in New Mexico by state officials. Bureau of Land Management Forest Service agents blocked gates in a rural area which prevented livestock from crossing freely during a water rights dispute late last week. Tensions between the ranchers and the federal government made international headlines […]

Recapture Canyon Showdown With BLM

Recapture Canyon in Utah is shaping up to be the next big showdown with the Bureau of Land Management – BLM.The Blanding area nature area is part of an escalating and lengthy dispute between the federal government and a host of local citizens. The angst revolves around the “closed to motorized use” policy instituted along […]

Ted Cruz Says BLM Needs To Sell Land, Not Grab More

Ted Cruz feels the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) should be reducing claims on public lands. The Republican Texas Senator is among those lawmakers weighing in on the Red River Texas and Oklahoma boundary dispute with the federal agency. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the BLM Red River boundary dispute may cause approximately 90,000 […]

Cliven Bundy African American Bodyguard Denies Nevada Rancher Is Racist [Video]

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy saw a lot of his support melt away after his racist comments became public, but not his volunteer bodyguard Jayson Bullock. The conflict between Cliven Bundy and the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been stewing for years and came to a head when heavily armed federal agents mobilized to […]

Bundy Ranch Owner Says Blacks Might Be ‘Better Off As Slaves,’ Political Supporters Run For Cover

Bundy Ranch owner Cliven Bundy made a series of racially charged statements in a press conference Saturday that have his top political supporters now distancing themselves from the man some backers have compared to Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi. The remarks surfaced in a New York Times story, but not until Wednesday, largely because the […]

BLM Standoff Brewing In Texas, Governor Rick Perry Weighs In

A BLM standoff in Texas could be the next battle for both property rights and states’ rights. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teddy Henderson is just one of the ranchers along the Texas and Oklahoma border who may lose land they hold a deed on, to the federal government. The Bureau of Land Management […]

Southern Poverty Law Center Blames Grassroots Activists For Lack Of Agenda 21 Popularity

Agenda 21 is losing public support due to an increase in grassroots efforts to curtail the United Nations program, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the UN Agenda 21 initiative is a voluntary and non-binding action plan which is reportedly focused only on sustainable development. A total of […]

Bundy Ranch: Cliven Bundy Discovers BLM Mass Cow Graves [Graphic Images]

Bundy ranch family members and friends spent much of their weekend moving cattle shot or run to death during the BLM standoff earlier this month. The graphic images have gone viral online, shocking both rancher and animal advocates alike. The first mass cattle graves photos released by Cliven Bundy and his supporters on Sunday appear […]

BLM Responsible For 460 Million Acres Of Public Lands

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wields power over about 460 million acres of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States of America. The federal agency which folks in western states deal with on a routine basis was largely unfamiliar to residents in other parts of the nation until the Cliven Bundy […]

Bundy Ranch Supporters Blast Glenn Beck For Opposing Violence In Standoff

The Bundy Ranch standoff has become a rallying point for conservative media, with outlets such as National Review Online, American Thinker and Fox News all editorializing in support of rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the federal Bureau of Land Management — a confrontation that seemed on the brink of violence over the weekend […]

BLM Blamed For Crushed Desert Tortoise Den And Shooting Deaths Of Bulls During Bundy Ranch Standoff

BLM agents reportedly ran over a desert tortoise den and shot a prized bull while it was in a livestock holding pen during the Bundy ranch standoff. The stated reason the Bureau of Land Management wanted the cattle owned by Cliven Bundy off the public lands was to ensure the safety and longevity of the […]

Bundy Ranch: Ron Paul Says ‘Waco’ Scenario Still Possible, Federal Land Comprises 81 Percent Of Nevada

Agents from the Bureau of Land Management vacated the Bunkerville area of Clark County around the Bundy ranch, but Ron Paul fears that the federal government is not done with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy just yet. Due to the large amount of land the BLM oversees for the federal government in the state, Paul is […]

Ranchers And BLM Square Off In Utah Over Wild Horses As Beef Prices Skyrocket

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to make headlines over ongoing battles with ranchers in multiple states. The federal agency may be extremely unfamiliar to Americans in some regions of the country, but those living in western states are vividly aware of the power the officials at the BLM possess due to their frequent […]

BLM Claims 90,000 Acres Does Not Belong To Texas, Attempts To Seize Ranch

The BLM removed armed federal agents from Bunkeville and near the Bundy ranch, but another possible “land grab” or range war appears to be brewing in Texas. Fellow rancher Tommy Henderson has been fighting the BLM for 30 years, and appears to be losing yet another round in the battle. Tommy Henderson is locked in […]

Harry Reid, Cliven Bundy, And The Big, Bad BLM

Is the Cliven Bundy issue really a “land grab” conducted by Harry Reid and the federal government? Saturday federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management backed down from an armed stand-off with citizens protesting the BLM’s round-up of Cliven Bundy’s cattle on Gold Butte in Nevada. The conflict between Cliven Bundy and the BLM […]

Cliven Bundy’s Cattle Returned, Armed Stand-Off Ends

Federal agents and contractors returned Cliven Bundy’s cattle Saturday, de-escalating the days-long armed stand-off. US officials from the Bureau of Land Management returned 400 head of cattle to the 67-year-old rancher in the interest of safety. “Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision […]

Cliven Bundy: Range War Brewing In Nevada Over Cattle Grazing On Public Land

Heavily armed federal agents have converged on Clark County, Nevada to stop the grazing of cattle on public lands. The standoff has been brewing for decades and only one rancher still remains in the fight. Cliven Bundy has likened the fight against the federal government in support of both individual rights and states’ rights to […]