A Toothbrush Holder Bought At A Market Has Been Found To Be An Indus Valley Civilization Relic From 1900 BCE

While visiting a car-boot sale in the West Midlands, Karl Martin bought what he thought could be used as a toothbrush holder for just £4 and was astonished to later discover that what he had actually purchased was an Indus Valley civilization artifact that dates back to 1900 BCE. As the Hindustan Times reported, Martin […]

A Man Foraging For Mushrooms In Slovakia Has Discovered Two Rare Bronze Age Helmets

While hunting for mushrooms last year, a man in Slovakia managed to discover two extremely well-preserved Bronze Age helmets, which are now proudly being held at the Eastern Slovakia Museum in Košice. The mushroom picker originally found the helmets in Michalovce County — close to the village of Trhovište — and took them to the […]

A Touching Display: A Man And Woman Are Found Embracing In A 3,000-Year-Old Ukrainian Grave

Archaeologists have uncovered the dramatic Bronze Age burial of a man and woman who were found embracing each other in a 3,000-year-old Ukrainian grave, with the woman believed to have willingly entered the tomb alive to be buried beside her husband. As the Daily Mail reports, archaeologists believe that it would have been quite impossible […]

Entire Civilization Of ‘Sea Peoples’ May Have Been Wiped Out In ‘World War Zero,’ Archaeologists Say

Archaeologists have long hypothesized at what exactly caused the end of the Bronze Age. However, key pieces of evidence seem to be missing, making it impossible to fully paint a picture of what went on leading up to the Battle of Troy and the subsequent civil war. One of these missing pieces is the identity […]

Perfectly Preserved ‘Bronze Age’ Wooden Wheel Discovered — 3,000-Year-Old Artifact Unearthed In England With Hub Still Attached

The largest and earliest of its kind, a Bronze Age wheel has been discovered at a site dubbed “Britain’s Pompeii.” The wooden wheel is in near perfect condition and astonishingly still has its hub attached. Archaeologists are confident the wheel and the site will offer a never-before-seen glimpse into the life of early Britain and […]