Lily Allen Stuns In Shorts & Fishnet Tights In Front Of Union Jack Backdrop For VE Day Appreciation Post

Lily Allen took to Instagram to honor VE day with a throwback photo of herself. For those unaware, VE Day — also known as Victory in Europe Day — is a day to remember the end of the Second World War in Europe. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the historic day. For Allen’s […]

British Government Reportedly Dropped China From Its Coronavirus Death Toll For ‘Unreliable Data’

The British government has allegedly removed China from its official coronavirus death toll when it compares other country’s responses to the pandemic. The removal comes amid suspicions that the Chinese Communist Party is deflating numbers to downplay the scale of the outbreak. As reported by Evening Standard, 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the government […]

Kate Middleton Tells Mother Who Made Documentary About Raising Her Daughter In Syria That She Is ‘Heartbroken’

Kate Middleton attended the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday along with her husband Prince William. During the event, she spoke with Waad Al-Kateab, the mother who won a BAFTA award for her documentary about raising her daughter in war-torn Syria, reported Daily Mail. The Duchess of Cambridge called the Oscar-nominated Channel 4 documentary […]

British Scrap Dealer Cuts Open Old Safe, Finds $26,000 In Old Coins, Bills Inside

A British scrapyard cut open an old safe and found $26,000 in old — but still good — coins and bills inside, BBC News reported. The scrap dealer said he plans to donate the money to charity. David Dodds, the managing director of Sackers, a scrapyard and scrap metal dealer in Ipswich, has a theory […]

Why Brits Fear There Will Be No Bacon After Brexit

There is much talk about what Brexit could mean for citizens of Great Britain, and particularly a no-deal Brexit. The Telegraph has suggested that one thing that Brits would have to live without is bacon, a critical ingredient of the quintessential morning breakfast fry-up. If October 31 brings a no-deal Brexit, there could be a […]

Papadopoulos Thinks Britain, Not FBI, Was Behind Undercover Agent Probing For Trump-Russia Intelligence

The Inquisitr reported that the FBI sent an investigator posing as an assistant to meet with then-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, back when the bureau was assessing the scope of Russia’s alleged attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. But CNN reports that Papadopoulos is doubtful that the woman he met in London in September […]

Prince Philip’s Car Accident Raises The Question: Can Members Of The Royal Family Be Arrested By The Police?

Prince Philip was in a nasty car wreck this week, and the event has raised questions about whether or not members of the royal family can be arrested – for example, what if the Duke of Edinburgh had been driving under the influence or had been driving recklessly? As Yahoo News reports, the answer is […]

Can Queen Elizabeth Choose Who Follows Her To The Throne?

Public opinion for Prince Charles severely wavered in the 1990s due to various scandals relating to Princess Diana, and many have wondered if Queen Elizabeth may simply skip over her eldest son and give the crown to Prince William, next in line for the throne after Charles. But is Queen Elizabeth allowed to bestow the […]

UK Economy Shrinking By 4 Percent 10 Years After Brexit, According To NIESR Report

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Britain’s foremost independent research institute, estimates that the GDP of the United Kingdom (UK) will be 4 percent lower within 10 years after Brexit than it would be if the UK remained in the European Union (EU), according to the NIESR Report released this morning. The […]

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November: How Guy Fawkes Day Is Like Britain’s Fourth Of July

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Today is November 5, or Guy Fawkes Day as it’s known in Britain and across much of the Commonwealth, and for those not familiar, here’s the briefest of brief explanations for how and why this day is the sort-of British equivalent to America’s Fourth of July. America’s national holiday commemorates a […]

Rita Ora, Wearing See-Through Body Suit, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Latest Instagram Post

Her post is technically a video, promoting her latest single and touting its current placement on the U.K. record charts. But that’s probably not what most of Rita Ora’s followers are drawn to when they first see her most recent Instagram post. Ora, whose latest album Phoenix is set to debut in November according to […]

Northern Ireland Border Becomes ‘Real Problem’ In Brexit Talks

Negotiations over a “hard border” in Northern Ireland has become a “real problem” in the United Kingdom’s continued Brexit discussions with the European Union, the BBC News reported Monday. The EU reportedly wants to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland that would include physical checks. British prime minister Theresa May has added, though, that […]

Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Is U.K.’s No. 1 Album Of All-Time

With a little help from their friends, the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was just named the United Kingdom’s top studio album of all-time by the Official Charts Company, which ranks records from 1956 onward based on physical sales, downloads, and streams. The British company released its list of the nation’s 40 bestsellers […]

Donald Trump Complimented Business Leaders On Their ‘Great Bloodlines’ At Dinner During United Kingdom Trip

President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom this past summer had many bizarre moments, but one of them that hasn’t been reported on until recently seems to suggest the president sought to compliment business leaders on their great genetic traits. Trump was speaking at a black-tie business event at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of […]

Theresa May Dances Onto Stage, Then Stands By Brexit Plan At Conservative Party Conference

British Prime Minister Theresa May received a standing ovation after briefly dancing onstage in Birmingham, England, before giving a speech at the Conservative Party Conference defending her Brexit plan, Reuters reported. It was a short moment of levity for May, who made fun of herself by moving to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” The impromptu dance moves […]

A British TV Presenter And Professor Are Certain That King Arthur’s Camelot Was Really In Cirencester

BBC TV presenter Nick Knowles is absolutely convinced that King Arthur’s Camelot was really located in Cirencester and has stated that a professor also agrees with him and that the two of them may even be able to prove their claim. According to the Daily Mail, Knowles explained that he is certain that the famous […]

Eminem’s Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze’ Tops Charts In US And On Track To Break Records In Britain

After the surprise release of hip-hop artist Eminem’s 10th full-length album Kamikaze on August 31, Forbes now reports that the artist is on the verge of breaking records worldwide. As shared by The Inquisitr last week, the album’s release came out of nowhere without promotional publicity – unlike his previous album, Revival, which was released […]

Watch Theresa May ‘Dad Dance’ During South Africa Visit

According to ABC News, British Prime Minister Theresa May was spotted dancing with a group of school children during her recent visit to Cape Town, South Africa. While May’s first visit to the continent was to announce her plans to boost the United Kingdom’s investment in Africa post-Brexit, May also met up with a group […]

Prince William’s Story Of Kate Middleton Meeting The Queen Leaves Fans ‘Confused’

The royal family is capable of a lot. They have access to funds, modes of transportation, and opportunities most could only dream of. One thing no royal family member has proven capable of is time travel, which is why many have recently pointed out an interesting discrepancy. William indicates he was present when his wife […]

Britain Is Being Invaded By Drunken, Aggressive Wasps

With the warmer season, flying insects are on the rise. However, England is having a season full of abnormally mean-spirited wasps. They’re disturbing picnics, invading homes, and even attacking people. According to Metro, there has already been two victims to the wasp invasion. Twin boys Luca and Romy Muller were attacked by the insects, and […]

More Than 100 Constituencies That Backed Brexit Now Want To Remain In The E.U., According To New Analysis

More than 100 Westminster constituencies that voted to leave the E.U. in the 2016 referendum have now switched their support to stay, shows an analysis by the Observer, reported by The Guardian. While the Brexit parliamentary battle is set to take place later this year, these new results could have a significant effect on the […]

Meghan Markle’s Dad Says He’s Thinking About Going To Kensington Palace To See His Daughter Again

Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, has said something remarkable in a recent interview with The Sun. He says that he’s seriously considering flying from his home in Mexico to the U.K. to see his daughter again. This comes coupled with his declaration that he’ll stop giving interviews if Meghan simply speaks to him, according to […]

U.S. Embassy Warns Americans In U.K. To ‘Keep A Low Profile’ Amid Trump Visitation

As reported by AOL, an alert issued by the United States Embassy to the United Kingdom in London on Tuesday, July 10, warns U.S. citizens to “keep a low profile” whilst abroad in the greater British Isles during President Trump’s scheduled visit. The warning comes with the information that organizers expect a chance that British […]

Trump Orders Strike On Syria, Reports Of Explosions Over Capital [Breaking]

President Trump ordered the U.S. military to launch “precision strikes” in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Bloomberg reported that this strike is in response to a suspected chemical attack in Douma, Syria, where 21 to 78 civilians were killed. Trump said that the reason for the strike is to “establish a strong deterrent” to […]

KFC Runs Out Of Chicken — Most Of 900 KFC Restaurants Forced To Close Temporarily Across The Pond

KFC Twitter posts for most of the 900 KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurants tells the story, there’s no chicken to be had, not today anyway. In a tweet that the British branch of KFC sent out Sunday said, “The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants.” The lack of chicken has caused the […]

Formula 1 ‘Grid Girls’ And Feminism, A Female Race Car Driver Shares Her Thoughts [Video]

Apparently as the result of pressure from feminist groups, the Formula 1 professional racing circuit has announced that it will no longer feature promotional models called “grid girls” when the new F1 season starts on March 25, 2018. In a statement, the organization claimed that the longtime grid girl contingent no longer resonates with its […]

President Trump Claims He Is ‘Popular’ In Britain, But He May Face ‘Biggest Ever’ Protest

President Donald Trump went on something of a charm offensive last week when he attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. Trump was pictured alongside United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May, and he almost apologized for retweeting fake videos by far-right race hate group Britain First. As reported by the Independent, President Trump, speaking during […]

Racist Messages About Meghan Markle Prompts U.K. Political Leader To Break Up With Girlfriend

Henry Bolton, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), revealed today in a series of media interviews that he has split from his girlfriend over racist text messages that she reportedly sent to a friend about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s bride to be. Bolton, 54, said that the romantic aspect of his relationship […]

Donald Trump Lambastes British Prime Minister Theresa May Over ‘Those’ Videos

Over the past couple of years, we have become used to seeing President Donald Trump lashing out at his critics on social media platform Twitter. In recent weeks we have seen Trump use Twitter to attack fellow Republicans John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker, and of course, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is a favorite […]

Queen Elizabeth Caught In Offshore Investment Scandal After £10 Million Fund Exposed In Leaked Paradise Papers

Queen Elizabeth invested private funds in offshore tax havens and this was exposed after the “Paradise Papers” emerged. Based on the leaked documents, the British Queen has millions of funds stored in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The controversial exposè was reportedly obtained by Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper. Aside from the Queen, many other […]

UK Parliament: Sexual Assault Allegations Shake Westminster

Numerous members of the British Parliament may be facing repercussions including criminal charges as the spectre of sexual assault and harassment spreads to the UK political scene. A series of rumours, which have included the admission of misconduct by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, rose to a new level of seriousness this afternoon when a member […]

Trump Cities ‘Islamic Terror’ As A Cause Of Rising Crime In Britain, British Government Says Otherwise

Donald Trump cited “the spread of radical Islamic terror” as a cause of the rise in crime in England and Wales, a claim that British authorities say is not true, The Guardian is reporting. In the early morning on Friday, Trump posted a tweet about the latest British crime statistics. “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom […]

12-Year-Old Girl Who Sent Topless Photo To Pedophile Who Groomed Her Now Facing Child Pornography Charges

A 12-year-old British girl who sent a topless photo to a pedophile who was “grooming” her is now herself facing criminal charges for producing and distributing child pornography, the Independent is reporting. The girl, whose name has not been released due to her being a juvenile and herself a crime victim, was targeted by the […]

Big Ben Rings For The Last Time, And Brits Are Outraged By The Silencing Of The Grand Bell

London’s iconic Big Ben has sounded off for the last time. The hourly bong of the Big Ben will be missing from everyday London life as it undergoes repairs until 2021. Big Ben, which has been marking the passage of time in London since 1859, rang for the final time at noon on August 21. […]

Netflix And Amazon On Pace To Take Over British Box Office Soon

Netflix and Amazon are both competing against each other in the video streaming market over in the United Kingdom, but there is also an unintended victim that will experience the fallout from their fierce competition. With sales and subscriptions to premium video on demand companies like Netflix and Amazon, the sky is the limit as […]

Listen To The Banned Song Calling Theresa May A ‘Liar Liar’: It Soared To Number One On iTunes Charts

The upcoming British General Election just took an ironic turn as a song accusing Theresa May of being a “liar” roared its way to the top of the iTunes U.K. charts, despite being banned from the airwaves. After hitting the number one spot on the U.K. charts on Tuesday, it fell a notch on Wednesday […]

Ivanka Trump Reportedly The One Behind President Trump’s Move To Bomb Syria

With the recent bombing from the United States on Syria over chemical weapons, many found it to be strange that President Donald Trump made such a move, but according to a recent report, it seems his daughter Ivanka was behind the idea. The controversial bombing was done on Syria after knowledge of chemical weapons was […]

ISIS Terror Attacks Focused On UK? Iraqi Orphans Are Being Groomed As Soldiers

Max Hill, Britain’s “terror watchdog,” said that Britain is more vulnerable to terror attacks nowadays than during the “dark days of IRA.” In Hill’s interview with the Sunday Telegraph, he said that Islamists and ISIS are targeting the UK, and this is an “ongoing risk which none of us can ignore.” Hill is no amateur […]

Susan Astle: Hot Air Balloon Crash In South Africa Kills British Tourist, Leaves Others Injured

A 48-year-old British tourist has died after falling from a hot air balloon in South Africa on Tuesday. The woman, identified as Susan Astle, was reportedly on the hot air balloon ride with her husband and two sons when it was suddenly swept by a powerful wind and crashed into a tree, News24 reported. Astle […]

Jay Z’s Wife, Beyonce, Faces A Serious Accusation In Lawsuit

Jay Z and Beyonce are one amazing couple. Having been married for eight years now, their marriage has gone through some trying times, but still seems to be going strong. With the influence that they wield in the entertainment industry, they have been vocal on numerous issues affecting America and the world as a whole. […]

13-Year-Old Viagra Addict Speaks Out, Popped Six Pills A Night At Height Of His Addiction

A 13-year-old boy from Britain revealed his addiction to Viagra, making him the youngest addict to the erectile dysfunction drug. The boy, who remains unnamed due to his age, claims he started taking Viagra when he was only 12-years-old. He started popping the little blue pills after his friends warned him that he would perform […]

One Man Accidentally Throttled Girl To Death During Overeager Sex, He Says

The Daily Mail reports that one attractive young woman was recently found dead and visibly brutalized under a sheet in the bedroom of a much older man. Autopsies revealed that the woman, identified as 20-year-old India Chipcase, was sexually violated before being murdered. She was also found to have the fingerprints of Edward Tenniswood, the […]

Theresa May Set To Be Sworn In As The Next Prime Minister Of Britain

Theresa May, who served as the Home Secretary of Britain from 2010, is all set to be sworn in as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. According to BBC News, Theresa May’s only opponent, Andrea Leadsom, announced on Monday that she was pulling out of the race. Theresa May is 59-years-old and has […]

Killer Seagulls Invade Britain, Violent Seabirds Halt Mail Delivery To English Town

They’ve been known to steal sandwiches and French fries from the unwary and swoop down to make a mess of forgotten food wrappers, but the seagulls nesting along Britain’s coast have grown strangely violent. In a scene out of the movie The Birds, a group of seagulls attacked a British mail carrier this week forcing […]

George W. Bush And Tony Blair Both Responsible For The Iraq War, Top Secret Letters Released

The Iraq war is said to have been full of poor decisions. The question up until now was if former U.S. president George W. Bush had the sole blame in the war, or if others were furtively on his side. After the British government requested information in their investigation of the Iraq War, the country […]

Canada Day Observed Yesterday With A Distinctly Syrian Flavor

Canada, the second biggest country in the world, celebrated its founding day yesterday, Friday, July 1, in ceremonies around the country that reflect multiculturalism or the opposite of Brexit (British separation from the European Union). As the country remains largely Brexit-defiant, Syrian refugees would be feted a week after Brexit broke (Friday, June 24). The […]

Boris Johnson Will Not Run For Prime Minister After Brexit

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who helped lead the Brexit campaign, will not be running for prime minister of Britain. An ally of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, recently announced he will be campaigning for the position, according to the New York Times. Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down from his position because […]

Brexit Do-Over? 3M Brits Crash Parliament Website In #Regrexit Panic

It’s only been a matter of days since Britain voted to leave the European Union in the historic Brexit vote and now more than 3 million voters are asking for a do-over Regrexit vote. An online U.K. petition written by William Oliver Healey demanding a do-over of the historic Brexit referendum vote garnered so much […]

No Brexit Say Three Million Signatures – Petition Calling For A Second Referendum Gets Enormous Response, Forcing Parliament To Reconsider

A petition seeking a second referendum on “Brexit” has managed to garner nearly three million signatures. The petition has persuaded the British Parliament to reconsider their stand on leaving the European Union (EU). Almost three million United Kingdom citizens have signed an online petition pressing for a second EU referendum after the country marginally won […]

After Brexit, People Are Shaming Britain’s Colonialism

After the Brexit vote, many people have taken to Twitter to shame Britain over its past colonialism, according to Mic. Can't think about #Brexit without thinking about this. — Parody Derek (@DartmouthDerek) June 24, 2016 One of the major factors for many British people when it came to voting to leave the European Union […]