Brian Williams Makes An Embarrassing Math Gaffe, Quickly Gets Mocked On Twitter

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams is getting roundly mocked on social media after an embarrassing math blunder on his show The 11th Hour. The gaffe has not only caused “Brian Williams” to go viral on Twitter with more than 32,000 tweets also acknowledging the accompanying hashtag “math is hard.” The segment, which aired last night, dissected […]

Donald Trump Now ‘Functionally A Monarch,’ Most Powerful President Ever, Says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian

Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander was considered a pivotal vote in the effort to allow witnesses and new evidence in the Donald Trump impeachment trial on Friday. But before he announced that he would vote against bringing in witnesses, effectively ending the impeachment effort against Trump, Alexander was spotted reading a book about the history […]

‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Divorces Husband Of 4 Years

According to Page Six, Girls star Allison Williams and her husband Ricky Van Veen have decided to divorce after four years of marriage. A close friend of the couple said that the pair were “distinctly different.” Williams and Van Veen released a joint statement to the New York newspaper about their difficult decision. “With mutual […]

Brian Williams Headed Back To Primetime To Cover Iowa Caucuses

Brian Williams, the former NBC Nightly News anchor, is headed back to primetime television. Williams is scheduled to make a return to the anchor seat, co-anchoring MSNBC’s coverage of the Iowa caucuses with television host Rachel Maddow. MSNBC’s live coverage of the Iowa caucuses is slated to begin on Monday, February 1 at 6 p.m. […]

Allison Williams Marries Beau In Secret Ceremony

When last we heard from Allison Williams, she was postponing her impending nuptials with beau Ricky Van Veen in order to better devote her time and attention to defending her famous newsman father, Brian Williams. Allison made that announcement back in February and since then, she hadn’t followed up with any kind of timeline as […]

Allison Williams Marries Ricky Van Veen In Top-Secret, Star-Studded Ceremony

Actress Allison Williams is officially off the market! Us Weekly reports that the 27-year-old Girls actress married her longtime boyfriend, entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen, on Saturday in a ranch wedding ceremony filled with celebrities. EXCLUSIVE; Allison Williams marries Ricky Van Veen in a star-studded ranch wedding: Get the details — Us Weekly (@usweekly) September […]

A Holy Comeback — Brian Williams To Cover Pope Francis’ First Visit To The U.S

He’s back! After months off the air, disgraced NBC journalist Brian Williams will be back on the air in a little over a week to cover a story that seems to perfectly cap the reporter’s journey to redemption in the eyes of the American public. Williams will cover Pope Francis’ first visit to the U.S. […]

David Gregory Talks NBC Split And Why Brian Williams Is Still With The Network

When David Gregory parted ways with NBC roughly a year ago, not too much was said about the split. Before Gregory’s departure from Meet the Press, rumors swirled that execs planned to revamp and reinvigorate Press — with Chuck Todd instead. Ratings had flagged, and people seemed not to care for David at the helm; […]

Megyn Kelly’s Vacation Causes Suspension Speculation

Was Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly suspended? That’s what fans and so-called haters of hers think, because she is now on vacation. The vacation announcement came soon after the controversy surrounding the beef between her and presidential contender Donald Trump. MRC News reports that social media is lighting up with speculation in light of the […]

Brian Williams’ Interview With Matt Lauer: ‘What Happened Is The Fall Of A Whole Host Of Other Sins’ [Video]

The Today show Brian Williams’ interview with Matt Lauer video is certainly getting a lot of replays on Friday. It’s the first time that Brian has spoken publicly and in-depth about the untruths that cost him his role as the long-time NBC Nightly News anchor. In describing what amounts to lies and hyperbole about his […]

Ann Curry’s Final Months Of Torture May Be What Brian Williams Is Going Through

With Brian Williams out of the anchor chair at NBC and Lester Holt in, one person may know all too well what the once beloved Williams may be going through. Ann Curry’s final months at Today was “torture.” When she was ousted from her role at the daytime show alongside Matt Lauer, who many allege […]

Brian Williams To Stay At NBC But In New Role [Video]

NBC and Brian Williams have reached an agreement that will allow Williams to stay at the network after his six-month suspension ends in August, but in a new role. Inside sources told CNN about the plan that lets Brian stay, which ends months of speculation about whether Williams would be given the boot altogether. Although […]

New Role For Williams? Brian Williams’ NBC Role

Brian Williams’ NBC role might be different from the anchor job he had before his six-month suspension. According to the Huffington Post, there might be a new role for Williams. CNN reported that Brian Williams’ NBC role may be a new one if he returns. CNN’s Brian Stelter says the network is looking to keep […]

Brian Williams May Still Have An NBC Role, But Will It Be As News Anchor?

Brian Williams may return to NBC in some role beside as anchor of NBC Nightly News, or he may leave the network altogether — with a hefty buyout of his contract. Those two options are among several on the table, Variety is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brian Wiliams was suspended from NBC […]

Tom Brokaw Cancer Diagnosis Interrupts His ‘Lucky Life’: News Anchor Talks Humility And Brian Williams

Tom Brokaw is factual about his cancer diagnosis, as befits a journalist who has dedicated his life to reporting on news facts rather than fiction. But at the same time, the former NBC Nightly News anchor is emotional about the fact that he’s in remission from incurable cancer, reported Parade. Married for 52 years, Tom […]

Brian Williams Disappears From ‘Nightly News’ Podcast, Fuels Speculation Williams Won’t Return

While Brian Williams is still on suspension from NBC Nightly News, many have speculated Williams won’t be back after the disgraced anchor’s image was recently removed from an icon which was attached to the NBC Nightly News’ podcast on Apple’s iTunes. Williams’ suspension is due to end sometime in August, but NBC has not announced […]

Brian Williams Back At NBC Despite 10 Embellishments? Anchor Won’t Leave Unless Fired, And NBC Chief Wants His Return

Brian Williams wants to return, and that possibility is encouraged by some back at NBC. But will his dreams of warming up that anchor seat come true? That’s the question that looms over Brian’s future, as he remains on suspension from the network after at least 10 reports of embellishments, according to the New York […]

Brian Williams’ NBC Career Not Over: Head Honcho Wants Brian Williams Back ‘ASAP’

The plot thickens with Brian Williams and NBC. The network’s news chief, Andrew Lack, is doing everything he can to make sure that Williams’ career with them continues. In an exclusive published by the New York Daily News Monday afternoon, sources are telling them that Lack is trying to find a way to put Brian […]

Brian Williams Gets Flack For 10 Fibs While 1,000 Doctors Say ‘Quack’ Dr. Mehmet Oz Should Resign

Brian Williams and Dr. Mehmet Oz may not seem to have much in common. However, the famous news personality and equally famous TV talk show physician both are under fire and hoping that their reputations can survive the repeated attacks that could threaten their careers. For Williams, new reports of 10 egregious embellishments are making […]

Brian Williams Ratted Out By NBC News Staff — Probe Uncovers 11 Lies, Including This New One

A review of NBC anchorman Brian Williams’ journalistic exploits has put a number to his fibs. So far, the tally stands at 11 different occasions he fell short of telling the whole truth, and the investigation isn’t done. In an interesting twist, it appears that the NBC News staff was aware of Williams’ fibbing — […]

Brian Williams Back: Ratings Slip For ‘NBC Nightly News,’ Network And Audience Ready To Forgive Brian Williams?

After Tuesday’s ratings for NBC Nightly News, it seems that the network and the audience may want Brian Williams back. At least, that’s what some reports are implying. As CNN reports, the Nightly News anchor’s absence is starting to show its impact in viewer ratings. Williams — currently on a 6-month suspension for his inflated […]

NBC Brian Williams: Were His Fibs A Desire To Impress Tom Brokaw, Or A Brain Tumor?

NBC executives are playing the blame game right now, but fingers aren’t just pointing at its disgraced anchor, Brian Williams. And this likely won’t help: The anchor has blamed his habit of weaving tall tales on a brain tumor. On Tuesday, Vanity Fair published an article on the fall of NBC News, which added this […]

Will Brian Williams Be A New Host On The Talk Show Circuit? Is Stephen Colbert Still Taking Over For David Letterman?

Brian Williams sees himself as more than an anchorman. According to reports, he eyed several other jobs that he thought were also in line with his talents. He is currently on a six-month suspension from his position as anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” and his future is uncertain since he admitted to embellishing on his […]

Katie Couric Will Not Return To NBC, Revolt Averted

Katie Couric is not returning to NBC, according to a statement from her spokesman. He insists that despite the rumors swirling around Couric replacing Brian Williams, she is too focused on her work for Yahoo. According to other sources, the story might be a little bit more complicated than that. Couric’s spokesperson told the New […]

Katie Couric As Brian Williams’ Replacement: Sources Say She’s Under Consideration

Is Katie Couric Brian Williams’ replacement for NBC after the controversy he’s faced? That is the buzz making the rounds, but it sounds like not everybody is thrilled with the possibility. What’s the scoop available so far? According to the Daily Mail, NBC is looking to bring Katie Couric back in the wake of the […]

Lester Holt Emergency Ends As TV Anchor Heads Back To ‘Nightly News’: What’s Next For Brian Williams? [Video]

Faithfully fulfilling his role as Brian Williams’ temporary replacement on the Nightly News, Lester Holt announced that a family emergency forced him to find a substitute on March 2. To the rescue came Savannah Guthrie, who normally co-hosts the Today Show, reported Deadline. Why the surge of interest in who is replacing Brian Williams? Some […]

Bill O’Reilly: In The Cross-Hairs of Liberals [Opinion]

In this era of uber-partisanship, liberals across the country seem to be in a coordinated attack mode against Bill O’Reilly. The reason for this attack – O’Reilly has the nerve to work at Fox News. After the demise of Brian Williams at NBC, liberals have made it their mission to take O’Reilly down in an […]

Bill O’Reilly Falklands Controversy Prompts Fox News Ratings Surge

Bill O’Reilly’s alleged “Brian Williams problem” has been a ratings bonanza for Fox News and for The O’Reilly Factor. In the aftermath of the Brian Williams suspension, O’Reilly has been accused of embellishing his war reporting by liberal journalist David Corn of Mother Jones. O’Reilly pushed back hard on his program last Friday and Monday. […]

Savannah Guthrie Receives Support After Oversleeping: What Is Next For ‘Today’ Show Host?

Savannah Guthrie is making news this weekend for doing something many Americans do every day. The Today show host hit the snooze button when her alarm went off on Thursday morning, and she almost overslept and missed her time on the morning news show, according to the Spread It. She almost showed up late to […]

Did Bill O’Reilly Pull a Brian Williams?

Bill O’Reilly is in the news again, this time for the wrong reasons. According to a New York Daily News report, the Fox News anchor and host of the O’Reilly Factor is under scrutiny for false reporting on the Falklands War in the 1980’s. He becomes the second high-profile television anchor, the first being Brian […]

‘NBC Nightly News’ Takes Huge Ratings Hit After Brian Williams Scandal

The NBC Nightly News is taking a giant hit from the Brian Williams scandal, losing 700,000 viewers after the show’s anchor started a suspension for some false statements about past reporting. As fill-in anchor Lestor Holt started subbing for Williams, viewers turned away from the show in hoards, and at a time that is traditionally […]

Does Bill O’Reilly Also Have Brian Williams-Style War Story Lies?

Bill O’Reilly was one of several news pundits to specifically call out Brian Williams’ actions following the revelation that the NBC anchor had lied about the events surround at least one of his Iraq War stories. Bill blasted Brian’s distortion of the facts as more than just an isolated misstep. Instead, O’Reilly said the case […]

Allison Williams Delays Wedding To Defend Dad Brian Williams And ‘Girls’ Nepotism Charges [Video]

Allison Williams is proud to be the daughter of Brian Williams, despite his fall from anchor chair glory. And although she’s put her wedding plans on hold to defend her dad, Allison wants to stand by his side and do what she can to restore him to what she believes is the news position he’s […]

Brian Williams Scored As Talk Show Entertainer, But Did He Turn News Into ‘Edutainment’? Morality Clause Concern [Video]

Everyone agrees that Brian Williams knows how to tell a story, especially talk show hosts such as Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman, who loved having him as a guest. But as he repeatedly basked in applause in his 80 entertainment talk show appearances, did Williams gradually blur the line and tell stories in his role […]

Did Brian Williams Really Embed With SEAL Team Six? Military Spokesman Casts Doubt On Claims

Brian Williams reported in 2011 about being embedded with the famed SEAL Team 6, the ultra-secretive group tasked with many high-profile missions including killing Osama bin Laden, but in the wake of Williams’ Iraq reporting scandal, this too has come into question. In 2011, shortly after the raid in Pakistan that killed bin Laden, Brian […]

Brian Williams Isn’t Alone – Hillary Clinton Embellishes Stories Too

Brian Williams faces a six-month suspension for something that everyone does, embellish stories. Granted, his exaggerations are a bit extreme – surviving a helicopter crash in Iraq, being at the Berlin Wall when it fell, meeting the Pope – but experts say even those extremes are more normal than most people think, especially for journalists […]

Brian Williams At Berlin Wall: Latest Apparent Fib — Said He Was There When Wall Came Down

Brian Williams, the $10 million-per-year NBC News anchor, has already been placed on a six-month unpaid suspension for apparently fibbing about his experiences while covering the Iraq War in 2003. Now, a series of newly discovered exaggerations and seeming fabrications by Williams are coming to light, the latest revealed Thursday in a report by CNN […]

Hoda Kotb Says Brian Williams Is ‘Devastated’ Over Iraq War Controversy

Today co-host Hoda Kotb feels for Brian Williams in the midst of the Iraq War controversy. Us Weekly reports that Kotb told Fox 411 News that she knows Brian Williams is “devastated” over what’s happened since it leaked he misled the American public for 12 years into believing that he was shot down on a […]

Brian Williams Wanted To Replace Jay Leno On ‘The Tonight Show’?

Brian Williams reportedly inquired about replacing Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show. Jay Leno announced that he would be stepping down from his position as host back in 2013, and soon after, the Nightly News anchor set about lobbying for the comedy position. New York Magazine, via the Daily Mail, have quoted […]

NBC News Punishes Brian Williams, Gets Six-Month Suspension For Lying To The Public About Iraq

An event that happened 12 years ago has been under intense scrutiny during the last few days, as NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted that his account of being struck by enemy RPG fire while in a helicopter during the 2003 Iraqi invasion was a mere exaggeration. In an internal memo released by NBC, […]

Brian Williams Suspended For 6 Months With No Pay — NBC News Prez: ‘He Deserves A Second Chance’

The fallout from Brian Williams’ questionable recollection of an Iraq experience has now come down in the form of monetary punishment: Brian Williams has been suspended for six months without pay, reports the New York Times. As reported by the Inquisitr — the NBC Nightly News chief anchor and managing editor became the focus of […]

Matt Lauer Replacing Brian Williams On ‘NBC Nightly News’?

There are rumblings that Matt Lauer might replace Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News. As several reports are tossing around with names like Lester Holt and Katie Couric possibly taking over the prime time anchor position, another rumor has surfaced that the Today co-host will take Williams’ seat while he’s on a leave of absence, […]

Brian Williams Is A ‘Lance Armstrong Liar,’ Says Rosie O’Donnell – But Others Flock To His Defense [Video]

Brian Williams has become more controversial than Kim Kardashian’s attempt to break the Internet by posing a champagne glass on her derriere. Now, as she’s preparing to exit The View, Rosie O’Donnell is among those attacking the NBC’s top news anchor by comparing him to Lance Armstrong, reported People. Rosie served up her slam of […]

Brian Williams Dodges Date With David Letterman, Embattled Anchor Cancels ‘Late Show’ Guest Spot

NBC News anchor Brian Williams has backed out of a scheduled guest appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman this Thursday, in an apparent effort to avoid talking about his allegedly fabricated story about coming under rocket fire while riding in a military helicopter in Iraq. The last time Williams appeared on the Letterman […]

Brian Williams Hilariously ‘Misremembers’ In Viral Internet Memes

Brian Williams is facing a huge scandal since he admitted and apologized for incorrectly remembering certain serious incidents while reporting in Iraq. Arguably once one of the most trusted anchors in America, Williams has stepped aside temporarily on NBC Nightly News while NBC investigates different suspicious reports Williams made, including one during Hurricane Katrina, according […]

Wendy Williams: Brian Williams ‘Has No More Credibility’

Wendy Williams has made it known to the world how she now feels about Brian Williams, proving again that she is not one to hold her tongue. The New Jersey-based talk show host is just one of the high-profile critics who strongly believe Brian Williams deserves to lose his job over his Iraq War memory […]

Brian Williams Cancels David Letterman Appearance As Katie Couric Hopes To Replace Him: Update [Video]

Amid the brouhaha resulting from Brian Williams’ “embellishment” of his Iraq and Hurricane Katrina reports, the newscaster has cancelled his planned appearance on the David Letterman show, according to Reuters. Williams was scheduled to appear on the witty talk show host’s clever-a-thon later this week. However, in the wake of the controversy about what he […]

Brian Williams Has Been Lying For Years And NBC News Knew About It, Insiders Say

Brian Williams has been suspended by NBC News amid revelations that he may have lied about taking fire during his time covering the Iraq War, and now insiders are saying the network has known for a long time that Williams has a tendency to lie about his job experiences. Williams has walked back claims made […]

Brian Williams Exits ‘NBC Nightly News’ As Scandal Rages

Brian Williams is stepping aside from his NBC News anchor desk for what is being described as “several days.” Williams, who some on social media have dubbed “lyin’ Brian” for his “chopper whopper,” is engulfed in a huge scandal about fabricating a war story to apparently burnish his image as some kind of macho foreign […]

Bill Maher On Brian Williams: Fake Iraq Story Perfect For Fox News

Bill Maher weighed in on the Brian Williams scandal, quipping that his fake Iraq story might get him fired from NBC, but he’s already got a new offer from Fox News. Brian Williams is a regular on comedy shows. He was once the star of the Daily Show segment, “The Giant Head of Brian Williams,” […]