‘Pokemon GO’ Developer Niantic Launches Black Developers Initiative

The developer behind breakout augmented reality hits like Pokémon GO, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues to do its part in providing opportunities for minority game-makers. As announced via the studio’s Twitter account on Thursday, Niantic has launched a new endeavor aiming to provide financing, mentorship and support to Black game development teams. “In […]

White People Would Be ‘Forgotten’ Without An Electoral College, Ex-Maine Governor Says

Paul LePage, who was the Republican governor of Maine for eight years before leaving office earlier this year, has long been known for controversial statements. And that has continued even now that he’s out of office. The former governor gave an interview on a radio show on WVOM, as reported by The Maine Beacon. In […]

Ivanka Trump Slammed For Twitter Post About Black History Month

Ivanka Trump is getting slammed for a recent Twitter post about Black History Month. Trump took to the social media platform on Sunday to pen a post about the importance of celebrating black history, but Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy of her statement, especially in light of the actions of her […]

‘Black Panther’: See It For Free In Theaters During The First Week Of Black History Month

The blockbuster film Black Panther was officially released in movie theaters almost one year ago, on February 16, 2018. Since then, it has grossed more than $1.35 billion worldwide, making it the ninth highest grossing film of all time. The superhero flick has also won numerous prestigious awards, including taking home trophies for Outstanding Performance […]

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes: Actor Says ‘No White Girls ‘Til March 1’

Paparazzi caught up with Jamie Foxx on Saturday at his home in Thousand Oaks, California. The actor was hosting his “Chacha The Wave” event, which was a part of the 2018 NBA All-Star weekend. Jamie was driving around on his property in a suped-up Rezvani Tank when a TMZ paparazzi shouted at him to “do […]

Did Sheila Abdus-Salaam Commit Suicide? Trailblazing Judge Treated For Depression

In 1952, Sheila Abdus-Salaam was born to a working-class family of seven children in Washington, D.C. It’s here that she attended public school, then, as a teenager and following an encounter with civil rights attorney Frankie Muse Freeman, she decided to enter the legal profession. New Yorkers mourn death of Sheila Abdus-Salaam, US’s first black […]

Family Celebrates Black History Month Through Adorable Photo Re-enactments

One family found a unique way to celebrate Black History Month and it’s quite possibly the most adorable history lesson you’ve ever seen. According to the Seattle Times, 5-year-old Lola Jones came home from school last month having just learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and her parents felt like there was so much more […]

Black History Month Coincides With Lincoln’s And Frederick Douglass’ Birthdays

February is Black History month and the entire month is full of celebrations and observances honoring African Americans. According to the Association for the study of African American Life and History (ASALAH) Black History month stems from National Negro History Week, organized in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson. The timing of National Negro History Week […]

President Donald Trump’s Black History Month Denial [Opinion]

When President Donald Trump challenged Black History Month on February 1, 2017, he came under fire from all corners of the media for his comments. His statement reportedly had less to do with paying tribute to black abolitionist Frederick Douglass or civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and more to do with Donald Trump. […]

Mike Pence Honoring A White Man Is A Black History Month Party Foul [Opinion]

Wednesday marked February 1, and as such, also marked the beginning of the venerated Black History Month. A month dedicated to honoring and commemorating blackness and the strides in equality both the black population and America made over the decades, Black History Month is a time for paying respects to those who fought for equal […]

Mike Pence’s Black History Month Tweet Honoring A White Man Draws Flak

Mike Pence celebrated Black History Month yesterday by honoring Abraham Lincoln, a white man, but failing to mention a single accomplishment by an African-American. Pence’s Black History Month tweet drew flak from Twitter netizens, who called the Vice-President out for the omission and for choosing to highlight the accomplishments of a white person instead of […]

Donald Trump Did Not Rename Black History Month [Debunked]

It’s been widely reported by many news outlets that Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to rename Black History Month to African American History Month. However, a search of the government archives that preserves all presidential proclamations shows that just isn’t true. The practice of issuing a presidential proclamation every year in honor of […]

Donald Trump Renames Black History Month To African American History Month

Donald Trump has made a large number of changes and signed a good amount of executive orders since being sworn in as the President of the United States. Now, his latest change has people in an uproar yet again, and some may not know what to think about it all. With the start of February […]

Do Donald Trump And Sean Spicer Know Who Frederick Douglass Is?

On Wednesday, Donald Trump conducted a listening session to talk about Black History Month, and due to his speech, many have been left wondering if he or his press secretary, Sean Spicer, know who the famous abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass is. To celebrate Black History Month, Donald Trump commended African Americans such as Rosa […]

Black History Month: Is Black History American History?

Black History Month is here and black people across America are celebrating their heritage, though this annual occurrence has proven to still be worthy of debate, as some African Americans have expressed their annoyance at being given a specific slot of time in which they’re supposed to observe the history of blacks in America. Black […]

Black History Month Debate About Relevancy Rages On

February 2017 marks the 41st Black History Month since it was created by order of President Gerald Ford in 1976. Black History Month was expanded from Black History Week, which was established in 1926 by Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Black History Week was placed during the week that celebrated the births of both Abraham Lincoln […]

Stephen A. Smith Tells College Students In Black History Month Speech That Racism No Longer Exists

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith informed University of South Alabama students that racism no longer exists for them, and that self-reliance is the way forward. Smith appeared on the Mobile, Alabama, campus to give a talk about “The Legacy, History, and Impact of the African American Athlete,” on February 29 as part of the school’s […]

Virginia McLaurin, 106, Meets Obama After A Lifetime Waiting For A Black President [Video]

Virginia McLaurin is the internet’s new favorite person. The 106-year-old has spent two years campaigning to meet President Obama — and a lifetime waiting to see America’s first black president. McLaurin visited the White House on Sunday, and a video of the meet-and-greet between her, Obama, and First Lady Michelle has gone viral since it […]

The Black Panther Party: What White America Still Doesn’t Understand

The Black Panther Party has been an ongoing discussion during this Black History Month, ever since Beyoncé made that “controversial” performance at the Super Bowl that seemed to hurt the feelings of so many white Americans. Beyoncé and her dancers were wearing Black Panther-style black berets and uniforms, at one point forming a giant “X” […]

Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Controversy: Singer Thanks ‘New York Times’ Writer ‘For Understanding My Heart’

Beyonce’s “Formation” song has been both lauded and condemned. However, Jenna Wortham must have explained it accurately, and the singer took time to send the writer a thank you card and flowers. Three New York Times writers, including Wortham, John Caramanica, and Wesley Morris engaged in a critical dialogue on Beyonce’s “Formation” on February 6, […]

‘White Guilt’ Video Has Glenn Allen High School’s Parents Upset: Black History Month Film Creates Racial Divide In Virginia?

A so-called “white guilt” video has some Henrico, Virginia, parents upset at Glenn Allen High School officials for a Black History Month presentation which allegedly promoted the concept of white privilege being at the expense of African Americans. The “Unequal Opportunity Race” video promotes affirmative action and uses a relay race to symbolize the supposed […]

Beyonce Gets Into ‘Formation’ With Sexy Black Panthers: Here’s What She’s Trying To Say

Beyonce “came to slay,” on the lawn of Levi’s Stadium where the 50th Super Bowl is being played. What no one expected was that Beyonce would bring a group women with berets upon their heads to help her “get into formation.” But that is just what she did and, there’s a good reason why. Queen […]

Stacey Dash Responds To Anthony Anderson’s Comments At NAACP Image Awards

Stacey Dash’s 2016 is off to a pretty rocky start, specifically because of her recent comments on black culture, the Oscars controversy, Black History Month, and Joseph Fiennes being cast to play Michael Jackson. Anthony Anderson, during the NAACP Image Awards this month, commented on Stacey Dash and her statements, which have upset and angered […]

DeMarcus Cousins Takes Issue With Tees, Team Pulls Monkey Shirts

DeMarcus Cousins was angry about the monkey shirts placed on fans’ chairs by the Sacramento Kings. The NBA star felt the shirts handed out on the first day of Black History Month were racist. Before pulling the monkey shirts, team officials maintained the “Year of the Monkey” promotion was an attempt at global inclusion. On […]

Black History Month In 2016 Takes Place In Tense Racial Media Climate

Black History Month is a celebrated annual recognition of the contributions that African Americans have made to modern society as well as the past. Their legacy and successes have been against all odds, and now that the current media climate has dug its heels into the celebrated month, some of America’s more famous media personalities […]

Black History Month 2016 Kicks Off With Discussion On Why Stacey Dash Is Wrong

Stacey Dash has posted yet another blog about her thoughts on Black History Month, and in it, the Clueless actress claims that black people just aren’t hearing her. It’s pretty clear that everyone hears Stacey just fine. The problem is, not many people agree with her, not even Morgan Freeman, as she has claimed. Dash’s […]

5 Best Black History Month Trip Ideas

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month, an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The beginning of Black History Month dates back to 1926 and it was initially created as a way to recognize black achievement. According to the Baltimore Sun, when people first began to recognize Black […]

Stacey Dash Wants An Apology From The Public For Trashing Her Opinions On Race

Is Stacey Dash really clueless? Clueless seems like an understatement. Dash has once again become relevant in the news and on social media after her recent appearance on Fox and Friends. When on the show speaking about the #Oscarsowhite hashtag and Oscar Boycott, Stacey said she believes that segregation is the reason for all the […]

Stacey Dash Responds To Oscars Backlash With Blog Post, ‘How BET Lies To Black People’

Stacey Dash isn’t backing down after making some pretty inflammatory comments about race in America and the drama surrounding the Oscars protest for continuing to snub black actors. The Clueless star turned Fox News personality continues to be the voice of dissent among her peers. To further drive her point home, Dash published a blog […]

‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg On Stacey Dash’s Perspective — Dash’s Humble Beginnings In Black Entertainment

Stacey Dash has been the subject of severe backlash since her “no Black History Month” interview. And Whoopi Goldberg has spared her no feelings on The View. If you haven’t heard or read about Stacey Dash and her comments towards segregation and integration, essentially, she said that America needs to rid itself of all such […]

BET Delivers Zinger Response To ‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash Over Her Plea To Get Rid Of Black History Month And BET

Stacey Dash received a ton of backlash from netizens on social media following her controversial call for the elimination of BET and Black History on Wednesday night, but the best response of them all was from the network itself. BET’s zinger came hours after the Clueless actress sat down for an interview with Steve Doocey […]

New Jersey Deli Owner Asks Customers To Celebrate ‘White History Month,’ Outrage Ensues

A New Jersey deli owner is raising eyebrows with a sign in his window encouraging customers and passer-by to celebrate “White History Month,” The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting. Jim Boggess owns Jimbo’s Deli on Main in Flemington, New Jersey. Some time on or before Tuesday, he put a sign up in the window of his […]

‘Bad And Good?’ Seattle’s Black Men And Boys Respond To The Word ‘Police’

What would be your first response to the word “police”? A handful of Seattle’s black boys and men were asked to respond in word association fashion. When 45 boys and men aged from 5 to 50 were asked to respond to the word “police,” the wide-ranging responses were documented on video. They spanned from “bad […]

Wright State University In Hot Water For Serving ‘Racist’ Cafeteria Fare During Black History Month

The month of February is recognized in the United States as Black History Month, a time to honor the endeavors of Black Americans historically known for their contributions to America. Despite the fact said month is supposed to honor Black History, some parties — specifically certain organizations — have crossed the “racism” line in their […]

Oops: Riley Cooper Chosen For Black History Month On Eagles Calendar After Using Racial Slur

Riley Cooper probably isn’t thrilled that his picture was selected for Black History Month on the official Philadelphia Eagles team calendar — it’s reminding everyone of the time he used a racial slur during a Kenny Chesney concert. According to TMZ, Riley Cooper’s photo accompanies the month of February on the team’s 2015 calendar. The […]

Anna Duggar Under Fire For Controversial Black History Month Tweet

Anna Duggar is under fire for a controversial message she tweeted for Black History Month. The Duggars have never been shy about their strong pro-life position, but Anna Duggar’s usage of the hashtag #blacklivesmatter on Twitter in reference to the number of children aborted has many up in arms. Anna Duggar retweeted a meme that […]

Ted Nugent: ‘I Honor Blacks’ But Obama ‘Wants Black America Destroyed’

Ted Nugent insists that he’s a fan of African Americans, and that President Obama and the Democrats are the real enemies of Black America. In a column for WorldNetDaily (in honor of Black History Month), Nugent says that African Americans have been duped. Though president Obama boasted 93 percent of the black vote, his policies […]

Victoria Jackson Slams President Obama And Alec Baldwin, Asks Why There Is No White History Month

Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson is at it again. The comedienne turned far-right pundit posted an article on her website Thursday that blasted President Obama and Alec Baldwin as “God hating Communists.” Jackson also said that white men were being attacked in the media and asked why there is no White History Month. […]

Young Obama Filmed Segment for TBS in 1991 [Video]

Long before he was president, Barack Obama was on TBS. A new video emerged this week of a young Obama (29-years-old) talking about Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and Brown Vs. Board in a 1991 segment called “Black History Minute.” The president’s hair was a little longer and a little less gray in 1991. According […]

Twitpic incites controversy over NBC’s “Black History Month menu”

The image above allegedly depicts a quick change to a menu posted in the cafeteria at NBC studios in New York after outrage rapidly ignited on the internet over the original selections. NBC cook Leslie Calhoun, who selected the items in honor of Black History Month, is confused about the controversy swirling around her menu […]