‘Bachelor’ Star Rachel Lindsay Speaks Out About Chris Harrison, Says It Was ‘Right’ For Him To Step Aside

Rachel Lindsay has addressed the controversy surrounding Chris Harrison’s decision to step back from the finale of The Bachelor. The Extra correspondent sat down with Billy Bush to discuss the aftermath of her interview with the longtime host of the series and the questionable past behavior of contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. “I wasn’t shocked at the […]

‘RHONY’ Star Tinsley Mortimer Dishes On Dating ‘Single Dads’ & Addresses Billy Bush Rumors

Since Tinsley Mortimer was spotted getting cozy with Billy Bush in New York City a few weeks ago, rumors have been swirling about the alleged new couple. As fans of the Real Housewives of New York City star know, Mortimer broke up with boyfriend Scott Kluth during this season of the hit Bravo show. The […]

‘RHONY’ Star Tinsley Mortimer Spotted Getting Cozy On Date Night With TV Personality Billy Bush

It looks like Tinsley Mortimer is moving on in her love life once again. As fans of the Real Housewives of New York City star know, Mortimer recently got out of a relationship with Coupon Cabin CEO Scott Kluth. On this season of the hit Bravo show, the breakup has played out. At the time, […]

Billy Bush Says It’s Ironic Where Donald Trump Landed After ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

Billy Bush, who lost his job as co-host of the Today show after the notorious Access Hollywood tape from 2005 was revealed, is making a comeback after nearly three years. In an exclusive interview with People, he spoke about the consequences of that incident and the “glaring” irony of what happened to him versus what […]

Billy Bush, Three Years After ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape, Gets A New Job

Billy Bush, a longtime entertainment media correspondent and relative of two former presidents, became a surprisingly pivotal part of American political history in late 2016 when a recording from 2005 surfaced in which then-candidate Donald Trump could be heard bragging to Bush about nonconsensual grabbing of women. Bush, throughout the tape, laughed and played along […]

Billy Bush Reportedly In Talks To Make Big TV Comeback On ‘Extra’

Two years ago, television host Billy Bush was happily working on NBC’s Access Hollywood and Today when he became part of a scandal involving then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Washington Post had uncovered a videotape from September of 2005 in which the two men were engaging in what Trump later referred to as “locker room […]

Billy Bush’s Wife, Sydney Davis, Files For Divorce 10 Months After Separation

Over the course of the last two years, Billy Bush has seen his life change in more ways than one and it is far from over. Everyone remembers the incident with now President Donald Trump and the infamous interview, but personally, things are only getting harder. Ten months after separating from Billy Bush, Sydney Davis […]

Billy Bush Gets Candid About Trump Scandal, Says He Suffered ‘The Ultimate Degradation’

Billy Bush is getting extremely candid about the infamous Donald Trump scandal that cost him both his career as a journalist and seemingly his marriage, revealing in a new interview that he felt the “ultimate degradation” after losing his job with NBC amid the drama that hit the headlines across the globe back in 2016. […]

‘Jealous’ Matt Lauer Reportedly Sabotaging Possible Replacements For His Seat On The ‘Today Show’

Since NBC fired Today Show anchor Matt Lauer last week after alleged sexual misconduct with co-workers, no clear replacement has emerged, and it’s all because of Lauer’s long-running jealousy over potential rivals. Industry insiders say that Lauer was so ruthless in maintaining his job that he sabotaged every possible man that could take his place. […]

Billy Bush On Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape: There Are Witnesses

Reacting to reports that President Donald Trump questioned the authenticity of the recording where he allegedly brags about improper sexual behaviour against women, Billy Bush is disappointed at the President’s denial of the authenticity of the recording. The president allegedly said “grab them by the p****y” in the 2005 Access Hollywood tape. In a New […]

Billy Bush To Slam Matt Lauer In A Tell-All Interview: NBC Reportedly Worried About What He Could Reveal

A year ago, Billy Bush was fired from the Today show for making inappropriate comments on the infamous Access Hollywood tape. Now, Billy is back in the spotlight, and he’s allegedly planning to trash his former NBC colleague Matt Lauer. According to Radar Online, Bush will appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on […]

Billy Bush Writes ‘NYT’ Op-Ed Saying That Donald Trump Said Every Word On ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

Billy Bush is breaking his silence to finally confront Donald Trump to say “yes Donald, you said that.” Bush has been shockingly quiet over the last year since he was dropped by NBC and Today, but Donald Trump’s sudden denial that it was his voice on the Access Hollywood tape suggesting that, as a celebrity, […]

Billy Bush Divorce: Wife Sydney Davis Was Furious After Trump Tape Leaked, Wouldn’t Talk To Billy For Days

Billy Bush and wife Sydney Davis are getting a divorce, and the infamous “Trump Tape” released last year may have played a significant role in the split. On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that the former Today show host was splitting with his wife after close to 20 yeas of marriage. Bush’s lawyer, Marshall […]

Billy Bush: I Would Have Called The FBI If I Really Believed Trump Assaulted Women

Billy Bush has revealed new details about the sexist Access Hollywood conversation with Donald Trump that rocked the latter’s presidential campaign last year. Billy Bush broke his silence about the infamous conversation with Trump in 2005, the tape of which leaked last October and cost Bush his job and resulted in enormous tensions between the […]

Billy Bush Says His Daughter Was In Tears After Hearing Her Dad Laughing At Trump’s Vulgar Jokes

Billy Bush, looking older and a bit more world-weary is out on what is called a mea culpa tour in the world of PR, speaking apologetically about that time when he went along with the disrespectful and misogynistic talk about women, and that it was okay to sexually assault them. Bush says that what hurt […]

Tape Leak That Took Down Billy Bush Was Allegedly A ‘Today’ Inside Job [UPDATE]

UPDATE; 2/26/2017, It’s looking like Billy Bush was indeed passed over for the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Well, it sounds like the people or person behind getting Billy Bush fired all worked for NBC, and some suggest that it was closer to home than Bush would like to believe. The person who […]

‘DWTS’ Season 24 Cast Rumors: Disgraced Billy Bush Reportedly Begging For A Spot

Billy Bush will do just about anything to save his career, even appear on Season 24 of DWTS. After getting booted from the Today show, Radar Online reports that Bush is desperately trying to mount a comeback by appearing on Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars. “Billy said he would be willing to take […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 24 Rumored Cast List Leaks

Dancing with the Stars may still be a few weeks away from officially announcing the cast for Season 24, but reports are claiming the cast list may have already leaked online. Rumors are swirling that ABC have already locked down a number of big names to dance in the ballroom for Season 24, which is […]

Is Billy Bush Begging To Be On ‘DWTS 2017?’ [UPDATE]

UPDATE: 2/13/2017: Billy Bush is officially on the new season of DWTS. Dancing With the Stars is in the process of putting together the list of contestants for the next show, and reportedly, former Today show host Billy Bush wants to do whatever he has to do to be on that list, even if that […]

‘DWTS’ 2017: Billy Bush Tops List Of 12 Celebs Joining Season 24 Cast [Rumors]

Are you ready for the 2017 Dancing with the Stars Season 24 celebrity cast reveal? With just a few weeks to go before the new DWTS cast is introduced on Good Morning America, the names of the 12 celebrities who may be to be heading to the ABC ballroom next month is already sparking some […]

‘Today’ Show’s Tamron Hall Is Leaving NBC, MSNBC Suddenly, Network Shocked

UPDATE: February 2, 11:11 p.m.: Some sources on Today are saying that it was good that Tamron made her exit, as Hall had become difficult. “She was very difficult. She could have an attitude and was sometimes short and rude with the staff. If you were not Matt Lauer or talent, it could seem like […]

Billy Bush Marriage Troubles Increase After Trump Tape, Bush Returns To Social Media

Billy Bush is still suffering the fallout of the Donald Trump tape that surfaced, showing the two men being disrespectful to women and laughing about it. It seems his wife, Sydney Davis has not yet forgiven him for behavior she allegedly called “creepy.” But in a return this weekend to social media, Bush has found […]

Controversial TV Host Billy Bush To Take On $600K Loss In Selling Chelsea Home?

Billy Bush, who was booted out of The Today Show after the 2005 Access Hollywood tape leak, is reportedly putting his house on the market at far less than the original price. According to an article by Curbed, the townhouse was purchased by the co-anchor in preparation for his new contract with The Today Show, […]

Hillary Clinton Blamed For Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Donald Trump called allegations of sexual misconduct made against him by several women “totally and absolutely false,” during the third Presidential debate held on Wednesday. Trump blamed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for the false accusations, saying, “I didn’t even apologize to my wife” as he went on to claim total innocence in the […]

Billy Bush Gets Fired From NBC, Melania Trump Says TV Host Tried To Trap Her Husband

The Today Show’s Billy Bush was handed the pink slip after an Access Hollywood video showing him laughing at the sexist remarks made by Donald Trump during an interview in 2005 was leaked. Showrunner Noah Oppenheim confirmed the firing in a memo issued to the staff. The statement read: “Billy Bush will be leaving the […]

Andy Cohen Begging ‘TODAY’ Execs To Replace Billy Bush; Bravo Host ‘Believes He’s Proven Himself”

Is Andy Cohen over his days at Bravo? The Watch What Happens Live host is allegedly gunning for the open gig at the Today show, after Billy Bush was officially fired from NBC yesterday. The creator of the Real Housewives franchise “believes he’s proven himself” for the job. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLpcYSygTv5/?taken-by=bravoandy&hl=en Radar Online reported that the Bravo […]

Billy Bush Officially Fired From ‘TODAY’ Show After Donald Trump Tape Leak, How Much Did NBC Pay Him?

After much speculation, Billy Bush has officially been fired from the Today show today. NBC has reached a financial settlement with the host and is officially cutting ties with the host after the Donald Trump tape leaked last week. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLQ7dbsj0b9/?taken-by=billybush&hl=en Sources close to the former Today show host say that he understands NBC’s position and […]

Billy Bush Lawyer Says Bush’s Career May Have Ended In 2005 If He ‘Told Trump To Shut-Up’

Billy Bush has hired a lawyer to represent his interests in the NBC Today Show debacle, and though Billy Bush still isn’t talking, his attorney, Marshall Grossman is. Grossman is defending the behavior of Billy Bush, and speaking out about an alleged $10 million settlement with NBC that he calls false. After the Access Hollywood […]

Courtney Stodden Vs Billy Bush: Why She Wants Him Fired From ‘Today’

Courtney Stodden is not holding back when it comes to her thoughts on Billy Bush. The reality star has taken to social media to reveal that she hopes the former Access Hollywood host gets fired from his new position on the Today Show. The blonde bombshell has become sort of a feminist icon for her […]

Jennifer Lopez Scoffed At Billy Bush When He Asked About Her Butt Back In 2002

Jennifer Lopez had everyone captivated when she stepped out onto the scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. The singer and actress was curvier than most other famous women at that time. Even J.Lo’s famous assets had Billy Bush questioning her about it. It was a different time then. Still, that doesn’t excuse what […]

Nancy O’Dell Is Still Waiting: Billy Bush Has Yet To Issue Personal Apology To His Former Co-Host

Nancy O’Dell is still waiting for Billy Bush to issue her a personal apology for his part in the Donald Trump tape that was released last week. She was hurt by the “locker room banter” and is reportedly unhappy that Bush hasn’t reached out to her with a sincere apology. Billy Bush apologized publicly for […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Assumes Billy Bush Is Done, Wants Him To Dance Next Season

What do you do when your career is in the toilet and you need redemption? Dancing with the Stars, of course! Dancing with the Stars has become the ultimate place to either take a victory lap from a recent achievement, a place to prove you are not dead, or, in the case of Ryan Lochte […]

Billy Bush’s Permanent Departure From ‘Today’ Is Imminent Over Leaked Trump Tape, ‘He’s Definitely Gone’

Billy Bush’s days on Today might be at an end. Following his controversial tape scandal with Donald Trump, the host might not return to his spot on the NBC’s morning show. Is Bush’s career on television over? “He’s definitely gone. A lot of people feel so bad for him. He’s a good guy. He made […]

Taylor Swift Involved In Billy Bush’s Lewd Conversation With Donald Trump

Taylor Swift has somewhat found herself involved in Billy Bush’s ongoing scandal. The former Access Hollywood host was caught on tape making inappropriate comments about women and laughing at Donald Trump’s remarks on sexual assault. It turns out that it’s not the first time that Billy Bush has made these types of comments. The Today […]

Billy Bush ‘Already Scrambling’ For New Job After ‘Today’ Show Crisis, Who Will Hire The TV Host Now?

Billy Bush is “already scrambling” to find a new job after reports suggested that he will be fired from the Todat show. The 44-year-old host has not been fired yet, but he is already looking for his next gig amid rumors he will get the axe. Who will hire the defamed host now? https://www.instagram.com/p/BLRDarbjDbI/?taken-by=billybush&hl=en Billy […]

Billy Bush Considering Lawsuit Against NBC After Word Leaks That He Is Fired

As the trend of the talk tips toward Billy Bush being fired from the Today Show, and likely by NBC totally, there is word that Bush is planning a lawsuit against NBC if they try to exercise the morality clause in Bush’s contract. Bush wants to bring into question who at NBC leaked the Access […]

Is Billy Bush Taking All The Blame For Lewd Conversation With Donald Trump?

Is it possible that Billy Bush is taking all of the blame and all of the punishment for the lewd conversation between him and Donald Trump regarding women that was recently leaked? Deadline speculates that the career of Billy Bush appears to be “toast,” while Donald Trump, on the other hand, is continuing to campaign […]

The Real Reason The ‘Today Show’ And NBC Won’t Be Taking Billy Bush Back

It seems that Billy Bush was the architect of his own undoing according to reports that he pointed NBC colleagues to the tape of him engaging in “locker room talk” with Donald Trump on an Access Hollywood bus. Bush reportedly bragged to Today Show co-workers while they were on location in Brazil for the 2016 […]

Billy Bush ‘Embarrassed’ By Leaked Trump Video And Suspension, Will He Ever Return To The ‘Today’ Show?

Billy Bush’s scandalous conversation with Donald Trump might end his career on television. Following the shocking audio of Bush and Trump inappropriately bashing women, NBC has suspended Bush from working on The Today Show. Will Bush eventually return to The Today Show? Or is NBC parting ways with the host for good? Radar Online is […]

Billy Bush ‘Today Show’ Colleagues Comment On His Suspension

On Saturday Night Live, the joke was made that the only relevant member of the Bush in this presidential election is Billy Bush, but at this point, Billy Bush likely would prefer that it was someone else. Billy Bush, who recently was promoted to hosting the third hour of the Today Show, has been suspended […]

Donald Trump And Billy Bush: Bush Gets Suspended While Trump Continues To Run For POTUS, What Gives?

By now, virtually everyone in America is familiar with the notorious “Trump Tapes,” recordings that feature sexually suggestive conversations between Donald Trump and Billy Bush. The tapes were “leaked” last week, and the words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth have been described as “lewd,” “sexist,” “offensive to women,” “vile,” and even described as […]

More Damaging Trump Tapes On The Way, People Willing To Pay Millions For Them

Are there more damaging Trump tapes on the way? The rumor mill went into overdrive after the Republican presidential candidate’s “locker room talk” showed him boasting about groping women and having the license to do anything he wanted to them because of his celebrity status. According to the Business Insider, a producer for the initial […]

Billy Bush Of ‘Today’ Show Suspended Indefinitely By NBC For Donald Trump Tape, ‘Will Never Be On The Show Again’ [Breaking]

Breaking reports indicate that NBC has suspended Billy Bush indefinitely for his appearance in the leaked tape of Donald Trump from 2005. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bush was caught on the recently-leaked tape trading sexist remarks with Trump. Now, according to a report from CNN, Billy Bush has been indefinitely suspended by NBC, […]

Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ Footage Cannot Legally Be Released, Source Reports

After Donald Trump’s leaked conversation with Billy Bush, some are wondering whether there is additional footage of Trump which could be damaging to his campaign. According to Bill Pruitt, a producer on Season 1 and Season 2 of The Apprentice, there absolutely is — and it’s far worse than the lewd conversation Trump had with […]

Trump Tape Leak Embarrassed and Destroyed Billy Bush’s Career

A tape was leaked of Donald Trump having a shockingly inappropriate conversation about women with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood in 2005. Donald Trump was married to Melanie Trump at the time the recording was made. Ever since the scandalous tape recording of Trump was leaked, Billy Bush’s reputation has been damaged, his career is […]

Melania Trump Supporting Hillary Clinton? False Rumor Indicates That Donald Trump’s Wife Changed Her Allegiance After Lewd Comment Leak

Could Melania Trump actually support Hillary Clinton? That’s what one report swirling around social media indicated, but Snopes has reported the rumor to be false. According to the myth-busting website, Free Wood Post first reported that Melania Trump would no longer support her husband after Donald Trump’s lewd conversation from 2005 leaked. “It looks as […]

Let’s Be Clear On Why Donald Trump’s Language About Women In The Leaked Video Is Completely Indefensible

This weekend’s news is all about Donald Trump and the leaked video from 2005 in which he made vulgar comments about women. He has lost the support of many Republicans (John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Reince Prebius among them), his own running mate has said he can not defend the comments, and even his wife, […]

Billy Bush Leaving ‘Access Hollywood’ For ‘Today,’ Will Go Head-To-Head Against Kelly Ripa And New Co-Host

Billy Bush is headed into the morning show wars. On the heels of Michael Strahan’s move from Live to Good Morning America, Bush will reportedly exit Access Hollywood to take a spot on the Today show this fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A formal announcement about Billy Bush’s move to the Today show is […]

Bethenny Frankel Gets On Weight Scale: Did Her Plan Backfire?

Reality star Bethenny Frankel might have tried to silence the people who criticize her weight by being weighed on television. According to Radar Online, Frankel took the weight challenge recently on Access Hollywood. “[Bethenny] has been routinely taken to task for her skin and bones looks lately, especially when she’s been in a bikini, but […]

Ozzy Osbourne To Billy Bush: ‘Stop Acting Like A B*tch’

Ozzy Osbourne has made one thing very clear — he will never stop defending his family. While supporting and defending Giuliana Rancic, Billy Bush apparently crossed the line by calling out Kelly Osbourne. Ozzy did not hesitate to fire back at the Access Hollywood host on behalf of his daughter with a threat of his […]