Bill Nye Encourages Fans To Vote Biden/Harris, Says ‘Science Is On The Ballot’ This Election Year

Bill Nye shared some advice with his 3 million Instagram followers in his latest post on Wednesday afternoon. He held up a piece of paper printed with the last names of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spelled out using squares that looked similar to those from a periodic table, with the hashtag “Vote For Science” […]

Bill Nye Takes On Racism In Viral Video: ‘We’re All One Species, But We’re Not Treating Each Other Fairly’

Bill Nye is taking on racism, and the television scientist’s video is gaining some viral attention. The TV host known as “The Science Guy” took to his TikTok page this weekend to share a tutorial about how human beings came to have different skin tones even though they are all the same species. You can […]

YouTuber Logan Paul Joining Flat Earth Expedition To Antarctica, Doubts Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson

Logan Paul is someone who has a huge following and tons of fans, but he has also touched the nerves of many others. Now, he’s jumping on the bandwagon of those who believe in the theory of a flat Earth, and he’s prepared to prove his point. As reported by The Inquisitr, a group of […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Draws Bigger Crowd Than Presidential Hopefuls At South By Southwest

In an appearance at the South by Southwest conference, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York dominated political talk at the event, even drawing bigger crowds than any of the Democratic presidential hopefuls that showed up, according to the Daily Mail. The firebrand freshman lawmaker took the Austin, Texas event by storm, easily filling one […]

Bill Nye Lavishes Praise On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Popular science communicator and television host Bill Nye lavished praise on New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday, The Hill reports. “AOC gets it. She sees that fear is dividing us,” Nye said, referring to the Congresswoman. “We can address income inequality. We can address climate change, if we get together and get to work.” […]

Bill Nye On Colonizing Mars: ‘Are You Guys High?’

Thousands of people around the world anxiously await the day they can take off in a spaceship to Mars for a life similar to one in a science fiction novel, but for Bill Nye, the reality of the idea is just that–science fiction. “This whole idea of terraforming Mars, as respectful as I can be, […]

Emmy Nominations 2017: ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Gets Nod For ‘Sex Junk’ Episode Despite Public Criticism

A Twitter user, echoing the widespread public shock at Bill Nye’s “Sex Junk” video, sent an impassioned tweet to the former “Science Guy.” “Please this time fire the writer who thought, ‘Sex Junk’ was a good idea.” But thanks to the 2017 Emmy nominations team, this will likely never happen. According to the Daily Caller, […]

The Most Probable Way Humans Will Land On Mars

Mars is one planet that has been the subject of many space exploration missions and experiments. However, it is largely inhospitable, which begs the question – why all the curiosity about the Red Planet? For starters, it does have some natural phenomenon similar to those found on Earth such as polar ice caps, canyons, volcanoes, […]

Reddit Slams ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’

Reddit users are angry with Bill Nye Saves The World, the new Netflix series starring the mechanical engineer and science advocate popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy; a moniker that has stuck with him since his 90s show of the same name. Members of the online community have taken to the website to […]

Bill Nye Saves The World Review: In Parts Hokey And Condescending, In Parts Entertaining And Enlightening

Bill Nye Saves The World‘s reviews are in, and they’re mixed – to put it mildly. The 13-episode Netflix series, which debuted April 21, has at once managed to anger conservatives who didn’t care for Bill to begin with, and at times even managed to put off liberals who are already on his side. Here’s […]

‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Mike Rowe Snaps Back At Bill Nye The Science Guy Meme

Netflix’s Bill Nye the Science Guy re-runs have been a lightning rod for controversy, and Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe appears to have been sucked in by the buzz of the electric field. A viral meme unfavorably comparing the two men made the rounds on social media this week. Mike Rowe vs bill nye […]

‘Stranger Things’: Bill Nye Uses Science To Explain The Multiverse Theory Involving The Upside-Down

Stranger Things was a massive hit for Netflix last year, thanks in part ot its ’80’s nostalgia and a group of characters that seemed to gel cohesively — on set, as well as off-screen. While many people were watching and rewatching Stranger Things to catch every elusive ’80’s movie and pop culture reference, Bill Nye […]

‘The Science Guy’ Is Back! ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Netflix Series Now Streaming

Bill Nye, popularly known as “The Science Guy,” is back to save the world with science on his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, which debuts today (April 21), Vox reports. Who or what is he saving the world from? Well, there’s too many to mention, but ultimately it’s the anti-science sentiment that’s […]

What’s New On Netflix In April? Netflix Originals Include Bill Nye And MST3K

For those who already checked out the mysterious “Netflix Live” addition on April Fool’s Day and want something else to look forward to, the popular streaming service will be adding tons of new content in April, including some exclusive content from Louis CK, Bill Nye, and the crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Along with […]

Bill Nye, Bernie Sanders Talk Climate Change, Alien Life On Other Planets

When advertising his upcoming conversation with Bill Nye, Bernie Sanders mentioned that although there is a “climate denier in the White House and plenty more in the cabinet and Congress,” we can still make progress transforming the energy system away from fossil fuels toward clean energy, and create jobs and an economic boost in the […]

‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Brings Science Back To TV On April 21 On Netflix

Bill Nye, known for his popular series, Bill Nye the Science Guy, is bringing science back to the television screen again with Bill Nye Saves the World, which will make its premiere on Netflix on April 21. There will be 13 episodes in the new series, and each will run for 30 minutes. If you […]

Rayton Solar: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Presents Thin Solar Panel Innovation That Is Less Expensive, Has Less Waste, But Does More For Green Energy [Video] Bill Nye “The Science Guy” recently presented a new green energy company and their solar panel innovation that will surely take the solar energy industry by storm. It is called Rayton Solar and they have created a thin solar panel that produces less waste, costs less, but does more for green energy. Rayton Solar […]

Bill Nye: Ken Ham Invites ‘Science Guy’ To Creation Museum [Video]

Ken Ham and Bill Nye aren’t exactly the best of friends. The two have repeatedly called one another out for their beliefs on social media and even once famously “debated” the merits of creationism vs. evolution. According to one report, though, Ken Ham is ready to bury the hatchet. That’s why he recently chose to […]

Bill Nye, Ken Ham, Still Squaring Off Over Evolution And Creationism — This Time On Australian TV Program

It’s been two years since Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the origins of mankind at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. However, it seems that neither has fully left the debate stage behind, as both continue to reference it — and each other. Actually, much of the discussion now is one-sided. While Nye has responded […]

Bill Nye Dead? Celebrity Death Hoax Claiming ‘The Science Guy’ Died Resurfaces Online

Is Bill Nye dead? If you fell for a celebrity death hoax that recently resurfaced online, chances are you think the answer to that question is “yes.” However, that is not the case at all. The 60-year-old science educator and popular television personality known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is still alive and apparently […]

Bill Nye As GOP Debate Moderator? Scientist Has Questions For Candidates [Video]

Bill Nye is more than just a science guy. In recent months, Nye has been active on the political stage as well, addressing concerns over science and technology that refutes the charges leveled at both topics as being “bogus.” The topic has been a top-of-the-list kind of conversation for Bill Nye, who has had to […]

Bill Nye Jumps Into Decades-Old Abortion Debate — Women Should Thank Him

Leave it to Bill Nye the Science Guy to tread where most are reluctant to go. Abortion has been a dodgy subject for many, and while we are now in the 21st century and many may argue that we should approach the matter with a more enlightened view than we have previously, the fact of […]

Bill Nye The Science Guy Says Leave Abortion Rights To Women, Not 5,000 Year Old Book

Bill Nye has weighed in on the abortion debate, arguing that the moment of conception is problematic as a measure of when a human being should be given rights. The problem, according to Nye, is that fertilized eggs are passed through a woman’s reproductive system on a regular basis without intervention, and so such occurrences […]

Bill Nye The Science Guy Breaks Crowdfunding Record Days Ahead Of Time

Bill Nye the Science Guy has broken a crowdfunding record! Documentary filmmakers and Bill Nye fans started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the upcoming Bill Nye documentary. According to Variety, the campaign was launched on July 13 with a one-month goal to raise $650,000. A previous update from the Inquisitr stated […]

Bill Nye Film Less Than $10K Short Of Funding Goal

If you’ve been planning to donate to the Bill Nye Film Kickstarter, but have been putting it off, only four days remain in the donation period — and the project still needs (as of early Sunday evening) $8,481. The project, which will follow Bill Nye as he debates climate change deniers, visits government agencies, and […]

Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Finally Deploys Solar Sail

After some twists and turns, Bill Nye’s revolutionary LightSail spacecraft has finally deployed its solar sail, at least they believe it’s finally deployed. The Planetary Society, the organization carrying out the project, won’t know for sure until the spacecraft passes overhead and reestablishes contact on Monday. Until then, they are encouraging amateur astronomers to get […]

Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Reboots, ‘Calls Home’

Over a week after it lost contact with Earth, the Planetary Society’s LightSail spacecraft has rebooted itself in orbit, re-establishing contact with controllers on the ground. LightSail, a cube satellite about the size of a shoebox that was designed by Bill Nye’s Planetary Society to develop Carl Sagan’s concept of a solar sail, was lifted […]

Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Stranded In Orbit

The LightSail, a tiny solar-sailing cube satellite, has gone silent in orbit, stranded by a glitch that has frozen the spacecraft’s software. The satellite was built by the Planetary Society in an effort to test solar sail technology, and it was carried into orbit atop an Atlas V rocket, which also launched the Air Force’s […]

Amy Schumer ‘Defends’ Bill Cosby [Video]

Amy Schumer keeps churning out edgy viral videos from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. This week she’s brought us another one, covering the touchy topic of Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. After a shockingly large handful of women came forward accusing the comedy legend of drugging and raping them, the world has been left […]

Watch Bill Nye’s NSFW Explanation On How The Universe Sends White Women Messages — New Amy Schumer Clip

Amy Schumer has been bringing the internet comedy gold since the premiere of her show, Inside Amy Schumer. She’s parodied One Direction with the song “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” and teamed up with Amber Rose for a hilarious song about butts. But Amy Schumer found an even more unlikely comedy partner this week when […]

Kickstarter Raises Over $400,000 For Bill Nye’s Solar Sail Spacecraft

The Internet has given the Planetary Society and its CEO Bill Nye a big stamp of approval for its Solar Sail spacecraft, set for launch in Fall, 2016. The group of space enthusiasts set up a Kickstarter page to raise some additional funds, a mere $200,000, and have already received $400,000. With 42 days to […]

Ken Ham: Don’t Worry About Asteroids, Worry About The Judgment Day Of Jesus

For many years, some scientists have been concerned that a giant asteroid could hit the world and essentially obliterate life as we know it. Many think this asteroid may not be for hundreds of years in the future, but that is a definite concern for the earth’s future as well as its inhabitants. However, Creationist […]

Billy Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Debunks Bill Belichick’s DeflateGate Theory

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has publicly debunked Bill Belichick’s explanation as to what caused the infamous “DeflateGate” scandal. During a press conference, the head coach of the New England Patriots blamed “climate conditions” and “equilibrium” for the under-inflated balls. However, Nye said Belichick’s theory “doesn’t make any sense.” The DeflateGate controversy began with the […]

Bill Nye Says Creationism Is ‘Unreasonable’

Bill Nye, science communicator and bow-tie fanatic, has been one of the most vocal opponents of creationism in recent years. The Cornell-educated engineer-turned-science guy has joined numerous forums all across America joining the undying political catfight between evolution and creationism. This includes February’s Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate, hosted right at the heart of […]

Who’s The Better Scientist? Sir Isaac Newton Or Bill Nye? Only One Way To Settle This… In An Epic Rap Battle Of History!

Epic LLOYD and Nice Peter have released their latest Epic Rap Battles of History, and this time, it is Sir Isaac Newton going against Bill Nye. In a related report by The Inquisitr, season three of Epic Rap Battles of History have matched some of the most entertaining personalities which include Joan of Arc versus […]

Bill Nye The Reason Behind Creation Museum’s Theme Park

What happens when Bill Nye and Creation Museum’s head Ken Ham go head to head in an evolution debate? Theme parks of course. In the beginning of the month the Internet was all a buzz due to the debates that went viral and spawned a ton of chatter between people picking sides with TV’s favorite […]

Bill Nye Found Dead: Hoax Claims ‘Science Guy’ Murdered After Evolution Debate

Bill Nye has not been found dead, despite what may be spreading around on Twitter. This week a death hoax circulated saying that the Science Guy, Bill Nye, was found murdered by a suspect who apparently claimed “God made me do it.” The death hoax spread on Twitter and even made its way to YouTube, […]

Bill Nye, Ken Ham Debate Barely Touched Evolution, Impresses No One

The results for the Ken Ham, Bill Nye debate are in and the majority of people feel the science guy won this round. In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you want to watch the Bill Nye, Ken Ham debate video it’ll be online for a limited amount of time (click the link to […]

Bob Newhart, Bill Nye To Guest Star On ‘Big Bang Theory’

The Big Bang Theory has landed a couple of big guest stars over its first six years and they’ll add a few more during season seven. CBS announced today that Bob Newhart and Bill Nye will be play rival scientists in an upcoming episode. Bob Newhart played Professor Proton on the Big Bang Theory last […]

Bill Nye Sent Home After Doing The Robot On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [Video]

Bill Nye scored another viral video last night when he did the robot to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” but it wasn’t enough to save him on Dancing With The Stars. Yes, sadly, the science guy was sent home. Nye was obviously not the best dancer on Dancing With The Stars but his ridiculous routines (as […]

Bill Nye Injures Knee During ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performance

Bill Nye suffered a serious injury during his recent performance on Dancing with the Stars. Although details about the problem are sketchy at the moment, reports suggest that the injury is bad enough to warrant surgery. According to a statement released by DWTS, Nye is seeking some professional help for the problem. “We can confirm […]

Bill Nye Is A Fan Favorite On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [Video]

Bill Nye and his partner partner Tyne Stecklein haven’t been getting the best scores on Dancing With The Stars. For some people, that might mean immediate elimination. But for the Science Guy? Well, everyone loves the Science Guy. Bill Nye has become a fan favorite on Dancing With The Stars and his fans may be […]

Creationist Says Bill Nye Doesn’t Understand Science Because Of Beethoven, Or Something [Video]

While Bill Nye is off tearing up a rug on Dancing With the Stars, well-known creationists are busy trying to dress him down for being so arrogant as to think he can actually understand science. First up to bat is Ken Ham, president, CEO, and founder of Answers in Genesis U.S. and the Creation Museum. […]

Bill Nye Has This Dancing With The Stars Gig In The Bag: ‘It’s All Physics’

Bill Nye, formerly the “science guy” and soon to be the “dancing guy,” thinks he has the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars in the bag. Just because he spends his days hunched over test tubes in a laboratory doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to cut a rug. In fact, the two things […]

Bill Nye The Dancing Guy? Science Guru Joins DWTS

Bill Nye The Science Guy has been knocking around in recent years advocating for (what else?) science literacy, but everyone needs to do the downtime thing once in a while — and the man who made science fun for many 90s kids has a new gig, on Dancing With The Stars. This upcoming Dancing With […]

Bill Nye Talks Stopping Asteroids, Reminds Us Why He’s The Best Kids Show Host Ever

Asteroids can kill us. There is no if, and, or but about it. But have no fear: Bill Nye the former children’s science guy is here to save us! While most people my age fell in love with Bill Nye for his simple explanations, he proves once again that he’s still the best at his […]

Bill Nye Worried: Jenny McCarthy Will Bring Incorrect Vaccination Info To ‘The View’

Jenny McCarthy is the newest female to join the cast of The View, and that fact isn’t sitting well with science guru Bill Nye. McCarthy has a history of talking about the severe negative effects of vaccinations despite the fact that not a single credible source exists to verify her vaccination claims. Speaking to the […]

ACLU Creationism Protest Leveled At Kansas School

The American Civil Liberties Union has leveled an ACLU creationism protest at a Kansas school for allowing an Oklahoma group to speak on dinosaurs. According to The Kansas City Star, the event, conducted by the Creation Truth Foundation, will occur next week outside of school hours on a campus in the 1,100-student Hugoton district. School […]

Bill Nye Video Gets A Creationist Rebuttal: ‘Evolution Does Have Flaws’

Bill Nye made recent headlines when he announced that creationism is not appropriate for children, part of a new campaign pushing for evolution’s exclusivity in the classroom. A creationist offered a rebuttal to Nye’s original YouTube video, in which she says that children should be aware of evolution’s flaws. Bill Nye’s quest against creationism unofficially […]

Bill Nye The Science Guy Dead [On Twitter]

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was a trending topic late Sunday, but it wasn’t over his anti-creationism YouTube video. Twitter claims that the famous kid-friendly scientist had died are completely unfounded. Bill Nye is still alive and well. It all started late Sunday night, when a rumor started on Twitter stating that Bill Nye had […]