Duggar Family Friend Reveals IBLP Sexual Abuse Education, Modesty Rules, More — Viewers Still Have Questions

Often, revelations about the Duggar family come through their friends. In this case, the friend offering information is doing so intentionally, though it’s not just about the Duggar family, but her own upbringing, and that of other friends. Krista Gay is close to the Duggar sisters, and has shared photos of herself with Joy, and […]

Duggar Family’s Homeschool Curriculum Questioned Again After Latest Social Media Posting

One of the Duggar family’s primary claims to fame is that they homeschool all their children — something that may not seem like a simple task, considering that we’re talking about 19 kids. However, some viewers have questioned just how much work it is for the parents, since Michelle Duggar has talked about passing off […]

The Darkside Of The Duggar Family Church: Sexual Abuse, Shaming, And Brainwashing

It’s no secret that the Duggars are an intensely religious family, but there is a dark side to their particular brand of religion. The reality stars adhere to the teachings of an extreme sect of Christianity called the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), whose founder has been accused of sexually abusing over 30 women. […]

Jill Dillard: Duggar Brothers Might Join U.S. Military

Jill Dillard announced to her Instagram followers Monday that some of the Duggar brothers might join the U.S. Military. The declaration came as viewers questioned why the Duggar family would promote paramilitary organizations such as Alert Academy, when none of them chooses to serve in any actual military capacity as adults. Jill responded to one […]

As Duggar Family Gears Up For New Reality TV Season, Their Religious Leadership Takes More Hits

The Duggar family is expected to return soon for another season of reality TV — but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Some very controversial religious ministries are associated closely with the Duggar name. These conservative groups are currently taking blow after blow, and it looks as though it’s far from over. It […]

Duggar After Marriage: How Leaving And Cleaving Changed Life For Jinger, Jill, And Jessa

For a Duggar, marriage means a lot of things: a special episode of their reality show and being permitted their first kiss, for example, in addition to the life changes that are common with relationships in more typical families, such as starting a new household and planning children. However, since Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s marriage, there […]

Duggar Family Back To Promoting Scandal-Plagued IBLP Now That Anna Is Pregnant

Josh and Anna Duggar have announced that they’re having a baby, and that they’ve brought “joy from the ashes” as they’ve worked to rebuild their marriage. However, even as the Duggar family announces that the two-year saga surrounding Josh Duggar’s sex scandals — including the release of police reports describing the molestation of underage girls […]

Another Evangelist Connected To Duggar Family Accused Of Sexual Abuse

In the past two years, some sexual scandals have surfaced either directly connected to the Duggar family or connected to evangelical leaders they have promoted or been associated with. Whether it’s a side effect of their particular brand of conservatism or mere coincidence, it’s becoming frequent enough to raise eyebrows. The latest in the long […]

Duggar Family Returns To Television — As Backlash Drives Reality Star Pal Offline

TLC has announced that the Duggar family will be returning for a second season of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and there’s a new courtship to follow. However, life as a reality show star isn’t all roses for one friend of the family. There is always plenty of backlash for the parenting and religious choices […]

Jeremiah Duggar Prepares For The End Of Days By Attending ALERT Academy: All About The Program

The Duggar family is still participating in the controversial programs founded by Bill Gothard, the disgraced creator of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) homeschooling program. Gothard and the IBLP are currently being sued by over a dozen plaintiffs who allege that he and other ministry officials covered […]

Jessa Duggar Names Her Hair After Miley Cyrus’ Favorite Drug

For Jessa Duggar, getting her hair cut was such a big deal that she decided to name her bangs. The moniker she chose for her fringe wasn’t nearly as unusual as Spurgeon, which is what she and husband Ben Seewald decided to name their firstborn son. However, Jessa Duggar’s hair does share its name with […]

Program Behind Duggar Family’s Homeschool, Josh Duggar’s Rehab Dumped By Evangelical Accountability Org

The Duggar family is known, among other things, for homeschooling their many offspring. One organization from which they source curriculum has just lost membership in a group that accredits Christian nonprofits. However, the organization wasn’t dumped for its curriculum standards, or for the victim-blaming sex ed program. Instead, it seems that scandal has rocked the […]

Jana Duggar Is No Longer Outgoing, Works For Jessa In ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Promo

Jana Duggar used to be “rowdy” and “outgoing,” according to her younger siblings. However, something must have happened to her at some point in her life that profoundly altered her personality. In a promo for next Tuesday’s episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Jana’s brothers and sisters talk about how much she’s changed over […]

As Sexual Abuse Allegations Roll In, Reality Stars Shun Bill Gothard — Duggars Silent

Since sexual abuse allegations have been connected with both in the past year, Bill Gothard and the Duggars’ relationship has been a matter of some public speculation. Gothard has also been associated with another reality show family, who frequently mingle with the Duggars: the Bates family, of Bringing Up Bates. Now, with the latest allegations […]

Another Duggar Scandal: Founder Of Center Where Josh Duggar Was ‘Treated’ For Molesting Sisters Is Sued For Sexual Abuse

The founder of the center where Josh Duggar received treatment following the revelation that he was molesting his sisters has been accused once again of sexual abuse by former followers. The founder, Bill Gothard, has close ties to the Duggar family, who have sent their children to the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), which […]

Duggars’ Family Mentor Bill Gothard Charged With Sex Crimes

The Duggars’ family mentor, Bill Gothard, is the target of a lawsuit recently filed by 10 women. The lawsuit charges Gothard and other leaders in his ministry with sex crimes including sexual abuse, harassment, and cover-up, according to a report from the Washington Post. Gothard himself is charged with raping a woman who also reports […]

Bill Gothard: Duggar Family Minister Named In Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Bill Gothard, who served as the Duggar family minister, was named in a sexual abuse lawsuit filed in DuPage County, Illinois. According to the lawsuit, the former Institute in Basic Life Principles minister is accused of sexually abusing and harassing 10 women. According to the Institute in Basic Life Principles website, the organization “was established […]

Bill Gothard Abuse Scandal: Christian Homeschooling Leader With Connection To Duggar Family Faces Allegations From 10 Women

Bill Gothard is facing new abuse allegations, putting the religious figure famous for his influence on the Duggar family in serious trouble. This week 10 new women came forward to file a lawsuit against Gothard, who, the Chicago Tribune notes, has been one of the biggest influences in the conservative Christian homeschooling movement. Gothard is […]

Duggar Family Members Heading To Canada, Causing More Controversy By Promoting Crazy Homeschool Curriculum

The Duggar family’s controversial homeschool program was scrutinized this summer after it was revealed that Josh Duggar had sexually molested his younger sisters as a teen, and there was some speculation that the program’s teachings may have played a role in Josh’s actions and the way they were dealt with. However, Jim Bob and Michelle […]

Duggar Family Friend Under FBI Investigation In New Scandal

The scandal-plagued Duggar family is linked to Hobby Lobby Stores founder, David Green, who is under FBI investigation for customs violations, falsifying documents, and the unauthorized export of antiquities. In an exclusive report released today, David Green has been under FBI investigation since 2011 “for the illicit importation of cultural heritage from Iraq.” The year […]

Josh Duggar & ’19 Kids’ Homeschool Founder Slammed With Sex Abuse Claims: Duggars’ Lessons Blame Victims [Video]

Josh Duggar and the 19 Kids And Counting Duggar family were known to have followed a fundamentalist home school curriculum founded by Bill Gothard. Now 80, he posted on Facebook for the first time in months. And since that initial resurfacing on social media, Gothard has found himself blasted with allegations of sexual abuse as […]

Josh Duggar: Rehab Allegedly A Money-Making Scam For Church

Josh Duggar probably won’t be getting the kind of help that he desperately needs during his stint in a faith-based rehab center. According to a recent report, it’s very similar to the program Josh enrolled in after he confessed to molesting multiple young women, including four of his own sisters. Obviously, that program didn’t accomplish […]

Josh Duggar: Founder Of Reformers Unanimous Accused Of Sex Abuse Cover-Up — Protecting Sex Offender From Prosecution: Report

A co-founder of Reformers Unanimous (RU), the Christian rehabilitation center in Rockford, Illinois, that Josh Duggar checked into following revelation that he had accounts with the adultery website Ashley Madison, is allegedly helping a sexual offender stay overseas on Christian mission to avoid prosecution in the United States. According to a report by Patheos, Reformers […]

Josh Duggar’s Christian Rehab Facility Using Him For Free Labor?

Josh Duggar is heading to rehab after admitting to cheating on his wife and being addicted to pornography, and it looks like the facility he’ll be staying at isn’t much different from the place his parents sent him to after he molested four of his younger sisters. In a post on the Duggar family website, […]

The Duggar Family Homeschooling Curriculum Deals With Sexual Abuse In Disturbing Manner

The Duggars have always been in favor of homeschooling, and they have always implemented a very specific — and controversial — homeschooling curriculum from Bill Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute. In light of the discovery that the eldest Duggar son, Josh, has sexually abused at least five little girls as a teenager, some of whom are […]

Jessa Duggar Going Against Family Beliefs By Adopting And Wearing Pants?

Jessa Duggar’s enthusiasm for adoption might make some longtime 19 Kids and Counting fans wonder if she’s going against her family’s religious beliefs by talking about raising kids that didn’t come from her own uterus. It also looks like Jessa has ditched her family’s dress code now that she’s a married woman — a video […]

Jessa Duggar Says She Wants To Adopt And Get Pregnant: Why Some Fans Won’t Believe Her

Jessa Duggar opened up about her plans to start a family during a recent interview, and the 19 Kids and Counting star revealed that she’s very interested in adopting a child. However, some Duggar fans might be skeptical about Jessa’s claim. During an interview for the February issue of Celebrate Arkansas magazine, Jessa Duggar talked […]

Read Jessa Duggar’s Love Letter From Ben Seewald: Did He Compare Her To Global Warming?

Jessa Duggar is getting ready for the upcoming season of 19 Kids and Counting by celebrating her marriage to Ben Seewald, and she recently posted something very intimate online that most lovers don’t share with the rest of the world. However, Jessa Duggar couldn’t resist showing her Instagram followers just how much Ben Seewald loves […]