Bill Gates Warns There Are ‘Lots Of Additional Deaths Coming’ In America Unless Coronavirus Response Improves

Bill Gates is issuing a dire warning for the U.S. if the response to the coronavirus pandemic does not improve. The billionaire philanthropist, who has led efforts around the globe to increase access to vaccines, said in a new interview that the country could face a mounting number of deaths unless the approach changes. Speaking […]

Bill Gates Says US Needs To ‘Own Up To The Fact That We Didn’t Do A Good Job’ Handling Coronavirus Pandemic

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Sunday, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said that Americans need to acknowledge the fact that the U.S. is not handling the coronavirus pandemic as good as other countries, The Hill reported. Speaking with anchor Chris Wallace, Gates said that the U.S. “did a very poor job” […]

Bill Gates Says Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Accelerated Coronavirus Pandemic

During a preview clip from his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, billionaire Bill Gates claimed that Donald Trump’s travel ban likely exacerbated the coronavirus pandemic that continues to ravage the United States, The Hill reported. “We created this rush, and we didn’t have the ability to test or quarantine those people,” he […]

Louis Farrakhan Accuses Anthony Fauci And Bill Gates Of Attempting To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With Vaccinations

In a speech to Nation of Islam headquarters in Chicago on Saturday, the movement’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates for their efforts to ensure widespread coronavirus vaccinations, The Daily Caller reported. “I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be […]

‘Miracle Baby’ Who Survived Heart Surgery Beats Coronavirus

Erin Bates of the United Kingdom is only 6 months old but has already survived open-heart surgery and now the coronavirus. The baby was already in the hospital for other health problems when she tested positive for COVID-19 on April 10. She then spent two weeks at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool in isolation, […]

Bill Gates Says Coronavirus Has His Foundation’s ‘Total Attention’

In an interview published on Sunday, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, said that the coronavirus has his foundation’s “total attention,” reports The Hill. According to the billionaire, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — which has an endowment of more than $40 billion — is shifting its attention away from diseases such […]

Bill Gates Predicts Coronavirus Vaccine Will Come Relatively Soon

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates said on Friday that he expects the scientific community will come up with a vaccine against the novel coronavirus relatively quickly — at least when compared to the normal time frame required to develop a vaccine. As NBC News reports, Gates stopped by The Today Show to discuss the development of […]

Roger Stone Says Bill Gates May Have Created Coronavirus To Enforce Mandatory Microchipping

Republican operative and Donald Trump associate Roger Stone spoke to Joe Piscopo on Monday’s edition of his radio show, The Answer on 970 AM, in a wide-ranging discussion. During the talk, Stone touched on the unsubstantiated theory that Bill Gates had some role in creating the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Post reported. “Whether Bill […]

Bill Gates On Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘Things Won’t Go Back To Truly Normal Until We Have A Vaccine’

Five years ago, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, warned that the United States is not prepared to handle a pandemic outbreak. The coronavirus is now ravaging the nation and his predictions appear to be coming true, so Gates has gotten a lot of media attention, with reporters asking him to weigh in […]

Bill Gates Slams President Trump’s Proposal To Restart The Economy And ‘Ignore Dead Bodies’

Bill Gates has weighed in on the proposal floated by President Trump and others to restart the global economy even as the coronavirus pandemic continues, calling that approach “very irresponsible.” “There really is no middle ground, and it’s very tough to say to people, ‘Hey, keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that […]

Bill Gates’ Daughter Jennifer Gates Announces Engagement To Longtime Egyptian Boyfriend Nayel Nassar

Jennifer Katharine Gates, the 23-year-old daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, announced her engagement to her Egyptian boyfriend Nayel Nassar on Friday. According to CNN, the eldest daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates made the official announcement via an Instagram post. The couple announced their engagement following a three-year courtship. Jennifer and 28-year-old Nayel share […]

Bill Gates Calls For Taxing The Wealthy: ‘The Rich Should Pay More’

Billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote a blog post on New Year’s Eve in which he reflects on 2019 and expresses his apparent desire for higher taxes on the rich. Gates touched on the time he spent traveling during 2019 as well as his awareness of the “gross inequities” that lie between the “lucky” […]

Bill Gates Reportedly Said Jeffrey Epstein’s Lifestyle Was ‘Different’ And ‘Kind Of Intriguing’

The alleged suicide of convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has caused many to scrutinize his numerous relationships with the rich and powerful. Epstein was known to have associated with former president Bill Clinton, current President Donald Trump, and billionaire tech giant Bill Gates. Gates has distanced himself from Epstein and denies […]

Bill Gates’ Former Adviser, Boris Nikolic, Won’t Be Executor Of Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate

Following accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide, it was revealed that he penned a will just two days before his death. The will shows that Epstein has $578 million in assets in a trust, and he named Darren K. Indyke, Richard D. Kahn, and Boris Nikolic as his executors. Nikolic, Bill Gates’ former science […]

Bill Gates Denies Having A ‘Friendship’ Or ‘Business Relationship’ With Jeffrey Epstein

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, American businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates addressed his connections to convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. According to Gates, he met Epstein through meetings but didn’t have any substantive relationship with him or attend his parties. Gates also claims that their interactions only occurred […]

Bill Gates Wants To Cover The Earth In A Giant Cloud To Combat Global Warming

A scientific effort backed by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates aims to cover the Earth in a chemical cloud in an effort to fight global warming, CNBC reports. The process is called solar geo-engineering and has been around, conceptually at least, since the 1970s, when a Russian scientist proposed burning sulfur in the upper atmosphere to […]

Bill Gates Says Steve Jobs Cast ‘Spells’ To Save Apple

During his appearance on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Bloomberg reports that billionaire Bill Gates made the strange revelation — most likely jokingly — that the late Steve Jobs cast “spells” during his journey to save Apple from dying. “I was like a minor wizard because he would be casting spells, and I would see people […]

Bill Gates Pictured Queuing Up For Burger And Fries In Seattle

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was spotted by eagle-eyed diners queuing up to order burger and fries at a popular diner in Seattle, Washington, according to the Daily Mail. Gates, who is known to be a big lover of burgers, was spotted standing in line with his hands in his pockets outside Dick’s Drive-In in the […]

Bill Gates Brings Human Poop At Speech In China Reinvented Toilet Expo

Microsoft founder Bill Gates brought with him a jar of human waste when he kicked off the Reinvented Toilet expo in China on Tuesday. According to CBS News, the philanthropist placed the jar on a pedestal next to him as he made a plea for the safe disposal of human waste during his keynote speech […]

Gates Foundation Pulls Funding From Saudi Charity Over Khashoggi Murder

A month after the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pulled funding to the Saudi Arabian-based Misk Foundation, which was founded by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, according to the Seattle Times. The decision ends a joint initiative between the Gates Foundation and the Misk Foundation called the Misk […]

Bill Gates Says Paul Allen Gave Him The Courage To Start Microsoft In A Touching Tribute

Following the death of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen at the age of 65, Bill Gates wrote a touching tribute to his late colleague and friend in the Wall Street Journal. Allen passed away this week due to complications with his battle against non-Hodgkins lymphoma, as reported in The Inquisitr. Allen was a generous philanthropist and […]

Former UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon Says Trump ‘Doesn’t Listen’ On The Issue Of Climate Change Efforts

A former United Nations secretary general is trying to set up a new organization in order to help the world adapt to climate change. But according to him, there’s one big obstacle standing in the way — U.S. President Donald Trump. Ban Ki-moon, who served as the head of the UN from 2007 to 2016, […]

Paul Allen Dead, Microsoft Co-founder & Owner Of Seattle Seahawks & Portland Trailblazers Passed Away At 65

Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, has died. According to a statement from Allen’s family, published on his website, he passed away at 65 from complications related to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. “My brother was a remarkable individual on every level. While most knew Paul Allen as […]

Jack Ma, China’s Richest Man, Stepping Down As Chairman Of Tech Giant Alibaba

Jack Ma, China’s richest man who found the multinational e-commerce giant Alibaba, is stepping down from the company to focus his energy on philanthropy and education, according to the New York Times. A former English teacher, Ma founded Alibaba in 1999 and over the course of the next two decades, transformed it into a sprawling […]

Bill Gates Donates $4 Million To Help Develop Mosquitos That Kill Each Other By Having Sex

While Bill Gates is perhaps best known for his work in co-founding Microsoft and the development of the Windows operating system, he’s also gained quite a reputation as a philanthropist and humanitarian. Alongside his wife, Melinda, the two have helped to tackle a variety of social and global issues through their charitable foundation, the aptly […]

Jeff Bezos Net Worth: Amazon CEO Hits $141 Billion, Outpacing Bill Gates By $49 Billion

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth is currently sitting at $141.9 billion, up from around $100 billion just six months ago. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the second wealthiest person on the planet according to Forbes‘ list of the world’s billionaires, trails Bezos by nearly $49 billion. Stock guru Warren Buffet is third on […]

Donald Trump Had To Ask Bill Gates If There Was A Difference Between HIV & HPV — Twice

Donald Trump had to ask Bill Gates – twice – if there was a difference between HIV and HPV, two radically different viruses that are associated with completely different illnesses, People is reporting. The billionaire philanthropist was speaking at a Gates Foundation event when he made the revelation. Video of that event was unearthed by […]

Bill Gates Pledges $12 Million For Universal Flu Vaccine, Says Trump Is ‘Super Interested’ In Idea

On Friday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced that he will be contributing $12 million worth of funds toward the development of a universal flu vaccine that should protect people from all of the virus’ strains. This, according to a new report, came about a month after Gates spoke to President Donald Trump about the idea […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Returns Tonight With Good Guy Bill Gates: Details About His Guest Appearance

The Big Bang Theory recently took a two-week hiatus, but it’s returning with a really big bang. Bill Gates will guest star on the show tonight, but the geek icon isn’t interested in working with one of the show’s resident brainiacs. Instead, the founder of Microsoft is going to drop by Penny’s place of employment […]

Bill Gates Says The Tax System Is ‘Flawed’ And Believes Wealthy Individuals Should Pay More, Others Agree

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world, largely thanks to his early tech venture, Microsoft, which developed the first PC software in the world. Currently aged 62, he also owns Cascade Investment, a company with headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. With an estimated net worth of about $90 billion, he and his […]

Bill Gates Has Only One Regret: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Should Have Been A Single Button

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has one lingering regret: the ctrl-alt-delete function on Windows should have been easier to use, the renown tech-billionaire opined during a recent forum. The philanthropist was responding to David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group, who questioned the peculiar key combination, as it’s infamous for requiring two hands to input. “If I […]

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, And Putin Net Worth 2017

Bill Gates, President Vladimir Putin, and Jeff Bezos are said to be among the richest men on the planet. The two U.S. entrepreneurs, Bill and Bezos, have built successful business empires that have to a greater extent relied on innovative technology and economics to grow. However, for political leaders such as Putin, who like to […]

Discovery Special ‘Mosquito’ Examines The Global Threat From This Potentially Lethal Creature

For most people who experience a mosquito bite, it’s usually an itchy but temporary nuisance and is quickly forgotten. For others, just one mosquito can permanently change their lives or even result in death. Malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika are responsible for killing more than 750,000 people a year, and […]

Match For Africa Event Raises $2 Million, While Bill Gates’ Net Worth Reaches $87 Billion

Match for Africa, a charity event where tennis professionals team with celebrities to raise money for the Roger Federer Foundation, had its fourth tennis match yesterday in Seattle, Washington. Saturday’s competition featured tennis star Roger Federer and Microsoft’s billionaire founder Bill Gates playing against tennis pro John Isner and celebrated Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready. […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Becomes 2nd Richest Person – Who’s The First?

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, used to be the fourth richest person in the world. On March 29, 2017, thanks to a boost to Amazon stock, Jeff Bezos’ net worth shot up an extra $1.5 billion, adding to the already $8.7 billion he had added already this year. That net increase of $10.2 billion, […]

Bill Gates Wants To Tax Job Stealing Machines While Swiss Robots Protest

Artificially intelligent machines are set to smash the job market in the next 15 years and take tens of millions of jobs currently being done by humans and Bill Gates thinks those robots should pay taxes. The tax on job-stealing robots would be levied against the businesses that employ them and used to retrain humans […]

Bill Gates: Robot Tax Necessary To Replace Income Funding Social Services

Quartz editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney recently interviewed billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates, where the richest man in the world, as reported by Forbes, expressed his belief that with automated solutions replacing human workers, taxes will need to be paid by robots to make up for lost revenue that currently funds important […]

Bill Gates Could Be The World’s First Trillionaire, And The Three Industries He’s Confident In For The Future

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, could become the world’s first trillionaire, according to Oxfam. CNBC noted that Oxfam is an international network of organizations working in conjunction to alleviate global poverty. According to research conducted by Oxfam, eight billionaires have as much money as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half […]

Bill Gates Claims Donald Trump Can Inspire ‘American Leadership Through Innovation’

President-elect Donald Trump has an interesting revolving door of visitors at Trump Tower, and this week, notably Bill Gates and Kanye West turned up to pay respect to the new president. While Kanye allegedly just wanted to “talk about life” with Trump, Gates wanted to get down to business, literally, with talk about how getting […]

Bill Gates Says Donald Trump Could Be America’s Next JFK [Video]

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Tuesday that he had a telephone conversation with Donald Trump and that the president-elect seemed eager to talk about “innovation.” The billionaire philanthropist told host Becky Quick that if Trump focuses his administration’s messaging on innovation he could inspire America like President John F. Kennedy […]

Schools Funded By Mark Zuckerberg And Bill Gates Will Be Shut Down By Uganda

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have been funding schools in Uganda to help poor children get the education that they need, but a conflict in perspective with the government and some people has dampened their efforts and resulted in a shutdown of their facilities. The Bridge International Academies, otherwise known as BIA, was founded by […]

Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation As Platinum Member: Company Realizes Software Developers Use Multiple Platforms Interchangeably?

Microsoft has joined the Linux foundation. The maker of Windows Operating System (OS) announced the decision at the company’s online developers’ event, Connect 2016, with a powerful tagline: “Any developer, any application, any platform.” After fighting the Linux revolution for a long time and avoiding open source software and code, Microsoft decided to join the […]

Amancio Ortega Becomes The World’s Richest Man Again: Zara’s Owner Beats Bill Gates By A Billion Dollars For The Second Time

Amancio Ortega became the world’s richest individual, surpassing Bill Gates for the second time. With a net worth of $79.5 billion, Ortega beat Gates by a cool billion dollars, after shares of his company surged. Amancio Ortega is the reclusive multi-billionaire who raised an empire by painstakingly developing Zara, the fashion chain that caters to […]

Bill Gates Agrees Teachers Are ‘Nerd Farmers’ — Here’s What It Means

Bill Gates, in a recent interview, gets excited about the phrase “nerd farmer” — turning the socially negative into something economically powerful. Via LinkedIn, Bill Gates writes a personal note regarding the future generations. Gates considers himself a proud nerd. And, Bill’s net worth boasts uncontested. World's richest man, @BillGates now worth $90B. — […]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Book Deal Aims To Inspire ‘Customers And Partners’ To ‘Hit Refresh’

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella is following in Bill Gates’ footsteps with his own book, called Hit Refresh, which the Wall Street Journal says will focus, in part, on his role in transforming Microsoft into a technology leader. “Transformation” is the overall theme of the book, set to be published by Harper Business in the […]

Bill Gates Plans On Solving Poverty With Chicken

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has come up with an interesting solution to extreme poverty in Africa: chicken. The billionaire and philanthropist announced his plans on Wednesday to donate 100,000 chickens to poor families in Africa. To start with, the chickens will be distributed among rural communities in 12 developing countries. The Heifer International charity will […]

Microsoft Sues U.S. Department of Justice: Personal Data Not So Private After All

Last week, Microsoft decided to sue the U.S. Department of Justice. The reason: Continuing demands from the U.S. government to access sensitive, sometimes personal information from Microsoft Cloud, Outlook email, and computers with Internet access running any Windows operating system. For anyone who still thinks his or her data is really private, consider the following. […]

Beyonce Name Drops Bill Gates In ‘Formation’ Twice And Microsoft Founder Had No Idea! His Reaction? [Video]

Bill Gates is so busy with his philanthropic organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that he had no idea Beyonce name dropped him in her new single “Formation” – that is, until a co-worker pointed it out to him. Beyonce released the controversial single as a surprise during the Super Bowl this year, but […]

Lil Wayne Finally Wins A Lawsuit, Honored For Tech Lyrics

Lil Wayne has been making headlines with his controversy around the Super Bowl 50 commercial he stars in, but the good news is that he is being honored for his tech lyrics and has finally won a victory with one of his 10-plus lawsuits. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lil Wayne has been involved […]

Bill Gates Tells All — Desert Island Playlist, Spying On His Staff, And Talking To Girls

Microsoft co-founder, billionaire, and philanthropist extraordinaire Bill Gates has his desert island song list all picked out. However, he has no desire to be alone in the middle of the ocean, but not for the reason you’d think. In a candid interview with the BBC program Desert Island Discs on Sunday, Bill said the solitary […]