Bill Cosby’s Rep Blasts Eddie Murphy For Wicked ‘Saturday Night Live’ Diss: ‘Hollywood Slave’

Bill Cosby’s spokesperson issued a statement following Eddie Murphy’s wicked joke about the fallen comedian on Saturday Night Live. Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, described Murphy’s monologue joke about the former Cosby Show star as “disparaging,” according to the statement posted by Page Six. On Saturday night, in his first return to the SNL stage in […]

Bill Cosby Abandons His ‘Blind’ Act Behind Bars

Back in 2016, Bill Cosby announced in court that he is legally blind, which his defense attorneys tried to use to say Cosby would not be able to identify his accusers, according to CNN. During his trial, Cosby’s attorneys filed a motion in court about the comedian’s blindness, alleging that the comedian has vision that […]

Bill Cosby Thinks Prison Is An ‘Amazing Experience’

According to Bill Cosby’s spokesman, the disgraced comedian is actually enjoying his prison time, CNN is reporting. “He used the term ‘amazing experience,’” Cosby’s press spokesman Andrew Wyatt said during an interview with WCAU in Philadelphia. Cosby currently resides in SCI Phoenix, a prison just outside Philadelphia. The comedian must serve between three to 10 […]

Bill Cosby’s Family Reportedly Won’t Visit Him In Prison As Children Cut Ties, Wife Camille Considers Divorce

Bill Cosby has had a lonely time in prison, with a report that the disgraced actor and comedian has not had a single family visitor during his four months behind bars after being of convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. As the Associated Press noted, Cosby was moved from segregated housing in the […]

Bill Cosby Fires Back About Prison Sentence, Claims He’s In Jail For Infidelity Not Rape

Bill Cosby has been incarcerated for nearly 20 days but that doesn’t mean he’s accepted his fate. Now, the former Cosby Show star’s longtime publicists are speaking out with details about his perspective on the prison sentence and his current state of mind. Both Ebonee Benson and Andrew Wyatt decided to pay Bill Cosby a […]

Bill Cosby Files Motion Trying To Get Out Of Prison, Wants Judge Removed

It has been less than two weeks since actor Bill Cosby was sentenced to serve three to 10 years in jail and his lawyers are already hard at work trying to get him out. In fact, Cosby’s lawyers want the judge thrown out, the conviction overturned, and the actor released from prison. The actor’s attorneys […]

Here’s How Bill Cosby Has Been Surviving Prison

Bill Cosby has been in prison for about a week or so by now, and sources say he’s getting by as best he can, with daily phone calls to his wife and a guide to help him around, TMZ is reporting. The 81-year-old isn’t in General Population yet – and once he’s there, things may […]

Bill Cosby’s Hollywood Star Vandalized With ‘Serial Rapist’ Graffiti

Bill Cosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized, TMZ is reporting. It’s not clear when, but at some point recently a vandal hit the star with a permanent marker and wrote the words “SERIAL RAPIST” and then “#METOO.” “#METOO,” for those not familiar, references the #MeToo movement, a social media movement […]

How Bill Cosby Will Live In His New Pennsylvania Prison

Bill Cosby has been issued his standard prison blues. He’s been welcomed into his single-person cell. And he’s made it through his first night in the SCI Phoenix prison in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. It’s one of many nights that the convicted rapist will face in the coming days, weeks and months. What will his life be […]

OJ Simpson Says Bill Cosby Should Get House Arrest, ‘Rapists Are Frowned Upon In Prison’

OJ Simpson thinks Bill Cosby should be sentenced to house arrest, saying that the 81-year-old will likely be a target to the other cons due to his age, wealth, and more specifically, the nature of his crime. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cosby was sentenced this week to no fewer than three years and […]

Bill Cosby Embarrassingly Trips As He’s Led Away In Handcuffs After Sentencing

In April, the former comedian and actor was found guilty of sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand in 2004. He was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. On September 25, he was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. The disgraced former comedian will likely not be seen in public again for […]

Here’s How Bill Cosby Went From ‘America’s Dad’ To Inmate NN7687

Disgraced entertainer Bill Cosby was given Pennsylvania Department of Corrections inmate number NN7687 after being sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in Norristown, Pennsylvania, according to WPVI-TV. The designation is a far cry from the “America’s Dad” moniker that he earned during his […]

Janice Dickinson Screamed “Who’s Having The Last Laugh Now?” As Bill Cosby Was Jailed

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has revealed how she gleefully taunted a disgraced Bill Cosby as he was taken from court to begin his 10-year jail sentence. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Janice reveals she screamed across the courtroom at a broken and shamed Cosby, “Who’s having the last laugh now?” And “Have fun in […]

Cosby Trial “Most Racist and Sexist” In History, According to Publicist

To hear Bill Cosby publicist Andrew Wyatt tell it, the sexual assault trial of the disgraced entertainer was the “most racist and sexist” in history and compared his boss to Jesus Christ, the Huffington Post reported. Wyatt made the comments outside the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court in Norristown, Pennsylvania where Judge Steven O’Neill sentenced […]

Bill Cosby Will Not Lose His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star After Prison Sentence

To say that Bill Cosby has fallen from grace would be an understatement. He’s lost the squeaky clean fatherly persona that he cultivated during his long stint as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. He also lost some of the awards he received as a result of the respected position he once held in the […]

Bill Cosby Reportedly Served Pudding Dessert As Part Of His First Meal In Jail

Bill Cosby was the voice of Jell-O products for more than 30 years, but he probably never thought he would be eating his favorite pudding dessert in prison. On Tuesday, the Emmy-winning star was sentenced to 3-10 years in a Pennsylvania state prison after being convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Temple University employee Andrea […]

Bill Cosby Looks Sad In Mugshot After He’s Sentenced To Prison For Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby’s official mug shot has been revealed. The actor, who was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison on Tuesday, was taken to jail following his court hearing and booked, which included the photo. According to a Sept. 25 report by Hollywood Life, Bill Cosby was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand […]

Here’s a Bunch of Other Shamed Celebs Who Still Have Their Walk of Fame Stars

Bill Cosby gets to keep his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, both right now and after his prison sentence is completed, and no amount of public opinion or petitions will change this decision. But in Hollywood, this is not so unusual. In fact, there are a lot of stars both past and present who have […]

Bill Cosby Sentencing Prompts Massive Reaction

Bill Cosby officially saw his reputation go down the drain on Tuesday, as the man who was once referred to as “America’s Dad” has a new label after a judge labeled him as “sexually violent predator” who will now be forced to serve time in prison. Back in April, Cosby was convicted of drugging and […]

Bill Cosby Sentenced To No Less Than 3 Years On Sexual Assault Charges, Declared A ‘Sexually Violent Predator’

Comedian and the man who was once known as “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby has been to sentenced to 3 to 10 years imprisonment and declared a “sexually violent predator” after being found guilty in April of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. His accuser Andrea Constand’s allegation was one nearly 60 similar allegations against Cosby, […]

Judge Rules Bill Cosby A Sexually Violent Predator At Sentencing Hearing

On day two of the Bill Cosby sentencing hearing, a defense psychologist testified that the formerly beloved comedian is not a sexually violent predator — which contradicts testimony from yesterday’s prosecution psychologist. Ultimately, the judge in the case ruled that Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.” According to a report from the Miami Herald, today […]

Petition Calls For Removal Of Bill Cosby’s Star From Hollywood Walk Of Fame

ABC 7 reports that a petition will be turned in next week demanding Bill Cosby’s star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who is the president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, the signatures will be shown to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Monday is […]

Bill Cosby’s Monday Sentencing Will Determine Whether He Will Be Designated A ‘Sexually Violent Predator’

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the Bill Cosby case went from another celebrity trial to one of the largest scandals of the decade. As one of the catalysts for “MeToo,” the case has dipped in and out of the public eye over the past few years. For many, the development from accusations, to arrest […]

Bill Cosby’s Trial Judge Sets Limit On Number Of Accusers Who Can Testify At Sentencing

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, who is presiding over the Bill Cosby sexual assault case, has told prosecutors they need to limit the number of accusers who will be speaking at the former comedian’s sentencing hearing, which starts on Monday, September 24. As reported by USA Today, prosecutors had wanted more of Cosby’s 60 other […]

Bill Cosby Faces Sentencing Hearing Following Failed Attempt To Have Judge Recused

Convicted comedian Bill Cosby’s team of lawyers recently filed a motion against Judge Stephen O’Neill, who’s been there from the beginning of 81-year-old Cosby’s assault trials. The defense claimed that O’Neill was biased because of a past political campaign and a “nasty” personal conflict with prior district attorney, Bruce Castor, who was a pretrial witness […]

Bill Cosby Judge, Steven O’Neill, Rejects Request To Stand Down, ‘Has No Bias’

Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill has rejected a request from Bill Cosby’s defense attorneys that he recuse himself, reports the Mercury. Cosby’s defense attorneys had argued that O’Neill couldn’t issue an impartial sentence, arguing that he had a feud with a prior district attorney in the area, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. In 1999, O’Neill […]

Geoffrey Owens Said Bill Cosby’s Scandal Cost Him Royalties, Led To Trader Joe’s Job

In a recent interview, actor Geoffrey Owens didn’t pull any punches when he was asked what led to him working at a Trader Joe’s. As many people are aware of, Owens was recently job-shamed on social media for working a “regular” job, instead of acting, which is what he is best known for. His most […]

‘Cosby Show’ Actor Geoffrey Owens Is Now Bagging Groceries At Trader Joe’s

The Cosby Show aired for eight seasons on NBC from 1984 to 1992 much to the delight of its legions of fans. The award-winning sitcom was notable for featuring TV’s first upper middle-class African-American family as its main characters. Most of the series’ stars continued to make waves in the entertainment industry following the show’s […]

Bill Cosby Is Not Hiding Millions In Bitcoin, Despite Tabloid Claim That He Is [Debunked]

Celebrity tabloid Radar Online reported that Bill Cosby is hiding around $5 million in Bitcoin to shield it from his creditors, the government, his lawyers, and his wife, should she decide to divorce him in the future. According to experts in Bitcoin and the blockchain, that assertion is not true. There are multiple problems with […]

Bill Cosby Ripped After Bizarre Tribute To Aretha Franklin

Bill Cosby is remembering Aretha Franklin, and getting backlash in the process. The disgraced Cosby Show star, who was recently convicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault and is currently out on bond awaiting sentencing, posted a tribute to the late Queen of Soul on Twitter and Facebook after her death last week. But […]

Bill Cosby Is A Sexually Violent Predator, Says State Panel, Judge To Later Rule On Classification

Bill Cosby will be sentenced in September, but in the meantime, the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board has found Cosby to be a “sexually violent predator,” according to the New York Times. Whether Cosby will be formally classified as such is up to the judge. Board director Meghan Dade said that “Judges agree at least […]

Bill Cosby ‘Dying’ And ‘Planning Own Funeral’ After Sex Crimes Sentencing, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Bill Cosby is allegedly “dying” and “planning his own funeral” after being convicted of three counts of sexual assault on April 26, 2018, according to Radar Online. Cosby is currently under house arrest. Radar Online reported that Cosby is preparing for the end of his life as he awaits sentencing on September 25. The site […]

Bill Cosby To Be Stripped Of Degrees From Three Maryland Colleges: ‘Sexual Misconduct Will Not Be Tolerated’

On the heels of firing his entire legal team, legendary entertainer and philanthropist Bill Cosby faces more fallout for his felony sexual assault conviction. The University of Maryland Board of Regents has voted to rescind honorary degrees granted to Cosby from the University of Baltimore, the University of Maryland College Park and the University of […]

Bill Cosby Is ‘Off The Rails’ After Abruptly Firing Entire Legal Team, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Earlier this week, Bill Cosby fired the legal team that had worked with him since August 2017, marking the fourth time the embattled comedian changed legal representation in three years. A new report, however, looked behind the alleged motivation behind Cosby’s decision — “irrational” anger over their inability to file an appeal, despite Pennsylvania law […]

Bill Cosby Has Fired His Entire Legal Team Just Three Months Before His Sentencing

With just over three months left before sentencing, Bill Cosby has yet again fired his legal team. His new attorney, Joseph P. Green, of Pennsylvania, is Cosby’s fourth since 2015. Former Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau and the rest of the aging comedian’s defense team had been on the case since August of last year. […]

Camille Cosby Divorce Rumors Won’t Go Away As Husband’s Sentencing Looms

With a month and a half having passed since Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, rumors of his wife, Camille Cosby, divorcing him after over five decades of marriage have swirled once again, with a report alleging that Camille has left her husband “literally home alone.” In a report published Wednesday, Radar Online cited a source […]

‘Roseanne’ Reruns Pulled From Hulu Following ABC’s Decision To Cancel The Show

It has been a tough day for Roseanne Barr. After a series of vile and racist tweets, Roseanne Barr, star of the hit television series Roseanne, is under fire and paying a much larger price than she expected. Hours after news broke about ABC’s decision to pull the plug on the Roseanne reboot, reruns of […]

Terry Crews Fears That His Sexual Assault Case Against Adam Venit May Bar Him From Working In Hollywood Again

In spite of the recent conviction of Bill Cosby for sexual assault and criminal charges against Harvey Weinstein for sexual misconduct, Terry Crews is preparing himself for the very real possibility that telling his truth may end his career. The #MeToo movement has given victims of sexual assault a voice, but the man who Crews […]

Jurors In The Bill Cosby Case Admit To Being Harassed By ‘Thugs’ Post-Verdict, Per ‘RadarOnline’

For the first time ever, the jurors in the infamous Bill Cosby case have come forward to reveal, not only their true names but that they’ve been harassed by people they call “thugs” as a result of their verdict in the case. According to RadarOnline, who was the first to speak to the jurors, William […]

Bill Cosby Has Allegedly Been Caught With Drugs While On House Arrest, Per ‘Radar Online’

Just days before he’s set to be sentenced for the multiple sexual assaults that he’s been convicted of committing, it’s been revealed that Bill Cosby is living in a den of filth, junk food, and drugs. The disgraced comedian is required to stay there until he’s sentenced in July, where some legal scholars speculate that […]

As More Accusers Of Sexual Abuse Come Forward, Music Streaming Services Remove R. Kelly From Curated Playlists

Citing a new policy which bars playing “hate music,” streaming giant Spotify has decided to stop promoting R. Kelly’s music. A spokesman for the service told NPR that not only will they cease marketing activities of artists whose music contains offensive content, they will also consider the behavior of the artist. As a response to […]

Bill Cosby Sentencing: Cosby Will Likely Die Behind Bars If Prosecutors Get Their Way, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Bill Cosby’s sentencing date is still weeks away, but already there are indications that the disgraced actor and comedian could be headed to prison for a very long time — possibly the rest of his life. After Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, there has been much speculation on what kind […]

Bill Cosby Sentencing Will Have Law Enforcement ‘100 Percent All Hands On Deck’ For Security

The small town of Norrisville, Penn., is gearing up for the huge spectacle that will likely be made of Bill Cosby’s sentencing expected sometime in July. The legendary entertainer and philanthropist has been found guilty on three counts related to the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand and faces up to 30 years in […]

Bill Cosby Divorce Unlikely As Camille Stands By Her Man

Amid rumors and speculation that she and embattled comedian Bill Cosby might divorce after he was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault late last month, Camille Cosby issued a statement on Thursday, affirming her support for her husband of 54 years, and likening his accusers to a lynch mob that caused his performances […]

Bill Cosby Wiped From Television Academy’s Website 25 Years After Hall Of Fame Induction

Bill Cosby’s achievements in the television industry are no longer being celebrated by the Television Academy. The Cosby Show star’s name has been erased from the Television Academy’s online honorees list after a jury found Cosby guilty of aggravated indecent sexual assault against former Temple University employee Andrea Constand last week. In addition to the […]

Bill Cosby About To Lose Yet Another Honorary Degree, This Time From UNC

As reported by ABC 11 News, Bill Cosby is in the process of losing another honorary degree in the wake of his recent conviction. The Chancellor of the University of North Carolina, Carol Folt, endorsed that the Board of Trustees should begin the process to withdraw the honorary degree. The board is expected to vote […]

Bill Cosby Sentencing: Cosby Likely To Get ‘Special Treatment’ In Prison Due To His Age, Celebrity Status

Bill Cosby is still more than two months away from his sentencing for an assault conviction, but experts predict that the disgraced actor and comedian may not be doing much hard time once he arrives in prison. After Cosby was convicted last week of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand, there has been much speculation on […]

Bill Cosby Jury Member Says Guilty Verdict Based On Comedian’s Own Words

A juror in the Bill Cosby trial revealed on Good Morning America that the comedian-actor’s deposition led to his ultimate conviction. According to Juror Number 1, Harrison Snyder, 22, hearing Cosby recount in his own words in a 2005 deposition that he admitted to giving quaaludes (now banned) to young women caused the guilty verdict. […]

Bill Cosby Said To Recall Visit With Nelson Mandela To ‘Page Six,’ Publicist Denies Interview Took Place

Bill Cosby was recently convicted of three counts of sexual assault, and if nothing else, he seems to be mentally preparing himself for prison. The problem, of course, is that there’s some question if the visit he’s citing even took place. Page Six is reporting that Bill Cosby is comparing himself to Nelson Mandela, the […]

Was Bill Cosby Going To Buy NBC? [Fact Checking]

When Bill Cosby was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, an entire online campaign arose, in response, that claimed that this was the culmination of a decades-long takedown of the now-disgraced comedian, who — at one point — was allegedly scheduled to buy NBC. The origins of this bogus claim stemmed from an article […]