Brandon Marshall & Rex Ryan Slam Bill Belichick For New England’s Poor Season: ‘Worst Outing As A Coach’

In the midst of the New England Patriots’ worst season since 2002, people formerly involved in the NFL have some harsh words for head coach Bill Belichick. Among those throwing insults are former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall and the New York Jets’ Rex Ryan. Both individuals have publicly slammed Belichick’s decisions and coaching style. […]

Bill Belichick’s Silence On George Floyd, Black Lives Matter Protest Is Questioned By Analysts

Bill Belichick’s silence on the events of the past week is becoming deafening to some NFL analysts. The New England Patriots head coach has not, as of Friday afternoon, made an official statement about George Floyd’s death or the bigger issues involved in the Black Lives Matter protests that have broken out all over the […]

It’s A Bucs Life: Tom Brady Agrees To $30 Million Deal In Principle With Tampa Bay, According To Report

Tom Brady has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, agreeing in principle to a deal worth $30 million, according to a tweet from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. Further details about the deal were not made available, but many expect Brady to be in Tampa for the next two years. After that, TB12 is […]

Bill Belichick Calls Departing Tom Brady ‘Greatest Quarterback Of All-Time,’ Free Agent’s Destination Unknown

About two hours after future Hall of Fame New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady announced via his Instagram account that he would depart the team as a free agent, New England’s head coach Bill Belichick issued a statement filled with praise for the 42-year-old, six-time Super Bowl winner — whose next team remains uncertain. Saying […]

Tom Brady Rumors: New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Won’t Get Involved In Contract Talks

If the New England Patriots are able to keep Tom Brady in the fold, it won’t be because the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, oversteps his bounds. That’s according to a new report that says Kraft is going to sit out any contract talks until he’s absolutely needed. That means the discussions about whether or not […]

NFL Rumors: Bill Belichick Not Ready To Talk About Whether Tom Brady Will Return To The Patriots

Bill Belichick isn’t ready to talk about whether Tom Brady could be back with the New England Patriots next season. Speaking one day after the team’s surprising 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the wild card round, Belichick praised the work that Brady had done with the organization but said it was too soon […]

NFL Rumors: Bill Belichick Will Likely Avoid Trouble In Patriots’ Latest Spygate Drama

There will be no repeat of the major Spygate punishments for the New England Patriots latest sideline taping drama, a new report indicates. The Patriots are facing an NFL investigation after the team admitted that its film crew illegally filmed the sidelines of the Cincinnati Bengals while putting together a segment on its advance scouting […]

NFL Rumors: Bill Belichick ‘Has To Go’ If He Had Knowledge Of Bengals Sidelines Taping, Shannon Sharpe Says

Bill Belichick said he had no knowledge that a film crew employed by the New England Patriots was taping coaches on the Cincinnati Bengals’ sidelines during their game Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. If Belichick did know, Shannon Sharpe said, then he needs to be shown the door. As ESPN noted, the Patriots head coach […]

NFL Rumors: Steve Belichick May Be Following His Dad’s Path To The Top Of The NFL

Steve Belichick has been quietly working his way up the ranks of the New England Patriots coaching staff, taking over some duties from his dad as he appears to follow the same path to the top of the NFL. The son of head coach Bill Belichick has been an assistant with the Patriots since 2012 […]

NFL Rumors: Patriots May Have Another Sidelines ‘Spying’ Scandal, And Bill Belichick’s Son Is Involved

The New England Patriots could have another sideline spying scandal on their hands — and this time, it’s Bill Belichick’s son that’s involved. Before the Patriots kicked off against the Bills on Sunday, video captured Bills head coach Sean McDermott shooting a pair of Patriots assistants away from the sidelines as the Bills were going […]

NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Just Agreed To An Offer From A New Team, And It’s A Shocker

Antonio Brown has picked his next team — the Vancouver Canucks? On Saturday afternoon, after the NFL wide receiver ended a week of drama by asking for his release from the Oakland Raiders and becoming a free agent, he got a job offer from the NHL team via Twitter. Apparently never one to let a […]

NFL Rumors: New England Patriots And Bill Belichick Will Take A Flyer On Antonio Brown, One NFL Coach Predicts

Antonio Brown’s next stop could be the New England Patriots, one NFL coach predicts. With Brown now a free agent, there is rampant speculation about which team might be willing to take a chance on him. The New England Patriots were immediately pegged as a potential landing spot, as coach Bill Belichick has long had […]

Video Shows Bill Belichick Give Two-Handed Shove To Cameraman Getting Too Close During SB LIII Celebrations

Bill Belichick is apparently not a big fan of cameramen getting in the way of his Super Bowl celebrations. In the final seconds of Super Bowl LIII, as the Patriots were waiting to take a knee and close out their sixth Super Bowl win, video showed a cameraman closing in as the New England Patriots […]

Top 5 Teams Josh McDaniels Could Sign With

Bill Belichick has had an extraordinarily successful run as coach of the New England Patriots, one that will culminate in the team’s ninth Super Bowl under the coach’s tenure this Sunday. That run, which began when Belichick was hired before the 2000 season, has included five Super Bowl wins. But one blemish on Belichick’s record, […]

Here’s How The Rams Lost To The Patriots In 2002

It’s been 17 years since the New England Patriots won their first NFL championship at Super Bowl XXXVI by defeating the then-St. Louis Rams, 20-17. As such, Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night will be a rematch of sorts for both teams. Per NESN, New England is still a slim favorite to beat the Los […]

NFL Super Bowl Records Held By The Patriots

It’s no surprise that in the run-up to Super Bowl LIII, the New England Patriots have a plethora of Super Bowl records under their belt. According to a report from SBNation — that cited data from the NFL’s official record book — the Patriots had 75 combined individual and team records in the aftermath of […]

The Rams And Patriots Played Each Other In The Super Bowl Once Before

This year’s Super Bowl matchup is set, as the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots will square off in Super Bowl LIII on February 3 in Atlanta. That’s a result of Sunday’s conference championship games, where the Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints, while the Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Both games went […]

Tom Brady Has ‘Had Enough’ Of Bill Belichick, According To New Book

New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady has had enough of his coach, Bill Belichick, according to excerpts from a new biography of the head coach. Brady allegedly said during the offseason that he wishes he could “divorce” Belichick. ESPN released excerpts of the book, titled “Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of […]

Tom Brady Ends Radio Interview When Asked About Alex Guerrero

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hung up on his weekly phone interview with Boston sports radio station WEEI when co-host Kirk Minihane began asking Brady questions about Alex Guerrero. Guerrero is Brady’s personal trainer, and by all accounts from both parties, his good friend. As such, Guerrero was given access to Brady in almost […]

Tom Brady Mulls Eventual Retirement, Shuts Down Rumored Rift With Bill Belichick

Tom Brady may be retiring soon. Or maybe not. As The Guardian reports, the 41-year-old sat down with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the inevitable end of his career, a rumored feud with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and national anthem protests, among other things. Family Comes First At 41, Brady is long past the […]

Cassius Marsh, 49ers DE: ‘There’s Nothing Fun About’ Playing For New England Patriots

For most NFL players, it might seem like the equivalent of a dream job to play for a perennial Super Bowl contender like the New England Patriots. But if you ask San Francisco 49ers defensive end Cassius Marsh, who spent some time in the 2017 season playing for the Patriots, there wasn’t much fun to […]

Tom Brady To Skip New England Patriots’ OTAs, Signaling Problems Still Exist

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a notable no-show on Monday at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots’ voluntary workouts. Tom Brady is expected to skip OTAs entirely and it is not a good sign from anyone involved. Depending on who you ask, Tom Brady’s absence during the Patriots’ OTAs can be viewed as another […]

Malcolm Butler: Mystery Surrounds Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl Benching Of Star Cornerback

Malcolm Butler sat on the bench for virtually the entire Super Bowl, and no one seems to know why for sure. All taciturn New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has said so far is that the decision was made in the best interests of the team in the context of trying to win, which […]

Bill Belichick Eyeing New York Giants, ‘Only Place He Wants To Be’

With his run with the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady rumored to be in jeopardy, Bill Belichick is reported to have his eyes and heart on the New York Giants. “I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach,” a source described as close to Belichick told the […]

NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Dynasty Coming To End Amid Feud Between Tom Brady And Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots have ruled the NFL for close to two decades, but rumors indicate that the dynasty is starting to show major cracks and could come crashing down as Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and even owner Robert Kraft come into conflict behind the scenes. Ever since Tom Brady took over as the team’s […]

Ohio State Legend Terry Glenn Was The ‘Quietest Person I’ve Ever Met,’ Former Buckeye Says

At the start of “Beat Michigan” week, Ohio State Buckeye fans were given incredibly somber news that former Wide Receiver Terry Glenn has passed away at the age of 43. The Columbus, Ohio-born athlete was killed in a car accident in Irving, Texas, as reported by ESPN. The Irving Police Department confirmed that the accident […]

Andy Reid A Better Coach Than Bill Belichick? Watch NFL Network Analyst Make Case With Straight Face [VIDEO]

The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will square off to open the 2017 National Football League season on Thursday night, and already NFL analysts are weighing in with not only predictions, but what in sports talk parlance are known as “hot takes.” And the hottest take of all may have come from former […]

Julian Edelman Scheduled For MRI, Could Miss New England Patriots Season With ACL Injury

The New England Patriots are bracing for the worse after star wide receiver Julian Edelman went down with what the team fears could be a season-ending ACL injury. The veteran receiver was injured Friday night during the Patriots’ meaningless 30-28 win over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The non-contact injury occurred just two minutes […]

Interview With James Develin, Fullback For New England Patriots On Earning His Dream

James Develin is one happy guy. In March, the New England Patriots signed a two-year, $2.4 million contract with this fullback and he is spending the off-season staying in shape and spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and their two little boys in the Philadelphia area or down the shore in Southern New Jersey. Living […]

Gisele Bundchen Rumored To Have Blocked Tom Brady’s White House Visit With Donald Trump

Gisele Bundchen is rumored to have blocked husband Tom Brady’s White House visit with President Donald Trump because of her personal dislike for the commander-in-chief. Bundchen long ago publicly revealed she is not a fan of Trump and his politics and didn’t vote for him back in November when he faced off against Democratic nominee […]

2017 NFL Combine: Date, Stream, Broadcast Schedule, And Participants

The 2017 NFL Combine in Indianapolis features about 330 prospects trying to prove their draft potential via a series of multiple tests. The NFL Scouting Combine usually takes place in Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium and this year will not be any different. Select scouts, teams, and media will also be on hand to watch college […]

New England Patriots Boycotting Trump’s White House List Keeps Growing

The number of NFL champion New England Patriots on record with plans to boycott Donald Trump’s White House now tops the number of Super Bowl rings owned by Tom Brady. Shutdown Corner reports the number now stands at six and possibly growing. As it stands, that’s more than 10 percent of the champ’s total 53-man […]

Bill Maher Spews Jinx For Patriots: Drops F-Bombs For Trump-Loving Team

Bill Maher used one very vile word over and over again when it came to the New England Patriots for being a Trump-loving team. He specifically targeted Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft during his Friday night show. Maher’s foul-mouth roll ended with a jinx of a send-off, when he said – “I’d really […]

Patriots Win, But Even Belichick Sees The Error Of New England’s Ways

The Patriots pulled off a 34-16 victory on Saturday playing against the Houston Texans, but instead of describing the game as some fantastic win, Coach Bill Belichick sees his Patriots more like the team that “hung in there.” With the Patriots advancing to the AFC Championship Game next Sunday, New England is going to have […]

NFL Standings: New England Clinches No. 1 Seed; Belichick Showing His Genius

When the New England Patriots signed former free agent wide receiver Michael Floyd to the roster on December 15, 2016, not too many questioned New England coach Bill Belichick’s decision making. Many times, they never question it. Michael Floyd was released by the Arizona Cardinals following a DUI arrest December 14 and obviously, New England […]

Tom Brady Voting Donald Trump? Patriots QB Isn’t Saying Yet, But Trump Claims He Did

Is Tom Brady voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections? When Brady made a radio appearance on Monday morning, the New England Patriots quarterback was decidedly noncommittal, saying that he’s yet to make his vote. But the Republican nominee went out and claimed later on that night that Brady has, in fact, […]

‘Madden NFL 18’ Wishlist: How EA’s Football Franchise Can Continue Their Resurgent Run

It feels like so long ago, but we’re not even two months into Madden NFL 17 and the game still has as much play value as it did on day one. Even with that being the case, now seems like a great time to get started working on a wishlist for Madden NFL 18 before […]

New England Patriots Schedule: 5 Bold Predictions For Week 5 Of 2016 NFL Season Against Cleveland Browns

The New England Patriots are coming off their first loss of the 2016 NFL Season as the Buffalo Bills came into Gillette Stadium and dominated to the tune of a 16-0 victory. It was quite a surprise after the Patriots had opened the season 3-0 despite not having star quarterback Tom Brady, who was suspended […]

New England Patriots: Is Bill Belichick The Greatest Head Coach In NFL History?

One of the best debates in all of sports is determining who is the best at their profession. In the NBA, many people consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest player of all time, but some believe it was Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, or Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. In MLB, many consider Pete Rose, Ted Williams, or […]

Belichick And Pats Rout Texans At Home

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying that the Patriots are able to make the most of the tools they have. Working short staffed, Bill Belichick squared off against his former offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien in a matchup at Foxboro. Belichick and the Pats were able to take advantage of three key turnovers and […]

Will Injury To New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Replacement Jimmy Garoppolo Sideline Him Vs. Houston Texans?

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is no Tom Brady, but he has the New England Patriots (2-0) where you would normally expect the perennial playoff contenders to be going into their Week 3 matchup against the Houston Texans (2-0) at Gillete Stadium on Thursday night: undefeated. Here’s the problem: Brady’s replacement might have to be replaced in […]

NFL Rumors: Ryan Fitzpatrick To Sign With Patriots As Tom Brady Suspension Looms?

The Ryan Fitzpatrick contract saga took an interesting twist this week, and it had nothing to do with the New York Jets. As speculated on the Hahn and Humpty show on 98.7 ESPN Radio Wednesday, the possibility is there that Bill Belichick and the hated New England Patriots might make a run at Fitzpatrick, thanks […]

2016 NFL Draft: Could The New England Patriots Draft A Quarterback?

The 2016 NFL Draft is three weeks away, and teams are still figuring out what direction they are going to go. The New England Patriots are in a unique situation, as they are the only team not to currently have a first round draft pick this year, as it was stripped as part of the […]

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Has Dinner With ‘Good Friend’ Donald Trump

The New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had dinner last night with “good friend” Donald Trump. While the business mogul and GOP presidential front-runner prepared to give a speech to the media in Florida, he took some time out of his schedule to have dinner with Belichick and his girlfriend at Mar-a-Lago before heading […]

New England Patriots Release Two Tom Brady Weapons, Looking Towards NFL Draft

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick didn’t waste any time after his season ended one game short of making it back to the Super Bowl. Like a lot of NFL coaches and executives, Belichick immediately started tinkering with his roster. Knowing that his offense needed a makeover, Belichick decided that Brandon LaFell and Scott […]

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning Both Need To Win Sunday To Secure Legacy

When Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos host Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, the winner of the fifth post-season contest between the two first-ballot Hall of Famer quarterbacks might be the most important yet. Despite having multiple Super Bowl appearances and passing records to their credit, […]

New England Patriots News: ‘Coup’ To Oust Goodell Led To ESPN Pats Hit Piece, NBC Reporter Hints

An ESPN article earlier this week containing dozens of rumors about supposed cheating by the New England Patriots may be related to an internal National Football League coup to kick Roger Goodell out as NFL commissioner, a top reporter for the NBC network suggested Friday. The ESPN piece was written with an agenda, according to […]

Tom Brady Can’t Win Without Cheating? Headset Malfunction The Latest Patriot Controversy

Tom Brady’s unstoppable performance in last night’s NFL season opener was overshadowed by yet another New England controversy. This time, the spotlight was stolen by malfunctioning headsets that forced both teams to resort to hand signals for the first half of last night’s Patriots win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to CBS Sports, Steelers head […]

New England Patriots Rumors: Teams Paranoid About Bill Belichick, Take Extreme Security Measures

The New England Patriots are so far “inside opponents’ heads,” according to a Sports Illustrated report on Tuesday, that other teams have taken extreme and even paranoid security measures to stop what they perceive as “cheating” and other shenanigans orchestrated by Coach Bill Belichick and other Patriots personnel — despite finding no evidence to support […]

New England Patriots Rumors: Reggie Wayne Ready To Sign With Tom Brady?

New England Patriots rumors finally present some good news. Reggie Wayne is with the Patriots to take a physical, giving a strong hint that he could soon sign with the team. A report from NBC Sports confirms that Wayne is in New England, and that he could become a great weapon for quarterback Tom Brady […]