Man Reportedly Claims To Have Seen Bigfoot Before Firing Gunshots In Kentucky National Park

A couple who were camping in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park has reported that a man fired shots near their campsite after he claimed to have spotted Bigfoot. As WBKO-TV reports, the couple — Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand — say that the man approached their tent and declared that they were camping in Bigfoot […]

FBI Reveals Investigation Of Bigfoot In The 1970s, Documents Finally Made Public — Here’s What They Found

Bigfoot, sometimes called “Sasquatch,” is a giant, shaggy creature who walks upright like a human being but looks like a huge gorilla. Sightings of the creature, usually occurring in wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest, have been reported as far back as the 1950s. Yet, they really took off following the 1967 appearance of a […]

You Can Hunt Bigfoot With Jose Canseco For $5,000

Controversial former baseball star Jose Canseco recently destroyed a perfectly good telephone number when he posted to Twitter inviting fans to call in, promising “I’ll show you Bigfoot and a real alien” and providing a phone number, which is no longer answering and has a full voicemail box, Fox News reports. The offer, part of […]

Hunter Thought He Was Firing At Bigfoot, His Alleged Victim Claims

A Montana man who was out target shooting became the victim of a Bigfoot-related incident on Sunday. The victim was on public lands in Helena putting up targets when the shooter unloaded several rounds toward him. The 27-year old said one bullet landed 3 feet from his left foot, and another almost grazed him after […]

Bigfoot Erotica Is Now An Issue In Virginia’s Election, Thanks To A Tweet From Denver Riggleman’s Opponent

Bigfoot erotica – yes, that’s apparently a thing – is on the minds of Virginia’s voters now, thanks to a tweet from a candidate that accuses her opponent of being a fan of the, er, specific form of porn. It’s the oldest trick in the politicians’ book: accuse your opponent of something salacious, ridiculous, and […]

Woman Sues California For Failing To Recognize Bigfoot As Species, Dismissing Her Sightings

Bigfoot has long been a favorite topic when it comes to American folklore. There have been various stories from people who claimed to have spotted the hairy, muscular creature, but none of these reported Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings have been proven to be true. Crestline, California resident Claudia Ackley was one of the people who […]

Wandering Shaman In Mountains Accidentally Mistaken For ‘Bigfoot’

There are always people looking for Bigfoot and thinking that they have found him. BBC shared the news that a wandering shaman was actually mistaken for Bigfoot this week and is now speaking out to let everyone know that it was him. He doesn’t want anyone confused and thinking they actually saw Bigfoot. This all […]

Rob Lowe And His Sons Explore Haunted Mysteries Of The Unknown In ‘The Lowe Files’ Premiere Next Week

Rob Lowe has done a lot of amazing things in his life, and that includes appearing in dramas, comedies, thrillers, and more, but he may be facing his greatest task yet in a new show on A&E. Starting this week, he will star in a brand new TV series, and Rob will have a couple […]

Rob Lowe Encountered Bigfoot While Filming ‘The Lowe Files’: ‘I Thought I Was Going To Be Killed’

Bigfoot is real — at least according to Rob Lowe! In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lowe claims he came face to face with the legendary woodland creature while filming his new paranormal investigative series, The Lowe Files, which premieres on A&E on Aug. 2. “We had an incredible encounter with what locals call the […]

‘Mountain Monsters’: Season 5 Wraps Up As Twitter Feud With ‘Finding Bigfoot’ Continues

Mountain Monsters Season 5 officially wrapped up on Saturday night as the long-time Twitter feud with rival show Finding Bigfoot continued. The finale episode of Mountain Monsters Season 5 left off with another cliffhanger, leaving fans to wonder if there will be a Season 6. Destination America renewed Mountain Monsters for a fifth season in […]

Bigfoot Captured In Europe? Sasquatch Sightings On The Increase, But Is He Real?

Has Bigfoot been captured on-camera in Europe? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the legendary creature, also known as Sasquatch, from speculating that the elusive humanoid is closer than ever to being found. And recent (well, three years ago) “sightings” of the beast in Holland have once again fueled speculation that Bigfoot is […]

Bigfoot Hunters Search Ohio After ‘Credible’ Sighting

Members of the group Searching For Bigfoot traveled to Ohio this week after a “credible” sighting led them to believe that Bigfoot is in the area. They hope to spot or capture evidence of the elusive creature. Local resident Xavier King says he saw Bigfoot twice while he was on his way home in Youngstown, […]

Bigfoot In Ohio? Million Dollar Challenge Attracts Bigfoot Hunters

Could Bigfoot be hiding in Girard, Ohio? According to WKBN, a man from Youngstown seems to think so after he believes he spotted Bigfoot on his way home. This Ohio sighting of Bigfoot was actually so convincing that a group of Bigfoot hunters in California decided to drive all the way to the state of […]

Bigfoot Blamed For Idaho Crash — The Internet Says It Could Be Hillary Clinton

Bigfoot is alive! At least, that’s according to a woman in Idaho who blamed Sasquatch for her car crash. According to Fox News, the woman was driving along U.S. Highway 95 and struck a deer. But she had an excuse for the accident. She said that she had been distracted by the sight of Bigfoot […]

‘Killing Bigfoot’ Hunters Aim To Slaughter One Despite Pleas From Folks In Town?

The Killing Bigfoot show goes further than any of the other venues on reality TV today because they are actually insinuating there are Bigfoot creatures out there to kill. A group called Gulf Coast Research Organization (GCBRO) tromps around the wilderness in some of the most desolate areas found in the southeastern area of the […]

Bigfoot In Yellowstone? Old Faithful Webcam Captures ‘Sasquatch Family’ On Video

Warning: Video contains explicit language. Sasquatch spotters believe that there may finally be proof that Bigfoot exists. A webcam located near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park captured some unusual looking figures that have left many calling it “compelling” evidence that Bigfoot is real. The “Sasquatch family” was captured on the Old Faithful webcam on […]

French Town Refuses To Permit Aliens, Spaceships Will Be Towed Away

There’s a small village tucked away in the southeast corner of France that really doesn’t like the idea of space aliens landing their flying saucers in their corner of the world. Claude Avril, the mayor of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, refuses to overturn a ban on aliens and their UFOs that has been in place for the past […]

Bigfoot Captured On Film Taking A Shower? Video Shows Unidentified Creature Walking Beneath A Waterfall

A video currently making the rounds on the internet has prompted the question of whether or not an elusive bigfoot monster, a Sasquatch, was captured on film as it walked beneath a waterfall in Indonesia. The Daily Star reported this week that what some are saying is a bigfoot creature, the legendary hirsute beast supposedly […]

Bigfoot Sightings: Cameras In Utah And Michigan Appear To Have Caught The Creature On Film, Is It Real? [Video]

‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins and beasties; could that explain the recent rash of North America Bigfoot sightings? In the last week, cameras in Utah and Michigan have seemingly caught Bigfoot, a potentially mythical creature of cryptozoological legend, in motion. People around the world have claimed to have had Bigfoot sightings (or sightings […]

‘Mountain Monsters’ Renewed For Another Season By Destination America

This popular monster-hunting series has been renewed for a fifth season and according to TV Series Finale, filming is scheduled to begin this month, which should make the show’s fans very happy. During the previous season of Mountain Monsters, the team turned their focus to hunting the elusive and secretive creature best known as Bigfoot. […]

Bigfoot Video Shows Creature Burying A Drug-Trafficking Surveillance Camera?

Bigfoot hunters and enthusiasts burned up the internet recently with the uploading of a video of the legendary creature supposedly taking a National Park surveillance camera and attempting to bury it. The Bigfoot video has caused quite a stir, especially since the source of the footage claims to be a law enforcement officer. The Sun […]

Bigfoot In The UK? Is This The First Ever Video Capture Of The Elusive Beast In Britain?

A recent video shot by a man in the United Kingdom might just be the island nation’s first video clip of Bigfoot, the elusive legendary man-beast that traditionally inhabits the woodlands of North America or the snowy mountains of the Himalayas (as the just as elusive Yeti). The videographer claims the footage is proof that […]

Bigfoot Found Crossing The Desert? Camera Catches Sand-Colored, Human-like Creature Shambling Along

Who knew Bigfoot could survive in the desert? A recent video has purportedly captured the legendary man-beast as it makes it way across the arid sands in Portugal. Daily Star reported the Bigfoot sighting on August 17, noting that the man-like creature can be seen in the video for just a few seconds before it […]

Antônio Silva: ‘Bigfoot’ Retaliates Against Critics After 16-Second Loss And Offers To ‘Beat Your A**’ At His Florida Gym

Since 2005, Antônio Silva has been a standout fighter in the MMA for his unique look, one that earned him the ring name “Bigfoot.” Along with the look came the skill and the attitude in which he was undefeated for seven straight fights before losing to Eric Pele, a loss he answered with nine more […]

Bigfoot Has A New Home, According To One Minnesota Town

Bigfoot has an official home, at least according to one small town in Minnesota. Like most small towns that want a claim to fame, tiny Remer, Minnesota, has found a way to draw people to its sleepy community of 370 residents — by claiming that it is the home of Bigfoot, the mythical creature that […]

Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman: Knowing The Difference As The Elusive Creatures Continue To Fascinate

While no one has been able to provide definitive proof of Bigfoot or any other large, hairy, bipedal creatures, even with long running shows like Finding Bigfoot being devoted to proving Bigfoot’s existence, the searches for, and fascination with, Bigfoot continue. Perhaps it is this elusiveness, along with enough tantalizing evidence and video footage, that […]

Bigfoot Enthusiasts Bring Sightings, Stories, And All Things Sasquatch To New York

All conventions have their fans, be it Star Trek, Comic-Con, and even work related affairs, but this weekend it was time for Bigfoot fans to gather, discuss, share, and compare all things Bigfoot at a New York Bigfoot convention. The Bigfoot convention drew Sasquatch fans from near and far on Saturday to western New York, […]

New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Bluff Creek, Scene Of Legendary Encounter

New video of a Bigfoot has emerged online, purportedly taken at Bluff Creek, the site of the most famous encounter ever recorded with one of the legendary creatures. Bluff Creek needs no introduction in the Bigfooting community, as it is the spot where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin recorded the first clear footage of a […]

Ghost Footage Captured In England’s Tutbury Castle: Ghost Shadow Terrifies And Baffles Witnesses (Video)

As cameras and video have become more and more prevalent in recent years, so too has captured footage of possible paranormal entities, activities and events. Unfortunately, while some footage of subjects like UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts are pretty stunning, most are blurry, shaky or too dark to provide anything worthwhile. And even worse are the […]

Bigfoot Sighting? Man Captures Video Of ‘Bigfoot’ In North Carolina

A supposed Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina is making headlines today. According to NewsMax, fuzzy footage of something that looks like a Sasquatch was posted online, and people have been talking about it ever since. “Either there’s a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke,” said Eric Walters, who took […]

Bigfoot Sighting North Carolina: Video Believed To Depict Legendary Creature [Video]

Was Bigfoot sighted in North Carolina? That is one man thinks after shooting a video of what he believes is the legendary creature. Eric Walters was recently taking a vacation with his wife, another couple, and his dog, Zippy, a Yorkshire terrier, in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He went to take Zippy for a walk through […]

Bigfoot Sighting North Carolina: Does This Video Show Mythical Figure? [Video]

Was a Bigfoot sighting thwarted by a dog that runs on batteries? Eric Walters, taking some time off to vacation in Hendersonville when he inadvertently captured a Bigfoot sighting on his video camera. The potential Bigfoot sighting took place when Walters was taking his dog, Zippy, for a walk in the forest. Eric thought that […]

Naked Man Pretending To Be Bigfoot Gets 10 Years For Attacking Hunter In Woods

When avid hunter Jeff McDonald donned his hunting attire and headed out to spend some time in nature, looking for deer in woods near his Manning home, the last thing he expected was to be attacked by a naked man claiming to be Bigfoot. Having walked a little way down the path he knew so […]

Bigfoot Video: Sighting In American Fork Canyon Had Man ‘Absolutely Terrified’ Of Sasquatch

A new Bigfoot video released by the Paranormal Review is interesting because it provides a full breakdown of the Bigfoot sighting. Unfortunately, the Sasquatch sighting was apparently so absolutely terrifying that the camera man up and ran before things could get really interesting. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Bigfoot is now big on […]

Watch Bigfoot Stalk Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Four “Bigfoot” creatures have been captured on camera apparently stalking bison near the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The footage, from the streaming webcam of the U.S. National Parks Service, has sparked an online debate between Bigfoot believers and skeptics. Mary Greeley posted to her YouTube channel on Dec. 29, a […]

Bigfoot In New York? Cryptid Allegedly Filmed In Brooklyn Park

A videographer from Brooklyn, New York, is claiming that he filmed a Bigfoot making its way through a wooded park, and while some assert that the footage could be genuine, others contend that it is nothing but the product of a cheap hoax. Russell Strark alleges he was working on a time-lapse video in Prospect […]

New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida: Does This Clip Show A Real Skunk Ape?

A new video has emerged, purporting to show a Bigfoot as it meanders through a Florida swamp, and though some have questioned its authenticity, others assert that the clip depicts a real Sasquatch. Matthew McKamey was canoeing with a friend in Lettuce Lake Park, near Tampa, when he captured the video, according to the Huffington […]

Bigfoot Hits Wall Street: IPO Seeks To Fund Search For Sasquatch

Bigfoot Project Investments, a company formed by Carmine “Tom” Biscardi, is headed for an initial public offering (IPO), seeking to raise $3 million in order to fund their hunt for the elusive Sasquatch. Fans of Bigfoot will be able to invest in the company, which has filed with the SEC early this year, according to […]

Russian Yeti Or Bigfoot Hoax? New Footage Sparks Debate

New footage of the elusive yeti, captured amid the snowfields of Russia, is sparking renewed debate about the creature’s existence, as some see definitive proof while others claim the video is nothing more than a publicity stunt. A group of Russian researchers set out after the yeti, traveling to the south-western Adygeya Republic after local […]

California UFO That Jettisoned Orb Befuddles Experts As They Continue To Question Video’s Authenticity

Has the video of a UFO sighted “crashing” over Southern California before launching some type of “orb” been debunked yet? Confirmed as real? Is it a well-done UFO hoax? After lighting up the internet all week as much as it seemed to light up the sky, the bizarre “UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California” […]

Bigfoot Sighting In Maine Goes Viral: Is Video Footage Of ‘Sasquatch’ The Real Deal?

An alleged Bigfoot sighing in Turner, Maine, has people talking about the possibility of a real-life Sasquatch once again. According to WCSH, a video posted on YouTube has gone viral, as thousands of people have felt the need to watch, re-watch, and examine what some say could be a sign that these creatures really do […]

Bigfoot Or Fake? Sasquatch Researcher Examines New Footage In Maine

New footage of Bigfoot, captured by a 12-year-old boy in Maine, prompted one Sasquatch researcher to investigate what he asserted could be “the most convincing evidence since the Patterson-Gimlin video.” Bill Brock, a Bigfoot expert, traveled to Turner, Maine, after viewing the two-minute-long clip, which purports to show a Sasquatch striding through the northern woods. […]

UFO ‘Crashing’ Over Southern California Jettisons Bizarre Orb: Alien Escape Pod? (Video)

In what could possibly be a UFO in the process of crashing over California, dramatic video of what is definitely an Unidentified Flying Object was captured as it flamed across the Southern California sky. While the California UFO sighting at first looks like it could be a meteor, falling satellite, or even a rocket, an […]

Bigfoot Bathing In Forest Captured By Fisherman In Florida

A striking photo of Bigfoot bathing in a forest pond was recently sent by a fisherman to the Huffington Post, kicking off paranormal sightings for 2015. In the photo, above, we see what appears to be a Bigfoot or ape-like creature taking a dip in a tranquil forest pond, submerged up to its armpits, perhaps […]

Willow Creek, California: Teen Attacks California Highway Patrol Officer With Machete, Gets Shot To Death

A teenager from Hoopa — a small, rural town tucked deep in the forests of Northern California on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation — was shot and killed by a California Highway Patrol officer after the teen allegedly attacked the officer with a machete. The Eureka Times-Standard reports that the teen machete attack took place […]

Bigfoot In England? Sasquatch Spotted Across The Pond

Sightings of Bigfoot have been reported — or at least laid claim to — all around the world. But one country has has been showing a recent influx of the sightings, leading some locals to believe that Bigfoot or Bigfoot-like creatures are in England. One British man, Adam Bird, 31, says that he has proof […]

‘Squashy’ The Sasquatch Found By Ohio Family

A family from Delhi Township, west of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been on the hunt for one special Sasquatch for days and their effort has finally paid off. The Spence family is well-known in the area for the special “family member” they proudly introduce to the other locals. Squashy the Sasquatch has been a member of […]

Save Sasquatch? New York Man Looks To Put Bigfoot On Endangered List

An upstate New York man is making a sincere plea to add the man-beast known as Bigfoot to the endangered species list, promoting legislation he says is aimed at saving the Sasquatch. Peter Wiemer, owner of Chautauqua Lake’s We Wan Chu Cottages, approached county legislators with his proposal on Wednesday, Oct. 22, according to the […]

Is Bigfoot An Alien? UFO Conference Seeks The Truth

Visitors to an upcoming UFO conference in Pennsylvania will have more than flying saucers on their minds as they examine whether or not the hairy giant known as Bigfoot is actually an alien visitor from beyond the Earth. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania will hold its seventh annual Pittsburgh UFO-Creature Conference on Nov. […]

‘Bigfoot Whisperer’ Claims New Approach To Search For Creature

A Bigfoot hunter from Oklahoma claims to have a new approach to the search for the hairy, man-like monster, asserting that his methods have helped him get eerily close to the beast. Farlan Huff has been searching for proof of Bigfoot for years, according to KFOR, but only recently began employing different methods than many […]