Beck Files For Divorce From Wife Of Nearly 15 Years, Marissa Ribisi

Musician Beck has filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 15 years, actress Marissa Ribisi. The couple, who got married on April 3, 2004, have two children together: 14-year-old son Cosimo Henri and 11-year-old daughter Tuesday. The “Loser” singer, born Bek David Campbell, filed the divorce documents on Friday, February 15, according to the […]

Ex-White House Stenographer Tells CNN Trump Is ‘Lying To The American People’

In an interview with CNN, former White House Stenographer Beck Dory-Stein made the claim that President Donald Trump was “lying to the American people” and had greatly reduced the role of White House stenographers, not liking microphones near his mouth or to be recorded at all times, according to The Hill. “I quit because I […]

Beck Drops Trap-Influenced Single ‘Wow’ And Sets October Release Date For New Album

Multi-instrumentalist Beck has released a new single titled “Wow,” and it’s fresh off his forthcoming as-yet-titled album that’s set for release this fall. The track was co-produced by Greg Kurstin, who was a member of Beck’s band for his 2002 album Sea Change, before becoming a producer for Adele, Lily Allen and The Shins, per […]

Prince Is Paid Tribute By Beck With A Cover Of ‘Raspberry Beret’

Prince was paid tribute by Grammy-award-winning musician Beck with his cover of The Purple One’s “Raspberry Beret” at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN, over the weekend. Beck introduced Prince’s song by saying, “I don’t have a raspberry beret but I do have this pink jacket.” Beck performed “Raspberry Beret” to a cheering […]

Grammy Petition Aims To End ‘White Privilege’ With Awards, While Insulting Beck And Taylor Swift

The Grammy Awards have become very diverse over the past 10 years. There will always be people who aren’t satisfied with the awards and nominations. However, a new petition at has accused the Grammys of exercising “white privilege” with the nominations. The mission statement is pretty harsh. “The Grammys have constantly favored White artists […]

Paul McCartney And Beck Rock Out To Beatles Tunes For PETA [Video]

PETA celebrated its 35th anniversary this Wednesday, and Sir Paul McCartney was there to help celebrate. PETA’s ceremony, which was hosted by Pamela Anderson and Anjelica Houston, was held at the Hollywood Palladium. On the red carpet, Anderson, who is a long-time animal activist and PETA member, declared, “animals are really important.” “They are just […]

‘Extreme Speaker’ Kanye West Publicly Apologizes To Beck, This Time For Real (Maybe)

Humble pie isn’t exactly a staple of Kanye West’s diet. But lest anyone think the notoriously outspoken rapper, producer, and reality walk-on is averse to eating a bit of crow now and again, West recently proved otherwise as he walked back his infamous off-the-cuff critique of fellow recording artist Beck. As previously reported by Rolling […]

Moviegoers Can Relax: Beyoncé Is Not Starring In Film With Brad Pitt

Moviegoers all over Twitter and other social media were in an uproar when it was announced that Beyoncé may be joining Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale in The Big Short.Vanity Fair discussed the rumor. “And now—despite all of these high-profile players—the entire enterprise may be overshadowed by the addition of perhaps the highest-profile […]

Justin Bieber Thinks Beck’s Album Is ‘Incredible,’ Inspiration For New Album?

Like most people, it seems Justin Bieber comes to new music in his own sweet time. Don’t we all? Whether that music is Revolver, The Black Album, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, or — say — Beck’s 2014 album, Morning Phase — what matters is that people listen to the albums that real artists create […]

Beyonce Worked With Beck’s Father: What Would Kanye West Say?

Kanye West certainly made Beyoncé look bad at the Grammys by almost interrupting the show when she didn’t win. If you don’t recall, Beck won Album of the Year with Morning Phase. Kanye West rushed to the stage and then turned back to avoid another situation like the one with Taylor Swift back in 2009. […]

Kris Jenner Finally Makes Kanye Apologize To Beck And Bruno

The Twitter world must have been in shock to see Kanye finally apologize to Beck for ruining his Grammys moment. To be fair, Kanye didn’t grab the mic from Beck’s hand to publicly rant against “them” like he did at the 2009 VMAs when Taylor Swift took the stage, but he came close. Initially, Kanye […]

Kanye West Beck Apology: Rapper Apologizes, But Is He Being Honest?

It has been more than two weeks since Kanye West looked like he was going to steal the microphone from Beck after his Grammy win, and the rapper had not issued an apology for his actions. That is until today, when West finally made a public apology to Beck on his official Twitter page. I […]

Beyoncé Backlash Is Brewing: Is Kanye West Partially To Blame?

In 2014, Beyoncé could do no wrong. She was riding high from the release of her self-titled surprise album in late 2013 and won praise for just about every public performance. But there was a huge disconnect between the public and the media, leaving many (probably falsely) accusing her of paying media outlets to hype […]

Kanye West On Himself: ‘Kanye Just Goes On Being An A****** To Everyone’

In an interesting turn of events, Kanye West has decided to speak out a little more about the verbal shot he took at Beck when he said the 44-year-old musician should give his Grammy to Beyonce out of “respect” for her “artistry.” West says he misspoke or was misunderstood and that he respects Beck as […]

Kanye West Is A ‘Sucka,’ Now He’s Trying To Take Back His Beck Diss

Kanye West is not backing down from the wave of criticism that he has been getting these past few days after he pulled a stunt during the Grammy Awards. In an exclusive interview on Ryan Seacrest’s radio program, the outspoken rapper talked about how his planned interruption during Beck’s acceptance speech was “a joke—like the […]

Kanye West Confirms Taylor Swift Studio Collaboration

Kanye West may have repeated his Taylor Swift VMA Awards faux pas with Beck at the Grammy Awards this year, but it looks like his former misstep comes with a silver lining. Kanye has confirmed that he and Taylor will collaborate together in the studio in an interview with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday on his podcast, […]

Brandon Browner Goes On Twitter Rant About Kanye West

Brandon Browner had a few choice words regarding rapper Kanye West after he interrupted Beck while he was receiving his album of the year award at the Grammy’s on Sunday. At first, everyone thought Kanye was joking when he took the stage to protest Beck winning the award and suggested that he should give the […]

Kanye West: Beck Interruption Was A Joke ‘Like The Grammys’

Rapper Kanye West is definitely not known for biting his tongue. To say that the “Only One” rapper is blunt would be a major understatement. West made headlines once again during the Grammy ceremony on Sunday night when he silently interrupted Beck during his acceptance speech for the “Album of the Year” award. In an […]

Kiss Frontman And Kim Kardashian Lookalike, Paul Stanley, Attacks Kanye West

It would appear that Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has something of a bee in his bonnet when it comes to Kanye West, which must be quite unnerving for the rapper considering Stanley’s physical resemblance to West’s lady love, Kim Kardashian. Stanley first took umbrage at Kardashian’s husband stroppy behaviour when West petulantly strutted onto the […]

John Legend Defends Kanye West’s Actions At The Grammys

John Legend is defending Kanye West’s stunt that he pulled at the Grammys. As all of you may know, West took to the stage after Beck won the award for Album of the Year. Instead of taking the mic away, like he did during Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMA speech, he simply sat back down. Although […]

Lady Gaga Defends Beck After Kanye Post-Grammy Slam [Video]

Known for not only her theatrical and dramatic performances, but also her risk taking and original sense of fashion, Lady Gaga made Sunday night’s Grammy’s performance with Tony Bennett no exception. She owned the stage and the duo poured on the charm while singing “Cheek to Cheek.” As Rolling Stone commented that the two “looked […]

Beck Responds To Kanye West’s Rant And Criticism For ‘Album Of The Year’ Win At Grammys

Beck has officially been added to Kanye West’s list of criticized musicians. Although the Yeezus rapper’s jaw-dropping antics at the Grammy’s weren’t too surprising for many viewers, he still managed to leave most of the world and Grammy attendees quite bemused. For those who missed it, Kanye wasn’t too pleased with the announcement of the […]

Sam Smith Swoons Over Taylor Swift and Rihanna at Grammys

Sam Smith had a very good time at the 57th Grammy Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. Throughout the evening, the British crooner routinely updated his Twitter and Instagram accounts to show just how much fun he was having. It seems that one person that Smith particularly loved hanging out with was Taylor Swift. His […]

Kanye West Wasn’t Kidding: ‘Beck Should’ve Given His Award To Beyonce’

Kanye West is stirring up some controversy following the 2015 Grammy Awards, and what many thought to be a joke, turns out to be a serious moment. Everyone remembers the 2009 Video Music Awards when Kanye West rushed the stage and interrupted Taylor Swifts moment to claim that the then country singer shouldn’t have won […]

Grammy Winners 2015: Newcomer Sam Smith Takes Three Of Top Four Prizes

There was no doubt that the 57th Grammy Awards were going to be sensational, and according to reports, they were, with Beck, Beyonce, and newcomer Sam Smith all receiving awards at the esteemed event. The young British singer, aged just 22, hadn’t even been heard of by most Americans just a year ago, yet Sam […]

Sam Smith Wins Big As Fans Slam ‘Boring And Predictable’ Grammy Award Ceremony

English soul singer Sam Smith was the big winner in last nights Grammy awards. The 22-year-old grabbed four of the top prizes in what many have called a boring and predictable awards ceremony. Breakthrough artist Smith bagged awards for best newcomer, best song and best record for “Stay With Me”, and best pop vocal album […]

Pharrell Williams’ Collaboration With Beck Could See Release Later This Year

Beck hopes his collaboration with Pharrell Williams will see the light at some point later this year. Although the “Loser” singer has another album lined up for release — Morning Phase is presently slated to arrive on February 25 — there’s a chance that another full-length record could hit before the year wraps up. Beck […]

Frank Ocean, Beck, Justin Bieber And More To Battle At O Music Awards

The O Music Awards return this year for a zeitgeist throwdown, trailing utterly fantastic category names with them. Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, Beck, Demi Lovato, South Korean rapper Psy, Tyler the Creator, David Bowie, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran and more will fight for victory in the combined MTV, VH1, and CMT show that honors achievements […]

On Beck’s New Album, You Play The Songs!

Beck’s next album is a bit unorthodox, to say the least. The avant garde artiste’s next album will be sheet music only, meaning that if you want to hear his newest music, you need to learn how to play a musical instrument. And then learn to read sheet music (the two are no longer mutually […]

Two Turntables and a Microphone, I Has Them

This song probably gets stuck in the head of every person who is over 28 and sees this, every day. (For the youngins…)