Kevin Costner Dodges Question On If He’s In Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

The long-awaited Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League film is on its way to HBO Max early next year. Fans of DC Comics films and the director himself have been hoping for a Snyder Cut release of the 2017 flick which was a massive disappointment to critics and moviegoers alike. Snyder had to drop […]

Zack Snyder Breaks Down The Martha Moment From ‘Batman V Superman’

Zack Snyder is finally speaking out about the choices he made in the DC Extended Universe’s (DCEU) first attempt at a shared universe with his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as reported by As part of a three-night event at the Pasadena’s ArtCenter College of Design entitled “The Director’s Cuts,” three of Snyder’s […]

Ben Affleck And Gal Gadot Reveal How Batman And Wonder Woman Are Different In ‘Justice League’

Over the past week, the actors involved with the upcoming Justice League movie have been talking about what audiences can expect out of their characters, when the film premieres in theaters in November. First it was Ezra Miller, who shared details about The Flash and his costume in the film. Now it is Gal Gadot […]

‘Deadpool’ Hilariously Rips Into ‘Batman V Superman’s’ Infamous Martha Scene

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Martha scene, which sees the previously warring titular superheroes suddenly bonding over the fact that their mothers have the same name, is already one of the most divisive in cinematic history. While there are some that bought into Batman and Superman coming together over such an innocuous coincidence, plenty […]

Matt Reeves Reveals Exactly What His ‘Batman’ Film Will Be Like

While we’re still waiting for confirmation on when we’ll actually get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in his very own solo film, we do know that Matt Reeves is the director that has been tasked with bringing it to the big-screen. Matt Reeves has now been detailing exactly what attracted him to the character and […]

DC President Reveals Where ‘Suicide Squad’ And ‘Batman V Superman’ Went Wrong

Wonder Woman has helped to restore faith in the DC Extended Universe. Not only has it been met with hugely impressive reviews, scoring 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but it set the record for the biggest domestic opening for a female director, too. It was a much-needed boost for the DCEU, as their 2016 releases […]

‘Wonder Woman’ Wins Box Office For Second Straight Week, But Will It Be DC’s Most Successful?

Wonder Woman has won its second straight week at the box office, holding off the critically acclaimed horror film It Comes at Night as well as Tom Cruise’s and Russell Crowe’s sojourns into the “Dark Universe” for Universal’s historic monster movie franchises with The Mummy. At this point, the continuation of the DC Extended Movie […]

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Settlement Details Released

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce settlement details are released after two years of their separation. The popular Ben and Jen couple have finally registered to get divorced. The Batman V Superman actor is said to be finally moving out of their home where the duo has been living together post-separation. Recent details regarding Jennifer […]

Ben Affleck Playing With Fire? ‘Justice League’ Star Spotted In Vegas Weeks After Leaving Rehab

Ben Affleck made his first public appearance since completing rehab last month. The actor showed up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week to promote Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming movies and looked happier than ever. OK Magazine reports that Affleck walked the red carpet and appeared in high spirits throughout the event. The Batman v […]

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Cancelled: Marrying Again In Big Ceremony

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce is reportedly completely off the table with sources revealing that they are definitely getting married again. The popular Ben and Jen couple of Hollywood broke many hearts with their announcement of separating, but things are looking good for the duo. It is reported many times by leading tabloids that […]

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Not Happening: ‘Taken Aback’ By Support

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are really setting some serious goals for estranged couples around the world. The beloved Ben and Jen duo of Hollywood are doing everything they can to save their marriage and preserve a happy future for their kids. The estranged but happy couple was recently spotted together with their kids, enjoying […]

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Back Together? They Look In Love After Rehab Things are looking up for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The two looked like the perfect couple following Affleck’s stint in rehab for alcoholism. Are they still going through with the divorce? Us Magazine released several photos of the couple’s happy outing, which took place in Brentwood, California over the weekend. Affleck and Garner […]

Was Ben Affleck’s Rehab Stay Why He Stepped Down From Directing ‘The Batman’?

Ben Affleck just finished a stint in rehab and isn’t going to direct the upcoming Batman film. Did Affleck’s alcohol-related problems influence his decision to take a step back from the highly-anticipated sequel? Entertainment Weekly reports that Affleck’s time in rehab did not affect his decision to work on the film. While Affleck will not […]

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Move In Together – Divorce Not Happening?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner move in together again. The popular Ben and Jen couple’s divorce is reportedly being called off for now. Affleck and Garner are focusing on co-parenting. The duo lived together even after announcing their separation. Hollywood’s beloved couple has not finalized their divorce yet and if reports are to be believed, […]

Hans Zimmer Quit Superhero Movies Because Of Ben Affleck And ‘Batman V Superman’

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice far from measured up to any installment from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, as it scored just 27 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It turns out that it wasn’t just critics that were left non-plussed by the blockbuster, because Hans Zimmer, who composed the music for the film, has admitted […]

DC Films Want To Make An R-Rated Movie, Could It Be ‘Batman’?

The huge financial and critical success of both Deadpool and Logan over the last 13 months has led to an increased desire from audiences to see R-rated films of a similar ilk across the comic-book genre. Studios will undoubtedly be more curious about making R-rated films, too, since the recently released Logan is set to […]

Marvel Actress Evangeline Lilly Attacks The DC Extended Universe

Evangeline Lilly has ignited a fresh battle in the age-old war of Marvel vs DC, as the Ant-Man star criticized the DC Extended Universe for taking itself “too seriously.” The Lost actress made these remarks during her spotlight panel appearance at the Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend, as she first admitted that her […]

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Not Divorcing? Relationship Is ‘Very Fluid’

Ending a relationship is harder than it looks. It’s almost been two years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, but they still haven’t made the split official. Will they file for divorce or reconcile? An inside source told E! News that Affleck and Garner have been working to salvage their relationship over […]

‘La La Land’ Didn’t Win Best Picture Oscar – Neither Did These: 2017 Razzies

America is still reeling from last night’s shocking twist at the end of the 89th Annual Academy Awards presentation when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway incorrectly announced that La La Land won the Oscar for Best Picture when in fact the correct winner was Moonlight. At least neither film won a Razzie. Whereas the rest […]

Razzie Award Winners Announced: Which Movies Were The Best Of The Worst?

The 2017 Razzie Award winners have been announced but they’re not necessarily something that anyone in Hollywood wants to win. The Golden Raspberry Awards, or “Razzies” for short, were started as an informal event in 1981 by publicist John J.B. Wilson as a means of celebrating the worst in movies. Held annually in conjunction with […]

Ben Affleck’s Life Is Reportedly ‘Falling Apart’ Ahead Of Jen Garner Divorce

Ben Affleck is going through a major crisis. Two years after Affleck and Garner announced their divorce, the actress is reportedly ready to file the official papers. To make matters worse, Affleck is having second thoughts about playing Batman. Is Affleck’s life falling apart? Page Six is reporting that Garner is on the verge of […]

Mel Gibson On The Shortlist To Direct ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

It might sound surprising to hear that Mel Gibson is in the running to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad. It turns out that the formerly exiled actor/director is making his way back into Hollywood’s graces and onto the short list of possible directors for the next installment of the highly anticipated yet underwhelming DC […]

Laurence Fishburne Responds To The Negative ‘Batman V Superman’ Reviews

Laurence Fishburne has leapt to the defence of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, insisting that he didn’t understand that huge wave of negative reviews that greeted its release back in March of last year. Laurence Fishburne made this admission during his recent discussion with the L.A. Times to promote John Wick: Chapter 2, which […]

Razzies 2017: Who Is Worse — Ben Affleck Or Ben Stiller?

While everyone is talking about La La Land regarding the movie’s astounding 14 Oscar nominations, the other movie making the most buzz is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is up for its own astounding eight Razzie nominations. Ben Affleck himself is up for two Razzies. Only one other movie has more nominations for […]

Ben Affleck Responds To ‘Sad Affleck’ Meme, Details What He Learned From ‘Batman V Superman’

Around the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, just after the reviews for the blockbuster had emerged and revealed that it wasn’t quite the critical darling that Warner Bros. and those involved had envisioned, Ben Affleck became a viral sensation courtesy of a video of him looking despondent after being informed of the […]

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Reportedly Ready To Reconcile After Getting Back Into The Bedroom

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner might be ready to call off their divorce. OK Magazine reports that Affleck and Garner are happier than ever after getting back in bed. Are they ready to reconcile? “Jennifer confided in a friend that she and Ben Affleck are getting along better than ever,” an inside source revealed. Garner […]

Ben Affleck Caught Cozying Up To His ‘Live By Night’ Co-Star Sienna Miller, Is He Finally Moving On From Jennifer Garner?

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller looked like a legit couple as they walked the red carpet for the premiere of Live by Night. The appearance sparked rumors that Affleck is finally ready to move on following his divorce from Jennifer Garner. Are Affleck and Miller dating? Radar Online reports that Affleck cozied up to Miller […]

Ben Affleck Spotted With a Mystery Blonde, Has He Finally Called It Quits With Jennifer Garner For Good?

Ben Affleck was spotted on a lunch date with a pretty blonde last week. Has the actor finally given up on winning back Jennifer Garner? According to Radar Online, the mystery woman was actually a sober companion named Elizabeth Weaver who helped Affleck through a rough New Year’s weekend. Indeed, the Batman v Superman star […]

Ben Affleck Warns That He Might Not Do ‘The Batman’ After All

It has been rather hard to keep up with the progress of Ben Affleck’s Batman script. Earlier this month, Affleck seemed to suggest that everything was finally in place for the film to shoot in 2017, while Warner Bros even appeared to reveal that it would be released in 2018. However, Ben Affleck has now […]

Sir Ridley Scott Attacks The Superhero Genre

Sir Ridley Scott has made it abundantly clear that he isn’t a big fan of modern cinema. Not only has he opined that the current movie landscape is very much subpar, but he’s even gone as far as to admit that he’s actually “concerned” about the movie industry. The legendary director, who has overseen the […]

Henry Cavill Reveals Key ‘Justice League’ Plot Point

With Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad having grossed a combined total of $1.618.9 billion at the box office in 2016, there’s plenty of excitement regarding the next installments to the DC Extended Universe over the next 12 months. On June 2, we’ll get the origin story for Wonder Woman, which sees Patty Jenkins directing […]

Producer Promises ‘Justice League’ Will Be Different Than ‘Batman V Superman’

Despite grossing over $1.62 billion, the poor critical response of both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad left many to declare that Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe was actually in crisis. During his recent chat with the Hollywood Reporter, producer Charles Roven, who was being named as the publication’s producer of the […]

Ben Affleck Blames Jennifer Lopez Romance For Past Career Failures, Calls Jennifer Garner ‘The Greatest’

Ben Affleck doesn’t look back fondly at the frenzy surrounding his romance with Jennifer Lopez. The actor recently bashed his Bennifer days and blames the intense media coverage for his past career failures in Hollywood. According to the New York Daily News, Affleck believes his 2002 box office flop Gigli was made worse because of […]

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Set To Renew Vows, Expecting Baby No. 4 — What’s True And False?

It’s been a year and a half since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their shocking split, and yet the couple has still not finalized their divorce. With the pair still making public appearances together, rumors of reconciliation abound. What’s true and false about their future together? According to People, Affleck and Garner stepped out […]

Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching ‘Batman V Superman,’ Reveals He Never Stepped Foot On Set

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice proved to be rather divisive upon its release. There were those that found it to be truly spectacular and were thoroughly enthralled by its action, while others found it nonsensical and too chaotic. Michael Shannon falls into neither camp because he has now admitted that he fell asleep while […]

Joe Manganiello Wants Anna Kendrick To Be Robin In Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’

Anna Kendrick is adored the world over. Rightfully so, too. Not only is she an Oscar-nominated actress, but her presence on Twitter has proven that she’s hilarious and she always comes across as charming and delightful whenever she’s in interviews. A recent interview with MTV saw Anna Kendrick joke alongside Ben Affleck, her co-star in […]

Ben Affleck’s Mom Begs Jennifer Garner To Call Off Divorce, He Is Allegedly Heading Into A ‘Vicious Cycle Of Boozing’

Ben Affleck’s mom is doing all she can to save her son’s marriage. Following reports of Affleck’s miserable state of emotions, his mom, Christine Boldt, is begging Jennifer Garner to call off the divorce. Will Affleck and Garner salvage what’s left of their marriage and remain together? The Daily Mail reports that Garner was confused […]

Kevin Smith: Ben Affleck Is A Better Batman Than Michael Keaton

Kevin Smith has revealed that, following his debut as the superhero in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Ben Affleck is now his favorite incarnation of Gotham’s Caped Crusader, usurping Michael Keaton in the lofty position. According to Comic Book, the Jersey Girl and Clerks filmmaker made this admission while talking at the Comic Book […]

‘Miserable’ Ben Affleck Drinking Too Much And ‘Unable To Move On’ From Jennifer Garner

There might be a good reason why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spend so much time together. Despite announcing their divorce over a year ago, the estranged couple are constantly spotted in public. Now, it sounds like Affleck is so miserable with life that nobody else wants to be his friend. “Ben is just too […]

Ben Affleck Finally Moving On From Jennifer Garner, He Is Ready To ‘Date Other People’

A year has passed since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, and it doesn’t look like a reconciliation is in the works. Affleck tried his best to win back Garner these past few months, but it now looks like he’s ready to move on and date other women. OK Magazine reports that Affleck […]

The Last ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Egg Has Finally Been Found

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may have been forgettable for some fans, but give the writers and producers credit for stuffing it full of Easter Eggs. In fact, some were so obscure it took fans months to finally uncover them. As reported by Uproxx, the seemingly last Easter Egg left undiscovered has been found, […]

Mel Gibson Slams ‘Batman V Superman’, Attacks Other Superhero Movies Too

Mel Gibson has launched a scathing attack on the superhero genre, specifically criticising Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and insisting that it was a waste of an awful lot of money. Gibson was talking to Deadline to promote the premiere of his latest film Hacksaw Ridge at the Venice Film Festival when the discussion […]

Ben Affleck Moving On From Jennifer Garner? ‘The Accountant’ Star Caught Hitting On A Mystery Woman

Ben Affleck is doing everything in his power to win back Jennifer Garner, but a recent slip-up might delay his reunion plans. X17 is reporting that the Batman v Superman star was just spotted flirting with a mysterious woman in L.A. Will the flirtatious interaction end to his marriage for good? Affleck was out shopping […]

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Caught In Public Spat: She Wipes Away Tears As Divorce Rumors Resurface

Ben Affleck’s chances of a reunion with Jennifer Garner just got worse. The Justice League star was spotted having a tearful reunion with Garner over the weekend. The Daily Mail released several images of the public spat, including a few that show Garner wiping away tears. Affleck appeared happy while the two loaded their belongings […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Box Office: 5 Takeaways That Offer Hope For The DC Movie Universe

The final tent pole movie of the summer, Suicide Squad, has come and gone, with the film dropping a whopping 67% percent at the box office between weekend one to weekend two. As reported by The Independent, Suicide Squad managed to maintain its slim box office lead with a $43 million dollar second run over […]

Diane Lane Explains Infamous ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Martha Scene

Moviegoers that despised Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice pinpoint one scene in particular as the reason for their fury. It involved the two titular superheroes putting aside their differences and bonding together over the fact that both of their mothers shared the same name: Martha. A lot of movie fans couldn’t help but laugh […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Marketing To Blame For Box Office Drop And Poor Reviews

Suicide Squad is all the rage with fans – for now – breaking August box office records and besting both Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool with an impressive $135.1 million dollar opening. But for all its out-of-the-gate success however, Harley Quinn and company face a major challenge this coming weekend. Can they keep the […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Creator Says Critics Will Complain If Superhero Films Aren’t Like ‘The Dark Knight’

When Suicide Squad hit theaters, it was already tanked by the majority of critics’ reviews. We’ve seen time and time again that critic response can singlehandedly take down a movie’s chances of being a successful hit at the box office. Just ask Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film opened strong in its first […]

‘Suicide Squad’: End Of The Line For DC Extended Movie Universe?

Suicide Squad marks DC’s second attempt at creating an extended movie universe with the legs to stand against Marvel’s. It also appears to be the comic company and its parent Warner’s second critical failure. At this point, the majority of Suicide Squad reviews are in, and they’re horrible. The film first registered with 33 percent […]

Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Be DC’s ‘Deadpool’? Or Is It The Next ‘Batman V Superman’?

There’s a lot at stake for the DC movie universe when Suicide Squad debuts in theaters this week. And writer/director David Ayer knows it. He told Entertainment Weekly as much when asked about the pressure he now faces, brought on by the dismal performance at both the box office and from critics of DC’s supposed […]