Jenelle Evans Says Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Caused ‘Arguments’ With Her Mom Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans haven’t always had the best relationship, but the former reality show star is revealing that things between the two are going much better. Both Jenelle and Barbara appeared on the hit MTV show Teen Mom 2 for nearly a decade. While plenty of the mother-daughter arguments were captured, […]

Jenelle Evans Reveals Plans To Regain Custody Of Her Oldest Son Jace

Jenelle Evans took to YouTube to update her fans about her life, revealing that she has reunited with her husband, David Eason. Not only that, but the former Teen Mom 2 star opened up about her plans to regain custody of her oldest son, Jace. After a fan asked Jenelle if her mother, Barbara Evans […]

Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Relationship With Mother Barbara Evans: ‘We’re Getting Along’

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have had a tumultuous relationship that played out on the hit MTV reality show over the past decade. While they may not have always gotten along in the past, Jenelle recently opened up to Pop Culture and revealed that she and her mom […]

Jenelle Evans Talks Future With ‘Teen Mom 2’: ‘No Doors Have Been Closed’

Earlier this year, MTV cut ties with Jenelle Evans and replaced her on Teen Mom 2 with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline. Lately, though, the mom-of-three has been hinting that her time on the hit MTV reality show isn’t over just yet. In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Jenelle explained that […]

Barbara Evans Opens Up About Jenelle Evans’ Husband, David Eason: ‘He Has Settled Down And Changed’

Jenelle Evans and David Eason seem to be in a better place since regaining custody of their kids. Now, in an interview with Radar Online, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, is speaking out and claims that David has “settled down and changed.” “It was really a wake-up call for him when Jenelle left him. He did […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mom, Barbara Evans, Slams MTV For Not Firing Amber Portwood: ‘Why Is This Fair?’

Earlier this year, Jenelle Evans was let go from the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 after her husband, David Eason, reportedly shot her French bulldog, Nugget. Jenelle being let go from the show didn’t just impact her, though, but also her mother, Barbara Evans, who had filmed with the show for nearly a […]

Barbara Evans Speaks Out Following Dismissal Of Jenelle Evans Custody Case

After nearly two months in and out of court battling for custody of her children, Jenelle Evans had custody of her children returned on Wednesday. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the custody case against her and her husband, David Eason, was dismissed and the kids will be returned to their care. Barbara Evans has […]

Jenelle Evans Speaks Out About Calling 911 On Her Mother Barbara Evans

On Tuesday morning, it was revealed that both Jenelle Evans and David Eason had called 911 on Jenelle’s mother, Barbara recently. TMZ obtained audio recordings of both calls, one in which it was alleged that Barbara had locked the couple’s 2-year-old daughter in a room. Us Weekly spoke to Jenelle about the incident and she […]

Jenelle Evans Calls Her Mother Her ‘Biggest Enemy’ And Tells Fans They Have ‘No Idea’ What Is Going On

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently involved in a battle to regain custody of her children after they were removed from her care. Currently, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, is caring for Jenelle’s oldest son — who Barbara has had custody of for years — but also her 2-year-old daughter Ensley. While some […]

Jenelle Evans Shares Family Video While Her Mom Takes Jenelle’s Kids To The Aquarium Amid Custody Battle

Although she does not currently have custody of her kids, that didn’t stop Jenelle Evans from uploading an old video showing her kids and husband at their home. According to a report from People, the mom of three shared the video over the weekend, which shows her “homesteading” life. “Since the beginning of this year […]

Jenelle Evans Says Her Relationship With Her Mom Is ‘Destroyed’ Amid Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have been through a lot of ups and downs over the past decade, but things seem to be at an all-time low between the mother and daughter. According to Us Weekly, Jenelle is currently fighting Barbara for custody of her youngest child, daughter Ensley, who was removed by […]

Fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Caught On Video Arguing With Mom Barbara At Court

Jenelle Evans and David Eason were in court together on Tuesday for a custody hearing and after their court appearance was fulfilled, Evans was seen outside of the court with her youngest child, daughter Ensley, 2, and her mother, Barbara Evans, who has had custody of the child since last month. According to a June […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mother Shares Photo Of Little Ensley Amid Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her children due to her husband David Eason’s shocking behavior earlier this month. Now, her youngest child, daughter Ensley, is in the care of her mother, Barbara Evans. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans’ three children — Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley — have been banned from her home amid […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Reportedly Cuts Off Contact With Mother Barbara

Although Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have enjoyed rebuilding their relationship over the past couple of months, a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup suggests that Jenelle has cut off contact with her mother once again. According to the report, Barbara reportedly told Jenelle that Jace will no longer be going over to […]

Kailyn Lowry Wants To Quit ‘Teen Mom 2′ After Threats From Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara

Kailyn Lowry will be seen reacting to a rant against her from Barbara Evans, the mother of her co-star Jenelle Evans, during tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2. According to a report from OK! Magazine on April 15, the new episode will feature Lowry sitting down with her producer to discuss her future with […]

Jenelle Evans Says She’s Been ‘Put Through The Ringer’ After ‘Stressful’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

The Teen Mom 2 reunion was taped over the weekend in New York City. While the cast was mostly separated to ensure no on-set drama ensued like it did last year, it sounds like there was still some drama for some of the cast members. After reports suggested that Jenelle Evans “stormed off stage,” she […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Is ‘Super Glad’ To Have Reconnected With Mother, Wants To ‘Keep It That Way’

Fans of Teen Mom 2 know that Jenelle Evans has not always had the best relationship with her mother, Barbara. Over the years, the two have not always gotten along, but on the new season of the show, the two have clearly worked on repairing their relationship. The mom of three recently revealed on Instagram […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mom Goes To Meet With Grandson’s Father, But He Doesn’t Show Up In New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 is currently airing on MTV and, on Monday’s brand-new episode, Barbara Evans travels to New York to meet with the father of her grandson. Although he hasn’t been a part of his son’s life, Andrew Lewis has expressed interest in getting to know his son, but according to a […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says Relationship With Mother Is ‘Out The Window’

Jenelle Evans says her recently repaired relationship with her mother Barbara is “out the window” after the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on Monday night. According to a new report from Pop Culture, Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram story and posted a text photo that said, “Well there goes me and my […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Barbara Evans Fears Jenelle Evans Is Being Kept ‘Like A Prisoner’

On Monday night, an all-new Season 9 episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV. After Jenelle Evans’ 911 call was played on a recent episode of the show, viewers watched as Jenelle’s mother Barbara opened up about her daughter’s harrowing phone call. She also weighed in on her daughter’s relationship status. According to Hollywood […]

Kailyn Lowry Is Still Refusing To Film ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Slams MTV For Failing To Protect Her

Kailyn Lowry is putting her foot down with MTV when it comes to returning to production on Teen Mom 2. After witnessing an Instagram live video, in which Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, encouraged Jenelle and her co-star, Brittany DeJesus, to “go kill Kail,” Kailyn addressed her thoughts on the threats and her future with […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Admits She Labeled Son A Liar For Her Own Benefit

Jenelle Evans called her 9-year-old son, Jace, a liar after he revealed details regarding her road rage incident on Teen Mom 2 and during last night’s reunion special, she admitted to doing so for her own benefit. As she chatted with host Dr. Drew Pinsky on Monday night’s episode of the MTV reality series, Evans […]

Jenelle Evans Claims Her Mother And Husband David Are Getting Along, But Twitter Doesn’t Believe Her

Jenelle Evans is telling fans that her mother, Barbara Evans, has finally come around in regard to her controversial husband, David Eason. Days ago on Twitter, the Teen Mom 2 star, whose husband was fired from the series months ago due to a slew of homophobic tweets, said that Barbara and David were finally getting […]

Jenelle Evans Blames Her Son’s Bad Language On Her Mother After Jace Calls Her ‘A Piece Of S—‘ On TV

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is speaking out after her oldest child, son Jace, 8, was filmed calling her a “piece of s—” on the MTV reality series. According to a July 7 report by Pop Culture, Jenelle Evans is now blaming her mother, Barbara Evans, for her son’s foul mouth. As many Teen […]

‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Calls Police On Her Mom After Jace Allegedly Accuses Her Of Hitting Him

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, continue to be at odds as the Teen Mom 2 star attempts to regain custody of her 8-year-old son Jace. As fans of the reality star well know, Evans gave custody of the child to her mother shortly after he was born because she couldn’t care for him and […]

The Father Of Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Surfaces — What Is Andrew Lewis Saying About The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star?

Over eight years after the birth of his son Jace, Andrew Lewis is speaking out about his former girlfriend, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. As he reportedly prepares to star in the upcoming special, Teen Mom 2: The Ex Files, Andrew Lewis, who hasn’t been involved in Jace’s life at all, is revealing his […]

‘Teen Mom 2′: Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Responds To 911 Call, Abuse Allegations

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently called 911 on her own mother, Barbara Evans, and accused her of abusing her son, Jace. The MTV mom told police that Jace had called her crying and revealed that his grandmother, Barbara, whom he lives with, had “hit” him. Jenelle also claimed that she could hear her […]

‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Calls 911, Accuses Her Mother Of Assaulting Son Jace

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reportedly accusing her own mother, Barbara Evans, of assaulting her young son, Jace Evans. The MTV personality called 911 late last month to report to police that Barbara had been “hitting” Jace. According to a Dec. 7 report by Radar Online, Jenelle called the Boiling Springs Lake Police […]

Jenelle Evans Laughs At ’16 & Pregnant’ Days, But Fans Hint That It Should Be A Reality Check

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile since she stormed out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special a few months ago. Evans revealed that she had to support David Eason, who wanted to leave the set. He was upset that Dr. Drew kept asking Jenelle questions about Jace that made her cry. Even […]

‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Son, Jace, Is Reportedly Caught In The Midst Of Her Family Feud

Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, is currently in the custody of her mother, Barbara Evans, and allegedly caught in the midst of their nasty family feud. As Teen Mom 2 fans well know, Jenelle Evans cut ties with her mother in May after Barbara was granted full custody of her eight-year-old and has remained estranged from […]

Jenelle Evans Talks A Lot About Kaiser: Is She Trying To Prove She’s A Good Mother After Abuse Claims?

Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines lately despite keeping a low profile on her social media accounts. Jenelle is no stranger to drama, so it may not have been a surprise that she decided to send cease-and-desist letters to her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. She wanted them to stop talking about her, even though […]

Leah Messer Reveals She Was Harassed By Jenelle Evans Prior To Cease-And-Desist Letters

Leah Messer is the last of Jenelle Evans’ Teen Mom 2 co-stars who have yet to address the cease-and-desist letters that went out earlier this week. Jenelle Evans decided to send legal warnings to her co-stars, and Chelsea DeBoer and Kailyn Lowry both expressed frustration and confusion on social media. However, Jenelle also went after […]

Jenelle Evans Shares Photo Of Son Kaiser On Instagram, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Claim He Looks Abused

Jenelle Evans can’t seem to get past the ongoing claims of abuse being made against her. After the mother of three and her husband, David Eason, were accused of mistreating her 3-year-old son, Kaiser, during the eighth season of Teen Mom 2, Evans returned to social media to share a cute photo of the boy. […]

Jenelle Evans Sends A Cease And Desist Letter To Her Own Mother

Today, several Teen Mom 2 cast members revealed that they had been sent cease and desist letters from Jenelle Evans. Those who received letters thus far include Chelsea Houska DeBoer, Randy Houska, and Kailyn Lowry, all of whom felt the letters were ridiculous. However, Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, spoke up and let the media know […]

Jenelle Evans Slams Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars In Now-Deleted Twitter Posts, Calls Her Mom A Liar

Jenelle Evans believes her co-stars spoke badly about her during the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion special because they were mad that she cut them out of her life. According to a new report, Jenelle Evans, who returned to Twitter just days ago after taking a months-long break, went on a rant against the […]

Jenelle Evans’ Husband Says Her Mom Is The ‘Lowest,’ ‘Most Selfish’ Person: ‘I Hate Her’

Jenelle Evans’ mom wasn’t invited to her wedding last month and now, her husband David Eason is revealing why he hates Barbara Evans so much. During a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 8, Barbara Evans said that the reality star’s 8-year-old son Jace is “scared to death” of David Eason and he seemingly […]

Is Jenelle Evans’ Husband ‘Controlling And Abusive’? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Mom Barbara Reportedly Thinks So

Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, filmed a segment for the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion special over the weekend, and while chatting with Dr. Drew Pinsky, she allegedly opened up about Evans’ husband, David Eason. According to a new report, Barbara Evans spoke of David Eason, who married Jenelle Evans last month, and admitted […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mom Slams Her Husband David Eason, Says She’s ‘So Worried’ For Kaiser

Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, is concerned about the way her husband, David Eason, is treating her middle child, three-year-old Kaiser. During a bombshell new interview, Barbara, who has been estranged from Jenelle ever since she was awarded custody of her eight-year-old grandson, Jace, earlier this year, is admitting that in addition to being concerned […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mom Attempted To Salvage Their Relationship Before Her Wedding

Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, left town ahead of the Teen Mom 2 star’s wedding to David Eason but before doing so, she reportedly reached out to the mother of three in an effort to mend their strained relationship. During an interview earlier this week, Barbara spoke of her desperate attempt to see her daughter walk […]

Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Disgusted With Her Mother After She Blames David Eason For Wedding Snub

Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, was absent when she and David Eason walked down the aisle on Saturday and according to a new report, that was no fault of Eason’s. Although Barbara recently told Radar Online that she believes Eason was behind the wedding snub — and her strained relationship with Evans — another outlet […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara Speaks Out Against Son-In-Law Following Wedding Snub: ‘I’ve Been Crying’

Jenelle Evans’ estranged mother, Barbara, just aired her grievances over not being invited to her daughter’s wedding ceremony on Saturday, September 23. In an interview with Radar Online, Barbara blamed David Eason, her new son-in-law, for destroying her relationship with her daughter. “I would’ve loved to be there to see my grandchildren all dressed up […]

What Did Barbara Evans Do As Her Daughter Jenelle Got Married?

Jenelle Evans got married on Saturday, September 23, and unfortunately, the Teen Mom 2 star’s family was not in attendance. Months after proclaiming that she would not be inviting her mother, Barbara Evans, to the ceremony, a report has confirmed that in addition to Barbara Evans, the reality star’s siblings, Colin and Ashleigh, were also […]

Jenelle Evans Twitter: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Rants About Her Mom, Says It’s Sad She’s Still Family?

Jenelle Evans may have just used a tweet about Kesha to insult her mother, Barbara Evans. After a fan tweeted to the Teen Mom 2 star, telling her that she was listening to Kesha’s new song, “Praying,” and reminding her that what doesn’t bring us down will make her stronger, Evans suggested she had dedicated […]

Jenelle Evans Insists She’s A Good Mother Amid Custody Battle Over Her Son Kaiser

Jenelle Evans is facing hardships after Doris Davidson, the mother of her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith, filed for emergency custody of her three-year-old son Kaiser. According to a new report, the Teen Mom 2 star recently went on a rant on Twitter, suggesting that her mother, Barbara Evans, was behind the shocking plan to take her […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mom Makes Shocking Allegations Against Her Fiancé, David Eason, Suggests He Nearly Killed Her

Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, is no fan of her soon-to-be-husband, David Eason. In fact, during a new interview, Barbara claims Eason nearly killed her. According to a new report, Jenelle Evans’ fiancé welcomed Barbara and their children onto a speed boat and proceeded to drive unsafely as he put their lives in harm’s way. […]

Jenelle Evans’ Son Will Remain In Her Mother’s Custody, Can She See Him At All?

Jenelle Evans lost her bid for custody of her 8-year-old son Jace on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2. After filing for custody of the child years ago, the longtime reality star and mother of three faced off with her mother, Barbara Evans, in court and unfortunately for her, their judge sided with her […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says She’s ‘Extremely Depressed’ Days Before Wedding

Jenelle Evans is set to marry fiance David Eason on Saturday, September 23, but unfortunately for the Teen Mom 2 star, the exciting time has been tainted by the ongoing custody drama she’s found herself in the midst of. While Jenelle Evans hasn’t said a whole lot about her upcoming battle for custody of her […]

Jenelle Evans Fires Back At Nathan Griffith’s Mom In New Court Documents For Custody Of Kaiser

Jenelle Evans is not backing down in her fight to retain custody of her middle child, three-year-old son Kaiser. According to a new report, the Teen Mom 2 star filed her response to Nathan Griffith’s mom’s request for emergency custody of Kaiser and in her court documents, she claimed her son had “severe” bruising after […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans And David Eason Face Abuse Claims, Barbara Speaks Out Before Wedding

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are set to wed at the end of this month but unfortunately for the Teen Mom 2 couple, their journey to the altar has been plagued by drama. After Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, filed documents claiming Jenelle Evans’s daughter Ensley was born with marijuana in her system in January, […]

Jenelle Evans’ Mother Claims Her Daughter’s Kids Are In Danger, Accuses David Eason Of Abusing Kaiser

Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, claims her daughter’s three kids, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley, are in “grave danger.” During an interview with Radar Online, Barbara Evans shared shocking claims of child neglect and abuse and echoed the allegations made earlier this month by Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, who suggested that Evans’ kids were once […]