Austria Bedeviled With Complaints About Drunk Men Dressed Like The Christmas Demon Krampus

Austrian authorities are trying, and apparently failing, to stay one step ahead of drunken demons bedeviling the local populace this time of year, The Guardian reports. Apparently, Christmastime is when men dress like the Christmas demon Krampus, get drunk, and go off-script, in a manner of speaking, tormenting and scaring passersby in a way that […]

Afghan Teenager Denied Asylum In Austria Because He Doesn’t ‘Act Gay Enough’

An immigration official in Austria rejected the asylum bid of an Afghan teenager because he did not exhibit stereotypical gay behavior, a report that has been brought to light by TIME said. According to an official, the teenager had no fear of facing homophobia and therefore did not need to seek asylum in Austria. His […]

Economist Survey Ranks Vienna As Most Liveable City In The World

Austria’s capital, Vienna, has taken first place in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, making it the most pleasant city to live in, reports Reuters. The results of the survey push Melbourne out of first place for the first time in seven years. The two metropolises have been competing against one another for years, […]

UFO News: Remarkable Double Sighting In Graz, Austria Attracts Interest Among Believers And Skeptics Alike

A recent UFO sighting in Graz, Austria on June 30 has managed to beguile UFO enthusiasts after the mysterious crafts were captured on video by two separate witnesses in the area. The movements of the strange objects, as well as the way they interacted with each other, has triggered a wave of speculation from the […]

Donald Trump And Austria’s Hans Doskozil Prepare For Balkans Conflict

Donald Trump releases presidential memorandum citing the Balkans as a national security threat to the United States of America. Across the Atlantic, Austrian defense minister Hans Doskozil issues a dire warning to Europe about the Balkans region. The issuance of Trump’s presidential notice and Doskozil’s statement both point towards an impending Balkans conflict. It is […]

President Of Austria, ‘There Will Come A Day Where We Must Ask All Women To Wear A Headscarf’

The president of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, has called for all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims in an effort to fight against “rampant Islamophobia,” which is said to be occurring in Austria, according to Yahoo!. The president has received some backlash as he seems to be at odds with Austria, who […]

Italy May Face A Populist Right-Wing Uprising Following Prime Minister Renzi’s Resignation

Following the crushing defeat of a constitutional referendum, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned late Sunday night. Prior to the hearing the results, Renzi had promised that if his efforts to enact constitutional reforms were defeated that he would immediately concede, making the referendum as much about his own popularity as it was about Italy’s […]

Far-Right Leader Norbert Hofer Concedes Defeat In Presidential Elections In Austria

Norbert Hofer, leader of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), has conceded defeat to his Green party-supported opponent, Alexander Van der Bellen, as early exit polls suggest a win for the 71-year-old economist. At the time of writing, results show Van der Bellen leading Hoffer by 53.5 percent to 46.4 percent, with little expected to […]

Following Trump’s Win, Far-Right Eyes Victory In Austria’s Presidential Election

The far-right is hoping for a victory in Sunday’s presidential election in Austria. Austria is trying for a third time to elect a new president. The first election was deemed too close to call and a second attempt failed because of faulty ballots. The far-right Freedom Party believes it can win the presidency, according to […]

UFO Sightings Over Vienna And Graz In Austria Spark Alien Invasion Fears, Panicked Residents Call Police — ET Hunters Declare Sighting Proof That Aliens Exist [Video]

A recent mass sighting of an alleged disc-shaped UFO hovering silently and menacingly over the cities of Vienna and Graz in Austria sparked panic among some residents. Several spooked residents called police to report an imminent alien UFO invasion. Spectacular photos and footage of the alleged UFO hovering and flying over Vienna and the southern […]

Hitler House Won’t Be Demolished? Shrine For Neo-Nazis To Be Remodeled Despite Austria’s Intention Of Complete Destruction

The house where Adolf Hitler was born will not be torn down, as was indicated earlier by Austria’s interior minister, Wolfgang Sobotka. Instead, the country plans to fundamentally alter the appearance of the building to hopefully dissuade and deter neo-Nazis and Nazi sympathizers from treating it as a shrine. After years of legally battling for […]

Adolf Hitler’s Home Causing Controversy in Austria, Dispute Over Demolition Aimed To Curb Nazi Enthusiasts and Sympathizers

Controversy has erupted Tuesday over a plan by Austria to demolish the home where Adolf Hitler was born. Experts opposed shared their opposition to the plan only a day following the announcement of the decision. A lengthy legal battle has ensued with the current owner of the home, and on Monday Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka […]

Knife Attack On Train In Austria Was Not Copycat Attempt To Enact Swiss Train Attack: Police

Austrian police officers have dismissed concerns that a knife attack on a train in the western part of the country on Tuesday may be connected to a similar incident in Switzerland on Sunday that left two people dead, including the attacker. The knife attack in Austria happened at about 6:30 a.m. local time on a […]

Norbert Hofer: Austria Election Redo Puts Presidency Within Reach Of Party With Nazi Past

As the result of a ruling by the Constitutional Court of Austria handed down today, Norbert Hofer, a member of the country’s Nazi-founded, right-wing populist Freedom Party, has a legitimate shot at winning a re-do of the country’s May presidential election to be held in September or October, as reported by RT. Whether Norbert Hofer […]

Watch Portugal Vs. Austria UEFA Euro 2016 Live Stream: Cristiano Ronaldo Must Lead Portugal After Shocking Draw In Opener

Portugal and Austria, two teams that suffered shock results in their opening UEFA Euro 2016 matches, face off in a game that will stream live Saturday, as Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo — generally considered one of the two best players in the world — seeks a measure of redemption after his side were held to […]

Mass Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire At Concert, Two Dead, Eleven Injured

Attendees at an Austrian outdoor concert were devastated to find themselves in the midst of a mass shooting on Sunday morning as a man started to randomly fire shots into the crowd at nearly 1 a.m. The mass shooting took place in the western town of Nenzig, Austria. According to witnesses, the shooter was arguing […]

Austria To Seize Hitler’s Birth House, Turn It Into Something That Will Keep Neo-Nazis Away

Outside a rather ordinary house in Braunau, Austria, there is a memorial stone with a curious inscription: “For Peace, Freedom and Democracy/Never Again Fascism/Millions of Dead Warn.” This stone gives a hint about its role in world history as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. And after decades spent trying to buy it from the owner, […]

The Birthplace Of Adolf Hitler May Be Seized By Austria So It Will Not Become A Shrine

The Austrian government is attempting to take control of the house where Adolf Hitler was born so Nazi sympathizers will not turn the site into a shrine. According to NPR, the Austrian government currently rents the property where Adolf Hitler was born in the Austrian border town of Braunau am Inn, but the government has […]

Iraqi Migrant Brutally Rapes 10-Yr-Old Boy At Vienna Pool, Tells Police It Was Due To ‘Sexual Emergency’ After Going Without Sex For Months

An Iraqi migrant has confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool cubicle in Vienna, Austria. He told police interrogators that he raped the boy due to “sexual emergency” caused by accumulation of “too much sexual energy” after going without sex for months. Austrian police said the 20-year-old migrant dragged the 10-year-old boy […]

An Iraqi Refugee Raped A 10-Year-Old Boy In Austria, Claims He Was Having A ‘Sexual Emergency’

An Iraqi refugee living in Austria raped a 10-year-old boy at a Vienna swimming pool, saying he committed his crime because of a “sexual emergency,’ The Independent is reporting. Austrian police say that on December 2, the 10-year-old boy was swimming at Theresienbad pool, a popular complex of indoor and outdoor pools in the Austrian […]

Austrian Schoolgirls Sexually Assaulted By Muslim Immigrant Classmates For Months, School And Police Finally Respond

Three young schoolgirls in Austria were sexually harassed and assaulted by their classmates – four Muslim immigrant boys from Syria and Afghanistan seeking asylum in the European country – for months before anyone took action, The Local is reporting. One of the victims was 14-years-old; the ages of the other two victims have not been […]

Samra Kesinovic: ISIS Teenage ‘Poster Girl’ Beaten When Trying To Escape

ISIS teenage “poster girl” Samra Kesinovic, 17, was beaten to death while attempting to flee Raqqa, Syria. The Austrian teenager and her friend, Sabina Selimovic, became Islamic State social media darlings after they ran away to join the group. Opponents to President Barack Obama’s Syrian refugees policy and angered by his “fearing widows and orphans” […]

Austria To Build Fence Along Its Border With Slovenia – Assures It Is Merely To ‘Bring Order’ To The Migrant Flow

Austria has decided to erect a fence along parts of border it shares with its neighboring country, Slovenia. However, the country has categorically mentioned that the border fence is merely to bring order to the flow of migrants. Always the one to strongly criticize fencing of borders to keep out migrants, Austria announced Wednesday that […]

Germany Implements Border Checks Amid Refugee Influx

Germany is the latest country to have to examine its immigration policy as thousands of refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East make their way through Europe. Fox News Latino reports that Germany will be implementing border checks along its border with Austria. According to the website, the announcement was made Sunday by Thomas de […]

In Many Places, European Migrants Are Welcomed With Open Arms

The European migrant crisis hasn’t given most people a reason to smile. From the unforgettable pictures of a drowned Syrian boy to the hundreds of migrants who drowned just off the Italian shore to the horrific discovery of dead migrants in a truck in Hungary, the stories have focused on an understandably grim situation. But […]

Austria: Border Controls Tightened Amid Migrant Crisis

In Austria, border controls are being tightened amid a devastating migrant crisis. The heightened security was prompted by the discovery of 71 bodies inside a food delivery truck, which was found parked on an Austrian highway. Although the incident is still under investigation, authorities believe the victims were Syrian refugees. The grisly discovery brought worldwide […]

Austria Shocked As 71 Migrants Found Dead In Truck, Human Trafficking To Blame [Video]

A grisly discovery was made in Austria as 71 people thought to be migrants were found dead in an abandoned truck near the Hungarian border. Police in white hazmat suits searched the vehicle only to find the sad discovery on the major highway that leads to Vienna. Authorities said the bodies had been there for […]

The Pirate Bay To Be Blocked By ISP In Austria

The Pirate Bay is seen as a beacon of heroism to some who disagree with the stringency of international copyright law. Others see the online piracy site as an international threat to intellectual property. One such group, IFPI Austria (Federation of the Austrian Music Industry), have taken victory in this battleground of ideology, as the […]

British Soldier Craig Michael Stormey Jailed Following Rape of 6-Year-Old Girl

A British soldier stationed in Austria, Craig Michael Stormey, has been jailed for nine years following the vicious rape of a 6-year-old girl in her home. The U.K. soldier had been taking part in an army adventure camp when he let himself into the young girl’s family home and preyed upon her after entering her […]

Austrian Brothel: Free Sex, Booze For Two Months Offered In Protest Of High Tax Rates

The owner of an Austrian brothel is hosting an unorthodox special: offers of free sex and booze to patrons for eight weeks. Hermann Muller, proprietor of Pascha, a popular brothel in the city of Salzburg, announced the company’s “summer special.” Basically, customers can indulge in an all-you-can-drink frenzy. And as an added bonus — at […]

Austrian Brothel Offering Free Sex And Drinks In Tax Protest

A brothel in Salzburg, Austria, has been so badly hit by taxes they are now offering free sex and drinks to patrons in protest against the taxman. Saying that officials have allowed him “no room for maneuver,” owner of the Pascha brothel, Hermann “Pascha” Müller, told the Austrian language Kronen Zeitung newspaper that he has […]

Nazi Death Notice Published In Austrian Newspaper: Paper Prints Deceased’s Rank In Nazi Army In Obituary

An Austrian newspaper has apologized for publishing a Nazi death notice that included the deceased’s rank in the SS, CBS News is reporting. Lois Plock’s obituary in the Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, noted some less-than-savory aspects of the man’s life, including his rank in the Nazi army. The death notice included the fact that Plock […]

Distasteful 9/11 Themed Cake Deemed ‘Political Commentary’ By Austrian Baker, Meant To Ridicule Austrian Politics

A baker from Austria has become the subject of controversy after baking a political themed cake that represents the twin towers being struck by air planes. Meant to be a statement of ridicule against Austrian politics, many believe the cake to be distasteful and should be removed from his bakery. Rather than believe that the […]

People Looking To Get ‘A Taste Of Austria’ Learn A Little About Internet Trolling [Video]

A spectacular video featuring a time-lapse of places across Austria went viral as people across the globe were awestruck by the beautifully mastered video. However, the conversation went from Austria’s beauty to frustration over kangaroos, as internet trolls descended upon the trending YouTube video. The video, which was uploaded back in March, is trending again […]

‘Wladimir (Put Put Putin)’ Unexpected Hit On YouTube [Video]

An Austrian band, Rammelhof, released a satirical song about the Russian leader Vladimir Putin back in December of last year. After gathering a huge fan base in Ukraine in the last couple days, it has started going viral on YouTube. The song is called “Wladimir (Put Put Putin),” and it was uploaded to YouTube on […]

‘Ufogel’ In Austria Isn’t Only An Amazing Tiny House Retreat, But Has Little Impact On Nature

In the last five to six years, people around the world have shifted their idea on what an ideal house should be. Spurned by nightmares of broken dreams caused by the housing market bubble popping, these people are far more finicky, opting for necessity, sometimes at the expense of luxury. The Inquisitr reported that London […]

Hitler’s Childhood House: Austria Looks To ‘Expropriate’ Hitler Birthplace If Owner Won’t Sell

The house where baby Hitler was born, and little-boy Hitler spent his early years, has become a point of contention for Austria, where the childhood Hitler house is located. According to Austrian officials, they seem to have reached an impasse with the owner of the childhood Hitler house, and are seeking a way to “expropriate” […]

Nazi ‘Nuclear Weapons’ Complex Discovered In Austria

A vast complex believed to have been used by Nazi scientists to develop nuclear weapons during the Second World War has been discovered in Austria. The facility, a network of subterranean tunnels, was found near St. Georgen an der Gusen, Austria, last week, according to the Daily Mail. It covers an area as large as […]

Woman Caught Making Porn Films In Church Claims She’s An Angel

A Polish woman arrested for making porn films in an Austrian church sensationally claimed during her trial that she’s “an angel” — in comparison to other sinners, that is. The 29-year-old pornographic “priestess,” known only as “Babsi,” was arrested for making porn films in the holiest of holy places after a man saw one of […]

ISIS: Teen Girls That Ran Away To Join The Islamic State Now Pregnant

Teen girls that fled Austria to join ISIS are now reportedly pregnant. Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Seimovic, 15, posted to their social media accounts that they had left Europe and are now living in Syria. Kesinovic was thought to have been killed in during Islamic State combat until reports emerged earlier this week that […]

Israeli Soccer Team Maccabi Haifa Attacked By Protesters During Match In Austria

A top Israeli professional soccer team was attacked in the middle of a match in Salzburg, Austria Wednesday night, when protesters waving Palestinian flags and carrying signs with pro-Palestinian slogans stormed the pitch about five minutes before the clock ran out. The match, a pre-season “friendly” between Maccabi Haifa, one of the top teams in […]

Anna Fenninger Wins Back-To-Back Giant Slalom Races, Seizing World Cup Lead

Anna Fenninger, the silver medal winner in the giant slalom at the recently concluded Sochi Olympics, won a World Cup giant slalom race for the second straight day Friday to leap into the top spot in the overall Alpine World Cup standings. Racing in an event in Are, Sweden, the 24-year-old from Adnet, Salzburg in […]

Hitler Bell Discovered In Austria Sparks Questions, Outcry

They’re calling it the “Hitler Bell.” A strange tower bell seemingly dedicated to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has put a small Austrian town in international headlines this week and has apparently been overlooked by Austrian officials up until now. The Hitler bell hangs in the belfry of a castle in Wolfpassing village and was apparently […]

The Contradicting Narratives In The Evo Morales Plane Diversion

Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was diverted on Tuesday, while in route from Moscow to Bolivia, and forced to land in Vienna, Austria. The plane was suspected of carrying NSA leaker and wanted man Edward Snowden. The South American president was detained several hours in the Austrian capital. Several European countries have been accussed by […]

Bolivia Outraged After President Evo Morales Plane Diverted

Bolivia is outraged after President Evo Morales’ plane was denied landing in several European countries because of suspicions that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board. The presidential jet was ultimately forced to land in Austria, a move which put the Bolivian president’s life at risk, according to one of the country’s senior politicians. The […]

Austrian Hotel Advertises For Court Jester

A hotel in Austria has decided to give their guests a medieval experience by advertising for a court jester. The fact that you can now enjoy your holiday with the hotel service of a jester included seems just as innovative as providing guests with goldfishes to keep them company. The hotel in Austria’s Styria province […]

Historic Cities Underwater In Major Central Europe Flood [Video]

A major flood in central Europe has spread this Tuesday as river water levels rose to dangerous levels, forcing large-scale evacuations and untold property damage. Low-lying areas and cities in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are underwater as thousands flee for shelter. Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Dresden, among other historic European cities, are […]

Ice Lady Murder Sentence For Chainsaw Murder Of Ex-Husband And Lover

Vienna, Austria – The Ice Lady murder sentence was handed down today. Estibaliz Carranza was sentenced to life in prison in a mental institution after she gruesomely murdered her ex-husband and her lover, chopping them into bits with a chainsaw and then storing their frozen, lifeless bodies in an ice cream parlor she owned. The […]

‘Ice Lady’ Killer Buried Husband And Lover In Her Store’s Cellar

Vienna, Austria – Estibaliz Carranza, a 34-year-old Mexican-Spanish woman is being dubbed the “Ice Lady” by Austrian media for shooting, sawing up, and freezing both her husband and her lover before burying them in the cellar of her store. The “Ice Lady” confessed to the killings and mutilations in court Monday, saying that both men […]

Chuck Norris’ Name Won’t Appear On Slovakian Bridge

Chuck Norris’ name has been rejected by Slovakian officials as the name of a bridge near the capital city, according to Gulf News. When an internet campaign to find a name for the aforementioned structure was launched, it’s doubtful that those in charge had anticipated the number of votes the popular American action star would […]