‘Storm Area 51’ Event Attracts Only A Few Hundred Attendees, Very Few Tried To Illegally Enter The Site

The “Storm Area 51” event came and went with little fanfare on Friday, with only a few dozen people showing up at the remote, secret Nevada test site, Yahoo News reports. A conflicting report from CP24 says that the number was closer to 1,500. Despite the facts that no one saw any (real) aliens and […]

Here’s The Official Stance On What Area 51 Contains

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, people are already converging on the small town of Rachel, which is situated near Area 51, a top-secret U.S. base. After a gag event was organized on Facebook, many people are now curious as to what is really at Area 51. The Facebook event was originally created as a […]

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event: Even Though The Event Is A Gag, People Are Still Camping At Rachel, Nevada

It started off as a gag event organized on Facebook. “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” promised to expose what people thought was really hiding at Area 51 — aliens. Using a tactic called the Naruto run, people thought if they just ran fast enough, and with a large enough group, then […]

As The ‘Storm Area 51’ Event Approaches, Everyone Is Trying To Cash In On Aliens

A viral Facebook event has the potential of 2.1 million people converging on Area 51 this Friday as people try to storm Area 51 and find out if the base is really hiding aliens there. While the event organizers have made it quite clear that it is a gag event and that people shouldn’t actually […]

Federal Aviation Administration Closes Air Space Over Area 51 Over Weekend For ‘Reasons’

For those who have been closely watching the mock Facebook event that plans to storm Area 51 and find out if aliens really do exist, the date for this event is fast approaching. On September 20, the possibility is that 2.1 million people who have RSVPed to the event will actually turn up at Area […]

Betting Has Commenced On How Many Will Be Arrested During The Storm Area 51 Event

It started out as a gag event on Facebook. The idea was to storm Area 51, which is a secretive U.S. base in Nevada. The hope was that, given enough people, the military would not be able to stop them all at once and some people would get through. The aim of this event? To […]

Already, People Are Getting Arrested For Trying To Storm Area 51

“Storm Area 51,” they said. “They can’t stop all of us,” they also said. It was a Facebook event that started off as a joke and quickly grew until it became the latest viral sensation across social media. At the time of publication, at least 2 million people claim they will attend the event and […]

Nevada County Home To Area 51 Drafts Emergency Declaration Ahead Of ‘Storm Area 51’ Event

What began as a joke has morphed into something so big that it has residents and leaders of Lincoln County, Nevada, taking advanced measures to make sure their towns aren’t overrun. The county, which has a population of 5,000, is home to the highly classified U.S. Air Force Base known popularly as “Area 51.” A […]

Man Who Created Viral Event Encouraging People To Raid Area 51 Says He Got A Surprise Visit From The FBI

A California man who created a Facebook event planning to raid Area 51 has attracted viral interest — including some from the FBI. Matty Roberts said that after inviting people from across the world to join him in storming the secretive U.S. military base long rumored to be the home of a crashed UFO, he […]

Bud Light Offers Free Beer To Any Aliens Who Make It Out Of Area 51

Bud Light is offering free beer to any aliens who are liberated from Area 51 after the planned “invasion” of the secret military base, CNN is reporting. For those not familiar, over 1.5 million people, as of this writing, have signed up for the “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All Of Us” Facebook Group. […]

Rural Towns In Nevada Are Already Starting To Cash In Off The Influx Of People Coming To Invade Area 51

It’s not clear if the plans to invade Area 51 are real, but a number of small, rural towns in Nevada are getting ready regardless. In the past few weeks, a joke Facebook event calling on people to storm the notorious U.S. Air Force base and see if there is evidence of extra-terrestrial life hidden […]

Jeffree Star Says ‘On My Way To Area 51’ In Comical Instagram Share

Jeffree Star has seemingly confirmed something his fans have been suspecting for years. In a humorous Instagram post, the controversial makeup guru shared a pic where he dons a fabulous green wig, lime green nails, and a kiwi Birkin bag, costing over $35,000. The YouTuber also wears a utilitarian-looking Louis Vuitton jumpsuit. In the caption, […]

Military Warns UFO Lovers Who Are Planning To Storm Area 51 That It ‘Stands Ready’

Thousands of people have signed onto a plan aimed at storming Area 51 in Nevada later this year, but the military is warning the UFO enthusiasts that it “stands ready to protect America and its assets.” The Washington Post spoke with Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews about the plot, and while she avoided providing specifics, […]

‘Storm Area 51’ Organizer Says It’s A Joke, Isn’t Responsible For What Happens To 450,000 People Who Signed Up

The man who organized the “Storm Area 51” Facebook group says it’s just a joke, and that he’s not responsible for what happens to any of the 450,000 people who have signed up for the event, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. As of this writing, nearly half a million people have added their names to the Storm […]

What’s Going On At Area 51? 300,000 Alien Enthusiasts Pledge To Breach The Nevada Air Force Base

Conspiracy theorists have long believed Area 51, an air force base located 83 miles from Las Vegas, holds numerous government secrets and captive aliens. Since its founding in 1955, the test site has remained a mystery, reports the Daily Mail. Only those with high-level security clearance are able to enter the premises. The U-2 spy […]

Art Bell, ‘Coast To Coast AM’ Radio Host Dies At 72

Art Bell, the radio host of the popular, long-running, legendary conspiracy theory and paranormal radio program Coast To Coast AM, has died at the age of 72, according to Las Vegas news source News3LV. According to the Nye County sheriff’s office, Arthur Bell, better known to fans as “Art” Bell, passed away on Friday, April […]

‘Ex-CIA Agent’ Makes ‘Deathbed Confession’ That He Saw Crashed Roswell UFO, Grey Aliens At Area 51 [Video]

A “former CIA agent” made a “deathbed confession” that he visited the secret Area 51 Air Force base during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s and saw the Roswell UFO allegedly stored inside a secret climate-controled hangar. He also claimed that he saw living extraterrestrial beings at the nearby restricted S-4 facility. […]

JFK Visited Area 51, Saw Debris From Crashed Roswell UFO, ‘Unacknowledged’ Documentary Claims

A new documentary purports to show President John Kennedy’s “former pilot” saying that the former president had hinted to him that he was aware of the evidence that alien UFOs were visiting Earth. President Kennedy’s alleged former pilot made the disclosure in the documentary Unacknowledged, which claims to expose decades of U.S. government cover-up of […]

Ex-Air Force Cadet Broke Into Area 51, Claims He Was Later Abducted By Aliens

Chris Augustin has led a rather colorful life since the first time he encountered a UFO. That was in 1999 and occurred in Washington Township, New Jersey. But the UFO sighting led to his obsession with Area 51 and his entering the top secret government facility a couple years later. And then things really got […]

UFO Transported On Flatbed Truck To Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? [Video]

A witness recently submitted a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), claiming that he saw a flatbed truck escorted by police cars, transporting a saucer-shaped object that looked like a flying saucer UFO. According to the report submitted to NUFORC on February 2, 2017, the truck and police escort were spotted at night, […]

‘No UFOs Or Aliens At Area 51’: Real Base ‘Just South’ Of It, MUFON Director Claims

The government does not have a secret facility at Area 51 in Nevada wherein they house, hold, or store aliens, nor do they experiment or reverse engineer UFOs there. At least as far as the executive director of the Mutual UFO Network knows. He also firmly believes that all government disclaimers about Area 51 are […]

Government Covered-Up Alien UFO Crash At Roswell, Retired McGill Professor Says: Claims He Is ‘100 Percent Certain’ We’ve Been Visited By ETs

A retired university professor has said he is convinced that the U.S. government is covering up information that aliens have visited Earth and that a flying saucer UFO of extraterrestrial origin crashed at Roswell in 1947. According to Professor Don Donderi, retired McGill University professor, the evidence that an alien UFO crashed at Roswell, New […]

Area 51: 2016 Presidential Election Day Mystery Of Russian And American Jets Dogfighting In The Location

Area 51 is one of the most intriguing places in the America, with numerous strange sightings being reported in the area. Located in the Nevada desert, it is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base and has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. And on November 8, 2016, Presidential Election Day, a dogfight between […]

UFO News: Are UFOs Traveling Through Wormholes?

There have been so many more UFO sightings this year when compared with previous years, that some UFO enthusiasts are now starting to speculate whether aliens might be traveling through a wormhole. ITechpost has reported that a strange video has been passed around the internet, which purportedly shows a UFO landing on earth while traveling […]

UFO Disclosure: Obama And Clinton To Reveal Aliens And UFOs Exist Before Trump Enters White House, Advocacy Group Claims

Paradigm Research Group (PRG), a UFO disclosure advocacy, claimed in a recent statement that it has been contacted by a government whistle-blower who revealed that the U.S. intelligence community is ready to make alien and UFO disclosure. Paradigm Research Group and its executive director Stephen Bassett, have been at the forefront of the UFO disclosure […]

UFO News: ‘Strange Lights’ Spotted In Sky Above Capital City, Sightings In Peru Again

UFO news reports are on the rise lately, and this week, two more sightings from different locations have been reported. Mirror reports that strange orange lights have been seen traveling across the sky over the capital city in Lima, Peru. The Peruvian media released a full minute video showing the UFO flying over the capital […]

Roswell UFO Evidence At Last? Mysterious Metal Fragment Found Near Crash Site Could Prove Alleged 1947 Craft Was Of Extraterrestrial Origin

Ben Mezrich, author of the best-selling book The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway, claims that a mysterious piece of triangular metal was found at a spot near the famous 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash site. The mysterious piece of metal, according to UFO researchers, could be from the debris of […]

Another ‘Roswell’ UFO Cover-Up? Alien Spacecraft Allegedly Crashes To Earth In Post Falls, Idaho: Authorities And Media Silent About Crash, Witness Says

A report by a witness in Post Falls, Idaho, said that he watched a rectangle-shaped UFO “falling from the sky” has captured the attention of members of the UFO community. Many are pointing out the parallels between the latest incident and the alleged UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. UFO enthusiasts […]

Britain’s Own Area 51 Revealed? UFO Investigator Calls Out Government Over 300 Case Files In One Town In Scotland

Does the United Kingdom have a top secret facility dedicated to military research and development, analogous to Area 51 in the Nevada desert, that could explain many of the UFO sightings over the British isles over the decades? A prominent UFO investigator believes that the world’s governments, particularly Britain, “know far more than they are […]

Area 51 Revelation : Ex-Soldier Reveals Experiments Involving Mass Alien Abduction

Area 51 is possibly the most secretive and heavily guarded place on earth. And that is most likely the reason why it remains one of the most fascinating premises in popular culture. Area 51 has long been the subject of widespread speculations and conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial beings and UFOs. And to fuel all the […]

Area 51 Revelation: Former Government Official Suspects ‘Alien Technology’ Has Been Moved From Secret Base

Area 51, long viewed by conspiracy theorists to be the home of clandestine federal programs and experimental testings, and thought by some to be a collection center for recovered Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and even their occupants, may not operate in such a capacity, according to a former British government official. In fact, due to […]

Dark Alien Agenda Exposed: Alien-Human Hybrid Species Will Take Over Earth, Eliminate Global Elite By 2029, Researchers Claim [Video]

According to reports circulating in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, alien species have set 2029 as the date for completion of a decades-long plan to take over world government. Aliens plan to force the current crop of world leaders and global elite to make way for a new alien-human hybrid world-ruling elite. According […]

Jaden Smith Wants To Hunt UFOs, Check Out Area 51 [Video]

Jaden Smith often seems to have his head in the clouds and his thoughts in the sky, and on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the newly-adult son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith confirmed to the world that he often has lofty plans and thoughts. During his appearance on the show, […]

Fleet Of Tall White Alien UFO Spacecraft Filmed Landing At Nellis AFB Under The Cover Of Darkness And Stormy Weather [Video]

UFO hunter Steven Barone continues to monitor alleged UFO traffic over notorious UFO hotspot Nellis Air Force Base from the backyard of his home in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a prominent UFO blogger has claimed that the UFOs that Barone has filmed in a series of videos uploaded to his YouTube channel […]

‘CIA Allowed Me To Go Inside An Alien UFO Spacecraft At Area 51’: Senior Canadian Official’s Death Bed Confession [Video]

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of National Defense, told a panel of UFO researchers and disclosure experts at a recent hearing that he was called to listen to a deathbed confession by a former Canadian chief of emergency measures. The dying official told Hellyer that the CIA allowed him to enter an alien UFO […]

UFOs Filmed Over Area 51, Nellis Air Force Base: Alien Hunter Claims Regular Heavy Traffic

New information about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings out of southeastern Nevada would seem to suggest that the traffic over Nellis Air Force Base, the adjacent Nevada Test and Training Range, and Area 51 (which is sandwiched in between the two) is regular and heavy. In fact, according to a local UFO enthusiast who has […]

Area 51 Insider Acknowledges ‘Black Projects,’ Talks Conspiracy Theories Concerning Top Secret Military Base

According to an aerospace insider, the top secret military base in Nevada known as Area 51 has good reason(s) for maintaining tight security in and around the facility. In fact, he says that the secretiveness for which Area 51 is famous is necessary and that this, of course, only provides fodder for more of — […]

Alien UFO Traffic Over Nellis Air Force Base And Area 51 Captured On Camera, According to Alien Hunter [Video]

An alien hunter claims to have video evidence of a constant flow of alien UFO traffic over the Las Vegas Valley area, allegedly originating from the Nellis Air Force Base and the Area 51 top-secret military base in the Nevada desert. UFO hunter Steven Barone claims to witness from his Summerlin area residence in Henderson, […]

Was That An Alien UFO Spotted On Back Of Truck? Headed Towards Area 51

A video was released showing what could possibly be an alien UFO on the back of a truck. The run-down flatbed semi-truck was speeding down a major highway towards Area 51 carrying a disc-shaped large object. Conspiracy theorists are wondering if it really could be an alien UFO. The question is, did we spot a […]

World UFO Day Is Saturday June 2, Believers Urge Governments To Declassify Space Alien Documents

This Saturday, June 2, is World UFO Day, the international holiday believers set aside to discuss the existence of space aliens and urge governments around the world to declassify UFO documents. World UFO Day was created to honor U.S. pilot Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting of nine objects flying in tandem over Mount Rainer national park, […]

NASA Administrator Tells Students Extra Terrestrial Life Does Exist, Aliens Are Not Being Hidden In Area 51

Extra terrestrial existence has always been a controversial subject, but one NASA Administrator tells British school students that aliens do exist. Furthermore, Major Charles Bolden reveals that the government is not hiding aliens in Area 51. Bolden replied to a question from 10-year-old British student Carmen Dearing. “I do believe that we will someday find […]

Aliens Work With Human Scientists At Area 51, According To Whistleblower Who Claimed He Helped To Reverse-Engineer Alien Technology [Video]

Alien and UFO conspiracy theorists believe whistleblower testimonies prove that top-secret alien technology reverse-engineering research work is ongoing at several underground alien-government facilities across the country. The whistleblower testimonies, according to conspiracy theorists, also prove that the government is covering up the truth about contact with extraterrestrial races and access to exotic alien technology. Many […]

Mysterious UFO Spotted Hovering Over Alien Hotspot Wright-Patterson Air Force Base In Ohio, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

Bizarre footage uploaded to YouTube, purportedly showing a dark, mysterious alien UFO captured on camera hovering in cloudy skies over a U.S. military base near Dayton in Ohio, has gone viral online. The footage was filmed last week on Wednesday, May 25, at a spot near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, about ten miles from […]

Dulce Underground Alien-Government Base, The Largest Reptilian And Grey Base In The World, Is The ‘Real Area 51,’ According To UFO Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Northern New Mexico, have attracted media attention recently. Following multiple claims of UFO sightings in Dulce and stories about a massive underground joint government-alien research base in the area, many conspiracy theorists have argued that focus on Roswell, also in New […]

Mysterious Green Light ‘UFO’ Seen Across Southern California Skies Was Area 51 Alien Craft Crashing While Undergoing USAF Flight-Testing, According To UFO Hunter [Video]

Thousands of people sighted a mysterious bright green and orb-shaped light that streaked across the skies of Southern California on Tuesday night, April 26, 2016, between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. The unexpected aerial display was reported by people living hundreds of miles apart in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties […]

Huge Mystery Cloud Above Area 51 Military Base: Investigators Seeking Answers About Massive Smoke Cloud Above Area 51 Back In 2012

A couple filmed what appeared to be a massive fire at the Area 51 military base. Large gray clouds lifted up from the ground to make a mushroom appearance. What was this mysterious dark cloud at the military’s top-secret Area 51 base? Jimmy and Jackie drove towards Area 51 back in 2012 when they noticed […]

Hillary Clinton Admits She Won’t Be Able To Fulfill UFO Promise If There Is A ‘Huge National Security Thing’ Involved [Video]

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has admitted that she may be unable to fulfill her promise to release classified files containing information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life if doing so would compromise national security. The latest statement from Mrs. Clinton comes after the former secretary of state and her presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, had […]

UFO Hunter Films Mysterious ‘Cyborg’ Alien UFOs Over Red Rock Canyon In Las Vegas Near Area 51 [Video]

A UFO hunter has captured on camera amazing and bizarre footage of mysterious UFOs flying over the Red Rock Canyon area in Las Vegas, about an hour’s drive from the top-secret Area 51 base in Nevada. The YouTube UFO hunter Steven Barone explains that he captured the video using a night vision camera in the […]

UFO Sighting Over Las Vegas: Steven Barone’s Stunning Footage Of Alien UFO Near Area 51

The Area 51 military base has been forever linked to conspiracy theories and many accounts of UFO sightings. A man recently recorded stunning footage of a UFO near Area 51. Could that mysterious light be a UFO sighting over Las Vegas? The Mirror reports that a man named Steven Barone was in the foothills of […]

John Podesta To CNN: ‘The American People Can Handle The Truth About UFOs’ [Video]

In a recent appearance on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, said he believes the “American people can handle the truth about aliens.” He told Jake Tapper he believes it is time for the government to do something to end the air of secrecy and conspiracy about UFOs and […]