Can You Decipher It? French Village Offers $2,200 To Anyone Who Can Solve Inscription On Mysterious Rock

Officials in a French village are offering a €2,000 ($2,200) reward for anyone who can decipher a series of letters on a centuries-old rock, CNN reports. Authorities in Plougastel-Daoulas, a village in Brittany, northwest France, have known about the rock for a few years. Tucked away in a seaside cave that is only accessible at […]

Archaeologists In Jamestown Have Discovered The 400-Year-Old Wall Of The First General Assembly Meeting Site

Archaeologists in Jamestown have just discovered an enormous piece of American history after they unearthed the 400-year-old western wall of a very special church that was once the site of the first General Assembly meeting in the United States, which took place in 1619. The Virginia Company of London, who were the official sponsors of […]

The Oldest Evidence Of Beer Production Has Been Discovered In Israel

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that has been consumed for countless years. However, a discovery in Israel goes some way to putting an actual date to early beer production. According to the Times of Israel, the 60-year debate over whether beer or bread came first might be riled up again after a new study on […]

Viking Raiders Burned This Pictish Fort To The Ground — And Preserved It For Archaeologists

Usually, when Vikings went in to attack an area, they aimed to destroy it. Killing the occupants and burning the buildings to the ground was a great way for the Vikings to eradicate their enemies. However, it has been discovered that this method has actually helped to preserve a Pictish location rather than destroy it. […]

A Reconstructed Roman Temple Dedicated To Mithras In 240AD Will Be Opening Its Doors In London

The remains of a Roman Temple dedicated to Mithras in 240AD have been painstakingly reconstructed, and the London Mithraeum will be opening its doors to the public so that history enthusiasts can gaze in wonder at the remnants left behind from a long-gone civilization who once looked to this mysterious religion for truth. Much of […]

17 Mummies Discovered In Chamber In Egypt

Archaeologists digging in desert catacombs in the Minya province of Egypt have uncovered a necropolis containing 17 mummies. A find such as this has never happened in that area, according to the Chicago Tribune. The archaeological site where the discovery was made is located in the collage of Tuna al-Gabal which is on the edge […]

London Mudlarking Adventure: Discover Hidden Artifacts Along The River Thames

If you have never been mudlarking before, you’re in for a treat. Most visitors to London, and indeed, even those who live there, have never heard of mudlarking. But this is a tradition that has been around for a very long time, and it allows even the most amateur budding archaeologist to find absolute riches […]

Medieval Cities Found in Cambodia

Archaeologists have found medieval cities that are hidden under the thick jungle in Cambodia not far from the ancient temple city of Angkor Wat, reported ABC News. The discovery was made using lasers and will shed new light on the medieval cities found throughout the region that were created by the same people who created […]

2,000-Year-Old Handwritten Documents Found In London Are Oldest Ever Discovered In Britain

A 2,000-year-old handwritten letter — the oldest ever discovered in Britain — was among the 405 documents from Roman London that were discovered by archaeologists on a dig site that will eventually become the new headquarters for media and data company Bloomberg. The documents, which are actually wooden tablets that were originally covered in beeswax […]

Ghosts Haunt Cincinnati Music Hall And Here’s Why: Bones Beneath The Orchestra Pit

For decades, orchestras that played at Cincinnati Music Hall had an invisible, unearthly audience: the bones of the city’s long dead, laid to rest in the land a century before. The bones of those dead have been unearthed at the Music Hall with grisly regularity since it was first built in 1876, and for Cincinnati […]

Digging Into Malcolm X’s Past: Boston Archaeologists Break Ground At Civil Rights Activist’s Former Home

Fifty-one years after the civil rights activist was assassinated, a team of archaeologists from Boston, Massachusetts, have begun digging into Malcolm X’s past at his former home in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. The house where Malcolm X once lived with his half-sister, Ella Little Collins, now belongs to Rodnell Collins, nephew of the famed […]

Century-Old Christian Cross Discovered In Denmark, Proving Earlier Presence Of Christianity There [Video] A century-old Christian cross was discovered in Denmark earlier this month by amateur archaeologist Dennis Fabricus Holm in Anslev, Østfyn, according to an article by the Christian Post. Actually, the cross was over a century old, the small, almost perfectly preserved Christian cross was estimated to be 1,100-years-old. On FaceBook, Holm had written that […]

The Cave Of Beasts In Egypt Covered In Headless Figures, Wild Animals — And Baby Hand Prints?

When archaeologists stumbled upon a rock shelter in the Egyptian Sahara in 2002, they found something remarkable: thousands of decorations painted on the walls 8,000 years ago. They saw wild animals, humans, and headless figures and ended up naming the cave, located in the Western Desert in Egypt, the Cave of Beasts, National Geographic reported. […]

Young Israeli Boy Finds 3,400-Year-Old Figurine Of Naked Lady During Hiking Trip

A 7-year-old Israeli boy was hiking with friends in northern Israel when he stumbled upon a naked woman — a 3,400 year-old figurine. Ori Greenhut (spelled Uri Grinhot by Israeli media) was visiting an archaeological site called Tel Rehov in the Beit She’an Valley the day he found the figurine, NBC News reported. He was […]

Caesar At His “Absolute Worst” — Archaeologists Find Battleground Where Caesar Massacred Tribesmen Who Asked For Asylum

Archaeologists have identified a site Caesar wrote about in his diaries in 55 B.C., according to The Guardian. For many decades archaeologists and scholars have been reading Caesar’s account of the Gallic wars and wondering where one particularly bloody massacre might have occurred. “Caesar in his war reports without any shame gives detailed descriptions of […]

Huge Castle Discovered In Gloucester Under Basketball Court In Prison — The Castle Served As A Prison As Well

Remains of a huge castle were discovered in Gloucester, England. The castle, which may have rivaled the Tower of London in its enormity, was found under the basketball court of a prison. Underneath the basketball court of a prison in Gloucester, England, are the remains of a castle that served multiple purposes, including housing royalty. […]

Hidden Chambers Likely: What Lies Behind King Tut’s Tomb?

Radar scans of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings reveal that hidden chambers are likely, reinforcing the theory that undiscovered rooms lie behind the painted walls, reported National Geographic. Preliminary examination of the scans revealed evidence that two hidden doorways conceal unopened sections of the pharaoh’s underground burial chamber. The research prompted […]

This Archaeologist Hunts Ancient Cities, And Looters, From Space — And She Just Won $1M

Space archaeologist Sarah Parcak doesn’t think small, she thinks in “huge bright colors and big brush strokes.” Those are the words of Chris Thornton with the National Geographic Society, where Parcak is an Explorer. The space archaeologist also the latest recipient of the $1 million TED Prize, given to people with visions that can spark […]

Mona Lisa’s Bones Found In Florence Church? Experts Say They Have No Way Of Knowing

Have Mona Lisa’s bones been found in a Florence church? While the find sounds promising, unfortunately archaeologists say they have no way of knowing for certain – at least for now. As The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, archaeologists carrying out an excavation at the Saint Ursula Convent in Florence, Italy, came upon some bones that […]

Prehistoric Massacre In Europe: Archaeologists Find 7,000-Year-Old Mass Grave

Scientists working in Germany believe an ancient gravesite supports theories of a prehistoric massacre in Europe from 7,000 years ago, according to a Fox News report. A team of archaeologists, led by Christian Meyer of the University of Mainz, said they found rare evidence of a horrific regional conflict that involved torture and mass death […]

Toothy ‘Grin’ And Funky Walk Of Bizarre Hallucigenia Worm Makes Scientists Swoon [Video]

The crazy countenance of the prehistoric Hallucigenia worm probably wouldn’t garner many admirers via online dating sites, but scientists can’t get enough of the tiny beast’s smile. ABC Science reports that scientists have finally made a breakthrough in efforts to flesh out the anatomy of the extinct marine creature after decades of work. Oddly enough, […]

The Ancient Greeks Were Just As Afraid Of A Zombie Apocalypse As Present Day Humans

While many people these days think worrying about an impending zombie apocalypse is a new fear, archaeologists can now turn that concept on its head with the discovery that ancient Greeks were also concerned with the undead. According to burials unearthed in the necropolis of a Greek colony in Sicily, the ancient Greeks believed the […]

2,400 Years Old Bong: Solid Gold Ornate Instruments Used By Russian Royalty To Smoke Cannabis Unearthed

One of the oldest “bongs,” used to smoke opium and cannabis, have been unearthed in Russia. Believed to be used by Russian royalty and tribal chiefs, these bongs are made from solid gold and are quite ornate. Construction workers putting up power lines stumbled upon multiple artifacts that were made of solid gold. Subsequent excavations […]

Underground Tunnels Leading To Byzantine City Found In Turkey

Underground tunnels recently discovered by construction crews in Turkey have led to the discovery of an ancient underground city. National Geographic reported this week that underground tunnels located by construction crews in December, 2014, have resulted in an astonishing excavation, revealing an ancient underground city near a landmark known for their round, fairy-like ancient stone […]

Trial Of Jesus Christ Site Found In Museum

Jesus Christ is making the news in the New Year, with evidence supporting his trial location in the Old City district of Jerusalem. While most news stories about Jesus Christ have been focused around the abuse of Christians by Islamic State, this one has received relatively few headlines. Expanding on a JPost article, Ruth Eglash, […]

Amateurs With Metal Detectors Find £1 Million Hoard Of 1,000-Year-Old Anglo Saxon Coins

Talk about striking it big. A group of amateur metal detectorists in England have come across one of the bigger finds of the year: a massive trove of 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxon coins that’s expected to net the group about £1 million. Just before Christmas, more than 100 people from all over Britain took part in […]

Biggest Find Of The Year: Massive, 5,000-Year-Old Underground City Unearthed In Turkey

Turkey’s state-run housing authority has halted construction of a development project in the central province of Nevşehir following what some are calling the biggest archaeological discovery of the year. Excavations have unearthed a massive underground city in the area, one said to date back 5,000 years. The discovery – one of the biggest in a […]

Secret Nazi Enclave Could Be Real Birthplace Of Jesus

An archaeologist believes he has discovered the true birthplace of Jesus Christ, and it isn’t located in the traditional Bethlehem most associate with his birth. Archaeologist Dr. Aviram Oshri believes that Christ was born in this Bethlehem of Galilee, nine miles west of Nazareth, and not in the West Bank town of the same name, […]

Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Roman-Era Glass Bracelet With Menorah, Could Be 1,600 Years Old

Just in time for Hanukkah, Israeli archaeologists say they’ve unearthed a fascinating find: a bracelet dating back to the Late Roman period, some 1,600 years ago, bearing the imprint of a seven-branched menorah. The find came when a team working near Elyakim in the Mount Carmel National Park unearthed an ancient industrial zone, as well […]

One Million Mummies? Egypt’s Ministry Of Antiquities Begs To Differ

Recent reports that a team of archaeologists from Utah’s Brigham Young University have begun excavating an ancient cemetery containing one million mummies has Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities begging to differ. He’s also threatening to stop the researchers from continuing their work, but not for the reason you might suspect. The cemetery, Fag el-Gamous, and a […]

Archaeologists Discover Massive 12th Century UK Palace Hidden Within Iron Age Fortress

Using ground-penetrating x-ray technology, archaeologists in southern England have uncovered one of the largest medieval royal palaces ever found. The find, discovered buried underneath an ancient fortress, lay hidden for more than 700 years and apparently dates back to the 12th century. The Independent carried word of the discovery on Wednesday, noting that the hidden […]

Archaeologists Say 12th Century Sword Could Have Belonged To Russia’s Ivan The Terrible

Researchers in Siberia believe that they may have made a remarkable archaeological discovery: a centuries-old sword unearthed in Novosibirsk may well have belonged to Russian Czar, Ivan the Terrible. The Siberian Times carried the story of the centuries-old sword this week, noting that it was initially discovered in 1975 by accident in the Novosibirsk region. […]

Mystery Over 5th Century B.C. Siberian ‘Ice Princess’ Solved

Discovered in 1993, the Siberian Ice Princess — sometimes also referred to as the Altay Princess, for the region in which she was found — has captured the imaginations of many scientists, for many reasons. She was a well-preserved mummy, to begin with; in fact, she was so well-preserved that her ornate, delicate tattoos were […]

2,500-Year-Old ‘Siberian Princess’ Corpse Shows Breast Cancer, Medicinal Pot Use

Medicinal cannabis use apparently isn’t as recent a phenomenon as one might think. Tests performed on an iconic Siberian princess’ 2,500-year-old mummy shows not only that she suffered from breast cancer but that she apparently used marijuana to deal with her illness. Inquisitr has already reported on the 2,500-year-old Siberian mummy whose tattoos are the […]

Researchers Discover 3,300-Year-Old Egyptian Skulls With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions might seem like a relatively recent invention – a creation of modern hair salons and makeup artists – but a new discovery puts the lie to that assumption. Archaeologists digging in Egypt have discovered the remains of a woman with 70 extensions fastened tightly into her hair, proving that there’s really nothing new […]

Massive 22,000-Coin Find Of Roman Currency Unearthed With Just A Metal Detector

Some people just get lucky, it appears. A British treasure hunter, armed only with his amateur metal detecting kit, is one of those people. He unearthed a massive hoard of 4th Century Roman coins that have been buried for centuries, and he went to great lengths to guard them once he did. The story comes […]

Skeletons Holding Hands For 700 Years Unearthed In England, And It’s Happened Before [Video]

Skeletons holding hands were among the skeletal remains recently discovered in an English county, but this rare discovery isn’t exactly unique. A similarly positioned couple was found in Romania one year earlier, for example. Now a group of archaeologists has uncovered a kindred couple in an English grave site. CNN reported the skeletons holding hands […]

Archaeologists Uncover 7,000-Year-Old Stone Age City In Croatia

Archaeologists in Croatia have unearthed what they say is the largest Stone Age city ever discovered in the region. The new find stretches for more than 100 thousand square meters, and it is believed to be roughly 7,000 years old. A research team led by Maja Krznaric Skrivanko and Hrvoje Vulic from Vinkovci Municipal Museum […]

50 Mummies In Valley Of Kings: Archeologists Discover Remains In Egypt

A group of about 50 mummies was found in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in Luxor on Monday. According to Huffington Post, the 50 mummies included newborn babies, princes, and princesses of the 18th Pharaonic dynasty. The remains were located by a Swiss team from the University of Basel according to the report. The team […]

Egypt Unearths New Pharaoh: King Woseribre Senebkay’s Remains Confirm Forgotten Dynasty

Archaeologists working at a dig in Abydos in southern Egypt have uncovered the remains of a previously unknown pharaoh, King Woseribre Senebkay, whose sarcophagus provides the first evidence supporting a forgotten dynasty from circa 1650 b.c. The Penn Museum, from the University of Pennsylvania, reports they have a team working in conjunction with the Egyptian […]

Ark Of The Covenant Found In Israel? ‘Treatise Of The Vessels’ Says Bible Relic Hidden

Has the Ark Of The Covenant been found in Israel? A document called Massekhet Kelim, or Treatise of the Vessels, seems to indicate it was purposefully hidden. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a potentially Philistine ritual building was uncovered from before the time of the Jewish First Temple created by King Solomon. Unlike how […]

2,750-Year-Old Temple Found Near Jerusalem

A 2,750-year-old temple has been found near Jerusalem by archaeologists, along with pottery figurines, ornately decorated pedestals, and fragments of chalices that give an insight into alternative religious practices from the time. The stunning collection of sacred artifacts was revealed by the Israeli Antiquities Authority on Wednesday. The 2,750-year-old temple was found near Jerusalem at […]

Europe’s Earliest Prehistoric Town Discovered

Europe’s oldest prehistoric town is thought to have been unearthed by archaeologists, in Bulgaria. The fortified settlement of Europe’s earliest prehistoric town is near modern day Provadia, Bulgaria and was believed to be an important salt production center, BBCreports. According to archaeologists, the prehistoric town is thought to date back to between 4700 and 4200 […]

Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Proof Of Vampire Rituals

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered centuries-old skeletons which show an increase amount of proof based around vampire lore. According to the researchers the skeletons were pinned down through their chests with iron rods, a practice they believe was used to keep the dead from turning into vampires shortly after their passing. Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of the […]

Captain Morgan’s Pirate Ship Wreckage Discovered Near Panama

Avast ye’ land lubbers, the long lost wreckage of 17th century pirate Captain Henry Morgan’s ship has been found off the coast of Panama. Funded by Captain Morgan USA, distributor of the well known spiced rum named after the notorious pirate, archaeologists from Texas State University diving near the Lajas Reef discovered a large section […]