New Apple Watch, iPads Expected To Be Unveiled On September 15, But iPhones Could Come Later

A new Apple Watch is likely going to be unveiled on September 15, Todd Haselton of CNBC wrote on Tuesday. Apple announced a new event on their official website scheduled for that day. Unlike previous proceedings like this, it won’t be held in a Cupertino, California, auditorium on the company’s campus. This time around, because […]

New Apple Watch 5 May Come With A Camera

Apple isn’t expected to release another iteration of its popular smartwatch, the Apple Watch, until later this year, but there is no shortage of rumors and speculation surrounding the possible upgrades the company will add to the new device, according to a report from CNET. One of the major upgrades believed to be coming to […]

Target’s Presidents Day Sales Offer Plenty Of Deals

It may not be the huge retail holiday that Black Friday is, but Presidents Day promises a plethora of deals for anyone who’s looking for discounts on various types of products. These include a number of gadgets, appliances, and other items that are, as early as now, on sale at Target. As recapped by CNN, […]

Moser Creates $350,000 Mechanical Apple Watch Clone

Swiss watch company H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp is once again poking fun at the Apple Watch with its creation of a $350,000 clone of the popular Apple wearable, according to a report from Tech Crunch. In its first attempt, the watch company basically copied the design of the Apple Watch’s case to create […]

Cyber Monday Smart Watch Deals Offer Incredible Savings From Apple, Samsung & Fitbit

There are plenty of great deals to be had this Cyber Monday, but at the top of our wishlist are these amazing smart watches. Who wouldn’t be excited to unwrap a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Samsung Galaxy Watch this holiday season? According to Forbes, now is the perfect time to pick up a smart watch […]

Macy’s Cyber Monday Deals For 2018 Are On Everything — Clothes, Shoes, Apple Watches, And Much More

Black Friday 2018 is already a thing of the past, but the holiday shopping season is just beginning. Millions of shoppers will still head out to stores over the coming month to get Christmas presents, but the big discount days are far from over. At the start of next week, Cyber Monday deals will drop […]

Top 5 Black Friday Gifts For The Smartphone Lover In Your Life

It’s that time of year again — Black Friday season. Amazon has declared Black Friday week, so just go with it. You have probably already mapped out your game plan. You know what time you are getting up — and where you are going. Be sure to map out alternates, in case one of the […]

New AirPods Leaked, Set For Release This Year Per ‘BGR’ [Rumor]

Apple has likely had enough of companies making cheap knockoffs of their new and iconic AirPods — Apple’s flagship wireless earphones. Cheaper third party alternatives have been filling a vacuum left by Apple’s failure to release the next generation of AirPods, a product line that has long been anticipated by professional pundits and anxious consumers. […]

Apple Watch Could Be Getting FaceTime Camera Via Watch Band Based On Newly Granted Patent

For some reason, the tech industry keeps trying to recreate the Dick Tracy watch. No one really knows all of the properties of a Dick Tracy watch. It now refers to any wrist-worn device that can make audio and video phone calls, and perhaps launch a missile in a pinch. AppleInsider reports that a new […]

Facebook’s Portal Smart Display Is Now On Sale

Not everyone has a visceral reaction to Facebook. And some even love interacting with their service. While that is not the sentiment expressed among the tech elite and pundits, there is no denying the utility and convenience of Facebook when it comes to its core competency. Hardware is another matter. Even Facebook’s most loyal enthusiasts […]

Apple Will Stop Reporting Unit Sales Starting Next Quarter

The biggest bombshell from Apple’s record-breaking Q4 earnings was not the staggering number of units they sold. It is the fact that they will no longer be sharing those numbers with the public going forward. CNBC put it this way, “Apple’s decision to stop breaking down unit sales of iPhones and iPads is a ‘defining […]

Apple Watch Fall Detection Works After Man Collapses

Apple recently updated its Apple Watch with a new Series 4 addition. The company announced the new watch in September, and boasted about the watch’s increased screen real estate, as well as updated features and functionalities, including an ECG feature and new fall detection capability. The Apple Watch has previously made headlines for saving lives […]

Apple Watch Bands To Gain Lighted Indicators For Activity Progress [Rumor]

Sure, Apple just introduced the fourth iteration of what is looking like a runaway success. The Apple Watch Series 4 has not only achieved critical acclaim, but has managed to become the number one watch in the world, smart, or otherwise. However, Apple is always looking for ways to out-innovate themselves even if there is […]

Apple Watch USB-C Chargers Are Now Available

Over the past few years, Apple has been trying to eliminate the traditional USB-A ports on its devices, starting with its line of laptops. The company’s latest MacBook and MacBook Pros are both equipped with USB-C ports only, which allow for both charging and data transfer. The decision to remove traditional USB ports means the […]

Jamal Khashoggi: Apple Watch Could Reveal The Truth Behind His Death

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist that was living in the United States when he was reportedly lured to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. This was done under the pretense that Khashoggi would be picking up papers regarding his marriage. However, things took a turn for the worse when the journalist was reportedly tortured and […]

Apple Watch: Possible Features, Design, And Name Of Apple’s Next Smartwatch Leak Ahead Of Launch

With mere hours remaining before Apple’s “Gather Round” media event, the company reportedly updated its sitemap, revealing some vital information on the device unofficially known as the Apple Watch Series 4, which is expected to arrive at Wednesday’s launch event along with this year’s new iPhone models. According to, the sitemap revealed that the […]

Apple Watch Series 4 Coming Soon, But Stats Suggest Original Model Is Still The Most Popular

The Apple Watch Series 4 appears to be a week and a half away from officially launching, but new data from a leading market research firm suggests that most consumers still prefer the original model that was released more than three years ago. According to a report from BGR, the latest Global Smartwatch Tracker update […]

Apple Announces Date For Next iPhone Event, Sends Out Invitations

Rumors have been swirling online for months about the next Apple product releases. Consumers and techies will not have to wait much longer. Today, Apple announced that its next release event date is scheduled for September 12. The company sent out invitations for the event which will take place at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, […]

Apple Watch Series 4: How Apple Can Make Its Near-Perfect Smartwatch Even Better

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be released this September together with the 2018 iPhones. Over the past few months, rumors and patents about Apple’s wearable devices have been abounding, and they all paint a picture of what could very well be the Cupertino-based tech giant’s most impressive smartwatch to date. The Apple […]

Apple Watch Series 4: Walkie Talkie Feature Could Prove To Be Surprisingly Useful

There is no doubt that Apple’s Watch OS has evolved significantly since the introduction of the first-generation device back in 2015. While the original Apple Watch was still a step above the competition when it was released, the wearable was nonetheless bogged down by its software and lack of “killer apps,” which pretty much made […]

Apple Watch Series 4 Rumors: What We Know So Far

Apple hit gold when it released the Apple Watch. Each new iteration of the wearable introduces a device that is better than the last. With the introduction of WatchOS 5, fans of the wearable are wondering what features Apple will introduce next. The latest news on the Apple Watch Series 4 was revealed by Fast […]

Apple Watch Series 4: Apple’s 2019 Smartwatch Might Finally Hit The Perfect Spot For Wearable Devices

The Apple Watch Series 4 is practically around the corner, but expectations are rather tempered about the upcoming wearable device. The smartwatch, after all, has pretty much stayed the same since it was unveiled back in 2015. Last year’s Apple Watch Series 3, for example, could only be distinguished from its predecessors due to a […]

Apple Watch Series Update: New watchOS 5 May Drop Old Apps Support

When Apple Watch Series 3 and other Apple Watch owners update to the new watchOS 5 upgrade for their gadgets, they may find some of the apps they’ve installed have no functionality. This is based on speculation from the latest beta of the watchOS which has provided alert messages related to older app compatibility. Luckily, […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Gets Challenge From Fitbit Versa

Last years Fitbit Ionic earned some good reviews, but barely made a dent in the marketplace. But Fitbit doesn’t give up, and they have just released the Fitbit Versa, and it’s been well received. Time called it the biggest threat to the Apple Watch yet. “There’s a lot that Fitbit got right with the Versa. […]

Apple Watch Series 3 & Other Models’ Health Features At ‘Heart’ Of Technology Lawsuit

The Apple Watch Series 3, among other models, is being scrutinized in a new patent lawsuit brought by a Michigan technology company. The suit is reportedly focused on the Apple Watches’ use of their popular heart rate technology, which is one of the key features in the wristwatch gadget. The feature has been one of […]

Apple Watch: New Spring Bands, Automatic Sleep Tracking, And MicroLED Screens

It is spring now, and what a better time to reveal a new collection of bands for your Apple Watch. Apple Watch also has an updated Sleep++ app that allows for automatic sleep tracking. Additionally, the tech giant is reportedly developing microLED screens, which will be first seen an Apple Watch. New Bands In Spring […]

Apple Watch Insulted By Fitbit Executive, But Apple Fans Fight Back

The Apple Watch, especially the Series 3, has become the go-to smartwatch. It has earned some fantastic reviews. For example, Expert Reviews gave Apple’s latest smartwatch five stars. “The fact remains, though, that the Apple Watch Series 3 in either 4G or GPS-only guise is the best smartwatch you can buy, regardless of platform, and […]

Apple Watch Continues To Prove Smartwatch Skeptics Wrong

When the Apple Watch first came out in 2015, smartwatch skeptics celebrated Apple’s new wearable becoming “a flop.” However, three years later, it looks like Apple has proven the skeptics wrong. David Phelan from Forbes notes that the Watch sold eight million units in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to Mac Rumors, the Watch […]

Apple Repair Center Placed 1,600 Accidental Calls To 911 In 4 Months, The Reason Is Yet To Be Determined

An Apple repair center located in Elk Grove, California, reportedly sent thousands of SOS calls to 911 accidentally over the past four months. Real Nuisance Elk Grove Police Department’s dispatcher Jamie Hudson confirmed the report, revealing that they have been receiving about 20 accidental calls a day from Apple devices since October. Closer inspection indicates […]

Apple Watch Saves Lives But Accidentally Calls Emergency Services

This week, Kylie Gilbert’s article at about how the Apple Watch’s SOS feature saved a mother’s life went viral. Many people praised Apple for continuing to make technology that saves lives. Kacie Anderson, a very young mother from Hannover, PA, used the Apple Watch’s SOS feature to call for an ambulance after she suffered […]

Apple Watch Series 3: More Proof Smartwatch Is A Major Success

2015 and 2016 were definitely very difficult years for the smartwatch industry. The Apple Watch, first released during the spring of 2015, was supposed to make the smartwatch a mainstream device. That didn’t happen. Many thought the first version of the Apple Watch not only had poor battery life, but was pretty much an item […]

Apple Watch Reportedly Can Detect Diabetes With An Accuracy Rate Of 85 Percent, According To Cardiogram Study

Apple Watch doesn’t only make us more physically active, but it can also make us more aware of our health by detecting diseases. According to the clinical study conducted by researchers at Cardiogram and UCSF (University of California San Francisco), Apple Watch can detect whether a person has diabetes or not. The study, which is […]

Apple Watch: Some Apps Ditch Cupertino Company’s Flagship Smartwatch

The Apple Watch may be the hottest smartwatch on the market. But some companies are taking their apps off the smartwatch. According to Engadget, Slack is just the latest to make an exit. “Like Twitter, Amazon, and Google Maps before it, Slack is ditching its Apple Watch app. The team chat and collaboration platform for […]

Apple Watch Beta Update Earns High Praise

Apple has updated the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.3 Beta. The general population doesn’t have access to the update, but there are easy ways to download it. Developers can update their Watch devices instantly. According to Forbes, the update is a significant one. The new Music app might have previously removed the ability to control […]

Vikings Fans Watching Game Went So Crazy That Apple Watch Thought They Were Having A Heart Attack

The thrilling finish of the Vikings-Saints divisional round playoff game Sunday was literally heart-stopping. When Stefon Diggs caught Case Keenum’s 61-yard Hail Mary throw, the play was so stressful that it literally caused Vikings fans who were wearing an Apple Watch on their wrist to get a warning message that their heart reached a “dangerous […]

These Black Friday Apple Watch Deals Are Worth Checking Out, Including A Deal On The Apple Watch Series 3

If an Apple Watch is on your holiday shopping list, Black Friday may be the best time to snag a deal on Apple’s popular smartwatch. Although some retailers might discount the wearable tech gadget on Cyber Monday, the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday deals featured below are worth checking out. The newest model of the […]

Target Releases Apple Black Friday Deals: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch Deals Better Than Best Buy, Apple Store?

Looking for a great deal on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch? Target is stepping up to the plate with Black Friday deals that may rival discounts offered by both the Apple Store and Best Buy, a popular Apple reseller. In recent years, Target tried to keep their Black Friday ad under wraps until hours […]

New Patent Suggests Self-Adjusting Apple Watch Band In The Future

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple U.S. Patent No. 9,781,984 on October 10, as reported earlier by AppleInsider. Apple first applied for the patent on April 20, 2015. The Abstract describes a system in the Apple Watch band that responds to a signal that causes it to tighten to loosen. For example, […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Still Controversial Despite Bug Fixes

The Apple Watch 3 has arrived with more bugs than any recent Apple device released this decade. One of the bugs was that that LTE wouldn’t work because the Watch tried to join unauthentic Wi-Fi networks found in public places. According to Tech Crunch, an update has been released for that. “It turns out it […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Connects You To The World With Its Cellular Integration

Apple watch is one of the best-selling watches in the world, which includes the Apple Watch Series 1 and the Apple Watch Series 2. Now comes the new Apple Watch Series 3, which promises a bigger feature with its cellular connectivity. The Apple Watch Series 3 connects you to the world around you. The red […]

Baseball Hi-Tech Cheating Scandal: Red Sox Claim Yankees Were Stealing Signs Too

If you have even a passing interest in baseball you will know that the New York Yankees busted the Boston Red Sox in a hi-tech cheating scandal. As reported in the New York Post, the Yankees claimed that the Red Sox were using an Apple watch to steal their team signs, thereby giving them an […]

Apple Watch Meets Challenge With Fitbit Ionic

Even though it hasn’t become a mainstream consumer device, the Apple Watch is still the best-selling and most critically acclaimed smartwatch on the market. But that could all change with the Fitbit Ionic, a $299 smartwatch that is scheduled to be released on October. People has the news. “Fitbit now has a serious smartwatch, and […]

Apple Watch Series 3 Could Be Embedded With LTE

In a move meant to further reduce the reliance of Apple’s smartwatches on its iPhone, its next release could be embedded with its own LTE chip, making it a standalone device. The new Apple Watch would have the capabilities to be connected directly to cellular networks without having to have a phone nearby. The smartwatch […]

Apple Watch Series 3: New Information Revealed

We are coming up on the first anniversary of the Apple Watch 2, which was very well received. The Daily Express claimed that with the Watch Series 2, it was finally time to buy a smartwatch. “The Apple Watch 2 is finally here bringing a host of new features and improvements to the world’s most […]

Apple Watch Series 3: More Alleged Details Are Leaked

The first Apple Watch was controversial, while the Series 2 version was critically acclaimed. Neither have hit the sales soft spot Apple has been waiting for. However, the Series 3 could change that. BGR has more information on Apple’s next smartwatch. “The report, which focuses on supplier TPK Holding, reveals that Apple is abandoning the […]

Apple Watch Series 3 May Have One Very Futuristic Feature

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been a success for Apple and came out of the gate with great reviews. The Daily Express claimed that with the Watch Series 2, it is finally time to buy a smartwatch. “The Apple Watch 2 is finally here bringing a host of new features and improvements to the […]

Apple Watch: New Updates Excite Owners

While the first Apple Watch didn’t earn universal acclaim, the Apple Watch Series 2 has. The Daily Express claimed that with the Watch Series 2, it is finally time to buy a smartwatch. “The Apple Watch 2 is finally here bringing a host of new features and improvements to the world’s most popular smartwatch and […]

Apple In 2016: MacBook, iPhone 7, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, AirPods

2016 was a very mixed year for Apple. It was a year that many decried Apple’s lack of innovation, but others noted that at least Apple’s products didn’t explode in your face (see Samsung Galaxy Note 7). Many blame Apple’s alleged “lack of innovation” on Tim Cook, while others think people are expecting too much […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: New Patch Rolls Out With Apple Watch Support, But Still No Christmas Event

A new Pokemon GO update has arrived, but gamers eagerly awaiting the long-rumored Pokemon GO Christmas event may have to wait a little longer, as the new update again focuses on minor stability improvements, as well as availability for the Apple Watch. Players have been hoping for a Pokemon GO Christmas event. With the overwhelming […]

‘Pokemon Go’ Update Released: Version 1.21.0 & 0.51.0 Features Include Apple Watch App Code

A brand new Pokemon Go update has arrived as of Monday and the latest versions for Apple and Android devices include several fixes. There’s also some revealing tidbits within the newest code related to among the rumored Apple Watch app that some gamers thought was canceled days ago. The newest Pokemon Go update release was […]