Mitt Romney 2016? Wife Ann Romney Says He Will ‘Run As First Divorced Mormon’

Mitt Romney’s 2016 presidential campaign is already the talk of the town within Republican circles, but now Ann Romney has apparently put her foot down, saying he’ll have to run as the “first divorced Mormon” if he goes against her wishes. In a related report by the Inquisitr, even as President Obama’s approval rating as […]

Josh Romney, Son Of Mitt Romney, First Responder After SUV Crash

Josh Romney, the son of former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was a first responder following an SUV crash. The younger Romney took to Twitter on Saturday morning to share what he had seen, as an SUV crashed into a house in a Salt Lake City suburb. The accident happened on Thursday on the city […]

ACLU Demands ‘Modern Family’ Hold Big Gay Wedding

The ACLU has demanded Modern Family have a big gay wedding, according to a new campaign launched by the American Civil Liberties Union last week. The movement — which now has its own website — calls for two of the series leads to make their civil partnership official in an effort to draw more interest […]

Ann Romney Blames Media For Mitt’s Loss, Progressive Schadenfreude At An All Time High

Ann Romney blames the media, happily she says, for not giving her hubby Mitt a fair shake in the 2012 election — causing the progressive caucus to have unpleasant pangs of glee at the suffering of another given the way the vote shook out. In case you missed it, Ann Romney and Mitt came out […]

Ann Romney ‘Happy’ To Blame The Media For Mitt’s 2012 Loss [Video]

Ann Romney is “happy to blame the media” over husband Mitt’s 2012 presidential election loss. The Romneys appeared together onFox News Sunday, with the almost First Lady revealing that she is “mostly over” Mitt’s 2012 loss, and saying that the media was unfair to him during his campaign. She said that she is “Happy to […]

Ann Romney Says No To ‘DWTS’

Ann Romney was almost on Dancing With The Stars. The producers of DWTS offered the almost-first-lady a spot on the reality dancing show, but Ann turned them down. According to TMZ, a few honchos at ABC approached Ann shortly after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. Ann was reportedly very interested in the offer and […]

Mitt Romney Drowns Election Sorrows In ‘Twilight’ And Pizza

One would have never suspected Mitt Romney to be a Twi-hard. The former GOP presidential candidate took his wife to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 on Saturday and grabbed a slice of pizza with supportive patrons after the show. Though Romney missed out on a chance to become the next President of the United States […]

Ann Romney Shares Costco List Secrets

Mitt Romney has been criticized during this campaign season for being “out of touch” with the common man. Well, it looks like the Romney family does the bulk of their shopping at big wholesale shops like the rest of us. Ann Romney shared some of her Costco list secrets with Rachael Ray earlier this morning. […]

Rumor: Anna Wintour Pressuring Designers To Stay Away From Ann Romney

Is Vogue mogul Anna Wintour pressuring designers to stay away from coverage of Ann Romney? Fox News is reporting that there might be a concerted effort by Wintour to make sure that Ann Romney gets no coverage for her fashion choices. Wintour is known in the fashion world to have the ability to destroy any […]

Ann Romney Confirms Anti-Abortion Views On ‘The View’

Ann Romney’s husband and GOP candidate for president Mitt Romney may not be solid on his position when it comes to abortion, but the Mrs. is not afraid to directly state her views when asked, in particular this morning on ABC’s The View. As we reported earlier, Mrs. Romney was on The View this morning, […]

Ann Romney: Mitt Is Done Campaigning If He Loses

Ann Romney says, after the election, it could be the end of the road for her husband Mitt. Mitt Romney has been on a nearly endless campaign for president in the last decade, but he may only be at the job for a few more weeks after his wife said that his days of campaigning […]

Romney Bails On ‘The View’ Appearance

Mitt Romney has decided to cancel his upcoming appearance on The View, Yahoo! News is reporting. The presidential hopeful was to sit down for a chat alongside his wife Ann, that is, until he decided to bail on the show at the last second. Although Romney has decided to back out of his scheduled interview […]

Ann Romney To Co-Host ‘Good Morning America’

Ann Romney will co-host Good Morning America on October 10. If you’re not a fan of the GOP presidential hopeful’s wife, relax. Ann is merely filling in for a day, one of many celebrities including the cast of Modern Family, Stephen Colbert, and Jessica Simpson, who are temporarily filling the empty chair left by host […]

Michelle Obama Wins Political Bake-Off Against Ann Romney

Tomorrow, President Obama and Mitt Romney will go head to head in the first presidential debate of 2012. But for most Americans, the biggest political contest of the year has already been decided. Michelle Obama recently bested Ann Romney in a political bake off. Michelle won the Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-Off against her Republican […]

Mitt Romney Dances ‘Gangnam Style’ [Video]

“Gangnam Style” continues its dominance of pop culture with 325 million YouTube views and counting. So why not politics? You’ve probably seen South Korean rapper Psy — a.k.a. PSY, real name Park Jae-sang — on American television (Today Show, Extra, and others) performing his horse dance from his beyond-viral international megahit music video. Countless “Gangnam […]

Ann Romney, ‘Slacker Mom,’ Shares Best Parenting Tips

Ann Romney has proudly taken the position of stay-at-home mom, a role that has been oft-scorned since the reign of Hillary Clinton. But here’s a little secret: even Ann Romney is a slacker when it comes to motherhood. That’s right, even the mother if five, who Today calls “powerful and poised,” resorted to a few […]

Ann Romney Explains Mitt’s Comments About Airplane Windows, 47 Percent Video

Ann Romney is tasked with a tough job this election, glossing over the many missteps of her husband Mitt as he embarks on the rocky road to the White House in November. Romney seems to have a bit of a hard time speaking with finesse and clarity when he is under pressure, and he often […]

Mitt Romney: ‘Why Can’t You Roll Down Airplane Windows?’

According to GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, his wife’s airplane troubles last week could have been avoided if only passengers could roll down their windows while a plane is in flight. Ann Romney’s plane was forced to land in Colorado last Friday due to an apparent electrical fire that filled the plane’s cabin with smoke. […]

Ann Romney Spoofed By ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Video]

Ann Romney took some criticism for an interview this week when she instructed people to leave her poor husband alone, so it was only natural that Saturday Night Live would capitalize on the interview in an episode this weekend. As The Huffington Post noted, the skit was right in SNL’s wheelhouse. With the gaffes piling […]

Fire On Ann Romney’s Plane Forces Emergency Landing In Colorado

A plane carrying Ann Romney was forced to make an emergency landing in Colorado after an electrical fire filled the cabin with smoke. The campaign plane was headed to California but was forced to land in Denver. Ann and everyone else on board were unharmed during the incident. Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for the Romney […]

Ann Romney’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Denver

6:45 pm UPDATE – The candidate and his wife spoke shortly after she arrived safely on the ground, according to campaign press aid Rick Gurka’s statements to Reuters. Press secretary Andrea Saul posted in a tweet that the smoke in the cabin was indeed caused by an electrical fire, as earlier reported. Ann Romney was […]

Mitt Romney Thinks Gene Hackman Should Play Him In Movie

We haven’t heard any rumors in the Hollywood mill of a Mitt Romney film in production, but if there ever comes a day when the GOP presidential hopeful is committed to the silver screen, Romney has already picked out the actor he thinks should play him. Romney talked about this and many other personal secrets […]

Ann Romney: ‘This Election Is Going To Be About The Economy And Jobs’ [Video]

DAVENPORT, IOWA — In an interview with KWQC’s David Nelson, Ann Romney said the upcoming election is going to be about the economy and jobs. Citing a Pew Research poll that found that employer-provided health insurance was either “important” or “very important” to women, Nelson asked Romney if she believed it should cover birth control. […]

Ann Romney: Clint Eastwood’s Speech Was ‘Unique’ [Video]

Ann Romney diplomatically avoided being goaded by CBS News anchors this morning into criticizing Clint Eastwood for his cringeworthy improv last night at the Republican National Convention. Mrs. Romney, who admitted that she “didn’t know it was coming,” said that she appreciated Clint Eastwood’s support and added that “he’s a unique guy and he did […]

Most Memorable Quotes Of The RNC Convention

The Republican National Committee Convention has yet to reach the pinnacle moment of Mitt Romney formally accepting the nomination, but a host of memorable comments have already been uttered from the podium. On Tuesday the highly anticipated speech by Paul Ryan garnered laughter, cheers, and even some tears from members of the audience. Before the […]

Gun Discovered On Mitt Romney’s Campaign Jet

Romney’s charter jet experienced quite the scare yesterday when a gun was discovered in the bathroom. Turns out, a member of Mitt Romney’s security detail accidentally left the firearm behind. The GOP nominee was headed to Indianapolis, Indiana from the RNC convention when a CBS News/National Journal reporter discovered the gun and alerted the flight […]

Ann Romney Mocked By ‘Modern Family’ Creator For Liking The Show

Ann Romney, the wife of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, was mocked on Twitter by the creator of her self-confessed “favorite show” Modern Family. Ann Romney recently told ET’s Nancy O’Dell that the hit ABC comedy Modern Family is her favorite show. Ann responded to the question without hesitation, and the show’s creator quickly took […]

Ann Romney: Democrats Fault GOP Struggles With Latino Voters

Ann Romney is placing the blame for the GOP’s poor standing among Latino voters squarely on Democrats, saying during a speech at the RNC convention that the party creates anti-Republican biases in the Latino community. The wife of the Republican’s presumptive nominee Mitt Romney said she understands Latinos and sympathizes with how they came to […]

Mitt Romney Seals Official Republican Party Nomination

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and various press agencies, can drop the word presumptive from Romney’s title as voting at the Republican National Convention Tuesday made him the official Republican nominee for the presidency. The Kansas City Star reports that Ann and Mitt Romney watched as the nomination was won from their hotel suite. The […]

Ann Romney: No More Tax Returns

Ann Romney, wife of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, told NBC in an interview that her husband is not going to release any more tax returns before the elections. The public will just have to suffice with what they have released so far. Ann Romney told Natalie Morales in an interview that will be airing […]

Mitt And Ann Romney’s Horse Fails To Medal At 2012 London Olympics

Rafalca, the 15-year-old horse partly owned by Ann and Mitt Romney gave a solid performance on Tuesday but failed to qualify for the individual medal competition after a score of 69.302. After watching her horse compete in the competition Ann Romney told CBS Sports: “It was wonderful. She was elegant and consistent again. We just […]

Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Comment Stirs Outrage

If you’re running for president, or if your husband is running for president, it’s probably not a good idea to refer to the citizens of the United States as “you people.” Ann Romney defended her husband Mitt Romney’s decision to only release a few tax documents, saying “we’ve given all you people need to know” […]

Mitt Romney’s Secret Weapon In Election Is: His Wife Ann?

Some on the right view Ann Romney, Mitt Romney‘s wife of 43 years, as the presidential hopeful’s secret weapon in his campaign. Mittens can be plenty awkward, and some things he says fall pretty flat, but Ann’s warmth and humor sometimes help Mitt come across as “less corporate and more human.” In an interview with […]

“Pillamina” A Giant Birth Control Pack, Chases Romney on Campaign Trail [video]

“Pillamina”videos are going viral. The political division of Planned Parenthood is apparently not holding back with the disdain the non-profit group feels towards presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. In an effort to remind voters of Romney’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s contraception policies, an individual costumed as a giant container of birth control pills […]

Romney Hosts Weekend Retreat For Possible VP Candidates

Mitt Romney and a cast of vice presidential hopefuls will be spending the weekend together at the Chateaux in Park City, Utah. Romney, the campaign’s top donors and possible running mates will be participating in panel discussion and meetings, according to details from the event invitation for the “Romney Victory Founding Members Retreat” republished by […]

Ann Romney Hits Campaign Trail Solo, Tours Breast Cancer Hospital

Ann Romney hit the campaign trail in Florida this week, minus husband Mitt Romney. The presumptive first lady showed up at a breast cancer treatment center in Pensacola, Florida, where she spent time with staff and patient. Cancer is an issue that’s close to Ann Romney’s heart – she was diagnosed with breast cancer in […]

Ann Romney’s $1K Shirt Was Not A Gift, Says Designer

Ann Romney sported a $1,000 blouse from designer Reed Krakoff on morning television earlier this week and the designer insists that Mitt’s wife picked the shirt out herself. A rep for Reed Krakoff said that the designer doesn’t like to play politics and that Ann Romney must have purchased the $1k shirt from a store. […]

Ann Romney’s Cake at Trump Fundraiser Pays Homage to Dressage Hobby

Over the past week, the Romney campaign has been touting Mitt’s wife as just your average stay-at-home housefrau, but mom-of-five Ann Romney’s cake and Donald Trump-sponsored was a bit fancier than your average birthday to do. Ann Romney’s cake was a special gift from zillionaire pal Donald Trump for a fundraiser, one that had such […]

Left and Right: There is Plenty Of Hypocrisy This Election, But Lay Off Free Speech

As predicted, this election is getting nasty. The Republican nomination process has been dragging and dragging on and because of that the pundits needs to go after other villains. This election cycle it seems to be Rush Limbaugh on the Right and Bill Maher on the Left. The issue has become that just because these […]

Ann Romney: Dog Loved Being Tied To Roof Of Family Vehicle

You may recall that several months ago Mitt Romney admitted to tying the family dog Seamus to the top of his vehicle when they took a 12-hour road trip across the country in 1983, now Ann Romney has come out to defend that decision. In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer Ann Romney said Seamus […]

Romney Spin About ‘Stay-at-Home’ Moms Somehow Tricking Voters [How Far We Haven’t Come]

During the week, I covered the debate sparked by Hilary Rosen’s commentary on Mitt Romney’s reliance on his wife’s counsel to understand the struggles female Americans face today. Rosen (albeit somewhat hamfistedly) remarked incredulously that Ann Romney “has not worked a day in her life,” in a comment that drew rebuke not only from the […]

[Op-Ed] Ann Romney Should Stop Defending Her “Stay-At-Home Mom” Status

Mitt Romney was busily working the NRA on Friday to call out President Obama over his softness regarding gun rights and personal liberties in general when his personal “hero” wife Ann Romney came onto the stage to address the crowd over her decision to be a stay-at-home mom. In her statement to the crowd Ann […]

Michelle Obama Sticks Up For Ann Romney, Avoids Attacking Hilary Rosen

Michelle Obama on Thursday rushed to the side of Ann Romney after Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen complained that Mitt Romney’s wife had “never worked a day in her life.” That comment led David Axelrod and various other Democrats to quickly distance themselves from Rosen. On her Twitter feed Michelle Obama wrote” “Every mother works hard, […]

Hilary Rosen Gets Jumped on For Telling the Truth About Ann Romney [How Far We Haven’t Come]

One of the strange things about America’s class differences is how protective we are of the privileged, and how reluctant we are to acknowledge uncomfortable truths when they’re staring us in the face- as is illustrated in Ann Romney’s Twitter debate with Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen. Rosen had appeared on AC360 earlier this week, saying […]

Callista Gingrich Not The Most Popular Potential First Lady

According to the Public Policy Polling Survey it seems that Callista Gingrich, third wife of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, isn’t very well liked by most Americans. Of all of the presidential candidate’s spouses, Callista, Michelle Obama, Ann Romney and Karen Santorum, only Callista has a higher unfavorable rating than favorable. This is a bad sign […]

Ann Romney: “I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy”

Ann Romney has said she doesn’t consider herself to be rich in a new interview with Fox News. The wife of GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney spoke to the news channel on Monday, and insisted: “We can be poor in spirit, and I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing. It can […]

Ann Romney Says She Doesn’t Feel Wealthy, Feels “Poor In Spirit”

Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made another wealth gaffe on Monday when she told a Fox interviewer that she doesn’t consider herself wealthy despite a net worth of more than $250 million. In her statement Ann revealed: “We can be poor in spirit, and I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which […]