Google Cracks Down On Android Apps That Track Your Location In The Background

Google announced this week that it will no longer allow Android apps to indiscriminately track a user’s location in the background. Instead, all location-tracking features will be subject to a review process before launching on the Google Play Store. Developers are required to provide a strong justification for why their app needs to access background […]

Preregistration For The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Opens For U.S. Customers

South Korean smartphones and electronics major Samsung Electronics has opened the preregistration formalities for its upcoming flagship grade Android smartphone lineup: the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. According to Android Authority, the Samsung USA website now has a link that directs users to a sign-up page. On this page, potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 […]

‘Apex Legends’ Is Coming To Mobile Platforms

Apex Legends is coming to iOS and Android platforms, as first reported by industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. While Ahmad wasn’t able to provide a specific date when fans of the popular shooter can expect its arrival, he did say publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed the news. He went on to say […]

Samsung Launches The Galaxy Tab S6 5G, The World’s First 5G Tablet, In South Korea

Earlier today, South Korean smartphones and electronics giant Samsung launched a 5G variant of its flagship Android tablet in its home country. The launch of the new device — called the Galaxy Tab S6 5G — was made public through a Korean-language press release in which Samsung outlined its detailed specifications and features. The company […]

Motorola razr To Go On Sale In The U.S. Starting February 6 Following Delayed Launch

Motorola announced earlier today that it would begin sales of its upcoming foldable smartphone — the Motorola razr — in the U.S. following a delayed launch. According to The Verge, the Motorola razr, which was initially scheduled for launch earlier this month, will go on sale February 6. Customers will be able to preorder the […]

Slew Of Google Pixel 4 Leaks Surround Apple’s iPhone 11 Event

In what could be the most conveniently timed “leaks” in recent memory, a slew of photos and vital information on Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone were released in the days (and hours) leading up to Apple’s iPhone 11 event, one covered by The Inquisitr yesterday. The most recent leak came from BGR, in the form […]

Can’t Delete The Facebook App From Your Android Phone? Unfortunately, There’s Not Much You Can Do

Some Android users have recently discovered that they can’t delete the Facebook app from their phone. Rather than deleting the app, users are only given the option to disable it. TechCrunch reported on this, noting that “Facebook is the new crapware.” Meaning, thanks to an agreement between Facebook and certain mobile companies, the app comes […]

Android Phones Easily Broken Into By Using 3D-Printed Face, But iPhone Remained Impenetrable

Facial recognition has been lauded as the future of security, but as a simple experiment from Forbes cybersecurity journalist Thomas Brewster showed, it is quite easy to break into a bunch of Android phones using the feature. Brewster decided to test four Android phones and an iPhone with a 3D-printed likeness of his face. When […]

Google Play Store Removes 13 Android Games For Containing Malware

Google Play store has recently removed several apps because they were found to contain malicious software (malware). As reported by the Daily Mail, some 13 offending apps — all of which were driving simulator games — were removed from Play Store. The apps asked the user to download an additional item on their phones called […]

Over 500,000 Android Users Downloaded Malware From Google Play App Store

The Google Play Store is generally fairly safe, but it is possible for application developers to sneak malware into it. TechCrunch is reporting that more than 500,000 Android users have downloaded applications that contain malware without their knowledge. In total, 13 applications were released on the Google Play Store posing as driving and racing simulators. […]

Mark Zuckerberg To Tim Cook, “iPhones Are Not Welcome At Facebook!”

Remember that little public spat in the media between Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Well, it didn’t end there. Mr. Zuckerberg did not appreciate being called out like a school kid being scolded by the administrator. So he went and did what any rational adult CEO would do. According to […]

App Subscriptions Are Gaining In Popularity

Ulysses is one of the most popular writing apps on iOS and the Mac. One of the reasons is that it has apps for both platforms, and even works well on the iPhone. So no matter what device you are working on, you have all your iCloud synced documents on whatever device you happen to […]

Apple Will Stop Reporting Unit Sales Starting Next Quarter

The biggest bombshell from Apple’s record-breaking Q4 earnings was not the staggering number of units they sold. It is the fact that they will no longer be sharing those numbers with the public going forward. CNBC put it this way, “Apple’s decision to stop breaking down unit sales of iPhones and iPads is a ‘defining […]

iPhone XR Display Picked Over Higher Resolution Display In Blind Test

Can you tell the difference between a 1080p display with over 400 PPI from one with lower specs? Just how important are specs when it comes to a pleasing display? As with most things, people tend to greatly overestimate their ability to distinguish the nature of highly complex things. Inverse explained why it is hard […]

OnePlus 6T, A Well-Reviewed Android Smartphone That Won’t Break The Bank

While all the companies refresh their smartphones this time each year, September and October belong to Apple’s iPhone. Nothing else is going to get as much press because nothing else is going to make that kind of dent in the market. What a company like Oppo releases has an effect on Oppo. What Apple releases […]

President Trump’s iPhone Addiction Is Allowing China And Russia To Listen In On His Personal Calls

Both current and former US officials have told the New York times that President Donald Trump’s personal calls are being monitored by the Chinese and Russians. Furthermore, Trump has been made aware of the situation yet refuses to change is behavior. “Mr. Trump’s aides have repeatedly warned him that his cellphone calls are not secure, […]

Android App Advertisers Scammed Out Of Millions Via Fraudulent Apps

In an unusual twist, end users of Android phones were not the direct target of the latest exploit that took place on a massive scale. It was the advertisers in the crosshairs. Generally, not the sympathetic figure in the consumer electronics story, Advertisers were scammed out of millions of dollars with the use of fraudulent […]

Google Announces Changes To Maps App, Including Exciting New Updates For Commuters

It’s hard to imagine how an app designed to give you simple travel directions can be improved in any appreciable way. But the people at Google have been hard at work doing so, and have announced new changes for the Maps app that will greatly benefit users. The changes will help individuals who are regular […]

Looking Back At The First Android Phone Released 10 Years Ago Today, The HTC Dream, AKA T-Mobile G1

The Android phone was released just 10 years ago, and there are features from that first release that people still use. It’s incredible to think that the HTC Dream has morphed into a phone system that so many people use today. CNET took a look back at how the release of the Android phone changed […]

How To Block Donald Trump’s ‘Presidential Alerts’ From Your Phone (Long Story Short: You Probably Can’t)

If you don’t want “presidential alerts” on your smartphone, you are probably out of luck — but there are a few things you can do to try to mitigate the effects of the system on your phone. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced plans last week to implement […]

iPhone XS And XS Max Top Benchmark Tests

With the iPhone XS and XS Max now seeing reviews out, benchmark tests have been performed with tech site BGR releasing the official results. The two XS iPhones use Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip, and in tests proved much faster than every other phone on the market. That includes their own market leader, the iPhone […]

Galaxy S10: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Could Feature A 5G Modem

It is difficult to deny that Samsung kind of missed its mark with the Galaxy S9. Even the Galaxy Note 9, with all its bells and whistles, is currently at risk of being overshadowed by Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhone trio. This leaves Samsung with the Galaxy S10, its first flagship for 2019 and a device […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Come With Major Android-Related Upgrade

A new report from Forbes suggests that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 might mark the end of fragmented Android updates for owners of the South Korean company’s flagship phones, right in time for the Galaxy series’ 10th anniversary. In past years, many owners felt that the worst part of owning an Android phone […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Expected To Cost $1,000

According to Mashable, Samsung’s newest Android phone, Galaxy Note 9, is expected to cost around $1,000 when it comes out. This latest price announcement comes just days after Samsung issued a press release, claiming, “Samsung will seek to expand sales by introducing a new Galaxy Note earlier than usual, which offers exceptional performance for a […]

Google Working On Fix To Prevent Auto-Complete From Suggesting ‘My Face’ When ‘Sit On’ Is Entered

Google’s keyboard application has seen over 500 million downloads, but one user had an unfortunate experience with the program’s auto-complete function yesterday. Since then, the phenomenon has gained quite a bit of attention. This prompted other Gboard users to try and replicate the effect — which they were successful doing, though it’s worth noting that […]

Google Fined $5 Billion For Antitrust Violations Related To Relationship With Android Manufacturers

Google has been ordered to pay a $5 billion fine for the violation of European Union (EU) antitrust laws following an investigation that spanned three years. The EU charges the tech giant with forcing companies who manufacture Android phones to pre-install the Google Search application and the Chrome web browser. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge […]

Some Android Apps Are Spying On Everything You Do On Your Phone, Study Finds

Some Android apps are spying on everything you do on your phone, according to a new study by researchers at Northeastern University. The study, titled “Panoptispy: Characterizing Audio and Video Exfiltration from Android Applications,” analyzed 17,260 Android apps in order to understand how they may be spying on its users, detailed USA Today. The result […]

Uber Ride Booking No Longer Available In Google Maps For Android Devices

Uber fans with Android phones, take note: you’ll no longer be able to book Uber rides directly through the Google Maps app. No one knows why the change is taking place, as the capabilities were extremely user-friendly. Uber users simply needed to use their Google Maps app in order to find a ride, map a […]

OnePlus 6: OnePlus’ Newest Flagship Killer Is The Best Flagship Alternative Today

OnePlus made a splash on the smartphone market by selling flagship-grade devices at a price point closer to its competitors’ midrange line. Since the days of the OnePlus One, the smartphone startup has garnered a reputation for creating mobile devices without compromise — handsets that are great in quality and reasonable in price. With the […]

Nokia X: What We Know About Nokia’s 2018 Flagship So Far

The Nokia X is set to be unveiled on May 16 in China. As the days lead up to the device’s unveiling, more and more details about the flagship device continue to get leaked. Here is a quick rundown of what we know about the Nokia X so far. The Name Nokia’s upcoming flagship has […]

Galaxy Note 9: Samsung Still Might Not Roll Out A Fingerprint Scanner For Its 2018 Phablet

Samsung’s smartphone strategy appears to be getting quite conservative. After releasing the Galaxy S9, which is basically an upgraded Galaxy S8, Samsung seems to be implementing the exact same strategy in its flagship phablet series — the Galaxy Note 9, so much so that the upcoming device would likely have the same missing features as […]

Galaxy X: Smartphone Design, Display Size, Teased In New Leak

Samsung might appear to be taking its time with the release of the highly-anticipated Galaxy X, but if recent leaks are any indication, it appears like the smartphone giant’s efforts at releasing its first foldable mobile device are progressing steadily. Just recently, a report from South Korea-based publication The Bell stated that Samsung is preparing […]

Snapchat To Release Second-Gen Snapchat Spectacles, FCC Listing Reveals

The first generation Snapchat Spectacles, which was basically a pair of smart glasses that would work with the company’s multimedia messaging app, didn’t fare so well on the market. However, the company is apparently not yet ready to give up on the concept despite its past failure. As reported by Variety, Snapchat just recently submitted […]

Facebook Has Been Saving Call And Text Logs From Android Users For Years, ‘Ars Technica’ Reports

Some Android users are finding out that Facebook has been saving their call and text message logs for years. According to a report from Ars Technica, the social media giant’s virtual treasure trove of call and SMS data from Android users goes back years and ended in late 2017. The news that Facebook had been […]

Pokémon Go Quests And Mystery Rewards Could Be Coming Soon, New Update Suggests

Niantic had previously added a bunch of new features to its highly popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, but its latest update suggests that it may be on the brink of adding actual story-based quests. The revolutionary app hit the mobile industry by storm when it was originally released in 2016. However, its player […]

Nokia 3310 To Make Third Comeback, This Time With More 21st-Century Upgrades

HMD Global is expected to bring back the Nokia 3310 sometime soon. The nostalgic phone takes another step closer to the 21st century with its latest return. Soon after the revived Nokia 3310’s release, HMD Global launched a 3G version of the brick phone. Now, the Finnish start-up is planning on re-releasing the nostalgic phone. […]

Nokia 7 Plus: HMD’s Little Monster Seems To Be Near-Perfect, But There’s A Big Catch

Finnish company HMD Global has taken significant strides towards reviving the Nokia brand. The company continues its efforts with the Nokia 7 Plus—the bigger and more powerful sibling of the Nokia 7. The 7 Plus’ Geekbench results were recently leaked revealing its potential power. According to Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, the Nokia 7 Plus will […]

HTC U11 Life: HTC’s First Android One Smartphone Is A Protection-Focused Mid-Range Beast

HTC, once one of the giants of the smartphone market, has made some real steps toward returning to the top in 2017, with their U11 series of devices. With the U11 and U11 Plus, HTC launched strong competitors to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 devices. But their earlier-in-the-year midrange devices were flops; the U Play and […]

‘Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War’ Mobile RPG Out Now For Android In Select Countries, US Release Likely In Late 2018

After having been initially announced back in 2016, the highly awaited action RPG based on the hit anime Tokyo Ghoul has now finally launched. Unfortunately, the soft launch of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is currently limited to Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The game was also originally revealed to be launching for both Android and […]

World’s First Android ‘Citizen’ Says She Wants To Start A Family, Droids Should Be Able To Have Kids

The world’s first android citizen, Sophia, has said that she wants to have a family and that droids should be able to have children. The humanoid robot, who is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, made these declarations during a recent interview during the Knowledge Summit in Dubai. According to Khaleej Times, Sophia “said” that if […]

Your Android Phone Tells Google Where You Are, Even If You Tell It Not To — Tracking Users Since Start Of 2017

Users of smartphones with the Google Android operating system are being tracked by Google at all times — even when the “location services” option is switched off, according to new investigative report by Quartz Media published online on Tuesday. The Quartz investigation found that Android phones have been keeping track of their users’ locations at […]

Razer Phone Special Edition: Razer’s Best Is A Monster Inside And Out, But Buying One Would Be A Challenge

The Razer Phone has been confirmed, and it promises to fulfill every gamers’ mobile gaming needs. Recently, the game-centric company announced the release of the Razer Phone Special Edition via Twitter. Based on a Gamespot report, it seems like the Razer Phone Special Edition does not drastically differ in price or specs from the original […]

Galaxy X: Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone Might Be A Bit Underwhelming, New Sketches Suggest

The Samsung Galaxy X is probably the South Korean tech giant’s most hyped smartphone to date. Long-rumored, but still yet-to-be-announced, the cryptic and mysterious mobile device could very well be the next game-changer in the smartphone industry. There’s no denying that expectations are incredibly high for the Galaxy X. The device, after all, has been […]

‘Clash Royale’ Players Think Epic Quest Update Needs Work, Supercell Responds To Feedback

Supercell recently released an update introducing Epic Quests to Clash Royale. On the day of its release, the update immediately received some flak from loyal Clash Royale players. Since then, gamers have been providing Supercell with a ton of feedback on how to improve Epic Quests. So far, gamers have received one simple sentence as […]

Google Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL: Meet Android’s Powerhouse iPhone X Killer

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are here and they arrive with a sublime but bolder statement – the iPhone X killers. The moment Google introduced its newest Android flagship on Oct. 4, observers were quick to comment that Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone has easily met its match, and its hype will rather be […]

Galaxy S9: Latest Leaks Suggest Samsung’s 2018 Flagship Will Debut 1,000 FPS Slow-Mo Videos

Samsung’s next champion could likely overtake the iPhone X in both power and design, if the most recent leaks about the device are to be believed. With the South Korean tech giant hard at work at developing its first 2018 flagship smartphone, more and more details have begun to emerge about the capabilities of Samsung’s […]

The iPhone X’s A11 Bionic Chip Is Such A Monster, It’s Forcing Android To Wait Until 2018 To Catch Up

Apple’s iPhone X is not only notable for its radical redesign, it is also significant due to the homegrown silicon that lies in the heart of the flagship mobile device. Equipped with the A11 Bionic SoC, the iPhone X, as well as its siblings, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, are powerhouse handsets. If recent […]

Zello ‘Walkie-Talkie’ App A Huge Hit As Irma Approaches, But There’s A Catch

The mobile app Zello has gained notoriety as a so-called “walkie-talkie” app in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. With Hurricane Irma now expected to batter parts of Florida, Zello remains immensely popular on both Apple’s iTunes Store and Google’s Play Store, but is it really as easy as pushing the button to talk, and listening […]

The iPhone 8 Will Feature Really Slow Wireless Charging, And It’s Totally Apple’s Fault

One of the widely rumored key features of the upcoming iPhone 8 is its wireless charging capabilities. While the feature has been available in Android handsets for years, the iPhone 8 would mark the first iOS smartphone that would finally support the popular charging system. If recent rumors are any indication, however, it seems like […]

Nokia Officially Announces The New Nokia 8 Flagship Android Smartphone

Earlier today, Nokia officially took the covers off its new flagship Android smartphone, the Nokia 8. The handset saw its official unveiling at a low-key event held in London. The launch of the Nokia 8 comes a few months after the company started selling the Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3 in several markets […]