‘Venom’ Was A Massive Success Because Of Tom Hardy Says Film’s Producer

Venom producer Amy Pascal is speaking out about why the anti-hero movie was such a massive success. The Tom Hardy flick made its way into theaters November of last year and earned over $213 million domestically and $641 million overseas. Venom broke records, becoming the biggest opening weekend ever in the month of October and […]

Sony’s Stand-Alone ‘Venom’ Movie May Be In The Same Universe As ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ After All

When a stand-alone Venom movie had finally been confirmed by Sony, everyone was excited but a bit disappointed that it wouldn’t be in the same universe as Spider-Man. That actually makes sense though as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is currently with Marvel Studios while Venom will be strictly Sony but things may have changed. Now, it seems […]

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: Who Outbid DiCaprio, Clooney, Pitt, For Rights To The Film About The Origins Of The FBI?

Killers of the Flower Moon has ignited a full-on bidding war between J.J. Abrams and Leonardo DiCaprio on one side, and Amy Pascal, George Clooney and Brad Pitt on the other, according to Deadline. RT TheIndyFilm: Killers of the Flower Moon: The film DiCaprio, Pitt, Clooney and more are fighting over … pic.twitter.com/9YyjmzDI5R — Naseer […]

Jamie Foxx Teaming Up With Amy Pascal on ‘Darktown’ TV Show

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is teaming up with Amy Pascal to produce a new TV series, based on a soon to be released race-related crime novel Darktown by Thomas Mullen, the author of the popular book, The Last Town on Earth. While the book is only set for release in September this year, before it […]

Sony Hack: Producer Scott Rudin Doesn’t Care About The Sony Hack

Hollywood producer Scott Rudin is totally over the Sony Pictures hacks. The producer, whose emails with former co-chair Amy Pascal were leaked, says that he’s over the whole thing. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Rudin said, “I don’t think anyone’s still grappling with it, honestly.” While some saw these emails as a real […]

Angelina Jolie Is A ‘Rampaging Spoiled Brat Living in Crazyland’

Angelina Jolie was among those targeted, as some new fairly nasty Sony emails have been leaked to the public. This past Tuesday, WikiLeaks, run by Julian Assange, posted 173,000 emails in addition to 30,000 Sony documents with many of the emails focusing on Angelina Jolie. As the full effect of these leaks begins to be […]

Roger Moore Ignites James Bond Race Row: Claims Idris Elba Can’t Play 007

Sir Roger Moore has blundered into a race row after apparently claiming that black actor Idris Elba cannot play James Bond. In recent months there has been much speculation that Elba could be next in line to play James Bond, a suggestion that has been welcomed by many of the actors fans. In the week […]

Sony Pictures’ Amy Pascal Says She Was ‘Fired’ And Film Stars Are ‘Bottomless Pits Of Need’

Last week, Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal announced that she will step down from her post. Pascal’s announcement came after months of turbulence resulting from hackers releasing personal information and embarassing emails to the public. Pascal found herself in the middle of the PR nightmare when her own emails were leaked. At the Women in […]

Damaged Amy Pascal To Continue Legacy In ‘New Chapter’ With Sony, Salary Cut Pending

Well, it seems as though Amy Pascal — after Sony Pictures’ 2014 hacking and her exploited emails about President Obama — will continue her works at the company. According to Forbes, the emails she sent were quite ridiculing. An excerpt from the article states as follows. “Messages were revealed in which she [Amy Pascal] wrote […]

Amy Pascal Stepping Down At Sony Pictures, Issues Statement

Amy Pascal, a top exec for Sony Pictures, has decided to step down from her prominent position. Pascal, 56, Sony Pictures co-chairman and chairwoman of the Motion Pictures group will embark on a brand new adventure – launching her new venture as a movie producer. Amy confirmed the news in an official statement published by […]

Sony Hack: ‘Pineapple Express 2’ Almost Happened

A new Sony hack reveals that Pineapple Express 2 was in the works. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio had several projects in the works, and one of them was the long-awaited sequel Pineapple Express 2. The studio was hoping to make a sequel to the 2008 hit starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, […]

Sony Leaked Emails: Amy Pascal Calls Adam Sandler An A**hole, Sony Tries To Take Down Google

The leaked emails from Sony are being called the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. That’s because the Sony leaked emails have revealed secrets that the general public may not have guessed. For one, Sony and other big movie studios are trying to take down a company known as “Goliath,” according to Business Insider, who […]

Adam Sandler Called An ‘A**hole’ In Leaked Email By Sony’s Top Brass

As the leaked Sony email plot thickens, comedian and actor Adam Sandler now finds himself in the crosshairs, having been personally insulted and called an “a**hole” by Sony chief Amy Pascal, among others. According to a report in the Daily Beast, the email trail began back on September 23 with a distressed message from Hannah […]

George Clooney On Sony Hack Attack: Actor Throws Hollywood Under The Bus

George Clooney is not one to shy away from controversy and the Sony hack attack is no different. The leading man talked with Deadline and shared his thoughts on the devastating breach, throwing Hollywood under the bus in the process. The 53-year-old is furious with his colleagues in Tinseltown for caving to the terrorist threats […]

Angelina Jolie Dubbed ‘Seriously Out Of Her Mind’ In Latest Sony Email Leak

Angelina Jolie has been bashed in yet another series of hacked Sony emails. For those who missed it, Sony is in hot water over a series of emails that leaked. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the emails reportedly slammed a number of actors, including Denzel Washington and black actors collectively. Needless to say, the conversations […]

Amy Adams ‘Abused’ By Director? Leaked Email Claims Christian Bale Defended Her

Amy Adams was reportedly abused by director David O. Russell on the set of American Hustle while the 2013 movie was being filmed. Radar Online reports that a leaked email claims that the Oscar-nominated actress was subjected to the abuse as part of David O. Russell’s alleged “lunatic behavior” which left the crew and cast […]

Amy Pascal Fired, Not!: Exec Won’t Resign Over Sony Email Leak, Says TMZ

Amy Pascal won’t be fired, nor will she resign, according to the latest report by TMZ. Amy Pascal being “fired” has been the hot topic of many internet and social media conversations. Though many agree that Pascal can’t be fired from Sony over the disgraceful email leaks, many had speculated that she would do “the […]

Sony Pictures Threatens Media Outlets: ‘Delete The Information Now, Or Else!’

Sony Pictures Entertainment isn’t happy about the massive packages of stolen data being released, and they aren’t above going after media outlets who traffic in the information. The latest news from the ongoing Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking scandal was reported by the New York Times. In a letter reportedly sent to the New York Times […]

Lisa Kudrow: Movie Execs Need To Keep Their Mouths Shut — Even In Their Own Private Emails

Lisa Kudrow has some thoughts for the movie execs who run major Hollywood studios — particularly, it would appear, Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal. Basically, the Friends alum, in an interview Friday, told the Hollywood bigwigs that they need to keep their big mouths shut, even in their own private emails. Kudrow appeared on the […]

Amy Pascal May Lose Her Job Over the Sony Email Leaks, But Does She Deserve That?

Amy Pascal was relatively unknown until a few weeks ago. Pascal is certainly powerful. At 56-years-old, Pascal is the Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment. According to Deadline Hollywood, Pascal has built her reputation on good taste and strong relationships with the talent she works with. That all ended on November 24, 2014, when hackers broke […]

Amy Pascal Begins ‘Healing Process’ With Jesse Jackson And Al Sharpton

Amy Pascal, the Sony executive engulfed in scandal, is apparently looking for forgiveness from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Critics of both men, however, have accused them of exploiting racially charged situations for their own ends. The beleaguered Sony Pictures co-chair issued an apology after racially insensitive emails between her and producer Scott Rudin about […]

Angelina Jolie Stares A Hole Through Sony’s Amy Pascal After Email Insult Leaks

Aneglina Jolie isn’t someone you really want to get on your bad side, as she does have a bit of pull in Hollywood and the celebrity world. Sony executive Amy Pascal recently had some emails leak that said a negative thing or two about Jolie, and it was only a matter of time until they […]

Sony’s Amy Pascal Issues An Apology After Racially Charged E-Mails Leak

Sony’s Amy Pascal has issued an apology after the most recent hack for Sony Studios revealed confidential e-mails that were racially charged. Pascal and Hollywood heavyweight producer Scott Rudin exchanged e-mails about the upcoming or permanently derailed film Jobs, which had David Fincher attached to direct. While Rudin’s scathing remarks about Angelina Jolie snagged headlines, […]

Seth Rogen, Sony Pictures Butted Heads Over ‘The Interview’

Seth Rogen and Sony Pictures’ Amy Pascal reportedly butted heads over a key scene in the upcoming comedy The Interview. If you’re looking forward to the controversial flick and you don’t want anything spoiled, then turn back now. Although the recent Sony hack has caused plenty of headaches for the studio, the end result is […]

Amy Pascal Sparks Media Race Debate With Email On Obama: ‘Should I Ask Him If He Liked Django?’

While the unprecedented cyber attack on Sony Pictures has yielded a vast amount of gossip – thanks to leaked emails from studio chief Amy Pascal, and other internal documentation – there is some information coming from the hack that has deeper implications than calling movie stars names. A notable proportion of it gives an insight […]

Angelina Jolie Not Fazed By Scathing Criticism In Sony Leak, All Smiles At Breakfast

Angelina Jolie wasn’t fazed by the latest Sony leak, which revealed a scathing treatment of her character by producer Scott Rudin and Sony head Amy Pascal. Months of e-mails were leaked by a group that are calling themselves “Guardians of Peace.” This is just one in a large series of hacks the film studio has […]

Sony Pictures’ Boss Asks Hollywood To Ban All Gay Jokes In Movies

Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures’ co-chairwoman, has stated that Hollywood has a responsibility to shape the general public’s perception of lesbian and gay communities. This then lead Pascal to proclaim that all filmmakers should remove any gay jokes and offensive stereotypes and material in their work. “There is not much any of us can do about […]