The Amy Adams Series ‘Sharp Objects’ May Get A Second Season

After the success of the continuation of the of story Big Little Lies on HBO, the network is considering doing the same for the Amy Adams series, Sharp Objects, to continue telling the story of Camille Preaker’s eccentric family. The Southern gothic tale, based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, is […]

Top Ten Amy Adams Movies

Amy Adams is nominated for Best Actress this year, per the Academy, for her role as Lynne Cheney, the wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney, in Adam McKay’s film, Vice. It’s the 44-year-old actress’ sixth Academy Award nomination, although she has never won. The nomination caps off a year in which Adams also received […]

10 Biggest Surprises Of The Golden Globes Nominations

This year’s Golden Globe nominations were announced Thursday morning, and as usual, there were some surprises in the choices. The biggest shocks in the Globes’ choices were as follows. The Most Nominated Movie Is… ‘Vice’? The film that got the most Golden Globe nominees was not a hit like A Star is Born, Crazy Rich […]

‘Vice’ Trailer Shows First Scenes Of Christian Bale As Dick Cheney

Christian Bale looks unrecognizable in the new trailer of the Adam McKay-directed film Vice, where he will play former Vice President Dick Cheney. The actor embarked on yet another remarkable physical change to look almost identical to Cheney, who served as the U.S. Vice President for eight years under the George W. Bush administration, as […]

The Real ‘Sharp Objects’ Killer Is Revealed In The First Season’s Gruesome Finale

In the last episode of the first season of HBO’s hit new series Sharp Objects, eager fans were finally shown the real killer of Wind Gap’s girls, reported Vox. The creepy and haunting show takes viewers on a grisly ride uncovering the mystery behind several murders of young girls living in the small town of […]

Amy Adams Loves On Reese Witherspoon, Says ‘Little Big Lies’ Star Inspired Her Own Work On ‘Sharp Objects

According to Monterey County Weekly, Amy Adams is inspired by Reese Witherspoon, “all the time.” The 43-year-old executive producer and star of HBO’s latest drama, Sharp Objects, says that it was Witherspoon, founding her own production company to back Little Big Lies, that became a catalyst for Adams’ motivation to go behind the scenes herself. […]

Amy Adams Speaks Out In Praise Of ‘Difficult Women’ In ‘Sharp Objects’

Amy Adams has embarked on a new role as a “difficult, complicated woman,” playing the role of Camille in the HBO adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel Sharp Object and she loves it. In this role, instead of going for meek or mild, Adams plays complicated. In a world that is full of bad boy parts […]

HBO Announces ‘Sharp Objects’ Premiere Date

For those who are eagerly awaiting the news of when Sharp Objects will premiere on HBO, the wait is over! HBO announced today that the eight-episode limited drama series will premiere on July 8. Last month, HBO released the trailer for Sharp Objects and fans of Gillian Flynn have since been eagerly awaiting the premiere […]

‘Sharp Objects’: HBO Launches Trailer For Creepy, Limited Drama Series

HBO has just released a new trailer for their creepy new series, Sharp Objects. Based on the book by Gillian Flynn — author of Gone Girl — this limited drama series delves into the murder of two young girls and the impact it has on a journalist who covers the story. The eight-episode series tells […]

‘Justice League’ Latest News: ‘Aquaman’ Actor Jason Momoa Confirms that Superman is Alive

The Justice League cast were all in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con except for one actor who hasn’t even been seen in the three trailers of the upcoming DCEU mega movie, the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill. It is quite understandable that the Superman actor isn’t heavily involved in promoting the movie since […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Is One Oscar Better Than These Hollywood Legends

Suicide Squad has now won an Oscar, becoming the first ever movie in the DC Extended Universe to pick up the annual award, according to Slate. All the critics hated Suicide Squad so much and then it went and won an Oscar. Cheers, Harley! — Glynnis K. (@inkydandy) March 2, 2017 Suicide Squad can […]

Amy Adams To Present Oscar After Her Two Eligible Films Led To ‘Oscars Snub’

Amy Adams has been announced in the latest round of Oscars presenters, according to the official Oscars website. The Arrival actress, who seemed as surprised as her fans when she missed out on Oscars nomination for both of her arguably award-winning performances in Arrival and Nocturnal Animals, will still have the opportunity to appear on […]

Oscars 2017 Finally Moves Past #OscarsSoWhite, But Still Has Plenty Of Snubs And Surprises

Oscars 2017 is full of surprises and snubs, just like the previous two years, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Academy Awards has finally addressed the #OscarsSoWhite row, making its 2017 nominations more diverse by nominating seven people of color in the acting nominations. ???????? Such beautiful work from each of you. Congrats to […]

The Most Logical Reason For Amy Adams’ 2017 Oscars Snub

Amy Adams’ recent movies have helped her to carve a niche for herself in Hollywood. In recent years, Adams has been predominantly featuring in Superman movies, playing the role of Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest, in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Amy Adams photographed for The Wrap (2017) […]

Oscars Apologize: Amy Adams Snubbed, ‘Arrival’ Fans Disappointed While the 2016 film Arrival is dominating the 2017 Oscar nominations alongside La La Land and Moonlight, many fans are disappointed that Amy Adams failed to get a nomination for Best Actress. Similarly, Tom Hanks was not extended a nomination for his role in Sully. The acclaimed actress was left off of the list, […]

Amy Schumer Signs Netflix Deal, Amy Adams Photobomb Goes Viral

Amy Schumer has joined the Netflix family, according to CNN. The 35-year-old Inside Amy Schumer star is the latest addition to the Netflix family after fellow comedians Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock recently signed deals with the streaming service. Amy Schumer issued a statement in which she announced she was “very happy” to become part […]

Golden Globes 2017: From Predicted Winners, To Start Time – Everything You Need To Know

You never know what’s going to happen at the Golden Globes. While the Oscar’s take the cake for being the most prestigious Hollywood awards show, the Golden Globes are just as much about the lavish dinners than the golden statues. With the 74th Golden Globes airing this weekend, here’s everything you need to know about […]

Amy Adams Confirms Redheads Have More Fun And Takes On A ‘Whisper Challenge’ From Jimmy Fallon

In Arrival, Amy Adams plays a highly talented linguist sent in to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors, so that may be why Adams was compelled to compete in Jimmy Fallon’s Whisper Challenge during a recent visit to The Tonight Show. While the Arrival star seemed to have a great time with Fallon, she recently revealed she’s […]

Amy Adams And Isla Fisher Reveal That They’re Mistaken For Each Other All The Time

It’s not hard to see why Amy Adams and Isla Fisher are constantly mistaken for one another. Both are hugely successful actresses, while they are also extremely attractive, have bright, red hair, and they are aged just two years apart, too. It turns out that 42-year-old Amy Adams and 40-year-old Isla Fisher are regularly confused […]

‘Enchanted 2’ Confirmed: What We Know So Far

Many were charmed by Enchanted when it was first released in 2007. The film, which featured Alan Menken’s impressive tracks, earned more than $340 million worldwide. With its positive reviews, it isn’t surprising that Disney considered making a sequel to relive the film’s magic. What happened in Enchanted? The film revolves around Princess Giselle who […]

Amy Adams Expected To Reprise Her ‘Enchanted’ Role In New Disney Sequel, 20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original Movie

Actress Amy Adams is expected to reprise one of her most iconic roles, Giselle, in an upcoming sequel to Enchanted. Disney has toyed with the idea of a sequel to the 2007 movie since 2010 with Anne Fletcher attached to direct the film, but today the Hollywood Reporter has revealed the plans are well underway, […]

‘Arrival’ Starring Amy Adams Could Be The 2016 Alien Sci-Fi Movie Fans Have Longed For

Arrival starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker promises to be the movie Sci-Fi fans want to see. The first trailers have critics and fans drooling for more. Those egg-shaped and somewhat stone like ships have not only invaded earth, they instantly invade the imaginations of all who view the first trailer. Sci-Fi buffs […]

Amy Adams Greets A Dubious Alien Species In ‘Arrival’ [Video]

Arrival will soon be soaring into movie theaters to remind film-goers that the current run of comic book adaptations faces some stiff competition from the world (or worlds) of science fiction, as well as from the horror and comedy genres. Amy Adams stars in the new sci-fi thriller from director Denis Villeneuve, whose last project, […]

Noel Neill And The Many Women Who Have Played Lois Lane

This week, MSN reported the sad news that Noel Neill, the “original” Lois Lane, passed away on July 3 at the age of 95. She was the first actress to portray Superman’s love interest in the 1948 15-episode serial The Adventures of Superman, created by Columbia Pictures. Neill played opposite Kirk Alyn. In 1950, Neill […]

Amy Adams Cries On Cue, And Explains How Tom Hanks And ‘Forrest Gump’ Inspired Her Wedding

Amy Adams, currently best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the new Superman films, who is currently making the rounds promoting her latest film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, made a quick stopover at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, according to the Huffington Post. Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon played a […]

Scarlett Johansson Thinks Talking About Gender Pay Gap Is ‘Obnoxious,’ Jennifer Lawrence Sounds Off

Scarlett Johansson doesn’t want to talk about the gender pay gap. Johansson, who is a main cast member of several big studio tentpole projects, thinks it’s obnoxious to discuss the wage disparity between men and women. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Johansson states that she does see herself as fortunate because she makes a good […]

Amy Adams: I Want ‘Star Wars’ And James Bond Roles

Amy Adams has admitted that she’d love to appears in a Star Wars film, while she also revealed that, if the opportunity arises, she wouldn’t say no to being a Bond girl, too. The 41-year-old actress outlined her career ambitions while talking to GQ UK, via the Mirror, confirming that, like millions of other people […]

Jennifer Lawrence Put Up With Sadistic Treatment Amy Adams Wouldn’t From Hot-Tempered ‘American Hustle’ Director David O. Russell

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams collaborated for the first time in the Oscar-nominated David O. Russell film American Hustle, but the two seem to have taken away distinct memories of what exactly went down there. In a recent interview with British GQ, Amy discussed some of the trials that she faced on the set of […]

Amy Adams Doesn’t Necessarily Agree With ‘American Hustle’ Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence About Gender Pay Gap Negotiations

Amy Adams doesn’t necessarily agree with American Hustle co-star Jennifer Lawrence about negotiating for more money upon signing onto a project. As we know, it was revealed that Lawrence, via the Sony hack, found out that she made significantly less than all of her male co-stars in American Hustle. It was also revealed that Adams […]

Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Coming To TV With Amy Adams

Sharp Objects was the breakthrough novel for author Gillian Flynn, which catapulted her career. To date, Flynn has written three books, two of which have been made into movies. Her first novel is now slated to finally breach the literary platform and make its way to TV. As with all her other books, Sharp Objects […]

Amy Adams To Star In TV Adaptation Of ‘Sharp Objects’ By Gillian Flynn

Star of the big screen Amy Adams will be making the move to television with the mini-series based on Gillian Flynn’s novel Sharp Objects. The adaptation is being shopped to cable outlets and streaming services (read Netflix), and Amy Adams obviously brings more cache to the project. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the novel Sharp […]

‘Batman V Superman’ Photos Officially Released By DC Comics

DC Comics has officially released new New Batman v Superman photos, showing Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) dressed in civilian clothes and a new look at the super cool Batmobile, plus a very, very angry Superman (Henry Cavill). The new images come courtesy of DC Comics and were originally posted in Empire magazine, but are now […]

Henry Cavill And Ben Affleck Don Superhero Suits In Magazine Cover For ‘Batman V Superman’

Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) appear on the latest cover of Empire Magazine, which promotes their upcoming blockbuster, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We are also getting more information from the co-stars and director Zack Snyder, who is dishing on his view for that “more mature” Batman he will bring to the […]

Ben Affleck’s Standalone Batman Movie: Fans Love New Batman

Ben Affleck was present at 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month to speak about the much awaited Batman v Superman movie. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to open in theaters on March 25, 2016. The highly anticipated film will feature Henry Cavill returning as Superman, and Ben Affleck will portray the […]

‘Batman V Superman’ — Will Zack Snyder Bring Us The Best Batman Yet? [Photos]

Batman v Superman will bring us yet another Batman, the Dark Knight, but will Zack Snyder’s be the best version yet? The much-talked-about Ben Affleck casting as Batman for Batman v Superman seems to be a thing of the past, as we have seen footage and new stills of the actor, clad in the awesome […]

Charlie Hunnam To Play Green Arrow In ‘The Justice League — Part One’ Movie?

Charlie Hunnam fans want him to be a superhero. @dylanfrombklyn @JackHind @devon #streamdreamcasting Charlie hunnam green arrow/Oliverqueen — colton joanisse (@beastjoanisse) February 18, 2015 In a rather wacky fandom fantasy, an online petition was launched recently by fans of Charlie Hunnam asking DC and Warner Brothers to cast him as Green Arrow in The […]

‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer: Wonder Woman & Lois Lane Show Up, Batman & Superman Face-Off

An epic Batman v Superman trailer was released by Warner Bros. during the San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the noteworthy things is that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) make their first appearance, while Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) face-off to air their differences. A furious Batman wants to […]

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: Ben Affleck Talks First Reaction To Being Cast As Batman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice brings us Ben Affleck as Batman, and if you were surprised at Warner Bros. casting, you were not alone. Any superhero fan knows that Batman is an iconic character in comics, and after Christian Bale’s iconic portrayal, not many were thinking of seeing an aging Dark Knight. In the […]

Amy Adams Marries — Actress’ Skyrocketing Career Put Nuptials On Hold For 14 Years

When you’re a famous Hollywood actress like Amy Adams, it’s hard to find the time in your busy schedule to get married. Luckily, Amy and now-husband Darren Le Gallo seem to have a pretty stable, “true love” sort of relationship. The duo were engaged in 2008 and have been together for 14 years, People reported […]

Amy Adams: ‘Batman V Superman’ Star Getting Married In L.A.

Actress Amy Adams is finally getting married to her longtime fiancee, Darren Le Gallo. According to Daily Mail, the 40-year-old Batman v Superman star will turn the couple’s 14-year relationship into a marriage this weekend in a small, intimate ceremony that will take place in Los Angeles. Page Six reports that Amy Adams is not […]

Amy Adams Talks Ben Affleck In ‘Batman V Superman’

Fans started picking apart Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman the very instance it was announced as the next part in the DC shared universe. Still, nothing compared to the outcry that followed when Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman. Time has passed, and internet waters have calmed a bit since then. Several photos […]

Golden Globes Highlights: George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Amy Adams, And More

The first major awards ceremony of the year, the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, took place last night in Hollywood. If you didn’t watch the telecast, then you missed some awesome highlights. But not to worry — you can get a recap right here. Aside from the beautiful gowns that were seen on the red carpet […]

Sony Salary Leaks Making It More Difficult For Studio To Lowball Employees And Stars

The leaks of salary information for Sony executives, employees, and stars of Sony films have already had an impact on the company, according to reports surfacing Saturday. The once-secret information about who earns how much is now widely available, stripping Sony of its leverage as it attempts to negotiate contract terms with everyone from its […]

Amy Adams ‘Today’ Interview Cancelled: Actress ‘Confused’ By Treatment From NBC Show

The Amy Adams vs. Today fiasco remains a magnet for controversy several days after her cancelled appearance on the program. The NBC show and The Weisntein Company — which is behind her latest film, Big Eyes — each issued statements about what happened Monday. The morning show decided to pull Adams’ scheduled interview after she […]

Amy Adams Cancels Interview For ‘Today’ Over Sony Hacked Emails [Report]

Amy Adams canceled an interview with NBC’s Today Show on Monday. The Big Eyes actress reportedly refused to answer questions about emails leaked after the Sony hack attack. Want it or not, several Hollywood stars have been caught in the middle of the Sony hack attack of last month, which the studio is still trying […]

Zayn Malik Gets Felt Up By Amy Adams In ‘SNL’ Promo [Video]

Zayn Malik fans have to be extremely jealous of Amy Adams right about now. The Big Eyes star didn’t just get to gaze into Zayn’s big brown eyes for a Saturday Night Live promo — she also got to feel him up. MTV News recently shared a YouTube video featuring of all of Amy Adams’ […]

Amy Adams ‘Abused’ By Director? Leaked Email Claims Christian Bale Defended Her

Amy Adams was reportedly abused by director David O. Russell on the set of American Hustle while the 2013 movie was being filmed. Radar Online reports that a leaked email claims that the Oscar-nominated actress was subjected to the abuse as part of David O. Russell’s alleged “lunatic behavior” which left the crew and cast […]

Amy Adams Will Lend Her Voice To Janis Joplin In New Biopic

Amy Adams is no stranger to singing on the big screen, and now she’s going to do it once again. However, she will be taking on a role that’s much bigger than that of a Disney Princess. Adams is now confirmed to star as the legendary Janis Joplin in the new biopic Get It While […]

It’s A Done Deal: Amy Adams Is Playing Janis Joplin!

After years of speculation and false starts, five-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams will be playing rock icon Janis Joplin. According to Deadline, Adams, 40, is set to portray the legendary singer. The long-stalled biopic is now close to production. Adams had signed on the dotted line to play the “Piece of My Heart” singer […]

Amy Adams Talks About Her ‘Turning 40 Meltdown’

Amy Adams is an accomplished actress that has Academy Award nominations under her belt, and is looking at a very promising season this year. That said, the Big Eyes star insists that she’s still a normal person who deals with her fair share of freak outs. Turning 40-years-old was one of them. This month, Adams […]