A ‘Galactic Federation’ Of Aliens Has Made Contact With The United States, Former Israeli General Claims

A former Israeli general is claiming that both the United States and Israel have been in contact with aliens for years. Haim Eshed, who served as the head of the Israeli space security program for 30 years and is currently a professor, made the comments in an interview with the Tel Aviv-based newspaper Yediot Aharonot. […]

Mysterious Metal Monolith Found In Desert Fuels Speculation That It Was Created By Aliens

A team of wildlife resource workers discovered a 12-foot-tall metal monolith in the Utah desert last week that has fueled Twitter speculation around the possibility that it was created by aliens, Metro reported. The mysterious metal object echoed Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and was cut into the ground with no labels or […]

Sharon Osbourne Says She Doesn’t ‘Not Believe’ In UFOs & Ghosts But Needs To See Them To Be Convinced

Sharon Osbourne said in a new interview with TMZ that she doesn’t “not believe” in UFOs and ghosts, but needs to see them in order to be convinced they exist. The Talk host apparently needs hard evidence in order to believe in both paranormal activity and UFOs, some of which is presented to her family […]

Former Head Of Secret US Agency Says It Is ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ That UFOs Exist

Though unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have captured the imagination of science fiction fans and conspiracy theorists for decades, a former Pentagon official is claiming that it’s time that the general population starts believing that the flying devices have become more fact than fiction. “I think we’re at the point now where we’re beyond reasonable doubt […]

Scientists Calculated The Most-Likely Number Of Contactable Alien Civilizations In The Galaxy To 36

A team of scientists has calculated the most-likely number of contactable alien civilizations out there in the Milky Way Galaxy and, when the numbers were finally crunched, concluded that there are 36 of them. As The Guardian reported, the Drake Equation, a thought experiment that informs the discussion of the number of alien civilizations, has […]

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says ‘Evidence’ Of Alien UFO ‘Wreckage’ Is Being Held By U.S. Government

Controversial Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been known to embrace eccentric conspiracy theories. On his own program in June of this year, Carlson went on a tirade against the metric system, calling it “tyranny.” But in last week’s episode of the History Channel program Ancient Aliens, Carlson appeared to support an even farther-out theory. […]

As The ‘Storm Area 51’ Event Approaches, Everyone Is Trying To Cash In On Aliens

A viral Facebook event has the potential of 2.1 million people converging on Area 51 this Friday as people try to storm Area 51 and find out if the base is really hiding aliens there. While the event organizers have made it quite clear that it is a gag event and that people shouldn’t actually […]

Approximately One-Third Of Americans Believe Alien UFOs Are Visiting Earth, Says Gallup Poll

Newsweek reports that a new Gallup poll of 1,522 U.S. adults suggests that one-third of Americans believe that aliens are visiting Earth via extraterrestrial spacecraft, or unidentified flying objects (UFOs). In particular, the poll asked respondents to choose between two options: “some UFOs have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies” and […]

Bud Light Offers Free Beer To Any Aliens Who Make It Out Of Area 51

Bud Light is offering free beer to any aliens who are liberated from Area 51 after the planned “invasion” of the secret military base, CNN is reporting. For those not familiar, over 1.5 million people, as of this writing, have signed up for the “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All Of Us” Facebook Group. […]

Jeffree Star Says ‘On My Way To Area 51’ In Comical Instagram Share

Jeffree Star has seemingly confirmed something his fans have been suspecting for years. In a humorous Instagram post, the controversial makeup guru shared a pic where he dons a fabulous green wig, lime green nails, and a kiwi Birkin bag, costing over $35,000. The YouTuber also wears a utilitarian-looking Louis Vuitton jumpsuit. In the caption, […]

‘Storm Area 51’ Organizer Says It’s A Joke, Isn’t Responsible For What Happens To 450,000 People Who Signed Up

The man who organized the “Storm Area 51” Facebook group says it’s just a joke, and that he’s not responsible for what happens to any of the 450,000 people who have signed up for the event, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. As of this writing, nearly half a million people have added their names to the Storm […]

What’s Going On At Area 51? 300,000 Alien Enthusiasts Pledge To Breach The Nevada Air Force Base

Conspiracy theorists have long believed Area 51, an air force base located 83 miles from Las Vegas, holds numerous government secrets and captive aliens. Since its founding in 1955, the test site has remained a mystery, reports the Daily Mail. Only those with high-level security clearance are able to enter the premises. The U-2 spy […]

Indonesian Man Shocked To See A Strange, ‘Alien-Like’ Creature In His House

It’s no secret that creepy crawlies scare a lot of people across the globe, but if someone spots a bizarre insect that looks like an alien, it’s sure to leave them panicked. That’s exactly what happened to a man in Bali, Indonesia, who saw a strange, “alien-like” creature lurking on the ceiling of his home. […]

You Can Hunt Bigfoot With Jose Canseco For $5,000

Controversial former baseball star Jose Canseco recently destroyed a perfectly good telephone number when he posted to Twitter inviting fans to call in, promising “I’ll show you Bigfoot and a real alien” and providing a phone number, which is no longer answering and has a full voicemail box, Fox News reports. The offer, part of […]

Alien Spacecraft Are ‘Zipping’ Past Jupiter, Claims Respected Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb

Harvard’s top astronomer Avi Loeb claims that alien spacecraft are hanging around Jupiter, and he doesn’t care what the rest of the scientific community thinks, the New Orleans Times-Picayune is reporting. Ordinarily, when news publications report on sightings of alien spacecraft in our corner of the universe, the sourcing is pretty thin – either it […]

Did Aliens Really Build The Pyramids? This Intergalactic Medium Said ‘Most Definitely’

The Great Pyramid of Gaza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was old when almost every other culture of the world was young. It’s the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. Many a historian has often asked in the words of visionary poet William […]

A&E’s ‘Project Blue Book’ Investigates The Gorman Dogfight & Other Real Life UFO Sightings

Are we alone in the universe? In its new scripted series, Project Blue Book, A&E looks to the past to answer this question. Specifically, it takes us back to the 1950s and 1960s, when UFO panic reigned and the real-life Project Blue Book began. Based on declassified government documents into real-life investigations of unidentified flying […]

A NASA Scientist Reveals That Aliens May Have Already Set Foot On Earth, But May Be Different Than You Think

Even though NASA has not given us any definitive and absolute proof that aliens exist, a NASA scientist believes that it is quite possible that if they do, these aliens may have already visited us here on Earth, but we just haven’t recognized them. Silvano P. Colombano, who works as a computer scientist at the […]

Researchers Propose Using Lasers To Contact Aliens

A new paper published in The Astrophysical Journal suggests using giant lasers to attract aliens to come to planet Earth, Fox News is reporting. The lead author of the study, James Clark, is an MIT graduate student who contemplated the feasibility of such a project. The paper suggests that, theoretically, a giant laser coming from […]

Astronomers Speculate In New Study That Asteroid Oumuamua May Be Solar Sail ‘Sent From Another Civilization’

Astronomers have just published a new study in which they suggest that the large asteroid called Oumuamua may actually be a solar sail that has been sent by aliens to search for signs of life in faraway civilizations. According to the Daily Mail, astronomers that hail from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) have […]

A New Study Suggests The Great Silence From Extraterrestrials Is Only Because Of Limited Investigations

A new study has confirmed the idea that what has been called the “Great Silence of Extraterrestrials” is merely the byproduct of limited investigations. “Bright and obvious radio beacons might be quite common in the sky, but we would not know it yet, because our search completeness to date is so low,” the authors of […]

Karl Wolfe, Who Claimed He Saw NASA Photos Of Alien Structures On The Moon, Dies In Bike Accident

Former US Air Force photo technician Karl Wolfe, who claimed that he saw secret NASA photos of alien structure on the surface of the moon, has died at the age of 74. According to Fox News, the famous UFO whistleblower died in a bicycle accident in Lansing, New York, where he was fatally hit by […]

Mars Curiosity Rover Snaps Pic That Looks Like A Bottle, UFO Watcher Says It’s ‘Ancient Alien Culture’

The Mars Curiosity rover has snapped a picture that a “UFO hunter” claims is a bottle, and thus, evidence of an ancient alien civilization on the red planet. As The Express reports, Scott C. Waring styles himself a “UFO hunter,” and he spends his days poring over every pixel of every photograph that comes from […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory Closure Finally Explained, And It Wasn’t Aliens – Or So They Want You To Believe

The reason for the sudden closure two weeks ago of New Mexico’s Sunspot Solar Observatory has been revealed – sort of – and, perhaps disappointingly, it wasn’t because of aliens. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on September 6 the FBI rolled into Sunspot, New Mexico […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory Officials Deny That Aliens Are The Reason They Closed Down, But Still Won’t Say Why

The mystery of why the Sunspot Solar Observatory closed down suddenly a couple of weeks ago is getting deeper and deeper, as officials from the New Mexico telescope insist that it wasn’t aliens. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 10 days ago (Thursday, September 6, to be exact), the FBI swooped into a small New […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory In New Mexico Shut Down By The FBI Last Week, Still Closed, Here Are The Theories

The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was shut down last week under mysterious circumstances – along with the town post office and several area homes – and going on 10 days later there are still no answers. In addition to all of the wild conspiracy theories about aliens and government cover-ups, so more reasoned […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory Evacuated By FBI With No Reason Given, Conspiracy Theorists Think It’s Aliens

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) swooped into a New Mexico town unannounced and shut down an observatory last week, and to this day no one knows why. So of course, conspiracy theorists have concluded that it has something to do with aliens. As The Albuquerque Journal reports, last Thursday was just a normal day […]

TBS Cancels ‘People Of Earth’ After Previously Renewing Series For Season 3

The comedy People of Earth has been canceled by TBS after two seasons, even though the network had renewed the series for a third season back in September. Series creator David Jenkins broke the shocking news on Twitter on Friday, June 8, revealing that he had just heard about it from the network the previous […]

What Do Aliens Look Like? Probably Like Octopuses, Says Space Scientist Michio Kaku

If you’ve ever wondered what aliens look like, your brain has likely defaulted to the image of the big-eyed, greenish, lanky creatures of comic books and M. Night Shyamalan movies. And while that may be true of intelligent life outside of our solar system (not that we have any definitive way of knowing – yet), […]

Congress Is Proposing A New Bill That Would Give $10 Million To The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

In a surprise move that has shocked scientists, Congress is now proposing to give $10 million to the search for extraterrestrial life, an event which has not occurred for 25 years. The House of Representatives is seriously considering a brand new bill that would take funding created for NASA and use it over the course […]

Aliens Are Trapped On Their Own Planets, That’s Why They Haven’t Come To Visit Us, Say European Astronomers

Aliens haven’t visited Earth because they’re trapped by gravity on their own planets – or at least, that’s the conclusion reached by a coalition of European astronomers. As Cordis reports, scientists have long been looking for, and finding, so-called “exoplanets” – that is, planets outside of our known solar system. To date, they’ve found about […]

Gravity Of A Super Earth Could Trap Aliens On The Surface

While earthlings can escape Earth’s gravity and travel into space, hypothetical alien species living on super-earths would struggle to leave the gravity of the planets in order to achieve interstellar travel. The velocity needed to launch rockets from telluric exoplanets may make it impossible to achieve space travel, according to a Talking Democrat report. In […]

Voicemail Sent To Twitter Users’ Mobile Phones Refers To Stephen Hawking, Date Of Alien Takeover, Strange Code

A voicemail from an unknown number that was sent to several mobile phones belonging to random Twitter users has been decoded recently to show that the message refers to the late scientist Stephen Hawking, as well as a date of an alleged alien takeover, and a strange code written in the NATO phonetic alphabet. The […]

Astronauts Are Questioned Regarding Their Belief Surrounding Aliens, Their Response Shocks Many

The question of whether or not alien life exists is one that has puzzled the scientific community, as well as most of the public, for decades now. In a recent interview, a world-renowned astronaut was asked his opinion on the subject, with several others taking part at a conference held in Los Angeles, dedicated to […]

Michio Kaku: Physicist Predicts Humans Will Make Contact With Aliens Within 21st Century

In a recent question-and-answer session on Reddit, famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku said that he expects humans to make contact with aliens at some point in this century. He believes there’s a chance that these potential interactions might be peaceful, though this could depend on a number of factors. On Thursday, Kaku hosted a Reddit […]

Humans Will Likely Welcome Alien Life Instead Of Fearing It, Suggests New ASU Study

At the moment, scientists have yet to confirm the presence of life on other planets, as aliens are still very much in the realm of science fiction. But many have wondered how humanity will react if, one day, alien life forms make their way to our planet. That was the focus of a pilot study […]

MIT Astronomer’s ‘Zoo Theory’ Explains Why Aliens Have Not Made Contact With Earth

It may be an old theory that was first proposed almost 45 years ago. But with SpaceX’s recent rocket launch sending many Los Angeles residents into a frenzy due to what they thought was a UFO sighting, and reports claiming that the U.S. government was secretly involved for years in the study of such phenomena, […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson: A UFO Does Not Necessarily Have An Alien Pilot

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking on the subject of the recent revelations of a Pentagon-operated UFO investigation program that ran from 2007 through 2012, says that people tend to confuse the mystery presented by UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) with the existence of aliens. He says that the former does not necessitate the latter. And […]

Former Pentagon UFO Official Says The U.S. Has Evidence To Prove The Existence Of Aliens: ‘We Found A Lot’

A former Pentagon official claims that the United States funded a mysterious space program which unearthed a lot of evidence supporting claims that aliens do exist, according to CNN. Luiz Elizondo, who resigned from the Department of Defense last October owing to excessive secrecy surrounding the mysterious program, said the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program […]

Aliens Exist: Study Reveals More Than Half Of All Humans Believe Aliens Live On Other Planets

Do you believe in aliens, or, rather, do you believe that alien life exists on other worlds? If you do, you are not alone. A Dutch study has revealed that roughly two-thirds of humanity believes that some form of life exists on other planets and just a little less than half of those surveyed believed […]

The Search For Alien Life In Outer Space Has Hit A Snag, Says New Study

The search for sentient alien life on other worlds has hit a speed bump, according to a new study from researchers in Germany. Scientists scan planets for certain biomarkers to confirm whether there’s a possiblity for alien life habitation. One of those markers is the presence of ozone. But, as the new research reports, ozone […]

Aliens On Board The International Space Station? Bacteria On The Outside Of Craft May Be ‘Alien’ In Origin

Are there aliens aboard the International Space Station? Probably not the type of alien you’re thinking of, but a Russian cosmonaut who has visited the craft believes that bacteria found living on the outside of the satellite may be alien in origin. As the Independent reports, astronauts and cosmonauts (“cosmonaut” being what space travelers are […]

Twenty Alien Planets With Capacity To Host Life Revealed In New Space Probe

The Kepler Telescope has discovered 20 new planets that have the capacity to host life, new data has revealed. These planets are in solar systems that are similar to ours in that they revolve around a large star like our sun. According to Science Mag, some of these worlds are even similar in size and […]

Aliens Sexually And Physically Assaulted Horse Ranch Owners In Arizona

While some people don’t believe in aliens or other paranormal activities, some people are convinced that they exist. It’s not every day that a normal person can see other life forms, but for John and Joyce Edmonds, it’s a regular sighting in their horse ranch located in Rainbow Valley, Arizona. The couple is claiming that […]

‘Patient Seventeen’ Director Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell On Dr. Roger Leir, Joe Rogan, UFOs, And More

Imagine there was a film about a surgeon who claims to remove highly-advanced implanted microchips from the bodies of everyday people. Odds are that you would assume this to be a fictional sci-fi movie, yet Patient Seventeen — as directed by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell — is an investigative documentary. Following the now-deceased Dr. Roger […]

Possible Signs Of Alien Life Detected By Stephen Hawking Project

Signs of alien life have possibly been spotted during the ongoing research orchestrated by those working on the Stephen Hawking project, Breakthrough Listen. The astronomers, who conduct each experiment over a 30-minute period, detected 15 FRBs (fast radio bursts) occurring repeatedly from a dwarf galaxy located a distance of three billion light years away from […]

Rob Lowe And His Sons Explore Haunted Mysteries Of The Unknown In ‘The Lowe Files’ Premiere Next Week

Rob Lowe has done a lot of amazing things in his life, and that includes appearing in dramas, comedies, thrillers, and more, but he may be facing his greatest task yet in a new show on A&E. Starting this week, he will star in a brand new TV series, and Rob will have a couple […]

UFO Spotted Flying Over Cornwall

A strange moving object that flew over Cornwall in England last week made some think aliens have visited the United Kingdom. Believed to be a UFO, the object disappeared and rematerialized in the sky, leaving many locals wondering what it could be. There were several clips posted on social media over the past few days, […]

NASA Engineer Norman Bergrun Warns That ‘Living Alien UFO Spaceships’ Are Proliferating On Saturn’s Rings

Dr. Norman Bergrun, a former top NASA scientist, has claimed that giant alien UFOs are hiding on Saturn’s rings. Bergrun, a distinguished and highly respected former NASA researcher who held top positions at NASA’s Ames Research Center, believes that giant “living alien UFO spaceships” are proliferating at a tremendous rate on the rings of Saturn. […]

Ancient ‘Reptilian Alien’ Bodies Unearthed Near Nazca Lines, UFO Researcher Makes Sensational Claim [Video]

At a press conference in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday, a controversial Mexican UFOlogist, Jaime Maussan, claimed that a total of five “well preserved” or mummified alien bodies have been discovered near the famous Nazca Lines of southern Peru. Maussan claimed that the alleged alien or extraterrestrial beings have “reptilian” features that make them “closer to […]