Alice Cooper Backs Away From ‘Death Pact’ Comments

Singer Alice Cooper made headlines over the weekend when he revealed in an interview that he and his wife, Sheryl Goddard, have a “death pact.” “We’ve made a pact – there is no way of surviving without each other,” Cooper told The Mirror in an interview. “I couldn’t live without her. We always said there […]

Alice Cooper Says He Has A Death Pact With His Wife

Rock legend Alice Cooper says he and his wife are never going to be apart. According to a conversation that he had with The Mirror, he and wife Sheryl Goddard have promised to end things if the other dies before they do. Cooper, now the frontman of Johnny Depp’s band The Hollywood Vampires, is no […]

Democrats Choose Milwaukee For 2020 Convention As State GOP Rips City

Four years after the Democrats lost Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election — and nominee Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized for not campaigning in that state — the Democrats are coming to the Badger State for their 2020 convention. The 2020 Democratic National Convention will take place in Milwaukee, the party’s official Twitter account announced […]

Alice Cooper Believes Johnny Depp Could Play Him In A Biopic ‘If He Was Just A Little Better Looking’

Johnny Depp may not be the pin-up heartthrob he once was in his prime, but surely his looks haven’t become that ravaged that he’d be unsuitable to play Alice Cooper in a biopic of the heavy metal heavyweight? Apparently so. In an interview with NME, Cooper said Depp would be a great choice to play […]

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Rushed To Hospital Minutes After Performing With Billy Joel In New York City

Rock guitarist Joe Perry of the band Aerosmith joined Billy Joel on stage on Saturday, November 10, during the Piano Man’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The two legends performed a great version of “Walk This Way” to the delight of the sold-out arena. When the song was done, Joel continued […]

Carrie Underwood Unleashes Her Inner Glam Rock Goddess As ‘Alice Cooper Barbie’

There’s no ugly cry for Carrie Underwood. The blonde country singer, who recently cried a ton of glittery mascara tears in her long-awaited music video “Cry Pretty,” is explaining her new shock rock persona that is featured in the new video. Underwood, who has glitter tears painted on her face in the video directed by […]

‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’ With John Legend And Alice Cooper Turns Twitter And YouTube Heavenly [Video]

Even before John Legend sang a single note in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert on Easter Sunday, the audience sitting eagerly in front of the stage had begun cheering. From the backup dancers, who inspired some of the viewers sitting in the bleachers to perform their own jazz hands, to Alice Cooper, cheers and […]

Alice Cooper Reveals How He Plans To Play King Herod In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Alice Cooper will take Jesus Christ Superstar to the next level. The music legend is set to reprise his role as King Herod for NBC’s live production of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic rock opera, but this time he will be seen and heard. In 1996, Alice Cooper took part in a cast album that […]

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ First Promo, New Photos Released: See John Legend In The Role Of A Lifetime

John Legend is about to up his superstar status. The Grammy Award-winning singer will be featured as Jesus Christ in NBC’s live production, Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. The highly anticipated special will be broadcast live on Easter Sunday, and NBC has now released the first promo that shows the cast in character, including […]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry: Hollywood Vampires 2018 Tour Of Russia, Europe And Lehigh Valley

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are planning a pretty awesome spring and summer together, on the road and in the studio. So far it’s been an exciting year, but with a full calendar of tour dates from May 21 to July 8 listed on their website, they’ve hardly begun their 2018 adventure. See […]

Johnny Depp’s Music Career Balances Music, Movies, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry

Johnny Depp may have an offer on the table to play guitar for Marilyn Manson. He’s already playing for Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. Depp also made at least eight movies last year and has more acting commitments this year. Can he keep up with the demand for his considerable […]

Sara Bareilles Cast As Mary Magdalene In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert’ On NBC

NBC landed another music star for the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, as it was announced today that Sara Bareilles will play Mary Magdalene in the upcoming NBC production. Bareilles will play opposite John Legend in the live musical on NBC, which is set to air on April 1, Easter Sunday. Of […]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry Go “Hard Rock” With New Hollywood Vampires Album

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will make Alice Cooper proud with their blistering new guitar riffs and original songs for the super group, Hollywood Vampires. The Vampires, Johnny, Joe, and Alice, started out as a tribute band, but this summer Perry, Depp, and Cooper are releasing an album featuring all-new, original, hard rock songs. Alice […]

Alice Cooper, The King Of Shock Rock, To Star In NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’

Alice Cooper is known as The King of Shock Rock, but now some fans are shocked by his latest role. The legendary rock singer has been cast in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live! Cooper will play King Herod, the ruler of Judea, in NBC’s Easter Sunday production of the famous musical, according to Entertainment Weekly. […]

Pat Boone On Reissuing ‘In A Metal Mood’ And Working With Metallica, Alice Cooper, And Other Hard Rock Royalty

With over 45 million records sold worldwide and 220 consecutive weeks on the charts to his credit, few singers have accomplished even a small fraction of what Pat Boone has. However, music has only been one facet of Boone’s career, as he is the holder of three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In […]

Alice Cooper On His Unlikely Friendship With Glen Campbell: ‘We Couldn’t have Been Closer’

Glen Campbell had many friends in the entertainment world, but his bromance with rock star Alice Cooper lives on as a true odd-couple friendship. In an interview with Phoenix’s Fox 10, Cooper talked about his long friendship with Campbell, who passed away earlier this week after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. In the interview, Alice […]

Salvador Dali’s Body Exhumed: Artist’s Mustache Perfectly ‘Intact At 10 Past 10,’ Although Buried 28 Years Ago

Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed Thursday, in order to conduct a paternity test. Although the DNA results were the only possible surprise anticipated, what was a shocking discovery was that the late Surrealist’s iconic handlebar mustache was still perfectly intact! Narcis Bardalet, who had embalmed the artist in 1989, opened the crypt to gather the […]

Alice Cooper Sets The Record Straight About Johnny Depp’s Alleged Drinking Before Promoting His New Album

Alice Cooper decided to take a stand against the rumors surrounding Johnny Depp’s alleged drinking. Depp has gotten a lot of hard knocks in the press, but the Hollywood Vampires’ singer says the drinking rumors are nonsense. Though Alice Cooper has his upcoming Paranormal album, tour, and lead single to promote, he wanted to talk […]

Ray Parker Jr. And Director Fran Strine On The New Movie ‘Hired Gun,’ Alice Cooper, ‘Ghostbusters’ And More

In short, within the musical world, a “hired gun” is a musician that an A-list talent knows they can depend on. Oftentimes, these musicians are in the background, which means that the casual music fan may not think twice about who is playing with that major artist. However, a lot of these top-tier musicians have […]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry: Seven Weird Stories About The Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are Hollywood Vampires. These vampires are a living tribute to the fallen heroes of rock music and the rock and roll lifestyle. Here are seven fun, weird, and fascinating facts about these multi-talented vampires from Hollywood. While well-known actor Johnny Depp, Aerosmith’s guitarist Joe Perry and shock rock […]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry: Are Hollywood Vampires On The Road Again?

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are Hollywood Vampires. The band has also featured Joe Walsh, Duff McKagen, David Grohl, and Matt Sorum at different times. Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup that honors the fallen heroes of rock, many of whom Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp have been close to over the […]

Why One Direction Needs A Little Ozzy Osbourne To Handle Simon Cowell, Media And Trolls: Too Much Shade Being Thrown

One Direction Needs Ozzy Ozbourne! Get him on speed dial boys, and maybe Alice Cooper for backup. 1D is taking too much shade over every little tiny thing… and Simon Cowell? Really? What if Simon Cowell had accidentally picked a young Ozzy Osbourne as a sixth member of One Direction? Things would have been a […]

Alice Cooper Explains Joe Perry’s Collapse On Stage: Pressures Of The Road Took Their Toll

Alice Cooper was more shocked than anyone when Joe Perry collapsed mid-song during a performance of the Hollywood Vampires. It was during a concert in Brooklyn that Cooper noticed Joe just wasn’t there anymore. Cooper found him lying on his back behind an amplifier. Alice told Rolling Stone how he felt in the moment. “It […]

Alice Cooper Slams Rockers Who Dabble In Politics: ‘Rock Stars Are Dumber Than Everyone Else’

Alice Cooper may have snarled way back in the 1970s about how he wanted to be elected, but it turns out the wrinkled rocker is no political beast after all — in fact, he loathes rock stars who get involved in the political world. Cooper doesn’t approve of earnest multi-millionaires who can hold a tune […]

Steven Tyler On Joe Perry’s Disappearance After Collapse: ‘I Want Joe To Live’

Last Sunday, Joe Perry collapsed while on stage during a Hollywood Vampires performance in Brooklyn, New York. The fall was scary enough for fans and for friends, but one of Perry’s oldest friends, fellow Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, says his inability to contact Joe since the incident has him that much more worried. Tyler says […]

Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Richie Sambora And More React To Joe Perry’s Stage Collapse in NY

Alice Cooper says his Hollywood Vampires bandmate Joe Perry was not feeling well before collapsing while performing at a show in Coney Island. After the 65-year-old Aerosmith legend stumbled offstage, he collapsed and was rushed to a Brooklyn hospital. Cooper, who was singing the Spirit classic, “I Got a Line On You” at the time, […]

Hollywood Vampires Welcome Back A Ready-To-Rock Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s reputation has taken a beating in the media lately for the accusations levied by soon to be ex-wife Amber Heard and, even with so many of Depp’s past lovers and female friends standing up to defend him, the situation has understandably caused Johnny to step away from the spotlight. Apparently, Johnny has decided […]

The Hollywood Vampires Visit Dracula’s Castle With Tim Burton and ‘Really Happy’ Johnny Depp

Contrary to recent reports that Johnny Depp was an “emotional mess,” fans of Depp will be happy to know that those who just saw and interacted with the talented actor describe him as looking “really happy.” Johnny Depp has been enjoying the warm welcome from fans, as well as embracing Europe with the talented musicians […]

AC/DC Gaining Axl Rose Creates ‘Golden Ticket,’ Says Alice Cooper

AC/DC gaining Axl Rose creates “the golden ticket for ticket-holders,” according to rock legend Alice Cooper of the Hollywood Vampires. He was commenting on the news that Axl Rose will be replacing AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson on the next leg of the band’s world tour. Word of AC/DC gaining Axl Rose, likely broached by Hollywood […]

Johnny Depp’s Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Cameo In ‘The Walking Dead’ — Did You Spot Him?

Johnny Depp is a very interesting person. An actor and a musician, Johnny Depp has managed to become a personality that transcends beyond any role he plays while at the same time owning whichever role he plays. From being a fresh-faced pretty boy undercover cop in the original 21 Jump Street to being the modern […]

Alice Cooper Shares Five Songs He Wishes He Wrote, Surprisingly Including Some ‘Modern’ Bands

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has been in the news most often lately for dissing the bands of the modern age, claiming that they don’t deserve to be categorized as “rock n’ roll.” While many have likened Alice Cooper’s criticisms to a grandpa complaining about “kids today and their terrible music,” he demonstrated some musical humility […]

Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry At The Grammy Awards? FAQ

The Hollywood Vampires surprised many of their fans at the Grammy Awards. Even those familiar with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry had to wonder, what are these guys doing together, if they had not previously heard. Many assumed it was just a group put together to memorialize Lemmy Kilmister. Hollywood Vampires have not […]

Hollywood Vampires To Pay Tribute To Motorhead’s Lemmy At The Grammys

Hollywood Vampires, the rock supergroup that consists of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry, will be honoring Lemmy, founder and frontman of Motorhead who died in December 2015, at the 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony. Hollywood Vampires was formed in 2015 to honor musicians who died in the 1970s. Last year, the band released the […]

Johnny Depp/Alice Cooper Supergroup to Pay Tribute to Lemmy Kilmister at Grammys

Supergroup Hollywood Vampires will pay tribute to late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister at the Grammys telecast later this month. The supergroup will also be debuting a new single. Rolling Stone delivers the details. “Alice Cooper and his Hollywood Vampires bandmates will bring some edge to the Grammys next week with a tribute to late Motörhead […]

Alice Cooper And Johnny Depp Headline New Supergroup, Hollywood Vampires

Alice Cooper has been known through the last several decades to be the masterful showman who has enhanced the arena of Shock Rock. But the legendary singer has now taken up with a new cause that will stand as a lasting tribute to his long time industry friend, Lemmy Kilmister. Alongside Alice Cooper in the […]

Samuel L. Jackson’s Outgoing Voice Message Is Not What You’d Expect

Samuel L. Jackson is a legend. There is no denying that. His latest performance in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is absolutely on par with the quality he always puts into his characters on the big screen. According to IGN, Tarantino asked Samuel L. Jackson what was his favorite part of the script, and Jackson […]

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Splitting Up Over Hollywood Vampires?

Amber Heard is at the center of new gossip about an impending divorce from husband Johnny Depp. As fact and rumor intertwine to create the smoke and mirrors media hacks thrive on, there is a scramble among those who would rather keep the facts straight. Sixty-seven-year-old rock star legend Alice Cooper who toured with Depp […]

Donald Trump Accused Of Cheating At Golf: Trump Says ‘I Don’t Need To’

As Donald Trump’s ratings continue to soar in the presidential polls, so too do the attacks that keep coming from those critical of the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate. But the latest accusation leveled at Trump isn’t that he’s a racist, misogynist, or even that he hates puppies and children. It’s that he […]

Johnny Depp Supergroup To Play In L.A. And Rio

Johnny Depp is known these days for his acting, but before his big break in A Nightmare on Elm Street, he dreamed of becoming a rock star. Nearly 30 years later, those dreams are about to come true. Johnny Depp is one part of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires and Billboard is reporting that the group […]

What Does Johnny Depp Have In Common With Alice Cooper? [Video]

Johnny Depp has been brought together with classic rock musicians Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, and the three legends have formed Hollywood Vampires, a rock band with enough star power to draw the interests of other musicians, even with their first, self-titled debut album. For those curious enough to buy Hollywood Vampires, they will find […]

Paul McCartney – Decades Long Career Still Going Strong?

Beatles legend Paul McCartney, though now past 70, continues to lead a busy and fulfilling music career. Recently, he has collaborated on an album with Alice Cooper and inducted friend and fellow Beatle, Ringo Starr, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while still finding time to speak out in protection of Canada’s seal […]

Johnny Depp’s ‘Hypocritical’ Actor To Rockstar Career Move

Johnny Depp has formed a band with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Alice Copper called “Hollywood Vampires.” Depp has announced this new venture only one week after an interview in Berlin in which he told reporters that actors who become musicians “make him sick.” Johnny Depp made the statement during a press tour for his latest […]

Rock Superstar Alice Cooper Shares His Feelings On Johnny Depp

Do you remember how just a few weeks ago Johnny Depp referred to actors who use their fame to become musicians as “sickening?” Well, the recently married Depp played with famed Rock god Alice Cooper at a benefit concert in Anaheim, California just last week. And Cooper was more than happy to share his thoughts […]

Alice Cooper Threatens Motley Crue: ‘Why Don’t You Let Me Kill You On Stage’

Rock god Alice Cooper has made Motley Crue an offer they can definitely refuse, and that’s to end their final show with the legendary shock rocker killing all four members of the band. As a climax to a career drenched in debauchery, decadence, and the occasional decent tune, it would be a hell of a […]

Motley Crue Is Going Out With A Bang: When And How Much Are Tickets?

Motley Crue, the iconic glam rock band from Los Angeles, has announced its truly final tour dates to end its 34-year-career in 2015. The final days of the glam band actually started in 2014, and Motley Crue performed with give-it-all-you’ve-got-shows in several cities, which will see them again in 2015. Motley Crue will tour across […]

Linkin Park Calls Another Band ‘Disney’ Music? CHVRCHES Responds

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. The Inquisitr recently reported that one of Linkin Park’s vocalists had allegedly called the cops on another band, Sublime. He later denied the rumors. He was also publicized criticizing “click bait” journalism. It seems Linkin Park has a lot of opinions, and Mike Shinoda’s […]

Motley Crue Ride To Press Conference In Flame-Shooting Hearse, Announce ‘Final Tour’

In typical rockstar fashion, the live stream of Motley Crue’s big press conference didn’t start on time, but fans of the influential 80s rock group surely didn’t mind waiting to see “the biggest announcement of Motley Crue’s career,” based on the site traffic. That news is a 72-stop North American farewell jaunt for Motley Crue, […]

Alice Cooper Slams Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Says Labeling Them As Rock Is ‘An Offense’

So what do you do when you’re no longer played on top 40 radio? Well, if you’re Alice Cooper then you’re lambasting folk groups who are coming up in the world of rock music and are currently climbing the charts. Although you can’t compare Alice Cooper and his legendary career with Mumford & Sons, and […]

Marilyn Manson And Alice Cooper Team-Up For ‘Masters Of Madness’ Tour

Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper, two of shock rocks’ finest and most celebrated artists, have united for the first-time ever in their new “Masters of Madness” tour. The two rock stars met in the past during a music festival in 2007 and have obviously created a friendship since connecting six years ago. The tour began […]

Alice Cooper Rejected Raquel Welch’s Sexual Advances

Alice Cooper reportedly rejected the sexual advances of Raquel Welch during the 70s. The information was revealed in a recent memoir from guitar Dick Wagner. The musician said he and Cooper were in Miami for the Super Bowl in 1976. Welch happened to be performing in the area at the time. The encounter took place […]