Syrian Army Says Rockets Struck Military Bases In Hama And Aleppo Countryside

The Syrian army announced that “enemy” rockets had struck military bases in Aleppo and Hama countryside, Reuters news agency reported today. The attack was announced on Syria’s state television channel. An army source was quoted in a newsflash, briefly affirming that several bases had been struck. “Syria is being exposed to a new aggression with […]

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Declares Jews Must Act Against Reported ‘Genocide’ In Syria

Jews have “a moral obligation,” Israeli Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said, to attempt to halt what he described as a genocide occurring in Syria. “I have said in the past and I will say it again, what’s happening in Syria is genocide of women and children in its cruelest form, using weapons of mass […]

Abd Alkader Habak In Heartbreaking Aftermath Of Bomb Attack On Shia Evacuee Buses In Syria [Graphic Content]

Photographer, videographer, and activist Abd Alkader Habak was just outside Aleppo in Rashidin on April 15 when the buses carrying evacuees from al-Foua and Kefraya were attacked. The evacuees from the two Shi’ite villages were escaping their home towns, which had been besieged by Syrian rebels, Reuters reported. The evacuation of 5,000 people from al-Foua […]

Civilians, Including Children, Killed Near Aleppo, Syria Trying To Evacuate Foua And Kefraya [Graphic Content]

A car bomb exploded in Rashidin, west of Aleppo, killing dozens of evacuees, including children, that had been waiting on buses evacuating the Syrian towns of Foua (al-Fu’ah/Fuaa) and Kefraya (Kafriya). The evacuation was part of the “Four Towns” deal that the BBC reports was brokered by Iran and Qatar. Foua and Kefraya are besieged […]

GOP Senator Marco Rubio May Be The Rex Tillerson Roadblock For Secretary Of State Confirmation

Marco Rubio was seen as the most moderate candidate that was seeking the republican nomination for president last year and he had fierce battles with Donald Trump on the debate stage. But since Marco Rubio dropped out of the GOP race last year, there has seemed to be a silent animosity between Rubio and Trump, […]

Leaving Aleppo, Locals Speak About The ‘Ghost City’ They Say Goodbye To

In the wake of the most violent attacks on the city of Aleppo in six years, civilians who are now forced to leave their home behind weigh in on the experience and what it means to them. Residents who endured the incessant bombing and violence, such as Thaer al-Halabi, state that it is only a […]

Syrian Government Names American Among Foreign Terrorists Caught In Aleppo [Video]

The Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, Bashar Ja’afari, held a press conference on Monday during which he addressed a United Nations Security Council Resolution 2328, which is a demand for “immediate, unhindered access” for agents to monitor the evacuation of civilians from the city of Aleppo. Ja’afari characterized the resolution as […]

Russian Ambassador, Andrei Karlov, Shot In Turkey: Putin Response Hints At Retaliation [Graphic]

The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was gunned down yesterday while attending a photo exhibit in Ankara, Turkey. The shooter, who was later identified as Mevlut Mert Altintas, apparently shot Karlov to protest Russian involvement in the bombing of Aleppo. Witnesses heard Altintas speaking in Arabic, saying “We are the ones who pledged allegiance […]

Women Of Aleppo Committing Suicide To Avoid Being Raped, Human Rights Abuses Rampant By Assad Regime

The situation is grim in Aleppo, and as civilians and fighters struggle to find a way out of the war-ravaged city, without water or food, women have one more unthinkable issue to deal with-the threat of being raped. News comes by way of Abdullah Othman, the head of the Consultive Council in the Levant Front, […]

Thousands Desperately Await Evacuation From Aleppo: Situation A Living Hell — No Food, No Water

The city of Aleppo has been under fierce bombings and attack led by the Assad regime for the purpose of clearing out the rebel-held area of fighters and opposition groups. Syrians remain trapped in the war-torn nation and now are awaiting evacuation after an agreement had apparently been reached that would involve more people being […]

World War 3: News Suggests Obama Could Be Leaving Donald Trump A Dangerous Legacy

World War 3 could be closer than you think. The past week has show that tensions between the U.S. and Russia are increasing. As reported in the Inquisitr, just yesterday, President Obama threatened Russia directly when he told Russian leader Vladimir Putin that the U.S. would take “retaliatory action” over alleged Russian interference in the […]

Goodbye From Aleppo Messages Continue, Aleppo ‘Now A Synonym For Hell’ As Evacuations Fail [Graphic Content]

Residents of Aleppo, Syria, are saying goodbye in many ways this week. The Guardian reports that a ceasefire deal that has been reached is finally leading to an evacuation of the city fraught with turmoil by Syrian-backed rebels aligned with Russia and Turkey. This is leading many Aleppo residents to leave goodbye messages on the […]

President Obama Has Harsh Words For Russia Hacking And Interference With 2016 Election Results And Aleppo

President Obama held his last press conference before leaving office in the White House briefing room today. During the press conference, which lasted almost two hours, the word Russia came up a lot. USA Today reports that President Obama delivered harsh words to Russia regarding their interference with the 2016 elections. President Obama also had […]

Donald Trump: News From Aleppo, Syria Is ‘So Sad’ Trump Says At Hershey, PA Rally

In Donald Trump news today, President-elect Trump discussed his feelings about the situation in Aleppo, Syria at a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania Thursday. The rally was part of his “thank you” tour of the United States, and was held at Giant Center, very near the Hershey chocolate factory for which the city is famous. News […]

Pope Francis Pleads For Peace In Aleppo As Evacuations Resume, But Is It Too Late?

Pope Francis has lodged an official — and personal — appeal for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to work toward ending the violence in the war-torn city of Aleppo. For Francis — the leader of the Roman Catholic church and one of the most widely loved and respected figures in the world — the dire situation […]

Should You Donate To Syria’s White Helmets To Help Aleppo?

Hundreds of thousands have donated to the White Helmets in Syria as the horrors of Aleppo have filled the globe’s browsers and television screens this week. After all, no other Syrian aid group has quite reached the celebrity status of the White Helmets, who count a documentary screened internationally on Netflix as their greatest promotional […]

Heartbreaking Goodbyes From Aleppo’s Residents In Moving Videos And Messages

You can’t have missed the moving pleas for help and the heartbreaking farewell messages from the residents of Aleppo as the internet has now made us more connected than ever. People all over the world have now witnessed the impact and total devastation that the war in Syria has had on its residents by just […]

Aleppo Truce Broken: Both Sides Blame the Other For Breakdown Of Evacuation Truce

Both sides of the Aleppo conflict blame each other for the breakdown of Tuesday’s fragile truce, with shelling and bombing blasting eastern Aleppo early Wednesday morning. Over the last four years, the face of the Syrian civil war has been Aleppo, with Aleppo nearly evenly divided between rebel and pro-government forces until a recent government […]

Lina Shamy: Goodbye Videos Appear Before Deal Reached, Syrian Forces Topple Rebels In ‘Meltdown Of Humanity’

Update December 14, 11:30 a.m. ET: Lina Shamy’s Twitter account has become active, once again. She reports that the ceasefire has been broken and that “No one could leave the city.” Assad & Iranians broke the ceasefire. the genocide still ongoing!No one could leave the city#StandWithAleppo#Aleppo — Lina shamy (@Linashamy) December 14, 2016 #Russia […]

Aleppo Rebels Continue Fighting As Syrian, Russian Forces Advance

Rebels in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo continued to fight on Saturday in the few remaining sections of the city under their control as Syrian government forces aided by Russian air cover continued a campaign to drive them from their strongholds. 93 percent of the country’s most populous city has now returned to government […]

Bana Alabed, Who Tweets About War-Torn Aleppo, Accused Of Lying: 7-Year-Old’s Mother Disappointed

Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who’s been chronicling her experiences in Aleppo, is being accused by an inordinate number of Internet trolls of allegedly fabricating her Twitter stories. Bana, who uses the Twitter handle @AlabedBana, has more than 230,000 followers. Her family lives in fear as the war continues to haunt the country and […]

Aleppo, Syria: Rebels Refuse To Withdraw As Assad Advances

Rebel groups in Aleppo, Syria are refusing to withdraw or surrender as the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad continue to push into areas of Aleppo. The latest offensive has placed much of the city into the hands of Assad and his coalition of allies, including Russia. Hundreds have been killed in the city in […]

Aleppo, Syria: Russia And Assad Take 50 Percent Of City From Rebels

The siege of Aleppo, Syria, continues as the combined forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Russia, and allied militias attempt to seize control of the city from rebel groups. The fierce fighting is the latest and most successful attempt by Assad’s forces to retake Aleppo from rebels that are considered by Assad loyalists, Russia, and […]

Anas al-Basha, The ‘Clown Of Aleppo,’ Is Tragically Killed In Syrian Airstrike

Anas al-Basha, also known as the famous “Clown of Aleppo,” has been killed by a recent airstrike in Syria. The clown, who was known to wear a neon orange wig and paint his face in order to perform for children in the war-torn city of Aleppo, was just 24-years-old. Al-Basha the clown was found dead […]

Thousands Flee Aleppo, Syria As Army Advances

Thousands of residents of Aleppo, Syria are fleeing the city and becoming displaced as the Syrian army advances into the rebel-held areas of the city. The offensive could be a major victory for Bashar al-Assad, the embattled President of Syria. According to Reuters, the offensive into Aleppo, Syria began Saturday when the Syrian army and […]

Airstrike In Syria Kills 20 Outside A School, Mostly Children: Situation Escalates In Aleppo And Surrounding Area

On Wednesday, warplanes struck a school complex in the rebel-held province of Idlib, Syria. The airstrikes took the lives of 20 people, and most of the casualties were children. The local news network shared that the strikes hit as the children gathered outside the school complex in the village of Hass. An activist group shared […]

Aleppo Civilians Choose To Stay Put During Ceasefire: No Trust In Russia After Weeks Of Bombing

A brief, unilateral ceasefire has finally been decided upon by Russia as a goodwill gesture. The lull in the fighting is intended to provide an opportunity for rebel fighters and civilians to escape the city of Aleppo, which has been under heavy siege by the Syrian and Russian military. However, during the initial 11-hour time […]

World War 3 Dry Runs? Russia Test Fires Ballistic Missiles In The Pacific, Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Off European Coast

In what looks every bit like a dry run for taking an aggressive stance in the event of World War 3, Russia has reportedly fired off three ballistic missiles — two from submarines in the Pacific and one from land. On the other side of the world and less than a week earlier, two of […]

Teens Are Enrolled With Force By Terrorists In Aleppo, Heavy Airstrikes Continue

According to Russia’s General Staff, Aleppo rebels are “forcefully” enrolling teens as young as 14 due to lack of reinforcements in the eastern rebel-held portion of the city. At a press briefing, Sergey Rudskoy, the chief of the main operations department of Russia’s General Staff, stated that the terrorists in the war-torn city have begun […]

Aleppo: Relentless Bombing Kills 150 More, Civilians Enduring ‘Daily Holocaust’ Mayor Says

Renewed bombing has resulted in more than 150 deaths within the rebel-held portion of Aleppo, Syria. The eastern area of the city has been occupied by rebels who are now under siege by the Syrian government and backed by Russian forces, in an attempt to retake the entire city. More than 65 killed in Aleppo […]

Vladimir Putin Dismisses Claims of Russian War Crimes In Syria, Blames US For The Present Situation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed allegations of war crimes against Russia in Syria as political rhetoric. The alleged war crimes charges against Russia are for bombing the Syrian city of Aleppo. Earlier in the week, French President François Hollande had said Russia could be charged with war crimes for its continuous airstrikes in Syria. […]

Why Did Putin Just Order Russians Living Abroad To Return Home?

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered high-ranking Russian officials living abroad to return home with their families even if their children are in the middle of the school year, Wednesday. The story first appeared on Russian-language site ZNak and was picked up by the Daily Mail, The Sun, and numerous other news sites warning about an […]

Not One, But Two Syria Talks Scheduled For The Weekend

World and regional leaders will take another go at diplomacy and peace talks after a number of setbacks on the subject of war-torn Syria. Over the weekend, talks will be held in Europe, in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Last week, it seemed that Washington and Moscow had officially cut off contact on the issue […]

Putin Prepares Russia For World War III, Orders State Officials And Employees Back Home As Tensions With U.S. And The West Rise

Amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has reportedly ordered Russian politicians, state officials, and employees living overseas to return to the “Fatherland.” The order also instructs them to bring all relatives living abroad, including children attending schools in Western countries, back home. The Russian website reports that […]

The Vladimir Putin Effect: Injured Ayah Crying For Father Exposes Syrian Human Rights Crisis [Video]

Vladimir Putin’s war methods in Syria have resulted in a human rights crisis that led President Francois Hollande of France to say the Russian president should be tried for war crimes, reports BBC News. Also, it may be the first time in an election year that a presidential nominee is frequently associated with Russian President […]

Medics Plead For Access To Wounded In Aleppo, ‘Abandoned By The World’

Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian group that offers health care and emergency aid to people in need around the world, has pleaded to get access to the wounded and dying inside of Aleppo, Syria, a city that is under rebel control and that the Syrian government, along with Russia, has been bombing repeatedly in an […]

UNICEF Urges A Halt To Attacks In Aleppo, U.N. Rep Shares Of Mother Killing Own Baby To Spare Misery

The representative for UNICEF in Syria spoke out on Saturday for an end to the attacks that have caused a “dire” situation in northern Aleppo that have resulted in horrendous physical and psychological impacts on both sides of the city that is divided due to rebel forces. It is reported that United Nations agencies are […]

Two Hospitals Bombed In Attack On Rebel-Held Aleppo, Civilians In Living Hell

Attacks in Aleppo on Wednesday saw two of the Syrian city’s largest hospitals bombed. The inhumane bombings knocked both hospitals out of service and exacerbated the crisis to worsen the situation for the injured and ill within the besieged city. The bombing resulted in the deaths of two patients and injuries to at least three […]

A Grim Day In Aleppo As Russian Forces And Assad Attack City

The forces of Syrian government and Russian allies bombarded the city of Aleppo on Friday in a new offensive attack on the opposition-occupied areas of the city. Dozens of airstrikes and threats to launch a ground invasion have been a part of the day’s events. Witnesses caught a glimpse of the attack on video, capturing […]

Syria Truce Holds, Aid Preparations In The Works As Violence Drastically Decreases

There has been an entire day without any deaths or war casualties between President Bashar al-Assad and opponents due to a ceasefire that held off continued combat. A monitoring group reports that efforts to deliver assistance to those under siege is now in the works. The truce has been in effect for 24 hours and […]

Aleppo Slip-Up: Twitter Reactions Suggest That Gary Johnson Was High On Pot ‘What Is Aleppo?’

Libertarian presidential nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday morning (September 8), where he was asked about the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. Aleppo was clearly something that Johnson was not familiar with, as he displayed a puzzled look on his face. “And what is Aleppo?” People […]

Russian Helicopter Bringing Humanitarian Aid To Aleppo Shot Down By Syrian Rebels, Killing All Five Aboard [Video]

According to BBC News, a Russian helicopter that was delivering aid to the city of Aleppo was shot down by Syrian rebels, killing all five people on board. The Mi-8 transporter helicopter was brought down by rebels in the northern Idlib province, according to the Russian defense ministry. This has been the worst loss of […]

Air Strikes In Aleppo Hit Three Hospitals In Three Hours

Air strikes in Aleppo on Wednesday have killed at least 20 people, damaging three hospitals in the rebel districts of the Syrian city. Several more have been wounded as a result of the barrel bomb strikes in the most recent burst of violence of the Syrian civil war. It is believed that the Assad government’s […]

Islamic State Offensive In Syria Pushes Rebels And Refugees Into Tough Spot — U.S. Troops Photographed With Kurdish Fighters

A rapid Islamic State offensive on the border of Turkey and Syria has, according to Vice News, caused up to 45,000 people to flee their homes between May 24 and 27. The largest Islamic State offensive in up to two years, it forces those fleeing to join as many as 120,000 other displaced Syrians in […]

Syrian Pediatric Hospital Hit By Airstrike, Aleppo Civilians Outraged

Syrians awoke to air strikes and bomb blasts late last night after the tenuous cease-fire talks between the United States, Russia, and the Assad regime fell apart in Geneva, Switzerland. The latest round of violence broke out in Aleppo as a new wave of shelling and airstrikes leveled a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders […]

Fighting In Aleppo Escalates As Syria Death Toll Rises [Video]

Shelling and air strikes rained down as fighting in Aleppo continued Sunday for the third day in a row, killing at least 26 people as the death toll rises in Syria’s largest city and former commercial center, ABC News reported. #ALEPPO: Survivor of regime air strike on Tariq al-Bab, being rescued by White Helmets. 12 […]

Syria: Truce Holding Through Second Day — With Exceptions

In Syria, most of the fighting had stopped by Sunday morning, the second day of the truce brokered by the United States and Russia. The current truce in Syria is the first attempt at such an agreement in the last four years, since the civil war began. Despite several reported breaches, the truce has brought […]

Refugees From Syria Are Placing Intense Pressure On Turkey’s Border

Syrian refugees are fleeing for their lives and turning to Turkey to help, but Turkey has claimed that it has reached capacity for accepting any more refugees. While as many as 35,000 refugees from Syria are placing intense pressure on Turkey’s border near the province of Kilis, the governor of Kilis, Suleyman Tapsiz, said the […]

Turkey Shoots Down Drone: Is The Airspace Crowded Due To Air-Strikes In Syria?

Turkey’s warplanes shot down a drone that had entered their territory. There are speculations that the unmanned aerial vehicle belonged to Russia, but investigations into the downed drone are still pending. Turkey shot down an unidentified and unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly referred to as a drone, after it had ventured into its airspace from the […]

Doomsday Withdrawal: Seed Vault Withdrawal Occurs For First Time Ever

The “doomsday vault” had its first ever seed withdrawal. The doomsday seed vault was created on the Norwegian island of Svalbard in 2008. The island is surrounded by constantly frozen soil and is approximately 800 miles from the North Pole. If the power grid failed, the seeds in the Doomsday vault would be preserved for […]