WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Has No Desire To Work With Two Former Champions Ever Again

When it comes to superstars burning bridges with WWE, many somehow end up back in the good graces of the company. Rumors have been swirling about the possible in-ring returns of both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio at some point in the near future, but that is seeming less likely all the time. The […]

WWE News: Former World Champion Possibly Returning Later This Year For One More Run

As stars are seeing their professional wrestling careers wind down, they usually want to head back to WWE for one more run. It has been nearly four years since Alberto Del Rio was on the WWE roster as he’s gone on to do many other things, but his time with the company isn’t totally done. […]

Tito Ortiz Says He Can Beat Jon Jones, Explains How He Would Do It

At the moment, UFC Hall of Famer and former lightweight champion Tito Ortiz is preparing for a completely different challenge — his upcoming Combate Americas debut against former WWE and Impact Wrestling standout Alberto Del Rio. However, the 44-year-old MMA legend also opened up recently about how he feels he’d do against some of the […]

WWE News: Alberto El Patron Shoots On Working With John Cena & CM Punk, And Paige No Longer Wrestling

Former wrestling champion Alberto El Patron, known to WWE fans as Alberto Del Rio, is an 18-year in-ring veteran. El Patron has garnered numerous titles throughout his lengthy career, and he is also a former MMA competitor with a 9-5 record. Recently, Alberto El Patron spoke with Chair Shots to the Cranium. He discussed wrestling […]

WWE News: Top Impact Wrestling Star Could Be Braun Strowman’s Partner At ‘WrestleMania 34’

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few mystery angles surrounding WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. While typically the company revolves around angles being cemented a long time before this event, there have been many different approaches this year to build angles. Despite speculation that WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg could appear in […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Really Wants To Bring Former Champion Back Despite Issues, According To ‘PWInsider’

The WWE rumors about bringing back superstars with issues toward WWE never seem to stop, and a recent rumor from PWInsider is gaining some steam. It’s being said that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is particularly high on one former WWE Champion, who has a damaged relationship with the company since leaving not long ago. However, […]

Paige Confirms She Has A New Boyfriend Three Months After Split With Alberto Del Rio

According to Robert Pasbani of Metal Injection, Paige has gone public with her new relationship just Paige and Alberto Del Rio were one of the oddest WWE couples in the past couple of years as they got involved in many controversies. They got engaged in 2016 but they broke up about a year later. With […]

WWE News: Paige Reveals The Real Reason She Was Suspended Last Year

In 2016, the WWE suspended Paige after the former champion failed two drug tests. After her second suspension, Paige took to social media and made claims that she had a doctor’s note, but the WWE suspended her anyway. Her father then took to social media to accuse the WWE of not caring about his daughter’s […]

Alberto El Patron Reveals Why He And Paige Are No Longer A Couple

Alberto El Patron and Paige have officially called it quits, and El Patron revealed why. Weeks ago, there was major speculation that the couple had split up, after Paige was criticizing some PDA (public display of affection) from a couple at a bar. Paige looked back at the couple kissing, and responded, “that’s why I’m […]

WWE Rumors: Paige May Have Confirmed Her Split From Alberto Del Rio

There are new WWE rumors popping up that Paige may have confirmed that she and Alberto Del Rio are no longer together. The former two-time WWE Divas Champion is currently training for her return to the WWE ring after a hiatus of over a year. During that time, there has been no shortage of Alberto […]

Edge Recalls The One Match That Started His Career-Ending Neck Injury

After nearly 20 years as a performer, and 15 of them in the WWE, Adam “Edge” Copeland was forced to retire due to an ongoing neck condition. During his time in WWE, Edge had to leave his in-ring commitments due to complications from injuries suffered. Despite numerous memorable matches and feuds, the dark cloud of […]

Huge Update On The Return Of Paige, Which WWE Brand Will Sign The Former Champion?

WWE superstar Paige has been absent on television for more than a year due to a neck injury. Paige has been on the news despite not working due to his relationship and marriage to former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio. Nevertheless, the latest update on Paige suggests that she is close to being cleared by […]

GFW Impact Wrestling Champion Reveals Whether He Thinks Alberto El Patron Should Return From Suspension

GFW Impact Wrestling is trying really hard to shake the stigma of the Dixie Carter regime. They faltered at first when they brought in an established star in Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio from the WWE) and handed him the world title – a move that Dixie Carter might have pulled. However, last week, […]

Global Force Wrestling Is Without A World Champion: Alberto El Patron Stripped Of Title

First, Alberto El Patron was suspended indefinitely by Global Force Wrestling and now, he no longer sits on top of the ladder for the company. On Monday, GFW updated the world on the suspension of Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE), and it is still not known when he will be able […]

WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto El Patron Hint At Wrestling Return

Former WWE women’s champion Paige has not wrestled since July 2016 and her fiance Alberto El Patron has been suspended since a domestic incident in an Orlando airport last month. However, both of the wrestlers have hinted that they will be returning to the ring shortly. Paige and Alberto El Patron appeared on Busted Open, […]

WWE Fans Express Serious Concern After Frightening Picture Of Paige And Alberto El Patron Posted Online

It is no surprise that there is a lot of confusion and trouble going on between Paige, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio), and WWE, but a new picture may be the most concerning thing yet. As talk of domestic abuse and criminal charges continue to be passed around, it seems as if Paige and Alberto […]

WWE News: Paige Facing Possible Criminal Charges, Possible Suspension From WWE

The entire Paige airport incident with her fiance Alberto Del Rio might cause a lot more problems for her than originally expected. While Paige originally claimed innocence for her and Alberto for any wrong doing, she later admitted that she was the one facing the battery charges for attacking her fiance. According to the WWE […]

Real Reason Why Paige Hasn’t Been Released From Her WWE Contract Revealed

Paige hasn’t been featured on WWE television for over a year now, but her personal life has given the fans a lot to talk about while she’s been off. The company has suspended her twice for violating the Wellness Policy and a neck injury has kept her out of the ring. Meanwhile, her relationship with […]

WWE Superstar Paige Gives Her Side Of The Alberto Del Rio Airport Fight

Over the weekend, there was a huge ordeal that took place at an airport between former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio and his fiance Paige. Originally, it was a case of witnesses saying that Del Rio was abusing Paige, and then Paige said they were attacked by a bystander. However, after an audiotape was released […]

Alberto El Patron Rips WWE After Title Win, Says It Is ‘Full Of Losers’: WWE Star Ringside At ‘Slammiversary’

Last night at Slammiversary XV, TNA Impact Wrestling dissolved to re-brand entirely as Global Force Wrestling, and the new champion had a huge message for WWE. The main event of the pay-per-view had Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) unify the Impact Championship and GFW Title in a victory over Bobby Lashley. While the match […]

WWE Rumors: Did Paige And Alberto El Patron Break Up? Paige Responds To Rumors With Cryptic Tweet

Several wrestling publications have reported it as news – the oftentimes-controversial Paige and Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE) broke up earlier today. But there may be enough reason to believe that the couple might not be done with each other after all, and that things may have been blown well out […]

Alberto El Patron Thinks His Title Match With Bobby Lashley Will Be Better Than Brock Lesnar Vs. Samoa Joe

In just a few weeks, Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe will battle over the WWE Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire, but is there an even better title match happening before it? If you were to ask anyone in TNA Impact Wrestling, they might tell you that there is another world title match coming […]

Former World Champion Explains Why India Is A Perfect Market For Professional Wrestling

The WWE recently put their WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt on Jinder Mahal, a man who was a jobber for much of his career before suddenly catapulting into the main event on SmackDown Live. The main line of thought was that the WWE was catering to India, where they had recently begun to expand their […]

WWE News: Former World Heavyweight Champion Saves A Teenager’s Life

There have been a lot of news stories regarding a former WWE World Champion and his fiance over the past year, but this may be one of the strangest. Over the past few weeks, Alberto Del Rio aka Alberto El Patron has risen to the top in TNA Impact Wrestling and even become the Global […]

WWE Rumors: Is Paige Leaving WWE Soon? Creative Has Nothing For Ex-Divas Champ After Injury, Report Says

For the past several months, rumors have swirled regarding the possibility of Paige leaving WWE. And while nothing has been confirmed as of yet, a new report suggests that WWE’s creative team doesn’t have any plans for the 24-year-old former Divas Champion once she returns from her injury-related absence. According to the latest issue of […]

WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio Disses Triple H Again, Accuses WWE Of Bullying In New Video Rant

Just as he had promised, Alberto Del Rio went back to his beef with Triple H, slinging insults at the WWE executive and occasional wrestler as he cut another series of video rants on social media this week. Del Rio, who works as Alberto El Patron in Impact Wrestling, also commented on the ongoing WWE […]

WWE Rumors: Paige Responds To Donald Trump Rumors, May Be Returning To Ring By Summer

No matter what Paige does, she always seems to make headlines. And the latest WWE rumors have her defending herself against some recent criticism about her drunken rants that somehow featured Donald Trump. You see, Paige has a habit of airing her grievances on social media, and in her last rant, there was a poster […]

WWE Rumors: Paige May Be Pregnant? Posts Video From Hospital, Alberto Del Rio Says He Knows Who Leaked Tapes

Paige hasn’t exactly been in the best of spirits since the sex tape scandal broke — so much so that Paige threatened to kill herself over the drama. And now, the latest WWE rumors not only suggest that she’s been hospitalized for attempting to harm herself as a result of the sex scandal, but there’s […]

WWE News: Update On When WWE Superstar Paige Is Set To Return To ‘WWE RAW’

WWE Superstar Paige has been out with a neck injury, along with nagging back trouble, since the end of last summer, and now it looks like fans know when she will be returning to WWE RAW this year. Yes, back trouble, along with other issues, made many people wonder what was going on. Her neck […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Contacted Former World Champ To Return, But Was Turned Down – ‘Not Going Back Ever’

As WWE prepares for tonight’s Superstar Shake-Up on Monday Night Raw, the world is wondering which superstars may end up switching brands and going from one show to the other. There would be a few NXT call-ups, and some rumors had names from the past showing up as well, and that remains to be seen, […]

WWE Rumors: Did Alberto Del Rio Just Accuse WWE Of Orchestrating Paige Nude Photo Leaks?

To say Alberto Del Rio left WWE in 2016 on bad terms is an understatement. Unhappy with his mid-card push and lack of creative direction, to say little of Wellness Policy suspensions he and fiancee Paige had served, Del Rio’s WWE exit came as little surprise to those who were following the story. And with […]

WWE News: Paige Feeling ‘Happy And Healthy’ After Sex Video Leaks

Just one week after the Paige sex video leak shook up her entire world, the former WWE women’s champion posted a video to Instagram that says that she feels very “happy and healthy.” This comes on the day that her fiance Alberto Del Rio said that the two will get married. For Paige, this is […]

WWE News: Paige Says She Wanted To Do ‘Physical Harm’ To Herself Over Nude Leaks

WWE Superstar Paige recently had private, nude pictures leaked to the internet along with sex tapes, and now she’s opening up big time about what happened and how she dealt with it. Clearly, it was a horrific situation for Paige to see her nude body leaked all over the internet without her permission. Some originally […]

WWE Rumors: Is Alberto Del Rio Marrying Paige To Stop Her From Harming Herself?

With the Paige sex scandal exploding everywhere, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Alberto Del Rio — the former WWE superstar who is now going by the name Alberto El Patron — is getting married to Paige, his fiance, to get the heat of the sex tape scandal off of her. It’s not that he […]

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio To Marry Paige One Week After Sex Video Leak

Just last week, the WWE was shaken up when a sex video leaked of WWE Raw performer Paige, which was only the beginning as more photos and videos hit the Internet of various WWE superstars. Some wondered what that could mean for the relationship between Paige and her fiance Alberto El Patron and that question […]

Paige And Alberto Del Rio Announce Marriage Date Amid Nude Leak Fallout

It’s been a very trying past few weeks for Paige, as the nude leak controversy continues to affect other female WWE wrestlers past and present. Despite these challenges, it would appear that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are getting married on Wednesday, March 29, with Del Rio having taken to social media earlier today to […]

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Statement In Support Of Paige After Sex Tape Scandal

Alberto Del Rio, the former WWE superstar, has been rather quiet since the Paige sex tape scandal first broke, which is unusual, considering that the superstar is her fiance. But now, the latest WWE news report suggests that he’s spoken out for the first time, and like other wrestling legends, he’s come out in support […]

WWE News: WWE Unlikely To Fire Paige Over Nude Photo And Video Leaks

It is sad to report that WWE Superstar Paige was recently involved in an iCloud hack that resulted in nude photos and videos hitting the internet, which led to many wondering if it would result in Paige being fired from WWE. WWE fans were shocked to see these private videos and images hitting the internet, […]

‘Impact’ Spoilers: New Champion Crowned

Despite the recent losses to the roster, it appears that Impact Wrestling will continue to fire on all cylinders. They just finished taping a few episodes, and one of these episodes will feature a big change to the power structure of the roster. A new champion was crowned, and he is former WWE superstar Alberto […]

TNA News: Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio Signs With TNA Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has officially signed with TNA Wrestling and even made a huge impression at the latest set of television tapings the likes no one expected. Del Rio, of course under his independent name of Alberto El Patron, had been in talks with TNA Wrestling in the past. In fact, he […]

TNA Rumors: Here’s The Reason Why Alberto Del Rio May Not Be Joining TNA

It’s no secret that there have been plans to bring Alberto Del Rio into TNA. As a former world champion with years of wrestling experience, including two runs in WWE, he does look like the type of talent who could give the company some much-needed star power. But new reports suggest that he might not […]

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Reveals His Dumbest Angle In WWE

Alberto Del Rio left the WWE last August 2016 after failing a drug test and asking for his release. Since then, he has returned to Mexico to wrestle and has also worked on outside ventures saying that he will probably never return to the WWE. In an interview with Sam Roberts on his podcast, Alberto […]

WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto Del Rio May Be Getting Married Soon

If a new report turns out to be accurate, one of WWE’s most popular female wrestlers may soon be going by the name Saraya-Jade Bevis-Rodriguez in real life. According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige and Alberto Del Rio are planning to get married in May, provided their schedules permit it. […]

WWE News: Paige Movie In The Works As She Trains For WWE Return

In what has to be seen as surprising news considering their rocky relationship, a WWE-produced Paige movie is in the works with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson working as a producer. What Culture reported that the Paige movie would follow her family and their life in professional wrestling. It is based on the Channel 4 UK […]

WWE News: Paige Gives Injury Update, Starting Physical Therapy

It has been months since the WWE Universe has seen Paige at a WWE event. Paige was suspended twice and then underwent neck surgery against the WWE wishes. Paige took to Twitter to give fans an update on her rehabilitation. According to Paige, she is ahead of schedule on her rehab and just started physical […]

WWE News: Huge Update On The Condition Of Paige And Her Status For ‘WrestleMania 33’

Now that it is over, we can say that 2016 was quite an interesting year for WWE superstar Paige, leaving many to wonder whether fans would ever see her in a WWE ring again. She entered into a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and seemed to fall hard for him immediately. Their romance became the […]

WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Pregnant With Alberto Del Rio’s Child? No, But The World Wants To Thinks So

WWE Superstar Paige has been out of action for some time now, but is she missing time now because she is pregnant with Alberto Del Rio’s child? The world began to talk about this months back when Paige started to miss time. Of course she missed for more logical reasons than this. She would miss […]

WWE Rumors: ‘Superfan’ Stokes Paige Pregnancy Rumors, Claims She And Alberto Del Rio Are Expecting [Updated]

While a new tweet suggests that WWE women’s wrestler Paige is pregnant and expecting her first child with real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, many doubts remain regarding the veracity of the claim. A report also suggests that the New Jersey man who posted the tweet may have some character issues, including allegedly “creepy” behavior around […]

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Fight In Austria

Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio was arrested over the weekend in Austria. According to Krone, Alberto Del Rio and his brother El Hijo del Dos Cara were at a nightclub in Leoben when they got into a fight with another patron. The other person in the fight ended up in the hospital while both […]

WWE News: Reason Why The 40-Man Royal Rumble Will Not Return

The Royal Rumble pay-per-view is one of the most exciting WWE events of the entire year. Each January, 30 superstars have an opportunity to become the number one contender for the world championship and main event WWE’s biggest event, WrestleMania. While typically there are only a few worthy candidates to actually win the match, the […]