Reddit Airs 5-Second Super Bowl Ad Celebrating The Power Of The ‘Underdog’

Social media site Reddit took out a brief advertisement during the 2021 Super Bowl that celebrated the power of the underdog following the trading frenzy inspired by subreddit WallStreetBets that involved GameStop stocks. The ad, which can be seen here, was a mere five seconds long and it was nothing more than a screenshot of […]

Donald Trump Facebook Ad Depicting Symbol Similar To Nazi Imagery Removed

On Thursday, Facebook removed from its platform an advertisement paid for by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, citing a policy against organized hate. As reported by the New York Daily News and other outlets, the campaign ad featured a symbol that resembled imagery used by Nazis during World War II to label prisoners being held […]

Nike Launched Ad Campaign In Response To George Floyd’s Death

Apparel company Nike has come out with an ad campaign saying “don’t do it” in an effort to address the social unrest that has swept the nation following the death of George Floyd. Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man that died while in police custody on Monday, became the subject of demonstrations after a video […]

U.K. Ad Agency Apologizes For A Ban On Redheads & Overweight Kids For Milka Chocolate Commercial

A bias by an advertising agency has been unveiled in a casting for the Christmas ads for a brand of chocolate, and people on social media are calling out Spotlight UK, the agency, as well as Milka chocolate. The casting call requested no redheads or “overweight kids” for the commercials. According to Daily Mail, the […]

How To Get Free Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers For The First Three Weeks Of August

Wendy’s will be giving out free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for the first three weeks of August, My Recipes reports, although you’ll have to jump through a couple of hoops to get them. Now through August 19, the fast food chain will give you a free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, with any purchase, once per day, provided […]

Artsy, Viral Short Film Is Actually A Subway Commercial

A video from 2016 that suddenly went viral this week features many years in the life of a young man, from his birth to what appears to be his 20s – and then turns out to be an advertisement for Subway. Video director Ryan Simmons posted the video to his Twitter account Thursday, describing it […]

Sexy Advertising Doesn’t Sell The Products You Might Think It Does

“Sex sells” is a common phrase that might lead you to think that sexy advertising sells the products that it promotes. And while that may be true, a research article from Monash University suggests that this might not always be the case. The article presents the findings of a three-part study that examined over 1,600 […]

Pepsi Ditches Plans To Have An ‘Orbiting Billboard’ In Space

Pepsi has scrapped plans to advertise from orbital spacecraft, reports. The soft drink manufacturer had been working with a Russian startup to test out the “out-of-this-world” method of advertising, but has curtailed the plans for reasons that remain unclear. A Russian subsidiary of Pepsi had been working with a startup, StartRocket, to advertise its […]

Burger King Pulls Ad Amidst Accusations Of Being ‘Culturally Insensitive’

Burger King in New Zealand has pulled an advert for being “culturally insensitive,” according to The Guardian. The ad depicts a western Caucasian male as he struggles to eat a burger with large chopsticks. The comical ad has since been deemed ‘racist.’ The controversial ad also inspired an additional post condemning the advertisement. The post […]

Study Suggests Rhesus Macaques Prefer Brands That Exude Sex Appeal, Promote Social Status

It may seem like a very human trait to gravitate toward a brand or a product that’s being promoted by someone who’s physically attractive. But such a trait isn’t unique in the animal kingdom, according to the results of a new study on rhesus macaques and their reaction to specific types of advertisements. In a […]

Maci Bookout’s Behaviour On ‘Teen Mom OG’ And Her Advertising Called Fake As Fans Don’t Believe Her

Maci Bookout continues to keep her distance from social media, as she rarely shares anything on her social media platforms. When Maci does post something, it’s often about a product that people can buy or something they can click on so she can earn money. It’s no secret that Bookout may have a life away […]

Facebook News Feed Set For Overhaul, What It Means For Users and Media Publishers

Facebook Inc. released an announcement this week informing users and publishers of a big algorithm change that will directly affect the content that people will see on their news feeds. The company revealed that it would deprioritize articles and videos from media publishers and show more posts from a user’s friends and family members. The […]

Jenelle Evans Promotes A Product, But Her Ad Is A Flop And Fans Have A Good Laugh

Jenelle Evans is currently spending time in North Carolina at her country house, and it sounds like she’s enjoying more time with her family after she shut down her social media accounts last year. Jenelle was furious with the way MTV was portraying her on the show, and she decided to shut down everything she […]

New Ikea Ad Asks Women To Urinate On It As It Doubles As A Pregnancy Test

When it comes to marketing and getting customers into the door, Ikea is taking a strange approach to give consumers a discount. According to Newsweek, their newest ad begins with a simple statement. “This ad can change your life as you know it,” it says. On the ad itself is an image of a crib […]

Giant Android Malware Campaign Could Be The Biggest Ever Seen

An enormous malware campaign targeting Android smartphones has been uncovered by researchers at a cybersecurity company. Dubbed “Judy,” the criminals behind the attack are using auto-clicking adware to generate fraudulent clicks on website ads and generate money. The unprecedented scale of Judy was discovered by Check Point Security. A team of researchers found the malware […]

Heineken Commercial ‘Worlds Apart’ Slams Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad To The Ground

Heineken just made its mark on advertising after releasing their own version of Pepsi’s failed representation of world view conflict. Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” video features an experiment where people of opposing views meet each other. The clip shows six people tackling topics like feminism, LGBTQ, and climate change. The subjects were paired to their “opposites.” […]

Google Home ‘Ad’ Pulled After Google Claims It ‘Isn’t An Ad’

Google Home, Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo, has had a pretty rocky launch. That’s fairly typical of Google products; some are wildly successful, while others, like Google+ and the Google Nexus, barely make it off the pad. Now, according to a report from Engadget, Google Home users have picked up on what they’re calling […]

Kate Middleton’s Family Business Gets Mega Advertising With Old Ad Featuring Kate? [Opinion]

Kate Middleton had a tough time with the media when she first married into the royal family, as many accused her family of riding on the royal coattails for free advertising of their Party Pieces business. Carol Middleton recently posted a throwback picture of the Middleton’s family business showing a 7-year-old Kate Middleton in an […]

Kaitlyn Bristowe On Bullies: ‘Bachelorette’ Star Doesn’t Understand Why People Hate Her

Kaitlyn Bristowe found love on The Bachelorette in a controversial season, where she wanted to get engaged to Shawn Booth despite having slept with Nick Viall. Many were convinced that she would keep Nick around because she couldn’t stop talking about him, so when she decided to pick Shawn, viewers were shocked. Many expected that […]

Bella Hadid’s Nike Ad: Perfection In Advertising Is A Problem And Needs To Be Addressed [Opinion]

Bella Hadid’s Nike ad is getting skewered by the public because many are noticing the model appears much too thin to be considered athletic (think of Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey, and Hope Solo), and some people probably think she looks too skinny to be even considered healthy. It all started when Meryl Davis, an […]

WHO Warns About Junk Food Ads Hidden In Kids’ Apps Forcing Them To Gorge On Fatty Foods – Is The Digital World Causing Childhood Obesity?

Children are being constantly fed junk food ads through smartphone apps that coax them into consuming these unhealthy snacks, claimed the WHO. The organization has blamed poor regulation of promotional material put forth through the digital medium as one of the primary reasons of unabated rise in childhood obesity despite government efforts to curb the […]

Georgia Boy With Down Syndrome Rejected By Advertising Agency Now Has Multiple Ad Contracts – OshKosh And Babies ‘R’ Us Line Up To Cast Asher Nash

A 15-month-old boy with Down syndrome will soon be featured in OshKosh B’Gosh’s holiday advertising campaign. Asher Nash, who was initially rejected by an advertising agency stating the company wasn’t looking for kids with special needs, now has multiple ad contracts, including one from Babies ‘R’ Us. Popular American children’s apparel company OshKosh B’Gosh has […]

Christian Ad Rejected By Newspaper, Word ‘Christian’ Deemed Offensive, Newspaper Blames Technical Glitch [Video]

A Christian bookstore in Knoxville, Tennessee, reported that a local newspaper refused to print their ad because it contained the word “Christian.” The owners of Cedar Springs Christian Store went public this week with their story involving a Christian ad they were attempting to place in the Knoxville News Sentinel. They say that they placed […]

‘Pokémon GO’: Businesses Are Cashing In On Craze In Expected And Unexpected Ways

A Pokémon GO Gym or PokéStop can generate a lot of revenue if a business happens to be near one. For the few people who are completely clueless to the game, a Pokémon Gym is a physical place on the Pokémon GO map where players can train their pocket monsters. Similarly, a PokéStop is a […]

World’s Ugliest Color Found By Researchers: ‘Death’ Color To Deter Unhealthy Practices

Want to see something gross? Like, really disgusting? Something that has been described by people who have seen it as being reminiscent of “death,” “dirtiness,” and “tar?” Something so repugnant, so repellent, that scientists will use it to turn people away from even their most imbued habits, like smoking? All right, get a load of […]

Facebook Begins Its Campaign On Advertising, No One Is Safe From It! The social media mogul, Facebook, knows everything there is to know about us already, whether it has to do with how old you are or how much money you have or even what type of burritos you prefer to eat. And they are using this data to sell ad placements to their clients. Hopefully, […]

Google To Ban Payday Loan Ads

Google will soon stop showing ads for payday loans, deeming them a harmful product that the company doesn’t want to help promote. According to a statement made by the company’s product policy director David Graff, payday loan agencies, which many have labeled predatory, will no longer be advertised on the search engine effective July 13th. […]

Armenian Genocide: Kim Kardashian Slams WSJ For Publishing Ad For Armenian Genocide Denial Website

Kim Kardashian has slammed the Wall Street Journal for publishing an ad promoting Armenian Genocide denial website on the international Armenian Genocide remembrance day last week. The full-page ad was paid for by Turkic Platform and features a leading statement of “Truth = Peace” and an explanation of the genocide remembrance day as a […]

Arthur Anderson, Who Voiced The Lucky Charms Leprechaun For 30 Years, Has Died

Most people would recognize Arthur Anderson only by the Irish brogue he put on for his most famous role: the Lucky Charms leprechaun. But Anderson, who died Sunday in Manhattan at age 93, was much more than just the voice of Lucky Charms. “His range was incredible,” Sean Dougherty, an organizer of Friends of Old […]

Google Adwords Gets New Dashboard As Google Redesigns Its Advertising Solution

Google updated its Adwords dashboard. This is the latest update Google has made to its business tools. The update is a major update that reflects the change in technology, because it allows marketers to work in a multiscreen environment while also being able to work across multiple devices. This is the first major update to […]

Dos Equis’ ‘Most Interesting Man’ Jonathan Goldsmith Being Replaced By A Younger Actor

“The Most Interesting Man in the World” has just lost his job. The distinguished older gentlemen who made Dos Equis beer famous, Jonathan Goldsmith, will be swapped for a younger model. Heineken, which owns the Dos Equis brand, is trying to appeal to Millennial beer drinkers and “contemporize” the campaign. And that means the elder […]

Online Advertiser To Introduce ‘LEAN’ Ads After Admitting They Messed Up

The Interactive Advertising Bureau represents companies that produce 86 percent of all internet advertising in the United States. In a blog post published on Thursday, Scott Cunningham of IAB opened the post by saying “We messed up.” Over time, online ads have become increasingly intrusive and slow. This led to a pretty terrible user experience […]

Major Advertisers Pull Sponsorship From ‘The View’ After Nurse Remarks

The View has been known for its controversial comments and tongue-in-cheek remarks that usually have minimal backlash, but after their latest comments, the talk show is facing bigger repercussions then they thought. Advertisers like Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best have both pulled their ads from The View after the recent comments made about nurses. […]

Instagram Is The Future Of Advertising, Just Ask Donald Trump

Politicians are hardly known for being enthusiastic about new technology like Instagram. One only has to read the various views many hold on new business models such as Uber to see the “new world” holds more fear than opportunity for many. Yet a substantial portion of the 2016 presidential campaign is being fought on Instagram, […]

Xbox One Scandal Comes At Challenging Time For YouTube

YouTube has long dominated the online video market and might seem to many internet users as impregnable, much as Yahoo! once was, however the Xbox One advertising scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time due to competition for views and stars (many “significant” ones were involved in the Xbox One scandal) from Facebook’s burgeoning […]

Google Chrome’s Flash Ads Freeze Is Just A Temporary Reprieve

Autoplaying Flash ads have become increasingly troublesome to web users, as many advertising networks rely on Flash ads to supply the interactive and attention-grabbing creativity that keeps the money flowing, and publishers afloat. The reason for user frustration with Flash ads is simple. Flash ads are generally resource hogs, and can lead to significant impact […]

Chris Soules Gets On The Advertising Bandwagon: Are ‘Bachelor’ Stars Losing Fans?

Chris Soules has been keeping a low profile, as he has been working on his farm in Arlington, Iowa. Soules broke off his engagement to Whitney Bischoff just a few short months after going public with their Bachelor relationship. Soules had competed on Dancing with the Stars, and he really enjoyed the fame that came […]

First Amendment For Corporations: American Beverage Association Says Advertising Rules Violate Rights

The American Beverage Association is bringing back the debate about whether corporations have the same guaranteed constitutional rights as human citizens. Like the Hobby Lobby case, the beverage group’s complaint centers around First Amendment rights. However, they’re focusing on the other half. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and free practice of […]

Pizza Hut Unveils New Delivery Box That Converts Into A Movie Projector For Smartphones [Video]

Pizza Hut has answered countless prayers and created the “Blockbuster Box” – a new delivery box that converts into a movie projector. This genius contraption comes from the minds of Ogilvy & Mather Group HK, who, with their Chief Creative Officer Reed Collins, crafted the box so in just a few steps you can start […]

Instagram Plans To Roll Out Expanded Advertising Platform

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing social network, announced today they’d incrementally make their advertising platform available to global businesses of all sizes. Although 18 months old, Instagram advertising solutions have been slow to hit their full potential – largely because Facebook’s social reach and ad costs are reasonable enough for everyone. But according to a […]

Elizabeth Banks Tries To Put The ‘Real’ In Real Estate For is getting more competitive as they launched their biggest promotional campaign to date. On Tuesday, during the Realtors Legislative Meetings Trade & Expo held in Washington D.C., the real estate brand publicly announced their new logo, branding, and national consumer ad campaign which features a prominent Hollywood personality — film star Elizabeth Banks. In […]

Eyewear Retailer Lenskart Uses Nepal Earthquake To Send Offensive Advertising Message

Indian eyewear retailer Lenskart has found itself in hot water with its customers after sending out an offensive text message that appeared to make light of the Nepal earthquake, Indian Express is reporting. Within two hours after the first shock waves hitting Nepal and killing hundreds of people (over 900 confirmed deaths as of this […]

Conversation With A Signpost: Londoners Calling And Texting An Inanimate Billboard Get Rude Rebukes [Video]

While in most cultures it would be a laughable concept to talk to a signpost, it seems to be a perfectly acceptable practice in London, where pedestrians are not just talking to one, but are getting rudely rebuked as well. Recently a big placard appeared next to a signpost in London with nothing on it […]

Viral Ads Make People Want To Catch The Bus [Videos]

Watch a man throw a Molotov cocktail under his luxury car as he runs to catch the bus. This is the theme of the latest fun commercial by a Danish transport company. Most people would think that public transport is a pretty boring subject and that creating advertising to make people catch the bus would […]

Pizza Hut: Try Vegemite Stuffed Crust PIzza It’s Gross

Pizza Hut in Australia has introduced its new Vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza, with an advertisement showing pizza lovers cringing while eating it, Time Magazine reported. The video, shown below, shows customers eating the new Pizza Hut product and finding it tasting like “medicine” or “petrol,” or even “fish jam.” The new Pizza Hut product is called the […]

Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Racy Commercial: The ‘Naked’ Truth About The Ad

On Super Bowl Sunday, arguably, the commercial (banned in some markets) that will be most talked about in 2015 will be the super-racy Carl’s Jr. spot. At a time when advertisers for Show Down 49 are scaling back — sort of– sexist, skin-baring commercials that exploit female assets, the Carl’s “racy” Super Bowl ad ends […]

New McDonald’s Ad Condemned As ‘Tasteless’ — And That’s Not A Joke About Their Food

A new ad for the iconic fast food chain McDonald’s that aired last weekend in high-profile TV slots, including during NFL playoff games and the Golden Globe Awards, has viewers condemning the commercial as “tasteless” for, critics say, attempting to exploit such national tragedies as the 9/11 attacks and the Boston Marathon bombings in order […]

Urban Outfitters – Government Pulls Ad Featuring Model That’s ‘Too Skinny’

Urban Outfitters was recently told to pull an online underwear ad featuring a skinny model from its United Kingdom site. Advertising regulators claimed that the model’s “inner thigh gap” promoted an image that was “irresponsible and harmful,” because the model was “too skinny.” Those same advertising regulators in the United Kingdom had received complaints from […]

Coca-Cola Life’s Viral Commercial Named In AdWeek’s ‘Best Ads Of 2014’ [Video]

Coca-Cola’s viral video ad, entitled “Parents,” debuted in 2013, but because it was released after AdWeek chose last year’s winners, the commercial marketing Coca-Cola Life was eligible to be named one of AdWeek’s Best Ads of 2014. The ad was wildly popular as it featured the complicated emotions of first-time parenting. “A million ads have […]

Amazon Wants Shoppers To Shop Even When They Are On The Toilet – Places Interactive Placards In Public Lavatories

Modern day professionals believe in non-stop productivity and Amazon Inc. in association with Procter & Gamble (P&G) seems to ask, ‘Why must productivity stop at the bathroom door?’ News that will surely come as a sweet music to the ears of such multitaskers, Amazon has partnered with the everyday household goods manufacturer to deliver ‘highly […]