Ryan Seacrest Recalls Why He Once “Panicked” After Using Kris Jenners Toilet: “I Just Left It”

Ryan Seacrest Recalls Why He Once “Panicked” After Using Kris Jenners Toilet: “I Just Left It”
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Ryan Seacrest couldn't keep up with Kris Jenner's toilet flush and left it clogged. The American host recalled the "nightmare" moment during one of the episodes of Kelly Ripa's podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera. Seacrest shared the incident with his co-host when he was forced to leave the Kardashian matriarch's washroom. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Jeff Vespa
Image Source: Getty Images | Jeff Vespa

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Although he had already told the story to Ripa back in 2019, the co-host insisted he'd narrate it again. Seacrest explained, "I was in the powder room; the toilet was contemporary, and [it's an] all-black toilet." The 48-year-old was also afraid of any hidden camera inside the washroom as Jenner's 'common room' had multiple lenses. 

He continued, "So I was there, and I rushed over and did what I needed to do and found that toilet paper was put where it needed to be put, and the water level began to rise, and I clogged the toilet." Then the unthinkable happened. He noticed the water level began to rise up to the seat level, and he "panicked." 



After he finished his business, Seacrest saw the water level go down. However, despite that, he rushed out of the washroom. "Then it began to settle down, but I quickly got out," reported Hollywood Life. Ripa didn't have enough of the story, so she wanted to know more for herself and her audience. 

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Making it more interesting, she revealed Secreast had to retrieve what he put [in the toilet], prompting one of her co-hosts to question him if any ladle was involved. The media personality expounded, "It wasn't a ladle! It was the toilet ring cleaner that I used," adding, "There was a utensil that was convenient. It wasn't a ladle." 


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He continued, "You think I'm walking around with my Swiss Army Knife carrying around my ladle? It was the toilet ring cleaner!" In 2019, Seacrest shared a more detailed version of the unsavory story. The incident happened at Jenner's Hidden Hill mansion. He recalled, "So she's got a bathroom in the entryway." 

"So I'm in there, and the toilet, it's like one of those electronic toilets, but it's black, so you can't see any of the buttons, and [the room is] dimly lit, and I can't find the light switch, and there's one candle lit," reported PEOPLE. The American Idol host began frantically searching for the flush but couldn't find it. 



Afraid that somebody from the Kardashian-Jenner family might come in, he pushed a button. "The technology was messed up, and it wouldn't flush," Ripa interrupted, "Oh, what a nightmare!" He somehow managed to find it. "So, I flush it, and the water just builds," he added. He also admitted that he thought of putting his hand inside as he was panicking. 



"I just left it there," he laughed and joked while looking at the camera, "Keep this between us!" Although Seacrest is close to the whole Kardashian clan, he's more specifically closer to [Kris] Jenner. 

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