Rumors of Miley Cyrus' Pregnancy with Maxx Morando's Child Debunked

Rumors of Miley Cyrus' Pregnancy with Maxx Morando's Child Debunked
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Miley Cyrus has recently found herself the subject of rumors regarding her personal life. One recent rumor that has been circulating on social media alleges that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Maxx Morando's child. The rumor has caused a frenzy among fans of the singer, who are eager to know if there is any truth to it.



As per HITC, the rumor started on Twitter when a fan page claimed that Miley was pregnant and expecting her first child with Maxx. However, the tweet did not provide any evidence to support the claim, nor did it reveal the identity of the source. The tweet also claimed that Miley had made her pregnancy explicit in the lyrics of her new song River and that this was the reason for her recent absence from public appearances.



However, there is no official confirmation from Miley or Maxx that the rumor is true. In fact, neither of them has addressed the rumor at all. There is also no official statement from their representatives or verified news outlets supporting the claim. As such, it is safe to assume that the rumor is false.

The lyrics of River, which the fan account claims confirm Miley's pregnancy, do not imply that this may be true. The song's lyrics speak of sharing kids with a romantic partner and imagining the features of the hypothetical baby. However, they do not suggest in any way that Miley is currently pregnant with Maxx's child.

The lyrics go as below:

“Blowing bubbles in the bath, I can’t stop from thinking lately

You could be the one, have the honor of my babies

Hope they have your eyes and that crooked smile

Was a desert 'fore I met you, I was in a drought”



Miley and Maxx reportedly began dating in 2021, and since then, the couple has kept their relationship relatively private. They have occasionally been spotted together in public, but they have not shared many details about their relationship.

Despite the lack of evidence to support the rumor, fans have been trying to decode and process the information. Many have taken to social media to express their shock and excitement at the possibility of Miley becoming a mother. The viral tweet, which has gained over 800,000 views, has fans unsettled as they desperately await Miley's response, despite the highly unlikely chances of her paying any heed to such ridiculous speculations.

“Miley Cyrus is pregnant? I need to see her on tour one more time before she retires, please! Stream River,” wrote one fan. Another wrote: “Miley Cyrus is pregnant??? My brain can’t process…” A third fan tweeted, “If Miley Cyrus is really pregnant, I’m going to cry! I love her."

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